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Kris Kringle a Christmas fun building activity. Open for 2018 - taking Kris Kringles now.

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**This is not a challenge as such, just a fun activity. I am hoping to run this for 2018 Christmas if people show enough interest, so if you feel we could manage it, since we didn't have enough takers last year, I'm happy to host it for 2018 but will need a minimum of 10 or maximum of 20 people to run it successfully.**

I've done this Kris Kringle, previously and it worked well. It involves making a house/garden for a member based on their answers to some questions about their preferences in colours, furniture styles, garden etc., that I will provide for you to answer. Next a member is allocated to you secretly to surprise you with a house created in your personal style and taste. After a set time you guess as to whom made it for you (your Kris Kringle) and then you can download your custom-made house to play in your game. It's a lot of fun if you have the time and we have Christmas decor to use now as well.

I will provide the information here and if people have the time they can join in. I know it's a busy time of year for everyone but I'll gauge who is keen to participate and then decide if it's a goer or not. The details are below. :) Any questions can be answered after you've seen what's involved. Let me know ASAP and we can decide if it is worth going ahead.

If you are not a confident builder, you can ask someone to make an empty shell specifically for KK as long as you acknowledge that person. Then you can deck it out according to your chosen person's decor preferences, if you choose to participate. You can use only the packs your chosen person has and these cheats only: *bb.moveobjects on *bb.showhiddenobjects *bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement (if you want to use some of the career rewards items) and the *money cheats as specified below.

It is important that you specify which packs you don't have so your Kris Kringle will only used the things from those packs you do have.

This is how it works:

You will have the normal starting amount when you arrive on a lot, plus the motherlode money once you've chosen a lot, to spend to your hearts’ content. That way we all have a similar amount of simoleans making it fairer for everyone receiving their gift, just like real Kris Kringle.

Go to an empty lot and ‘motherlode’ three times or use the 'money cheat' for an additional $150,000 on top of what you already have with you when you arrive at an empty lot. So your total budget for Kris Kringle will vary depending on which lot you choose to build on. Please do not use 'freerealestate'.

A member will be randomly chosen for you to build a house for, (from You their Kris Kringle). Next, keep to this Kris Kringle thread and look at your given member’s preferences from the questions below and make them a house close to their preferences.

On a date specified once I know this is a goer, I will send you a PM with your given tag, under which only you and I will know, for when you upload your person’s house. Keep it in your library until the agreed date so anyone following you won't see you put it up on the gallery too early. By an agreed date I will ask you to PM me two or three pictures (if 2-storey) one of the front view and the other of an overhead of the inside. (Don't forget to press 'G' that takes the 'Grid' off the screen for a better image). The pictures will be all in one thread under my name, so that way, no one knows who created which house for their person. Then we make our guesses within 10-15 days but I won't reveal your Kris Kringle's until all the guesses are completed.

I Usually give people 7-10 days to make the home for their person. No CC allowed with this as others won't have the same cc as you do unless you provide the links with your lot.

After making your guesses, (one guess only please) and finding out who your Kris Kringle is, the next surprise will be for you to upload your house, and then you can download your custom-made home from your Kris Kringle and check out the inside. You can then, if you choose, share some shots for us all to see.

Questions (List what packs you don't have here, then whomever is your Kris Kringle knows what they can and can't use in your home).

1. What is your favourite colour combination(s) for your décor?

2. Do you prefer predominantly wood, carpet, linoleum or tile, or a mixture of two or more? Specify please.

3. What style of furnishings, windows, doors etc. do you prefer?
• Eclectic
• Contemporary
• Antique
• Other - specify

4. State how many bedrooms you'd prefer, and choose "one" of the following extra rooms you'd like in your house.
• Number of bedrooms
Choose only "one" of the extra rooms below.
• Games room
• Gym/Spa/zen room
• Bar/entertainment.
• Study
• Other – specify

5. What sort of garden is your preference?
• Tropical gardens
• Alpine or rock gardens
• English landscape gardens
• Topiary/sculptured gardens
• Natural or Zen gardens
• Water gardens – fountains, pools, water features etc.
• Cottage gardens
• Other - specify

6. What style of home do you prefer? Eg. Single, 2 story or split level?
• Modern
• Cottage/shack/log cabin
• Victorian
• Country
• Colonial
• Decked
• Mediterranean
• Other – specify

7. What setting would you prefer your house to be in?
• Near water, beach, lake or river.
• Nestled amongst trees and woodlands.
• In a city/apartment
• In a desert
• Other - specify

Answer all 7 questions quoting the numbers they are against here.

So it may look something like this if it were my preferences:
1. aqua, white and black OR maroon and cream.
2. Mix of carpet and tile – don’t like wood unless it’s light such as Tasmanian Oak.
3. Contemporary furnishings – with lots of glass and light
4. 3 bedrooms and a study
5. A deck looking onto a natural or zen garden with some form of water feature around. (Not a sculptured garden).
6. Single story, Contemporary
7. Near water, beach, lake or river.

All Packs except Bowling Night Pack and My First Pet.

If you go into this you will commit to being one of the Kris Kringles, providing a home for another member and you will receive one back, remembering that some requests may be two-storey and various other requests, so if you are not a confident builder, (although there are many here that can help) you can ask someone to build a shell and you can deck it out for your person, as long as you acknowledge your helper.

You can answer the above questions now, but nothing will happen until later when I am on holidays from school. If you answer now and decide later it would be too much, due to real life getting in the way, LOL :) you can change your mind about participating, that's okay. Just give me some notice in a PM and I'll take you off the list.

If you need clarification for anything I've mentioned in here, please don't hesitate to ask.
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