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Diminish the Torment Legacy Challenge- Rules and LP

AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
Inspired by James Turners Every Lot Challenge LP, combined with Rags to Riches and Legacy challenges, short life span and some extra restrictions, this is:
Diminish the Torment Legacy Challenge a.k.a Ad Aspera Legacy Challenge.

I originally posted the rules in another thread here:

Basic premise: You know the tales where all the previous generations had it worse then the youth of today... How they went to school every day uphill in a snow storm and then came home again uphill in a snow storm... But the youngsters, they have it all handed to them on a silver platter. Well imagine smth like that but in the Sims - you start in total misery and hope to build a brighter, more comfortable future for the generations to come.
Life will be hard, dreams will be crushed.

Starting point:
Your sim: Your founder has to be a single young adult - pick the traits or randomize them, however you choose.
Aspiration for the founder can be either picked or randomized. The first aspiration will be the "main" or "official" aspiration (see also: goal of challenge & removing the lot challenges) .
Choose your succession rules for the legacy - any child or eldest, youngest or -for added challenge- matriarchal, patriarchal line etc. You'll have to stick to the succession rule until the end of the challenge.
Set sim lifespan to short and make sure auto age is on for all sims.

Your home: Buy an empty lot - your household will live there for the duration of the challenge.
Enable all lot challenges, + haunted house residential + Cat Hangout, Dog Hangout and Vampire Nexus traits. Keep the worst weather options (both thunderstorms and blizzards). Enable Dust System if you have the Kit; Enable NPC Voting on Community boards; Eco Footprint Gameplay etc. Basically - make sure life on the lot will be as hard as possible, using all the packs you own.
Buy some essentials for the lot, so you can always sleep on the lot. There are two options:
1) a park bench and outdoors trash can.
2) build the smallest hut you can fit in the following items (1 of each): single bed, toilet, shower, refrigerator, kitchen counter, bathroom sink. 1 door, 1 window, outdoor trash can.
Optional for added discomfort for your sim - place some laundry stuff (laundry basket, wash tub and clothesline).
Then cheat the money to 0.

Gameplay rules and restrictions:
  • You are not allowed to be absent from your lot for more then 1-2 nights per sim week. So make sure you have good time management and get your sim home by 9pm!
  • You need to have a successful date and a double bed on the lot before moving in a partner.
  • You need to pay 1000 simoleons for the wedding to get married (even if you choose to elope).
  • You need to have a toddler bed and a potty on the lot before having a child.
  • When adding household members- make sure they don't bring in any simoleons.
  • Once you move someone out you can't move them back in.
  • Ageing up is allowed only on the birthdays.
  • No money trees. No Potion of Youth. No participating in the Lottery.
  • How to deal with the phone call offering you inheritance: Pick whichever answer you like. If you get money as an inheritance (with or without getting married), then you have to donate everything you received (but you have to keep the spouse, if you actually got married :smiley: )
  • Jobs/careers: The founder and heirs are not allowed to have a regular job/career. Other household member may have a job, but it has to be picked randomly (using a random number generator). Sims working in active careers have to be sent to work alone. Working from home is allowed. (Update/clarification: the founder and previous heirs are allowed to get a randomized job once the next heir has aged up to young adult and has taken over the "rulership" of the household). If you don't like the job your sim has - you're not allowed to quit a job, but you are allowed to end up getting fired and then roll for a new job.
  • New: Option, how to deal with the random job offers via phone calls: When the first offer for a sim pops up, roll for yes or no. If it's a NO, then the sim has to decline the offer and all the future offers (no need to roll again). If it's a YES, then the sim has to accept the offer - they become career hoppers and have to roll for "yes" or "no" every time an offer pops up. While the higher starting position offers an advantage, there's always risk of losing progress every time the next offer shows up. Keep record, which of your sims are career-hoppers and who are not.
  • When enrolling in University, randomly picking both the university and the degree/major is strongly encouraged. The heir is allowed to attend Uni, but they have to live at home.
  • All traits and aspirations for new sims should be assigned randomly. (Update/clarification: Only the randomly assigned "official" aspirations of the sims count towards removing a lot challenge. Once the initial "main" aspiration of a sim is achieved you can roll for a new aspiration that will count towards removing a lot challenge. It's OK to hop between the aspirations to collect aspiration points, but finishing the other aspirations will have no impact on the number of active lot challenges.) "Easy mode": You can reroll an aspiration once every generation. Beware - the new random aspiration might be worse :)
  • No Selling stuff to the void is allowed, including selling stuff from the household inventory, or paintings from the easel. Selling the build items (doors, windows) while building is fine (you can't avoid it and you're not making any profit on them anyway).
  • You may sell stuff on Plopsy, to NPC-s via Selling tables, Cottage Living grocery and gardening shops, to the creature keeper, on the retail lot; and get rid of things in the household inventory using a home recycler. You can earn money also from tips for playing an instrument.

