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What We Really Need!

I feel so called out when a long time ago, I had made a joke about the next stuff pack containing vacuums. And I was right, but it was in kit form. I already gave in once with the Laundry Day and don't really mind it much because of the decor items and such but vacuums just alone is a bit much... anyways.

This is what I, along with what I hope are many others, really want to see in the future of Sims 4 and not have to rely on mods:

- Drivable cars/motorcycles
- Band instruments i.e. bass, drums, electric guitar, saxophone, trumpet and such for rock, blues, jazz, etc. with the possibility of more song options to sing. It was huge in Sims 2 and 3 and I want to see an improvement in 4!
- Babies that are not objects! I know we saw some hints towards this but come on...
- Fairies
- Werewolves
- Zombies/Mummies again
- Horses/Unicorns
- The return of billiards/pool tables! Come on now! 1, 2, 3 had them! Shuffleboards would be nice again too
- Casinos/gambling like slots, black jack, poker, roulette, etc.
- Spiral staircases. Again, 1-3 had them :c
- More vacation worlds
- More cultural aspects
- Disabilities/health conditions

Feel free to add on, Simmers!
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  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 3,430 Member

    Make it official.
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 562 Member
    edited December 2021
    1. Body hair
    2. Body freckles
    3. Pre-teens
    4. Mid adults
    5. Better babies
    6. Cars
    7. Garage clutter
    8. Cars for restoration
    9. Lawn mowing and lawn care
    10. Swimming pool cleaning
    11. Nectar making
    12. Sewing
    13. Spiral stairs
    14. Heterochroma
    15. Individual railing for stairs
    16. Water heaters
    17. Grid life clutter: electricity meter, gas tanks, fuse box
    18. Horses
    19. Hail weather
    20. Snow deep
    21. A world for Seasons
    22. Musical instruments: bass, drums, saxophone
    23. Capp and Monty families
    24. Gabby the mime NPC
    25. Pack leader NPC
    26. Dog houses
    27. Composting bin
    28. Boarding schools
    29. Attic room tool
    30. More harvestables
    31. More outdoor activities: log rolling, axe throwing, archery
    32. More appliances: 2 tiles fridges, trash compactor, deep fryer
  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 570 Member
    Multi-purpose community lots(like if we want to have a vet clinic,a cafe and a spa on the same lot we should be able to have them on the same lot)

    Laundromats,post offices,tennis courts,zoos,and movie cinemas

    Hobbies and Pastimes(like martial arts,ballet,archery,pottery,etc)

    Amusement parks(no llama or gnome themes,EA-those themes are terribly overdone)

    Reptiles,fish,birds and ferrets as pets


    Convienience stores(complete with working slushie machines)

    1980s themed stuff or game pack.

    Worlds based on Greece,Italy,Africa,Norway,Australia,Canada and Mexico

    Cars and industrial stuff(like factories,warehouses,car garages,etc.

    A better retail system where you can have actual stores(like in Sims 1)

    Musical instruments such as drums, saxophones,trumpets,banjos,accordions,Flying V guitars,etc.

    Jobs in the the rail travel,education/dental,air travel, postal service,tourist attraction industries. It would be nice if we could follow our Sims to these types of jobs.

    Fix Evergreen Harbor,please! In build mode,Evergreen Harbor looks like it's in a permanent flood.

    Why do you hide inside these walls?
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    I want drums, werewolves, and the ability to form bands, with werewolf drummers.
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,445 Member
    -More child aspirations
    -All skills listed in preferences and club activities
    -The ability to make parent/toddler clubs
    -The pottery wheel
    -The ability to convert any lot in a vacation world to a residential world (without a mod)
    -Personal bank accounts (again without a mod)
    -Swordplay/fencing as a skill
    -The ability to set a theme to worlds such as magical districts, historic districts and so forth.
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,392 Member
    Seeing as just about all the important things have been listed we need a world creator or be able to edit the ugly worlds we have including adding more lots.
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  • JDubtx81JDubtx81 Posts: 26 Member
    We need high school graduations
    Morning, after work, and before bed routines (all the stuff we do in the morning, after we get home from work/school and before we go to bed in real life)
    Seasonal allergies and meds to take care of them.
    Going to the doctor when sick (not a mod or taking medicine you order)
    Barbers/Hair Salons
    Movie Theaters
    Bicycles for children and tricycles for toddlers
    BBQ Smokers + all the meats you can smoke
    Actual home loans
    Owning multiple houses like the Sims 3
    Pet water bowls (not a mod)
    Amusement Parks/County Fairs with rides, food stalls, and games to win prizes
    Different sleeping and sitting positions
    After-school activities for children and teens. (football, baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, martial arts, boxing, and swimming)
    Functioning medicine cabinets, cabinets, and drawers.
  • PepperDee101PepperDee101 Posts: 7 New Member
    I started this account mostly because I wanted to submit the idea of bringing sculptures back. Like, a sim can model for a sculptor in any pose/outfit, and the sculptor sculpts them, and the sculptor is just the sim's model in that pose, but stone-texture/gray. It might be interesting to have wood types as an option, too, or lava rock if the player has Island Living. Metal could also be an interesting option, and the sizes can be small (like a toy), medium (like a vase decor item), and life-size. There could be bases or displays that they could sit on so you could put the statues in a park, or make your own little trophies. They could use the poses used for photography too!

