Not So Berry Spouse Choice

I've been playing the Not So Berry Challenge and I couldn't choose a sim to be my founder's spouse. So I made a poll for readers to vote who they wanted to see the founder get together with.

Unfortunately, so far it's a tie between all three choices and I don't have a lot of readers. So I thought I'd ask over here. Who should be my NSB founder's spouse?

Cale Bernal
Aspiration: Grilled Cheese
Traits: Dog lover, gloomy, and art lover

Seiji Ikeda
Aspiration: Joke Star
Traits: Geek, ambitious, and family oriented

Akito Tanaka
Aspiration: Best selling author
Traits: Music lover, active, and genius

Not So Berry Spouse Choice 75 votes

Cale Bernal
HowGreatThouArtrobyngravesBagoas77DynastySimVuloriTerralittlemissgogox_Always_Heart_xGoofhead2DolliemixturedreamprisonerSuperCoolRachaelgummybear0724superkyle221hotrodmum57Rhinolokithesim 17 votes
Seiji Ikeda
KristinaIdontrcallIrishSimmer21xbecky685xRainbowSimQueenvillebro30Sasquatch7Writin_RegStrangerthancchant86SeraphicPinkMindofysekojranamorganlydiaJennyggChelleJoLissyK9AlbaWaterhouseDoloresGreyAngelEb95 39 votes
Akito Tanaka
JaiSeaAlexaiColorist40Moon_WillowtmelanconKatiardguezFrancl27JemztoneBigCatlover26RedDestiny92goldann25Armika74LosaruTaiyoTeslachick2LadyLana1PeculiarPlumbobCazualKarmasimmerlyroseRobinh4 19 votes


  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 7,086 Member
    Seiji Ikeda
    I chose Seiji. He seems like a fun-loving, easy-going guy that would be great in a family environment.
  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,952 Member
    I'm leaning towards Cale since they appear to be coworkers, but what are her relationships with each one?
  • gummybear0724gummybear0724 Posts: 1,146 Member
    Cale Bernal
    I chose Cale because of the grilled cheese aspiration, though all three are very attractive. I'd love to read, if you'd link it for me! I only have 2 sims stories I'm currently reading and could totally use more.
  • PninaSimmerPninaSimmer Posts: 371 Member
    Seiji Ikeda
    Seji. The yellow generation needs to be close with their grandparent and he is family oriented.
  • NextTrickAnvilsNextTrickAnvils Posts: 100 Member
    Thank you to everyone for voting. I was not expecting the numbers I got. :D

    But anyway, it looks like the clear winner is Seiji.

    @gummybear0724 I have a thread for updates over here
  • gummybear0724gummybear0724 Posts: 1,146 Member
    Cale Bernal
    Thanks so much!
  • littlemissgogolittlemissgogo Posts: 1,808 Member
    Cale Bernal
    I like the mustache!
  • lokithesimlokithesim Posts: 2 New Member
    Cale Bernal
    Seiji Ikeda looks the hottest but Cale Bernal is definitely the most interesting of the three because of his traits. Also, you've got to love this moustache. But it seems the polling's ended :(
  • RhinoRhino Posts: 14 New Member
    Cale Bernal
    I chose Cale because hes a vegetable.
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