Goal of the challenge:
Your goal is to remove all the lot challenges, that can be done when you've filled the following criteria:
You can remove 1 random lot challenge every time:
  • you age up the Heir to young adult or
  • any sim in the household finishes their main aspiration (Update/clarification: Only the randomly assigned "official" or "main" aspirations of the sims count towards removing a lot challenge. It's OK to hop between the aspirations to collect aspiration points. In addition: in normal challenge mode finishing the randomized kids' aspirations will count towards removing a lot challenge. For hard mode: ignore the finished kids' aspirations and remove a lot challenge only when the adults finish their "main" aspirations.)
  • any sim in the household reaches top of their career;
  • any sim in the household finishes a term in university with an A+.
Simple Living has to be the last lot challenge you remove.
You are allowed to add one good lot trait instead of removing one bad lot trait or challenge when the criteria for lot challenge removal is met.
Haunted house residential can be removed after a household member reaches level 5 in medium skill and finishes successfully a gig in Paranormal Investigator Freelance Career.

End of challenge
You've won the challenge when you have aged up to young adult an heir who has no first hand experience of any of the struggles the founder had - so the kid (It has to be one of the legal heirs in a row of legal heirs) was born and grew up on the lot having no initial lot challenges or traits remaining (excl weather conditions, dust system, Eco Lifestyle voting system etc - those you can keep if they're part of your usual gameplay).
You've lost when your founder or heir dies before producing the next heir that is eligible to take over the "rulership" of the household.

In the case you've lost the initial challenge - you have the option to "restart" the challenge if you have a living relative within the household, that would not otherwise qualify as an heir, who will step in. As a penalty for breaking the correct succession line you have to turn back on again 3 random lot challenges. Removing the lot challenges will be "on hold" and you are not allowed to turn off any challenges until the new branch produces a new "legal" heir (within the succession rules set in the beginning of challenge) and the new heir ages up to young adult.

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How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.


  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
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    I've edited the post to change the POV in the story telling, mark the main body of the post as a spoiler and add the following disclaimer:
    Next postings will be telling the story of Gita, who has to live her sim life following the rules from the first post. She's the founder. Rule of succession: all heirs have to be girls.
    I have MCCC installed, to keep the town alive and add some stakes - risky woohoo is enabled, so there is a chance the sim gets pregnant before I've bought a bed and a potty for a kid. Because of that I've decided I have to buy also a crib for the baby and the toddler bed and potty have to be bought before the baby is born.
    No other mods are used.

    Meet Gita Haas, the founder.
    Her traits: hot-headed, insider, vegetarian.
    Aspiration: City Native
    Here I am, on the first day of spring. I've just arrived to my new home lot in Newcrest, alone and without a simoleon in my pockets. Not the easiest choice, trying to cope on my own, but there really is no turning back. I'm here and have to remain hopeful and determined to build a bright future for myself and the generations to come. No matter what hardships I have to face, surely I'm ready for anything.

    I'm not going to tell you, how I got my hands on this piece of property. It might have something to do with the fact that I've always been an insider. It might be linked to me being a bit hot-headed. It's not really important anymore, so we will not talk about it, ever. Like my past, this too will remain my secret. From now on, only the future matters.

    To be honest, Newcrest is not exactly Big City Living I have aspired for, but it is a step further away from ... erm, towards the future.
    I don't have much. There's a bench to sit on, so that's nice, right? At least I have something to sit on and enjoy the moment.
    Everything seems great. Yet, as beautiful it is here, something just feels ... off. I have this weird feeling growing in my stomach. There's something wrong in this place but I just can't put my finger on it, what exactly.

