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For Fame and Influence: Story of the Good Siblings

AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
This is the story of Niko and Kaci Good, a brother and a sister on their way to fame and influencing the world.

Niko Good
Traits: Music Lover, Good, Child of the Ocean
Aspiration: Neighborhood Confidante
Bonus trait: Gregarious
Kaci Good
Traits: Materialistic, Genius, High Maintenance
Aspiration: Villainous Valentine
Bonus trait: Dastardly
They live in southern Willow Creek, at Foundry Cove. The house is from the gallery, a reno of Crick Cabana by thirsa1998

Moving in, they sold all the kids furniture, gave Kaci's room a big walk-in wardrobe and bought two high-quality double beds. On your way up you need your downtime to be as comfy as possible.

We're armed with the new aspirations and new socials. So let's see where this journey takes us.
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  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
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    Chapter 1 - A good start
    First thing for Kaci in this new home - watch a movie.
    A boring and predictable movie, she thought to herself. If she had been in the movie, it would have been remarkable, but with this cast it was stiff and forgettable. It didn't bother her, that she had no real acting skills or contacts to actually get in to these movies. No worries - she'll work herself up and show the world!

    First thing for Niko?
    Entertain some neighbors. The BFFs Travis Scott, Liberty Lee and Summer Holiday showed up.
    Niko knows what you have to do to gain influence - you need a wide social circle first. And for added bonus - he likes people, even if they offer you as a welcome present something as awful as fruit cake.

    Even Kaci came out and introduced herself to the trio. And that's a good thing she did, because getting to know new people sparks new opportunities, like invites to events.
    It took maybe an hour after the welcome wagon went home that Kaci received a message from Summer, inviting her to the Lounge.

    Who was the celeb at the Lounge?
    Thorne Bailey.
    Kaci asked for an autograph and then attempted an introduction.
    Success on both accounts:

    Kaci can be very charming. And she can be extremely determined when it comes to her goals. So she made sure Thorne was interacting with her and her only. She hit up a conversation, combining some friendly admirations with more flirtier attention. How could Thorne resist someone as smart and beautiful as her?
    Well he couldn't.

    Let's just say that a certain lady that Thorne is attached to, didn't appreciate the way things were going. You could see her boiling in rage and later on a heated discussion between Thorne and Octavia. A good day for the paparazzi.
    And a splendid start for Kaci on her way to fame.

    Niko was playing the guitar in front of the crowd. He didn't know what he was doing but he liked it. And it seemed like he improved in minutes. He might be a natural talent! And he got some tips for his efforts. Good, now they have some money to buy food for.

    And that evening at the lounge settled his career path.

    Note: I have almost no proper screenshots from the first day for some reason. I used what I had - the few cutouts from the notification wall.
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    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2 Auditioning for gigs and .. life

    As fun as last night was it was back to business in the morning.
    The very first audition for an acting gig. She was determined to pass it. But this time her determination wasn't enough. The audition didn't go as planned.

    It's not about her skills, she thought. It's about being distracted by last evening's success with Thorne.

    Well she might have lost the gig but nothing will distract her from continuing her pursuit of Thorne Bailey. She called him the moment she got home.
    - Do you want to hang out? You could come to my place.
    - Say no more, I'll be right there!
    And there he was on her porch, listening to her jokes (or maybe just enjoying the company?).

    And sitting on her couch, this time definitely mesmerized by her eyes.

    Kaci has gotten her hooks in Thorne. Things are moving fast and Kaci takes no time to think about it - she asks him to become her boyfriend. It doesn't matter that he's married at the moment. It is rumored that the marriage is just a showbiz thing anyway, just to get fame and keep up the appearances. Maybe the rumors are true.. or Thorne is just taking advantage of a young woman's attention but he agrees.

    And they celebrate it with a make-out session in the closet.

    Niko gets home from work.
    He acts tense but tries to hide it. Seeing Kaci with Thorne he decides he doesn't want to be a third wheel in his own home. He needs some company. He'll invite over Liberty, she was nice and friendly and maybe chatting with her will lift his spirits.
    Unfortunately Liberty gets distracted by Thorne's presence.

    For a moment Niko regrets inviting her over, if she's going to swoon over the celebrity for long. But she comes to her senses immediately after Thorne brushes off Liberty's attempts to introduce herself and retreats with Kaci to her bedroom.

    Niko and Liberty spend a nice evening together. The discussion flows effortlessly and soon enough Niko feels loose and happy again. Liberty is becoming his first true friend in Willow Creek. And who cares about getting married in 7 days just to get the inheritance of some distant relative when you are making friends you can count on.

    Liberty went home.
    Niko went to sleep.
    And then, at midnight, when the house was quiet, it was time for Thorne to sneak out.
    He did leave a note.

