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⚜️ Soocoolsim's Showcase ⚜️ Spring Blossom Cottage, p36


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 146,526 Member
    The Happy Easter Bunny Play Park is so very cute! :) You are so very, very creative! The Easter Bunny looks so very, very great and cute! His roller coaster tail looks great. It looks very nice how the rollercoaster goes around the bunny! Sims will have fun riding the roller coaster at the park as well as doing the other activities there. The colour scheme of the park looks very nice! Child sims will have fun playing on the monkey bars, swings , slide and play house, and all sims will enjoy using the slippery slide. Very nice yellow umbrella covered table sitting area. The different colours of the chairs there looks nice. Sims will enjoy relaxing poolside on the loungers in the sunshine. The other bunnies in the build look great as well!
    It is a very nice and creatively designed Easter themed park venue that sims will enjoy visiting ! :)
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,179 Member
    That's adorable. You are very talented with CFE, I only use it here and there, it's fiddly and often plays up on me, grrhhhhhh :D
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,674 Member
    Wow, what a cute Easter park you made. You are definitely the CFE master! Love the colors you used, very fitting. Great job, now off to recommend.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member
    Thanks ladies. It was such a fun build. Not much CFE in this one so I got it done quite quickly. Very nice of you to drop by to comment. Hope you had a great Easter :smile:
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member

    Presenting Purple Dusk. A DNA request created for @princess0384 .
    Download => thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8895423



    To the right of the entrance hallway is the door leading to the bright and airy open-concept kitchen and dining area.
    The large island includes a built-in cooktop.

    Fantastic views through the windows make dining a real pleasure.

    Two doorways lead into the large living room.


    The ground floor includes 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The pastel Goth teen bedroom is pretty cool.

    Next door is the blue guest room.

    Going upstairs you are greeted by a large landing area which includes a seating area for relaxing with a good book.
    Lots of space where you can add activities to suit your sims.

    The second floor includes a two-piece guest washroom and the laundry room.
    The screenshot directly below shows the main floor bathroom which uses the same treatment.

    The highlight of this floor is the bedroom suite perfect for the lady of the house.


    The sun room opens to a balcony and access to the backyard with a large pool with fountain, swim-up bar and slide.

    The raised patio includes all the amenities and seating for outdoor dining and the lower deck includes another bar and relaxing loungers.
    The covered hot tub adds the finishing touch to this oasis.

    Last, but not least, is the garden which produces a variety of healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables.



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 146,526 Member
    Purple Dusk is such a very nice home! :) Very nice exterior design and layout of the home! The exterior wall texture gives a nice look to the home. The flowers and plants look very nice allong the edges of the front of the home. The car port is great! Very nice outdoors areas! The outdoors living and pool patio looks very nice! The shape of the pool looks very great! Very nice roof covered hot tub nook! Sims will enjoy relaxing in the hot tub, or enjoy resting poolside on the loungers in the sunshine. The garden area is nice. It looks very nice how the garden beds are laid out. Sims will enjoy growing and harvesting the plants there.The furnishing of the interior of the home is very nice! Very nice colour scheme throughout the rooms of the home! The colours of the bedrooms are especially very nice! Very nice design of the kitchen ! The island bar stool and stove counter is great! The wall shelves nook looks nice. Very nice windows light filed dining area! Sims will enjoy the sunshine coming into the room whilst enjoying dining at the table. The pink flowers look pretty on the dining table. The purple dining seating and purple floor rug complement each other and look very pretty! Very nice living room! The sofas and armchairs look very nice how they are placed in the room. Very nice fireplace wall area! The shelves look very nice either sides of the fireplace with the flowers and plants on them. Sims will enjoy sitting resting in the living room watching tv, reading books, chatting and warming up near the fire. The furnishing of each of the bedrooms looks so very nice! The clothes and shoes closet room for the master bedroom looks great!
    It is a very nice home, both indoors and outside ! :) The colour scheme is very nice!
  • HSmith2016HSmith2016 Posts: 1,447 Member
    Purple Dusk is beautiful! Another build that I wish I had all the EPs and SPs so I could download it! LOL

    The open layout of the house is perfect. And I just love the color scheme of the whole house, including the pastel goth bedroom. I would love to live in this house. :smiley:
  • SandraelleSandraelle Posts: 3,674 Member
    Purple Dusk is gorgeous Paula (and love the name you picked for the house!! You did a great job using all the different shades of purples and lavendars. Love that dining room and your back yard is awesome. The covered hot tub area looks really nice too. Fav'd and rec'd.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member
    edited May 2016
    Thank you so much @rosemow for being the first to support as usual. You are such a gift to the community. Hope all is well :smile:

    Thank you @HSmith2016 , it's so great to see you here. I'm so happy you like the home. Perhaps try to download and install even if you don't have all the EPs / SPs. The site indicates that you could... what happens is if you don't have an object I used it will be replaced by something else or nothing. In which case, you can just add whatever is missing yourself. Good luck :smile:

    Thank you dear Sandy. My fav room is the combo kitchen / dining room too. The biggest challenge I had was trying the make the counters in the island blend together all around. This one included different styles so was a learning experience and I'm happy how it came out overall :smile:
  • HSmith2016HSmith2016 Posts: 1,447 Member
    I think I may download the house just to see. There are a few other houses of yours that appeal to me and I will probably also download. I'll let you know how it all works out. I suppose if there are too many things that are replaced and it just doesn't look right, I can either fix those things or just uninstall. :)
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member

    Cool @HSmith2016 . I will be most interested to hear how it works out for you too :smile:
  • HSmith2016HSmith2016 Posts: 1,447 Member
    LOL... Well, it didn't work out quite how I was hoping it would. Unfortunately, there were so many things that were replaced in the home and it just didn't look right at all. I tried fixing a few things, hoping I could at least try and get it to where you had it, but alas I am not as creative as you and it ended up frustrating me too much. So I bulldozed it and walked away. I still have the lot saved, maybe sometime in the future I will try it again. :D
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member
    edited May 2016
    Aw, sorry to hear that. Maybe you will eventually get more EPs and it will work better. Thanks for letting me know. The next lot I'll be creating only uses 4 EPs/SPs which I checked and you have so maybe you will like that one. Take care :smile:
  • HSmith2016HSmith2016 Posts: 1,447 Member
    Yay! Can't wait to see it! :smiley:
  • stepbot153stepbot153 Posts: 275 Member
    Waaaaahh!!!! so beautiful, someday I hope to start building myself, I just need to understand how building in sims 3 works ;)
    My wishlist [x]
  • GlenkarriGlenkarri Posts: 2,179 Member
    Purple Dusk is beautiful Soocoolsim, bringing it in for a good walk through, lovely work :)
  • LordkiribatiLordkiribati Posts: 201 Member
    Purple Dusk is such a beautiful house :D It looks so real and modern... I wish I could live there!!! :'C The pool looks amazing ♥
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member

    Thank you everyone for your comments and support. Glad you liked Purple Dusk :D
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member
    edited May 2016
    My latest build is another large one... a European mansion DNA Team request for @stepbot153 . Lots of pictures coming up. It contains 6 bedrooms (master suite, guest room, boys room with 3 beds, girl's room, twin room with 2 beds, nursery which can be converted to a toddler bedroom) and 4.5 bathrooms for perfect for large families.

    The main floor houses a formal piano room, comfy library, powder room, coat room, large living room with 2 seating areas and opens up to the rear, formal dining room and kitchen with breakfast nook. The second floor contains the bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a dinosaur themed video game/TV room, art corner, chess area and laundry room. The walkout basement is great fun with lots of activities and cool lighting. It includes a gym, home office, bar, bowling, band stage, disco, games room and bathroom. It also features direct access to outdoor activities and the kids playground. The pool extends almost the whole rear of the lot... perfect for swimming laps... and sims can get changed in the pool house which also includes 2 other bathrooms I forgot to count in the total. A vegetable and herb garden runs parallel to the pool and is easily accessible from the kitchen and flanked at one end by fruit trees. Hope you like it :smile:

    Download Beaumont Estate here.































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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 146,526 Member
    edited May 2016
    Beaumont Estate is so very nice! :) The design and layout of the exterior of the home looks so very nice! Very nice roofing ! The tower sections look great! The flowers and plants in the front garden areas look very pretty! Very nice furnishing of the interior! It is a very detailed build! Each of the rooms looks so nice! The windows musical alcove is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting resting there on the armchairs listening to the piano music being played, with sunshine coming in through the windows. Thr recoloured curtains there look very nice! Very nice design of the kitchen! All the rooms look very nice! The wall patterns/paneling and the colour schemes of each of the rooms through the home looks so very nice! Very nice furnishing of each of the bedrooms.
    The home is very nice! The nighttime pictures of the home are very pretty. The build would have involved a lot of time and work! :)
  • romagi1romagi1 Posts: 6,361 Member
    Gorgeous build @soocoolsim! I adore white and gold especially in the nursery! Love the landscaping with all the paths and little areas. I see you have explored street-art too! Got ya rec'd of course! :)
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,257 Member
    Gorgeous!!!! Rec'd my dear!
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member

    Thank you dear @rosemow . Always a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, a lot of time and work indeed but such fun :smile:

    Thanks @romagi1. Yep, I was drooling over the pictures in another DNA team members creation and was surprised to discover it was street art. I had my poor sim painting walls day and night to discover all these hidden gems. Glad you noticed the little paths. That lone chair under the willow would be my fav place as a sim... a quiet little hideaway for hanging out with nature and a good book :smile:

    Thanks a lot @MeaganJo. Appreciate you dropping by :smile:
  • MeaganJoMeaganJo Posts: 4,257 Member
    Sorry, I know I've been gone for a very long time but just so you know I am caught up on your studio and was so delighted to see another park theme park made by you!!! So my favorites.
  • soocoolsimsoocoolsim Posts: 3,204 Member

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my studio @MeaganJo . The themed parks are such fun. Am thinking I should do something for Canada Day on July 1... my CFE fingers are starting to itch again, lol.
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