    Surely it'll be fine, right?
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    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 1. The first days
    Life's been ok so far. Kind of.
    I met some people, had a chat with them. It didn't feel like they would become my friends but it was nice to have some social interactions.

    At nighttime it feels like I'm never alone. The lot seems to be haunted, though I haven't met any of the ghosts yet. Even if the ghosts do come out at night, I really have no energy to interact with them. Some kind of flashing lights and eery sounds keep disturbing my sleep. I'm so exhausted all the time that I can barely keep my eyes open even at daytime.
    There are also a lot of cats and dogs around here. Some of them are smelly but it's ok. Who am I to judge, I'm smelly most of the time myself. I try a cautious introduction every now and then. I can't feed them, so they don't pay much attention to me. Mostly we just co-exist.

    In conclusion, it's hard to find food and shelter, I'm always tired and hungry, but I am getting by.

    I realize I made it sound like my life is miserable and devoid of hope. Well, it is a struggle but it gets better with each day.

    I've found some mushrooms and flowers growing nearby. A nice lady who owns a grocery shop was willing to buy them from me, so I'm making some money now. I've even had a few warm meals at the pub. I also planted one of each plant I've found, alongside some seeds from the gardening shop. I have a little garden now and will have more produce to sell. Having a steady source of income will be great.

    I was attacked by bees a few days ago. That was unpleasant, but I'm ok. Everything will be much better when I've saved up enough to have a roof above my head. There won't be as many creepy crawlers around then. That is, they should remain outside, right?

    Also, fishing has been a life saver. Not my first choice but you know - desperate times... It is kind of fun ;) and I can sell the fish along the rest of the produce I grow in my garden and find in the neighborhood.
    Basically my days consist of gardening and fishing and selling stuff at the market.

    Oh, and one of the most joyous things.
    I've met someone. His name is Gabriel. We went on a date at the Spice Festival. I ate every food there was to offer there, even the spicy stuff that made my mouth burn and stomach hurt. I do welcome a free meal these days :).
    We had our very first kiss. Gabriel is romantic and sweet. He is a bit gloomy sometimes, but get's happier when we are outdoors.

    It'll be my birthday soon. Gosh, life goes by so fast. I do hope I'll have a house soon. And a partner and a family... a girl can dream.
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    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2. Building a paradise for two and more
    I was working hard all spring. It's summer now and life is looking good.
    First of all, the living situation has gotten so much better. I saved pretty much every simoleon just so I could build a house. That did not come fast and easy. It was more like a steady effort putting up one wall at a time. I bought a bed, a shower and a refrigerator, and "moved in" when there were only 2 walls up. That's how thrilled I was to have anything resembling a home again.
    Four walls and a roof later - and poof! that's a real house.
    Somewhere between all this gardening, fishing and building - my birthday came and went. I'm an adult now. I felt so sad and lonely that day.

    On a happier note.
    Gabriel and I are still dating. We've spent a lot of time together and I'm so-so smitten. We had the loveliest date at the Rattlesnake Juice bar in Oasis Springs. We could barely get our eyes off of each other. So of course I asked him to move in as soon as the house was "complete" and I could afford to get a double bed for us.
    And he agreed!!

    I expected everything to go uphill from there, but no..
    With all the construction dust in the house our relationship started to deteriorate. He claimed he can't sleep in all this filth. He would get in the bed and within a minute get out again, tired and tense. He would be in lousy mood going to work (he works as a gardener) and even worse coming home. I mean, what am I supposed to do? We have no electricity and there is no way to vacuum the floors. We do have mops but everybody knows, mops are no good against the mighty Dust. Oh I wish there was something to collect the dust other than vacuums, maybe a brush and a shovel of some kind. Wow, that sounds so out of this world.

    Gabriel kept spending the evenings outside, chatting with Guidry, the ghost that lives here. One night I saw Gabriel sleeping on a bench in the nearby park! That's not what I imagined our life would be like.