    Staying away from home unannounced might get him into trouble, thought Kaci when she read the note. No worries, he'll be back. We'll arrange it better next time, so he'll be able to stay for longer.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 3 - Showtime
    Next day and another audition. Kaci had no troubles landing the role this time. She was cast in a commercial for Valdislaus Hardware, and the filming would start the next day at noon.
    Determined to excel on the set, she spent the day prepping. She worked on her charisma and acting skills and read up on handiness. Who knows what she is expected to do on camera. Kaci had no plans to end up in an embarrassing situation like not knowing how to hold a screwdriver or what to do with a hammer.

    Thorne called in the afternoon. He was apologetic about having to leave at night. Kaci was acting sweet and understanding, making Thorne feel at ease. End of the call they had arranged a date at the Studio PBP. Kaci knew she would never get in on her own, but she hoped she'll sail right past the bouncer with Thorne. And even just an appearance at the lounge with Thorne would be more then satisfactory and point some of that sweet sweet spotlight her way.

    Feeling (and looking) hot in her red outfit she certainly had the attention of both Thorne and the paparazzi. Caress his cheek, make a joke. Let the world see that Kaci is admirable, charming, the one worthy of fame. In the morning the social media will be buzzing about the mysterious lady Thorne Bailey was having such a good time with.

    No bad rep for Kaci, thank you very much! So, if anybody asks, then it'll be " we're friends and enjoy each other's company".

    ... such good friends in fact, that he has a key to Kaci's home.


    Time to do the gig. On the set Kaci felt like a star.
    Hair and make up, professional crew and famous co-stars.

    The costume was a slight disappointment. How will anyone recognize her in this hideous thing?!
    But no. Kaci will not let her feelings show, not right now. She has a performance to do and she'll nail it.


    It was Harvestfest.
    - It's OK, spend time with your family. We'll be home with Niko, having our own little Harvestfest. You're always welcome to stop by, Thorne, if you feel like it.

    Kaci had chosen exactly the right words. Obviously Thorne made sure he could visit even on a holiday.
    They shared a steamy shower and had dinner together. No rush. Thorne stayed until late in the night.

    Niko had invited Liberty to dinner once again.
    She arrived just when Niko started cooking. She joined him and they had a nice time bonding over holiday traditions.

    The evening was full of warmth.
    Liberty felt confident and made a flirty joke. Niko complimented her appearance. She smiled and confessed that she was attracted to Niko. In the early hours of Friday they shared their first kiss.

    - No, Kaci, it's not me who's being inappropriate here!

    Niko is amazed by Kaci's brazen behaviour, having an affair with a married man, waltzing around in her underwear and making remarks on Niko's friend.

    Niko's girlfriend

    Hmm... Let's correct that.
    Niko's fiancee

    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 455 Member
    Ooh! I love this so far!
  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
    Chapter 4 - Beginning phase 2
    It’s the morning after the proposal.
    Niko has been thinking about the inheritance all night long. He wants to forget about it and take the time to plan a proper summer wedding. However, he works in showbusiness. Even if he decides to ignore the offer, it does not mean that the world will forget. Someone might bring it up in the most inconvenient moment. So should he tell Liberty about it and risk losing her trust? What if she thinks he proposed only for the money?
    After some deliberation he comes to a conclusion. He does not want to keep secrets from Liberty. He has to tell her. Not because of the money. He has to be extra truthful in his personal life, to be sure that anything that’s going on in his professional life, or any piece of information dragged out on his way to fame, will never creep up on his happiness.
    Surely she’ll understand that the proposal had nothing to do with the inheritance and everything with his love for her.

    Liberty listens without interrupting him.
    Then she tells him how much she appreciates his honesty.
    She smiles and says that she loves him and wants to marry him. And if getting married sooner will bring them some cash as a wedding present, then they should do it right away.
    This thing - getting married - is made super easy. A quick registration over the internet and it’s official. They will throw a party soon, but for now exchanging the vows in the living room is enough for the two of them.
    Niko sends the marriage certificate to the law firm overseeing the inheritance process and Liberty gets her things from the BFF’s household.
    The newlyweds spend the day in the bedroom - that’ll be their secret honeymoon.

    Niko is a bit worried what Kaci will say about Liberty moving in - they haven’t discussed this option beforehand. He convinces himself that it’ll be OK. While Kaci might not be happy about the unexpected new house member, she’ll certainly enjoy the extra money they are receiving.
    By the end of the day the money is deposited on Niko’s bank account.


    Kaci spends her every waking hour practicing.
    She has to work on her lines. For the upcoming audition.
    Also, for the upcoming personal discussion with Thorne.

