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What We Really Need!



  • nat6127nat6127 Posts: 3 New Member
    We need the sims to have an option come up when we make them get married to either pick one surname, the other or double barrel them. I don't understand why nothing changes with surnames when they get married
  • SulafricanSulafrican Posts: 3 New Member
    So I post my suggestions in the feedback box so I'll post it here:the High School expansion, Singer expansion and the Sims 4 Medieval. I am interested in these three expansions especially since I want an immersive experience for my teenage sims and want to see singer sims go on tour, sell albums, and singles and win awards. Last but not least I am thinking that like the previous sims medieval, I can be separate from the main game but operate differently. Like creating a family crest, setting up your dynasty marrying peasants, nobles, priest or other royals from other worlds/ kingdoms, customizing the castle (size, shape, architecture, etc), have duels, tourneys, banquets, weddings etc but expand it and have extra pets like dragons and unicorns. I also suggest that like sims 3 we add in elves especially for another kingdom and we can also get orcs. Feel free to add more or fix my suggestions.
  • temporalgodtemporalgod Posts: 707 Member
    Werewolves, Fairies, Mummies, Genies, Imaginary Friends, Zombies, Time Travelers and real Plantsims.
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  • Benji_Benji_ Posts: 1 New Member
    There is just 5 things I’m in a dying need for:
    1. And most important for me at least, I want to be able to make half tiled walls not half height but half thickness, all I really use sims for is being creative and make houses for my girlfriend and I’m really into the modern homes. Which means I need half tiled walls so they don’t have to be so thick.

    2. Nordic design interior, colors, interior furniture especially!, a white kitchen with a black stone on top, double connected freezer and refrigerator, bigger umbrellas like 6x6 square, more modern windows big windows that can open like sliding doors but different from the current ones, outside lights that light up both up and down and so on… ask if you want more examples like pictures and so on

    3. I’m so tired of not being able to get my custom landscape up close to my houses, there just HAS TO BE a stopping point right in front of the house so it doesn’t look naturally build in.

    4. More gardening: trees, plants, different jars with different plants/trees

    And finally 5. Blinds, give me something simple and close to the windows that doesn’t fit the half tile I need elsewhere…

    I have so many ways of making the game a better experience for us builders and I’m so interested in helping out, yes there are 2 bigger things here but most of it is smaller things that can change everything for builders that want to challenge themselves. So now it’s your turn EA help out us builders much appreciated
  • CordovaFamilyValuesCordovaFamilyValues Posts: 9 New Member
    He's what I would like to see:

    1. As many mentioned, musical instruments, bands, singing, and all kinds of musical aspirations like that.

    2. Cars that we can actually drive.

    3. Casinos and gambling! We can win prizes for our sims or they can lose tons of money and even get a gambling addiction.

    4. Theme parks, amusement parks.

    5. More culture and more recipes. How about more West Indian food and African food? And more Chinese food take-out options?

    6. Update to go to work pack with more jobs we can go to: like Lawyer, Education, Stand up comedian, Firefighter

    7. Much more romantic/friendship/family interactions without mods (or in addition to mods).

    8. Churches, Mosques, Bibles, and being able to go to church without a mod. Also new spiritual aspirations, like "sage", "enlightened", "Faithful." This will lead to more emotional/mental interactions, like a "sage" level sim is going to handle personal tragedy different then one who isn't spiritual at all. They also probably will get depression or sadness less but may get "dazed" or abducted by aliens more.

    Yes, I know there's a mod that does similar things but Mods are wonky and I'm really bad about keeping them updated with the game. Would be easier if this is just part of the game and will update itself with the game.

    9. Assigned schools. What I mean is I want there to be a general public high school in-game but I also want a private school where only certain kids can go. Right now if I put 2 high schools in-game they will go to either one randomly and I can't control it.

    Along with that, we can make "High School Rivalries" like I can make the prep school compete against their rival school. maybe we can add in high school sports along with it. Even create teams!

    10. Speaking of which, I'm not much of a sports person but I think we can do more with the basketball courts and incorporate more sports into the game. Maybe they can have basketball, soccer, baseball and football teams. Once again I'm not much for sports and can only tell you so much but I think a lot of people would like to make some sports stars sims and it would just add more dimension and realism to the game!

    11. I'd like to make sims with super powers. Not magical or occult powers, more like super heroes, super humans. They can get bit by radio active spiders or escape from a strangeville lab or something. lol.

    12. As an update to seasons maybe we can have "town emergencies". Like a meteor shower hits part of Evergreen Harbor or a Tsunami hits part of Sulani. A Crime wave hits San Myshuno and a heatwave hits Del Sol Valley. Before a sim moves into a town they can see the likely hood of these emergencies happening in their town. And there can be other interactions where sims in other towns can donate or help out when another town is in trouble. Superheros, firefighters, and Military can help prevent certain emergencies, like alien invasions.

    13. Much more cute romantic interactions and more realistic break ups, affairs and things like that. Sims should react when they run into an ex that broke their heart at the library or get nervous when they see their crush at school.
  • CordovaFamilyValuesCordovaFamilyValues Posts: 9 New Member
    Oh I also forgot to add a Banking/Investment/Stock market system would be great. I always found it strange that sims doesn't do this. I remember my favorite part of playing Neopets was investing in the NP Stock Market, buying property and bidding on auctions. Sims could buy an investment home and the market value can go up or down depending on the neighborhood, eco footprint, or if any town emergencies occur.
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