    The next morning we had a chat. I expressed my feelings and so did he. We agreed we'd put all our efforts in buying a wind turbine and we'll keep the house clean and our relationship pure. Our love is burning bright again.
    Soon we had the turbine running and the house clean again. I've been making sure to not let any dust get between us again.

    We've been working on the house a bit. It is getting roomier. We've re-arranged the furniture and bought some new one. Well, we needed to, with a baby on the way ..
    Yes, we are expecting!
    It happened sooner then I planned. Or maybe just in the right time. Life is short and we do want to have a family before we become elders.
    I hope it's a girl, I've always wanted to have a daughter. I think Gabriel is happy to just have a kid, so there's someone he can talk to, besides me and the plants.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Great story so far, @Karababy52 @Antiqua looking forward to the next chapter. Whoops! LOL
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    @Jendowoz0612 Huh? Did you mean to say Antiqua? I haven't started this challenge yet. I won't have time for it until the beginning of next year. :)
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    Whoops, yes, sorry @Karababy52 LOL I must have had you in my head. <3
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    Chapter 3. The family is growing
    Pregnancy was... Let's just say, it was hard.
    I couldn't afford to slow down. We kept to the same routine of planting, harvesting, fishing and selling produce. Except now I had a baby growing inside me. I was constantly exhausted (though that might've been caused more by the "wibes" on the lot than pregnancy itself). The number of times I wet myself, ugh.

    When it was finally time to get to hospital I was home alone, tired, hungry... I had just fought off some plasma bats and the most recent shame of not holding my bladder still freshly on my mind...
    It was too much for me.
    I just passed out.

    But I did get to the hospital in time. There were some minor glitches during the childbirth, or maybe it's normal (it was my first time after all).
    At times I felt I was in the weirdest fever dream, floating above the floor, through the doctors legs, while the doctor was standing there just helplessly waving their hands.
    In the end it was all good, and I gave girth to a healthy baby.

    We named the baby boy Grant.
    No girl this time. I'm young enough to try again. For my relief, Grant was a good baby, slept a lot and ate well.
    It was autumn but our mind was set on growth. We planted some new crop (supposedly oversized crop, we'll see if I got scammed or it's a real deal).
    That same night was the first time Death arrived. Let me assure you, we're all ok. They came to collect the soul of a stray cat (so nice of them to care even for the strays, right?).
    To my surprise Grim (that's their name) is a rather friendly character. Reaping souls is just something in the job description, there's nothing personal about that. I would have never guessed but Grim likes the color yellow. They should feel right at home with us :smile:

    Grant is growing up fast. He's an inquisitive toddler, always eager to wander around and to make a mess here and there. It's a good thing Gabriel is a fantastic father and teaches Grant all the basic needs and everything else a boy needs to know.

    I think Harvestfest is my favorite holiday so far. Don't get me wrong, the gnomes are creepy. The way they appear and disappear all the time is unsettling. But with all the other unsettling stuff happening in this lot, at least the gnomes come with some benefits. Once they've gotten their cup of coffee (or whatever else they fancy at the moment) - they start leaving all these seed packets around. Yeah! Free seeds! What's there not to like.

    Gabriel has gotten all gray over the holidays. I don't mind the gray but it reminds me how fast the life goes by. I'm not ready to let go of him. I'm glad ageing has not affected his fertility. I'm not sure he was as happy about it when I announced I'm eating for two again.

    Maybe he's worried he'll die and won't see the kids growing up? Maybe he's right.
    But I'm not giving up my dream of having a daughter of his.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 4. Family, friends and festive spirits
    Our first winter in Newcrest had plenty of snow, more then I've ever seen. It was almost as cold inside as it was outside. It would have been nicer if we had installed some heating beforehand, but we had not started to prepare for the cold weather just yet.
    Grant was grumpy and freezing all the time. I kept dressing him in his warmest outfits, but regardless of my efforts he was always wandering around the house in shorts and a t-shirt.
    It was a relief when he finally got big enough to get dressed by himself. I was worried he might hold a grudge against us, as we have been able to provide him with very little comforts and entertainment, but he seems to have embraced our humble living conditions and is willing to keep our footprint as small as possible. A real green fiend.