    Thorne stays overnight more often. They have breakfast together almost every morning, and discuss various important topics.
    The juiciest gossip.
    All the reasons why Thorne admires Kaci.
    All the reasons why Kaci agrees with him.

    She agrees with him when he says he wants to spend more time with her. She makes sure to blush when he admits that he admires her assertiveness. Just a bit of blushing, not too much.
    She agrees when he talks about how sneaking around and hiding his relationship with Kaci is creating problems in his marriage.
    And she strongly agrees when he says he has to do something about it.
    With a soft smile she assures him that she wants to spend more time with him too. Her heart breaks every time she sees how unhappy Thorne is when he is heading home. She knows that Thorne has done nothing to deserve any hostility from Octavia. Kaci places her hand on Thorne’s arm when she says that it boggles her mind why Octavia is being so cruel towards Thorne… why his spouse finds it impossible to love Thorne for who he is. He deserves so much better.
    It must have been her best performance yet.

    Oh, yeah!
    The audition went also well.

    It turns out that in this commercial Kaci will be working with the same director as the last time.
    Hitomi Fujiwara, the commercial director, is strict - no drama allowed. All she is interested in, is doing her job well. And that is something you can’t ignore when you are on her set. She has worked in the business for some time and has seen many aspiring actors rise to fame, but also crash and burn.
    It might be a good idea to get to know her better.
    Kaci calls her and suggests they could meet. Hitomi is rumored to be a loner, so Kaci has prepared some lines in case she needs to be extra convincing, but to her surprise she didn't need them. Hitomi agreed to visit Kaci the same afternoon.

    Kaci says she is delighted that she is able to work with Hitomi again. That working with her in the previous commercial was excellent. She admires Hitomi’s professionalism.

    Then, in the middle of the conversation, Kaci is reminded of the embarrassing costume she had to wear. It angers her but she can't show it. Might as well aim the resentment towards the person who gave her the costume - the wardrobe stylist Megumi. Someone has to pay for the humiliation.
    Kaci finds the right moment to make a small remark. She makes it seem like she has overheard something about a director acting inappropriately.
    Hitomi gets curious.
    Kaci remains vague.
    The costume distorted the voice and she really did not recognize who was talking. She did see Megumi talk on the phone when Kaci was in the changing room. No-no, Kaci is not saying that it was Megumi who was complaining. To Kaci, the atmosphere on the set was perfect. Even if it was Megumi talking about it, surely she was just advising someone else who was treated unfairly.

    Hitomi took the bait.

    We shall see, how she will handle it.

    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 5 - Sibling rivalry
    Niko’s life looks splendid.
    He’s married to a lovely girl.
    He has a home, cozy and nice.
    He loves his job and it is turning into a promising career.

    He got another promotion just the other day!

    And his success has not gone unnoticed.
    He does admit he is doing well. He feels unsure, why. Maybe it's all a mistake and he'll be forgotten soon. He finds it hard to admit to himself that he is talented and he works hard. But he is. No wonder people have noticed him, and his charm and talent.

    The fame is not as important to Niko as it is to Kaci. For Kaci it is a really big deal.
    It looks like it’s even more of a deal for her, that Niko reached that level of fame before her. She ignores him for the whole evening after finding out that Niko had made it before her.
    It’s an awkward evening.

    Who knows how the whole thing between the siblings would have ended, if Liberty didn’t have news of her own. Something that will take both Niko’s and Kaci’s mind off the whole fame thing.

    Well, it worked for Niko.
    He has to think about other things now. He will be a father soon. Niko's mind is filled with questions. Where will they have the nursery? Will he be a good parent? How will Kaci take it, when they have a crying baby in the house? Will she be happy for her brother and will she be a good aunt?


    Kaci is still upset. She sees that Niko’s mind is wandering, so she will not address the situation right away. Not in front of Liberty, anyway. But she has to make sure Niko knows she is upset. And for a reason! First he gets married without telling her, then he get’s promoted and famous before her, and now he’s bringing a baby into the house. How will she be able to practice acting and to get enough rest between her gigs to succeed?
    Kaci is upset the whole night (she can barely sleep) and can’t really shake it off even in the studio.
    She catches a glimpse of her angry face while having her hair done.
    Oh no!
    She has to get her act together. The director expects her to be professional. The crew must not see her upset or angry. It’s her second gig and she has to excel!
    So she masks her frown with some other grimaces and expressions towards the mirror. She pretends like the angry look was just a part of her getting in character.

    Argh! She’s a pirate now.
    She enjoys the part. It's a fun little commercial. The cameras love her and the crew is happy with her work. It took only a few takes and it was a wrap.

    So yes, work is going great.
    Now she has to work on Thorne a bit more.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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