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CowplantSports Obstacle Course Challenge


This is an open-ended challenge with no scoresheet.

Sims Sports Entertainment just heard of a new sport. Inspired by a Mesoamerican ball game that can be traced back to 1400 BC, this version is really more of a sport-based obstacle course. It uses Sims' weaknesses for distraction against them as you attempt to guide them from beginning to end, all while surrounded by hungry Cowplants.


Download the Ancient Ball Pit. You can find a map of the stadium here.
Packs used, and why:
City Living | Basketball courts are a major activity.
Get Together | The ancient look comes from this pack, and you'll need a 64 x 64 sized lot for the build, which Get Together has.
Cats and Dogs and Vampires | Decorations. Plants, furniture, etc.

Goal 1 (Optional)

Original Rules:

Start with an even number of Sims. I have 8.
You don’t have to make teams, it’s really a free-for-all.
You don’t have to start with happy Sims, but I did.
Make sure Autonomy is set to OFF.
Move victims players onto lot.
Makre sure cowplants are hungry. If they aren’t, you can download hungry cowplants from the Sims 4 Gallery in Build Mode.

Move Sims to center of lot/field.
All Sims should sit on the stone benches, in any order.
Pause the game, and change Autonomy to FULL.

1st Quarter

Cancel everyone’s Sitting action.
Pair Sims up at the basketball courts for Challenges.
Winning Sims skip to 2nd Quarter activities.
Losing Sims play each other, until there are two (or fewer) losing Sims left.

2nd Quarter

Sims who lost at basketball get fed to the central cowplants.
Note: Cowplants always spit Sims out the first time.
After winning, or being eaten and rejected, each Sim should use a diving board.
Swim across the pool to take the stairs.

Half time!

Guests can use this time to visit toilets, or stop at the bar, cafe, or kitchen.
Your Sims now enter the underground portion of the challenge.

Ignore the punching bags and fountain, they are distractions!
Reach the center of the maze, then exit to a purple pool.
Note: Slower Sims may catch up while others are distracted.
Use pause as needed.
Sims take outer stairs (not the stairs they used to get underground).

3rd Quarter

Time for another basketball game! This time use the small outer courts.

4th Quarter

Sims who lost get fed to the cowplants!
If you lost twice, you die, but you don’t have to face the shame.
If you only lost once, you live. Congratulations.
Sims who won are winners (naturally).
Winners who did not get eaten at all get to milk the cowplants.
Alternately, a king/queen/chief/ruler/elder/whoever gets the milk.

If you made teams, the winning team is the one with the most surviving Sims. For a tie-breaker, play basketball until someone loses, then feed the loser to any cowplants that are still hungry.

In my playthrough, by the second quarter, Sims were everywhere, and less than half of them were doing what I wanted. Read Here. You can attempt to do it this way. The challenge is keeping track of which Sims belong where (harder than you might think) and feeding the right ones to Cowplants.

Goal 2

Create your own sport involving the obstacle course. Write a goal and rules. Using your own format, divide the game and the course however you like.


Start with the Ancient Ball Pit.
Cowplants must be used at some point. Four hungry Cowplants are provided.
The game must require at least two different activities on the lot. The more you use, the harder it will be.
Use the pause button generously to tell Sims where to go next.
Play with Autonomy set to FULL.

Want some (optional) Tips?

Decide who milks the cowplants. Winners for strength? Elders for longevity? Rulers? Your SelfSim, if you have one?
Decide whether players start with full needs or not.
Do they start in the locker room, or on the field?
Is your game set in ancient times, or is it a modern game set in an ancient field?


Play during an event, like a party. Use other Sims as distractions.
Use players of a certain age group. Teens? Maybe they have to prove themselves. Elders? Maybe the Cowplants are population control.
Add fences to funnel sims where you want to go.

The ideas list will grow the more people play.

Tell us about your game!

Is this your first time completing this challenge?
Tell us your rules and whether they worked.
Take screenshots.
If you can post pictures here, post no more than 3. Any others should be hidden under a spoiler tag.
If you're a new member, link to your pictures.
If you post them in a blog, link to it. The original challenge blog is here.
Note: If you change/upload the lot, be sure to use #phantasmkiss in your description. Include a link to your updated Stadium here!



#cowplantsports #phantasmkiss
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