    My water broke in the middle of the night and I once again went to the hospital on my own. Gabriel would have joined me if I asked, I'm sure, but I didn't ask. He's been getting exhausted more often then before, so I chose to let him have a good night sleep. Guidry promised that he'll tell him where I am, if Gabriel would wake up.
    At the hospital I had the same weird out-of-body experience as the first time. Maybe it is normal during childbirth, but I'm glad it lasted only for a moment Soon enough I could hold my baby in my arms.

    We named him Greyson.

    Winterfest rolled in.
    We celebrated the way we could. We didn't have a tree or fancy lights, but we did decorate the house and wrapped some presents.
    Some friends joined the festivities. I invited Herman, the new creature keeper we've been selling some of our foraged plants to. He's been really friendly and Gabriel agreed that inviting him would be a nice thing to do. It is Winterfest after all and I imagine it gets really lonely at that secluded cabin in Bramblewood.
    And Grim came over - they had been in the neighborhood (was called in to reap the soul of some poor fox) and were willing to join us for a family meal. Grim even helped me cook, while Gabriel was dealing with an unexpected NAP inspector's visit.

    After dinner I delivered Gabriel my special present - Surprise, I'm pregnant again!
    He sure was surprised.
    Or maybe more shocked. I'm not sure, because Father Winter stepped in at that very moment and distracted us. Perhaps it was for the better. Not sure if I would have managed to hold my feelings in if Gabriel had said anything negative about me expecting again. He knows I've always dreamed about having a daughter and that would be the best winterfest present for me.

    Grant was courageous enough to talk with Father Winter and ask for a present. And Herman was bold enough to flirt with me. It took me by surprise but I had no time to react. Gabriel and Grant stepped in the room right after and we started opening the gifts together. Herman left right after that so I couldn't confront him about the flirting then and there.
    Probably I should've talked with him next time we met, but it felt weird to bring it up so much later. Actually, better if I forget about it. I'm starting to think that maybe I imagined it. It was a long evening and I could have sworn Father Winter almost froze to death in front of our house. And that's impossible for sure, with all the warm clothes he's wearing all the time. So, yes, it must have been my imagination.

    Just like that - the winter was over again. It was lovely. Gabriel kept the house in order and looked after the boys. Grant is doing great at school, always on point with his homework and chores. Greyson has been growing bigger and bigger, always taking note from his older brother, rarely asking for any help. He even taught himself to potty, I mean, all by himself, my independent little man. It's been blissful.

    With all my boys supporting me, this was the easiest pregnancy so far. Even childbirth was over in a minute. I walked in the hospital and then I was already holding Gil, our third son.
    Well, yes, once again, a boy. I am a bit sad, but I've realized I shouldn't be disappointed about it. Who's to say I would have been happier if my firstborn would have been a girl. Perhaps I'm not to have a daughter until I've learned my lesson and started to appreciate what I have already. And what I have is great. All my boys have been the best.


    Grim stopped by a few nights ago.
    It was not a courtesy visit.
    I begged them to leave, take the strays or the foxes or the neighbors walking by.
    But they took what they came for.
    It was all business for them.


    I suppose I'm not to have a daughter with Gabriel after all.

    The Haas Family Tree (made in the Plum Tree App).
    I'll be updating it as the story progresses, so ... possible spoilers for the next chapters ahead!!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 5. Growing stronger
    I've been feeling lost.
    I missed Gabriel so much. I knew boys missed him too.
    Grant was acting up, for several school days he left home and hadn't done his homework. And a few days I caught him making a mess in the kitchen. Greyson cried all the time. Gil was still a baby and slept a lot, but it's been breaking my heart to know that he won't remember his dad at all.
    I couldn't mope around too much. Without Gabriel's help I had to step up my game again. More foraging, more chores.

    For once I was glad life goes by so fast.
    Gil, my baby boy, got bigger. He has curly hair now and an inquisitive nature. Greyson started school, I hope he'll do well. I'm slightly worried about his lactose intolerance. We've rarely had any milk products at home, no wonder I had no idea dairy might not suit him at all.
    Grant has started to show some erratic behavior. I don't know how to help him. He was always such a happy toddler and seemed to do okay as a child. Maybe losing his father made a dent in his self esteem. Maybe it's just s phase. I should tell him more often how much I appreciate him and his help.
    I'll be needing it a lot soon.

