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Small things we NEED for the sims 4

Last night I was browsing twitter and saw links for sims 2 videos, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and my plum, for such an old game I was taken away by the small items and details that made such a massive impact on our gameplay.

Watching that has left me unable to play Sims 4 without being saddened by the lack of small things that used to make our games so full of life and basic realism.

I’m here to try and let EA and the sims team know that we don’t need packs for good content, a lot of the time, a large patch with base game items and animations Is more than enough.

Comment below with your suggestions on what small details and items should be brought into the sims 4, mine are pretty obvious.

Changing tables.

Small telescopes.

Wall telephones.

Actual animations when using the kitchen and bathrooms.

So many but there’s too much to list


  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,135 Member
    Well, according to a couple of posts, EA is hiring new animators, among other job openings. If EA gives a hoot about its consumers, those animators will be working on some of the things that you've mentioned.

    However, I think that you might as well hang it up (no pun intended) where landline phones are concerned. EA believes that landlines are archaic. Like from the stone age even. We probably won't see them in this version of the game other than these:
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 17,705 Member
    I really want a toaster. :p
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  • TheIntrovertSimmerTheIntrovertSimmer Posts: 608 Member
    y'all got bread?
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,349 Member
    Electric and stove top kettles! (for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cuppa soup, instant noodles, instant gravy, instant mash...)
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  • zokliozoklio Posts: 39 Member
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    I really want color wheel
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  • bizuktagbizuktag Posts: 326 Member
    Paintable ceilings.
  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 5,947 Member
    I second paintable ceilings.

    I would also like a less tedious way to place wall trim indoors.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,095 Member
    I agree with newspapers. I'd like to see them in the game just to add a non technological thing to do.
  • GodleyjeansGodleyjeans Posts: 271 Member
    Hi again, forgot to mention a few things the other day and hopefully they’re worth pointing out.

    Cribs with collapsing gates to protect your baby or toddler.


    Pregnancy clothes, obviously I love the fact all clothes for sims are able to be worn during pregnancy in the sims 4, but as we seem to be on the verge of having a pack just for clothes aimed at the rich and famous, what about adding a few more clothes options via a patch, aimed to be worn during pregnancy, maybe having a few moodlets to aid the expecting sim, you can still wear whatever you like but these outfits give you a comfy boost, or maybe a funny one like stretchy pants perfect for big meals, depends if your sim is just a glutton or actually having a little one.

    Imaginary friends for children, I know they’re a life state but they were a detail worth having, a little creepy but I loved my kids being able to have a friend who not everyone could see.

    More baby toys.

    Play pens.


    Minor wildlife.

    Meteor and satellites falling to earth, another death option, free gems or parts to collect.

    Run away Teens, can return via police, family searches or just by choice, maybe the family pet can run away also and bring them home on their own, can also completely leave the family and move somewhere else.

    School bus and work carpools.


    Ghosts and haunted areas having spooky music.


    Bigger whims.

    A proper memory system,

    Police can break up a bangin party.

    Mrs crumplebottom.

    At home businesses.

    Active baby sitter career.

  • EveryDaySimEveryDaySim Posts: 156 Member
    Light switches and plug-in plates.

    And the spider plant... My sim homes were always poor and could never afford much in the way of decorations other than maybe a little spider plant on a table somewhere. Now my sims homes never feel like home without the spider plant. I really miss it.
  • FreechheitFreechheit Posts: 106 Member
    - all hair colours swatches available for kids and toddlers

    - better inventory options (sorting, searching,...)

    - family tree for cats and dogs

    - interactions between cats and dogs that don't live in the same household

    - better Aliens and Mermaids (more special abilities)

    - Sixam as a residential world

    - more frame options for the paintings sims create

    Hmm, some of those are not 'small', I have to admit... :D
  • LogisitcsLogisitcs Posts: 1,150 Member
    More romance options! After how many years we still don’t have basic functionality introduced in Hot Date and Nightlife!

    Slow dancing! Proposing over table! Are these so hard?!
  • VamprisVampris Posts: 1,121 Member
    Alot of people are mentioning the things I want, so I'll just list some other minor things.
    -No auto making beds. While it makes the room neat it feels kinda odd when a slob sims does it. Should have it so neat sims always do it, non neat/slob sims have a chance to do it, and slobs never do it

    -Plant sims being an actual life state. Not asking for much, just add some stuff and take away the time limit if you eat 3 forbidden fruit in a row

    -Being able to choose to be a ghost in CAS. Again, not asking for much

    -A little easel for your sims to draw in (although I think this is already in the game) and a notebook to write in. Bonus points if you can use it anywhere
  • NylaliaNylalia Posts: 59 Member
    - Kids to be able to order food at cafes. I have Get Together and was hoping to be able to have a place for kids' clubs to hangout, do homework, play games and buy snacks.

