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20 Years of Sims



  • nickibitswardnickibitsward Posts: 3,080 Member
    bobv2 wrote: »
    I should note that while my sister and I love the games, my mother absolutely hates them! Not because of content or even that they are computer games, just because of all the issues. We needed to get a new computer because sims 2 kept crashing out old one, then needed emergency ram because the computer couldn't run sim 3 properly. And honestly almost every game that came out seemed to have some sort of glitch or bug in it. My sister and I were in tears sometimes because the game would crash or couldn't launch it or a bug ruined something. She calls Sims the biggest scam in history LOL as much as I love the game as an adult I see her point.

    I always bought a new PC every 2 or 3 years, always a desktop, never a laptop. I made sure it could run the Sims. I did that right up until the end of the Sims 3. The PC I have now is a made-to-spec, top of the line gaming rig (I simply googled "best gaming rigs", took the specs and went to my tech to build it). It's a wonderful machine and going on 5 years old now, still working perfectly and it plays Sims 2 and 3 perfectly (I don't have 1 installed).

    You can't run the sims on a toaster.

  • ingridmfingridmf Posts: 67 Member
    edited January 2020
    Reading all your posts I wish I could remember with such detail how I started with the sims :#

    But I only remember getting and playing TS2 at some point, I remember LOVING Apartment Life and Open for Business, loathing the never-ending loading screens until it eventually broke and stopped working.

    Then I moved to TS3 waayyyy later and enjoyed it a lot, and then stopped again for a couple of years because of computer issues. I started back around the time TS4 was released so I tried it, I REALLY tried but although the graphics were way better, it was just too restrictive. So I ended up going back to TS3 and that's when I discovered NRAAS mods which basically saved my game and opened whole new possibilities for me, I've never looked back since :D

    Oh I almost forgot, I played The Sims Medieval for a while and I guess I'm in the minority but I enjoyed it as well!
  • jaletu2005jaletu2005 Posts: 632 Member
    Well, I was a big TS1 player and then went to TS2 the moment it came out because - they had hands! not paddles - and expressions. Loved both games. Then, of course, TS3 came out and I was in heaven. An open world and a color wheel!

    But what gets me most, other than it's been 20 years, is how long it took me to learn how to properly play TS3. I was so used to staying on the same lot and dealing with time consuming loading screens if I left that I was kind of lost with the open world.

    Now I can honestly say, I love open world and I really get alot out of my games. I think my love of this style of sims play is why I resent TS4. It just doesn't have that community feel and you can't make over the world the way you want. I like it so much more now than in the beginning (they really have improved it - loading screens not withstanding) but it still can't hold a candle to the immersive play of TS3! I always come back to TS3. There is still so much to do.

    Hope TS5 is just as much fun. These games have given me so much joy!
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 518 Member
    Oh man it's so strange. I was 12 in 2000. Had so much fun with the game. I remember reading all those old stories on the Sims1 webpage too. There were SO many stories. Mystery, horror, funny, etc. I remember some also had like "what I want in sims 2" stories, where you could like daydream about what they wanted. (kids growing up, etc haha)

    Anyway. I remember bingeplaying this game and downloading stuff off of Sims+ (Inge, I believe had that website?) Sooo much cool stuff. I used a FLOPPY disk to transfer from one computer to another. Crazy!! I had SO much CC on sims1 that even when sims 2 came out, I was still sort of late to the party for that game cause I still had SO much do play in Sims1.

    Also......who was stupid enough to delete their mailbox? Haha. I'm glad there was a fix to it, though. Ahh.
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