    Actually this brings up another point...I want better poses for photography that involves mixed age groups (specifically when kids, adults, and pets are involved). I tried taking family pictures with adults and kids (using Moschino) and it looked so awkward.
  • ArarineArarine Posts: 104 Member
    edited December 2021
    Live in business!
    Hotel/build own apartment
    Better resize!
    Better baby!
    More recipe!
    More harvestable!
    More woodworking!
    More craftable! like fabricator knitting sewing pottery quilt jewelry
    More "functional" teapot
    Pool activity like pool slider/volley net/hold breath competion/clean the pool
    More interactive between sims please I download a lot chat pack mod bc conventation between sims in game is so dry
    Some cute like play rock scissors paper/ hand wreslting/pillow fight
    Water ballon/snowball fight is so boring! Too long for each throw! Fixed it!
    More game table play, only card and llama is boring
    Some world really need more lot
    Deep fryer!
    Pizza oven!
    New interaction for cooler "add ice" and ability to stock food/fish so it is finally cooler!
    Pet water bowl!
    Sims with high logic skill could challegh grim to play chess to revive died sims (logic skill have a few use anyway)
    Black chicken chase/fight grim and save your life so why not cat and dog?
    Basegame hang clothes as dresser like one in dream home
    More crib for baby!
    More toddler bed!
    Better Alien!
    Better mermaid!
    Cow plushie doll! We have Teddy Bear/Spooky Teddy Bear/Bat/Dino/Dragon/Unicorn/Bunny/Cat/Dog but not Cow?
    Police/Thief NPCp
    More career like fire fighter,nurse fine with rabbit hole
    Walk with many dog at same time. If you have more than 1 dog, you have to walk them serepart.
    More hobby like ballet/Karate/fencing
    More Musical instruments like drum/flute/Saxophone!!
    Like/dislike food!
    Tend cafe bar and food stall should make money!
    Make radiator from vampire functional please
    Death reaction mood should depend on relationship not sad for 2 day even if you just talk to them one time
    More colour swatch! Ok we have a lot but more is bettet XD
    Upright piano!!!
    Need more multi functional item. Really disappiont when that closet mirror that come with cottage living didn't work as mirror same to mirror fire place from ROM and cat and dog and a lot furniture like desk/bookshelf. Get to work library cart only deco same to eco shelve
    Post edited by Ararine on
    Wish more Recipe/harvestable/gametable/woodwork/craftable
    Wish live in business
    Wish more interactive between sims and activity
    Wish a lot of refresh and update
    Wish more functional tea pot
    Wish Better resize
    Wish for another colour upgrade swatch
    Fix the bug please
  • EzeliaStarpuffEzeliaStarpuff Posts: 399 Member
    I friggin love all these ideas! I want body hair on my Sims too as well as better eyelashes!
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  • Franko30Franko30 Posts: 61 Member
    edited December 2021

    Bodyhair, and as much as this guy please, not just the teenage fuzz, but being able to make ourself, for the furry bear out there thanks very much.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 4,837 Member
    1. Playable Babies
    2. 1000s of Color Swatches for clothing, accessories, tattoos & build modes
    3. Spiral Stairs
    4. The Heartshape Bed
    5. Sims to Swim in any worlds with ponds, lakes & rivers
    6. Sims to Winter Ice Skate in any worlds with ponds, lakes & rivers
    7. Body Hair for both genders
    8. Straight Hairs Refreshed
    9. Aliens & Mermaids having the same copy to guise & reverse just like in Vampires
    10. The Merman Fishnet top to be available for female sims
    11. All male tops to look better on females
    12. Fairies, Genies & Werewolves to be in Sims 4
    13. Better & some new romantic interactions
    14. Better & some new friendly interactions
    15. Permanent Lifestate Plantsim
    16. A toggle to turn off death by emotions
    17. A toggle to turn off the phone
  • jcp011c2jcp011c2 Posts: 10,727 Member
    1. Body Hair