    - Having food stalls be auto-staffed, the same way bars and cafes are. As of now, I have to hire staff in order to buy food from food stalls at my parks.

    - Restrooms near the auto-generated ice/skate rinks.
  • GodleyjeansGodleyjeans Posts: 271 Member
    Here’s some more, sorry to spam:

    More toddler hairstyles.

    Mobile babies you can walk around with and place in a different crib or in the sink for a bath.

    Depression bunny.

    Ability for shadows during a storm to appear in the shape of sims, be it in the window or house, this has the option to scare sims, give them a worried mood let or a hopeful moodlet if they want to see the ghost of a loved one.

    Inheritance, however this can come in many forms, be it a house, item, book and so on, perhaps even a pet.

    Pet jobs, allowing Rover to help rake in the money.

    Gossip can make or break a marriage.

    Sims can hoard specific items and eventually need to be rescued.

    Pets can guard children at night, or in the presence of someone they have negative relationships with.

    School has a bigger effect on your sims lives.

    If your sim hates children, they can leave should their spouse become pregnant, or once they themselves have had the child.

    Repo men,

    If your parent dies, a secret sibling may appear.

    Dead pets can bless your home and use the living pets to pass on messages.

    More small pets, turtles, lizards, rats, maybe one of those axi waddle things
  • CrownSimsCrownSims Posts: 470 Member
    bizuktag wrote: »
    Paintable ceilings.

    Yes please! I literally spent decades trying to figure out how to paint the darn ceilings on my house only to find out that you can't.
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,095 Member
    Pet houses too, should have come with C&D or MFPS.
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,099 Member
    edited August 2019
    Yes please! There are a lot of little things I miss and hope to see return (improved on) in TS4. I love so many of these ideas. The first things that come to mind for me are:

    - Prams/buggies for babies/toddlers (free the babies!)
    - Landlines and newspapers
    - Firefighter, police and burglar NPCs
    - L-shaped/split level stairs
    - More floor and wallpaper swatches
    - Home-schooling option
    - More 'every day' jobs, particularly for my handy sims e.g. repairman
    - Smaller/upright pianos
    - Exercise bikes and dumbbells
    - More relationship options in CAS
    - Option to turn sims into occults in CAS
    - Toasters, kettles, wall microwaves, vacuum cleaners
    - Rental homes/hotels for all worlds
    - More hobbies e.g. sewing/knitting, origami, embroidery etc.
    - More aspirations related to skills, careers, restaurants/retail

    I also really want more romance interactions e.g. cuddling in bed, dancing together, table proposals etc. but I am hoping for a big Romance GP to further develop the romance system and weddings.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,684 Member
    I've read a lot of these, and some of them don't seem very small :# Anyways, my two simoleans, I think there should be a simple switch to rotate between past loading screens.
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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,416 Member
    Am I missing something? I keep seeing people ask for painted ceilings. I can't even see the ceilings in my game.
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  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 5,492 Member
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  • AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 266 Member
    Freechheit wrote: »
    - all hair colours swatches available for kids and toddlers

    - better inventory options (sorting, searching,...)

    - family tree for cats and dogs

    - interactions between cats and dogs that don't live in the same household

    - better Aliens and Mermaids (more special abilities)

    - Sixam as a residential world

    - more frame options for the paintings sims create

    Hmm, some of those are not 'small', I have to admit... :D

    Yes. Buckets of yes. Ever since I started playing, I've found it annoying that we can't do this. I mean, we can have aliens, vampires, mermaids and plant people, but we can't have a human with naturally blue hair? How does that work? (It's even worse, now that I've remembered that we can create a lime green cat with pink stripes...)

    I've never been to Sixam, but it looks pretty cool in the screenshots I've seen. I think it would be an interesting place for a Sim to live.

    I agree that we need more romantic interactions too. Until I played TS2, I didn't realise how limited the TS4 interactions were. If they brought even half of them back, I'd be a happy cornflake.

    Oh, and extra traits slots from the reward store.

  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    Most of this have been asked since the day the game launched and yet they haven’t bothered. I don’t even know what the point of giving them feedback or ideas if they’re not going to prove anything.
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,349 Member
    Toasters, for toasting bread, crumpets, raisin bread, poptarts, bagels...
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