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Which is the WORST Sims 4 Pack? Your Opinion


  • SourJaneSimsSourJaneSims Posts: 15 Member
    Ah, with the sale going on I was wondering if I should break down and get Spooky Stuff (it's the only one I don't have minus the pack I shall not name lol) but sounds like maybe I should just leave it on my wishlist. Whew! Save $6 Thanks gang! Lol
  • ShannonMarie_76ShannonMarie_76 Posts: 27 Member
    Spooky Stuff
    > @Leahmiller2006 said:
    > Which is the WORST sims 4 stuff pack? And Why? Is it the Price, Contents or just the Idea?
    > Mine would be the spooky stuff as they added the Christmas stuff free so why not that. Also you pay for it eventhough you only really use it for a couple of sim days, and thats if you have seasons! Without seasons once a year.

    I never use anything from the spooky stuff pack. I do wish there were more content in other packs. There are so many items that would be great to add and often get overlooked. I find the stuff packs actually have very little for the price. Id really like to see different options for stairs and items that could be used for building tiny houses like ladders, stairs that turn half way up or spiral.
  • Bubbz3388Bubbz3388 Posts: 3,510 Member
    My first pet stuff, simply because it’s kinda weird to pay for content/gameplay that you don’t have if you don’t own the cats and dogs expansion
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  • XxAirixXXxAirixX Posts: 2,367 Member
    My First Pet stuff pack. I still have yet to get it. I finally have more use for Spooky pack (I love Spooky things and Halloween and can finally create a real Halloween holiday with Seasons),
  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,850 Member
    Spooky Stuff
    I would have voted for my first pet, but I don't really see it as a regular stuff pack because you need cats and dogs anyway to make any real use of it. So spooky it is.

    I can't imagine I'll ever own it unless it's free or or dirt cheap and I have all the others. I just don't really care for Halloween. Nothing against the holiday itself it's just not one I've ever been super into. I probably wouldn't use it at all in my game. I have seasons and I even forgot about adding in Halloween. 😅 I suppose I could make characters that enjoy the holiday like someone previously said but I actually forget about Halloween's existence all the time. I don't remember it until people start marketing it in September.😂

    Also, the winter holiday pack was free...and yet spooky stuff is something you have to buy...and that also doesn't sit quite right with me...
  • joolsroxjoolsrox Posts: 14 New Member
    i love spoooky stuff!!! have no other stuff packs so
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,531 Member
    My first pet stuff. Doesn’t add much and is all stuff that could have easily been added to Cats and Dogs. It feels like a bit of an afterthought tbh
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 1,697 Member
    Cool Kitchen Stuff
    I mean if we stay objective and not vote on personal opinion but really what the pack was supposed to offer and what it offered, I think Cool Kitchen really wins here. I expected at least some more kitchen items to come with it. It had more clothes and ice cream than kitchen stuff and the stuff that it had felt no different from the base game. Really weird pack that one.
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  • SjofnSjofn Posts: 296 Member
    edited June 2019
    My First Pet Stuff, but not because it's a DLC that needs Cats & Dogs to work. No, my problem is that the First Pet in question is pretty buggy, the CAS stuff it added is almost uniformly ugly (I hate the hair in particular), and the build/buy isn't very exciting either. So basically, everything a stuff pack is supposed to add, it did poorly.

    I use more stuff from Luxury Party and Spooky, which are both really ... specialized packs, let's say. So that's really saying something. Fitness Stuff gets an honorable mention, too.
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 268 Member
    Backyard Stuff
    Love how people are saying my first pets as the WORST pack, when really they are just mad EA took advantage of its audience and its eagerness to buy new content.. is it really a bad pack? It’s the only one missing on console at this point and I’m over waiting for it. If it had dropped say now instead of right after cats and dogs, would everyone be so mad about buying it?

    Like if they added a horses pack right now, would everyone boycott it saying it should have been included in cats and dogs? It’s no secret EA milks the sims with DLC, they always have... I’m just a little bored of the whole schtick with MFP at this point. Like yeah it happened, people got mad, now let’s move on please lol it still had some good stuff in the pack and I want a guinea pig on console god ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lol!

    Also what are people saying romantic garden is the worst?!!! What?! I wish this pack was at least double the size, I love all the garden statues and how all the items come in mossy swatches. The men’s trousers it comes with are also one of my favourite clothing items, great swatches that make soo many looks.

    I think I use stuff from all the packs tbh. Or at least I’ve made use of all of them. Play with all the crayons they give us I say.. The spooky one is prob least used though
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 268 Member
    Backyard Stuff
    Lol I forgot about backyard stuff.. that one isn’t great have to say. Those slide things are huuuuge and pretty hideous. Like you could only get it out for a pool party or something, which pretty sure is not a thing btw, no way you want that thing in your garden all the time lol!
  • MindofyMindofy Posts: 214 Member
    edited June 2019
    My First Pet Stuff. 😝
  • sivansivan Posts: 24 Member
    Romantic Garden Stuff
    not really give my game anything.
  • ahandle101ahandle101 Posts: 10 New Member
    My First Pet Stuff. Pets don't want to wear clothes, not buying that pack.
  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 904 Member
    hmm...I would have to judge this by how much I use the stuff in those packs and honestly, I use everything.
    I was very disappointed when romantic garden stuff came cause it seemed to have so little content, and well, I use it all the time now, it just has the best flowers, best pack to ever happen to my landscaping....

    could probly go without perfect patio, besides the hottubs there isn't much of interest in it, but I got that one as a pre-order bonus with the basegame so I can not complain.
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  • AnnaRAnnaR Posts: 23 Member
    Pretty much all of them? The packs are always empty
  • MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 865 Member
    MFP and Luxury Party.
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  • SimsophoniqueSimsophonique Posts: 1,401 Member
    edited July 2019
    Mochino who cares ?
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  • Prink34320V2Prink34320V2 Posts: 156 Member
    In my opinion, Toddler Stuff.

    I actually like the pack in that it adds content for Toddlers, but it gave us three big playground objects instead of adding things like Nursery Rhymes and a changing table. It felt more like 'Playground Stuff'.

    Plus, I don't really play with Toddlers much since it doesn't take long to exhaust gameplay with them, and Toddler Stuff did nothing to make me enjoy the life stage more, whereas, every other pack has made the game more enjoyable for me.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 968 Member
    Luxury Party Stuff has the most items that are useless for my Sims.
  • hevkerhevker Posts: 84 Member
    Romantic Garden Stuff
    I never saw the point of romantic garden stuff. Also spooky stuff, even with seasons installed its not inspired me to buy it.
  • DRIFTRYDRIFTRY Posts: 5 New Member
    As a builder, i look for a lot of new items to build with when a new pack/ expansion is being released, so i would say ...Halloween cos its more for a holiday theme build only :)
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 3,195 Member
    Seasons for me.
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  • PricelessSimsPricelessSims Posts: 3 New Member
    My First Pet Stuff and Luxury Party Stuff are the worst for me because it's not worth it, the gameplay is bad and lacks in content.
  • lemonade578lemonade578 Posts: 75 Member
    My First Pet Stuff by far...
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