    a very distant #2. Hotels
    3. Werewolves

    That's the minimum. There's other things i want to see...but that's all I feel I NEED.
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  • LuvDaBuildzLuvDaBuildz Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like if updates to Dining Out and Get to Work would allow:
    -Sims to sell retail items in their restaurants (like a bakery could serve orders to customers but they could also buy ready-made items and leave)
    -Sims who own a restaurant could cook the food themselves and hire relatives / household members
    -Sims can live at their restaurant / retail store
    -Toddlers can stay at the restaurant / retail store when it is open
  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 1,184 Member
    edited December 2021
    Someone may have already mentioned this (I skimmed the thread fairly quickly and could've overlooked it), but I think we need better filters for CAS and BB. In those filters I'd love to see an option to hide stuff by category, pack, and maybe even individual items. It's very annoying to have so many things that I never use (some of which I never chose to have in the first place and never plan to use) taking up so much visual real estate when I'm looking for other things that I do want to use. Better yet and tangentially related, I'd love to have the option not to download free updates that only add CAS or BB stuff that I don't actually want.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,391 Member
    edited December 2021
    What "we" really need? Well I cannot speak for "we" as we have all our own opinions.

    I would like to have bodyhair , werewolfs, free babies for those who need it (not me) , cars, bands.. list goes on..
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  • Darkpheonix1998Darkpheonix1998 Posts: 2 New Member
    We really need all of those plus we need some of the mods added in the game for people who can't get mods
  • Darkpheonix1998Darkpheonix1998 Posts: 2 New Member
    Plus I really want werewolves but just werewolves, I want to be able to make a hybrid or tribrid too.
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 562 Member
    edited December 2021
    My second comment in this topic but I can't ressist!

    • Life stage: pre-teen
    • Life stage: mid adult
    • Enthusiasm system
    • Body hair
    • Body freckles
    • Body scars
    • Horses as pet
    • Zodiac

    • Spiral stairs
    • Roof gutters
    • Auto-roofs
    • Greenhouse tool
    • Awning tool
    • Round swimming pool
    • Garage tool

    • Worlds Packs besides Game Packs, like in TS3 as separated product but based in real life regions like Scandinavia, the Mediterranean Europe or Egypt. Each with a world, new gameplay, CAS and objects.
    • A free world for Seasons owners
    • A refresh for Granite Falls, including swimming and house buildings and living without mods

    • Werewolves
    • Mummies
    • Maybe zombies

    • Deep fryer
    • Pizza oven
    • Mechanic bull
    • Sewing machine
    • Pottery table
    • Jewelry station
    • Blacksmith station
    • Ballet barre
    • Breaking boards
    • Butter churner
    • Dog houses
    • Hydrponic vertical planter
    • Lawn mowers
    • Volleyball net for swimming pool
    • Swimming pool filters
    • Pool tables
    • Telescopes
    • Garage clutter
    • Junk car for restoration
    • Bicycles for kids
    • Trampoline
    • Water slide
    • Casino items
    • Archery station
    • Axe throwing station
    • Log rolling station
    • Saxophone
    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Nectar maker (off the grid and powered)
    • Grid life clutter (fuse box, services meters, propane tank)
    • Water heaters

    • Lawn care
    • Moon phases
    • Hail
    • Burglar and police
    • Snow deep
    • Laundromat lot type for Laundry Day owners
    • Enhanced restaurant gameplay (maybe a Dine Out refresh)
    • Swimming pool care
    • Boarding schools
    • Cars
    • Slap dance
    • Birds watch
    • Waves watch
    • Swimming in Granite Falls
    • First love (for childres or pre-teens)
    • Middle age crisis (for mid adults or adults)
    • Karate
    • Ballet
    • Crafting hobbies (sewing, pottery jewelry)
    • Nectar making
    • More harvestables, specially herbs and flowers
    • Water heating
    • Birds pets
    • Cow tipping and tic tac toe
    • Chicken plays boardgames like in TS2 for consoles
    • Content fromt The Urbz maybe for teens and pre-teens

    Legacy NPCs and households
    • Monty family
    • Capp family
    • Gabby the mime
  • NushkaNushka Posts: 191 Member
    • Dating preferences (likes and dislikes)
    • Hability to create and edit family trees.
    • Extended family system
    • Body hair
    • Body scars, freckles and vitiligo
    • Pronouns
    • Better ways for selecting tabs. I want to be able to filter clothes that are BOTH sport outfits and for cold/hot weather. Right now tags just add all sportswear and all cold weather outfits
    • Occult lifestate for ghosts and plantsims

    • Spiral stairs
    • Tools to slot in storage or a toilet under staircases
    • Pull out attic stairs
    • Season selection like daytime selection
    • Light switch and edit light in BB mode
    • Mirror tool for bathtubs and showers
    • Extend wallpaper upwards like columns for double height rooms
    • Roof gutters
    • Functional garage doors
    • Functional ramps for garages on foundations
    • Home-business lot type for living and managing business in the same lot

    • Buildable lots on Sixam
    • Open water swimming update for older worlds
    • Underwater hidden lot for Sulani
    • Workplace lot for gigs with recording studio and live stage

    • Update plantsims so that their powers resemble that of other occults
    • Update aliens so that their powers resemble that of other occults
    • Update mermaids so that their powers resemble that of other occults
    • Add another occult

    • Review of the tags in buy mode, specially for clutter
    • Recording studio
    • Drum sets
    • Amps for electric instruments
    • Electric guitars
    • Bass guitars
    • Upright basse$
    • Double basse$
    • Upright piano
    • Saxophones
    • Recorders (music instrument)
    • Clarinets
    • Cellos
    • Dog houses
    • Lawn mowers
    • Trampolines
    • Water slides
    • Swimming pool bar and seats
    • Pool tables
    • More card tables and more games for them
    • Portable reasonably sized telescopes
    • Reasonably sized table microscopes
    • Reasonably sized countertop cupcake machine
    • More sports (I like the volleyball idea)
    • Stationary bikes
    • Bicycles for kids
    • Tricycles for toddlers
    • Electric scooters for elderly sims
    • Nectar maker
    • More options for walk-in closets
    • Terrariums to own reptiles and turtles as pets
    • Birdcages and birdpoles to own them as pets
    • Burglar alarms
    • More bassinets
    • Baby strollers
    • Baby activity blankets
    • Changing table for babies and toddlers
    • 1x1 Baby bathtubs for babies and toddlers

    • Options to disable occults
    • Options to disable random phone calls
    • Options to disable welcome wagon
    • Return of the burglar NPC
    • Enable household sims working in retail lots as cook, baristas, etc
    • Free babies
    • More school types (military, arts, private)
    • More after school activities (that would increase abilities for children and teens)
    • Music bands and ensembles
    • Cars
    • Couple dancing
    • Nectar making
    • Lawn care
    Happy simming!
  • 83bienchen83bienchen Posts: 1,781 Member
    It's kind of devastating to see these lists cramped with gameplay that's still missing while we might possibly only get 1 EP, 1 GP and 1 SP in 2022, like we did in 2021. Maybe 1 Gameplay Kit on top - hopefully not one that will keep the team busy just fixing it for several months.

    That's not much potential to make dreams come true, so many players are bound to get disappointed.

    Well, let's hope for the best.
    Thank you, EA, for patching toddlers in.

    My TS4 mods

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  • LisaRagdollLisaRagdoll Posts: 1 New Member
    1. Hotels, Tiny Home Villages on a single lot, Micro-Apartment Complex, and Landlord as a Free-lancer career. (most desired)
    2. Expand Mt. Komorebi with more lots for homes/apartments and businesses.
    3. Expand Henford on Begley with more lots, some in more forested areas for cabins.
    4. Option to build your own hospital.
    5. New wallpaper and flooring options, a lot are slight variations of the same kind.
    6. More vacation destinations that are more international/varied landscapes.
    7. European expansion pack! France or Switzerland.
    8. Yurts as tiny homes, could be pre-set size options.
    9. Spiral staircases.
    10. Skylight windows.
    ...more to come I'm sure.
  • The Thing which I'd like in the sims 4 game are:
    Better Babies
    Drivable cars
    Police & Burglar
    boarding schools
    more vacation worlds
    body hair
    Strollers For Babies & Toddlers
    More activities for Kids & Toddlers
    More toddler interactions
    Pre teens
  • EzeliaStarpuffEzeliaStarpuff Posts: 399 Member
    I just wished EA focused more on what we actually want and less on these kit packs... some of this stuff should have been like... for free considering how dedicated and patient we've been with them lol
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  • KirbyJayNKirbyJayN Posts: 3 New Member
    I'd like more suburban-style lots, lots that are wider (40+ tiles) for ranch-style homes that the long end orients toward the street (that don't cost more). Currently, we have to build these types of homes on the most expensive lots in the game, and even then they don't always face front when saving. I think we have 1 lot in-game, Garden Essense, that works for entry-level builds of this type. A development. community neighborhood/expansion land where houses face a central square or pond, where more than 4 lots make up a neighborhood, like Newcrest but new and improved. Split-level builds with no platform glitch or weird gully at the side of the below-ground levels so we can have walk-out basements. The ability to build houses with multiple ceiling heights would be cool too, to really take advantage of cottage design.
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