    Something has happened, something I would have never expected. I'm eating for two again. I had no idea those last moments I shared with Gabriel would create the ultimate surprise for me.
    Could it be? Maybe I'll have Gabriel's daughter after all!!

    I've spent my days in the garden. I can see the appeal of talking with the plants. They seem to enjoy my company and I enjoy theirs.
    Herman came by again. I don't know what exactly happened, but it seems that he enraged some of the specters. I discovered a huge fire on the porch and Herman was right in the middle of it! Good thing I had an extinguisher at hand. He said I saved his life. I guess I did.
    He has visited me more often since that. No weird flirty vibes anymore, thank goodness! He's just friendly and helpful. And still giving me triple the price for any foraged plants I lay my hands on.
    I sure do need a friend in these times. It feels like I'm always fighting off some dark clouds. And sometimes even bats and other dangerous creatures.

    It's not easy to be a single mother of three, with fourth one on the way.

    The Haas Family Tree (made in the Plum Tree App).
    I'll be updating it as the story progresses, so ... possible spoilers for the next chapters ahead!!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 6. Expect the unexpected
    I've been pregnant three times before, so the fourth one gave me really no surprises. Belly getting bigger, making everyday chores harder. Exhaustion, embarrassment, flashes of overt confidence and crushing doubts. Trying to be a good parent, and still demanding more and more assistance from Grant to care for Greyson and Gil.
    And then it was finally go time. The usual trip to the hospital. Waiting at the reception, floaty feelings in the delivery room.
    Until finally the doctor announced - you have a baby boy!

    Another boy!

    What a twist of fate. I was hoping to have a daughter. After three boys I should have had finally a girl.
    Well, no. No baby-girls for you, Gita! But hey, here you go - have two boys instead!

    I named them Kirk and Samir.
    Samir was a quiet baby. Kirk cried for the both of them.

    Once more I was happy I could rely on Grant to help me. I think I've used him more as a babysitter then I should. He was complaining about it the other day. To my shame, I didn't pay much attention. Babies were crying and I had no patience to deal with the mood swings of a teen.
    I tried to apologize later, but now it was my turn to be ignored. I just hope that once the twins get bigger and require less attention I can try to build a better relationship with Grant again.
    I know it's not fair to put so much pressure on him just because he's the oldest. Feeding the babies, changing diapers, now potty training. He complains every now and then but still does everything that's expected of him. It's a good thing Kirk is more of an independent nature. And Samir is such a charmer, so no one can say no to him. Not even Grant at his grumpiest.


    I've had so many kids in a row that I was starting to forget what it felt to be a woman. Especially since Gabriel died, I have been only a mom. So, I was eager to go out, when Herman invited me to hang out and I could go alone.
    The address he gave me was in Sulani, but I didn't think much of it. We had a lovely walk on the beach. He was funny and nice and made sure I got home safe after our walk. I think I fell for his charms.. or just wanted to feel alive, to have an adventure. It shouldn't make me blush, it was just a little woohoo. That was all that happened. Just a woohoo.

    Or so I thought.
    I've had 5 kids. I should have known better.
    A little woohoo is enough when you're not careful.
    I'm pregnant again.

    Herman was so happy about it. He's going to be a father, something he had always hoped for. Something his wife...
    Wife? I asked.
    Oh, we're not living together, he replied. But Karissa never understood him like I did, he said. She never approved his love for the creatures and the nature.

    He went on and on how I've made him the happiest man and how unhappy he was in his marriage and that he'll provide for his kid. It'll be great, his job pays well.
    His job?
    Yeah, he's actually a salaryperson at Farseer Data Corporation. No worries, he can afford to pay for anything I desire.

    When he left that afternoon I let him kiss me on the cheek. He seemed to want more, a loving embrace, a passionate kiss. All I wanted was to scream and push him away, but I felt powerless, just hollow inside.
    The whole evening I tried to figure out, how did I manage to get in to such a mess. I'm not interested in having a relationship with a married man. He never mentioned anything about having a wife and it never occurred to me to ask. A creature keeper living in the woods, not a female in sight. Except he doesn't live in that cozy cabin, he lives in a charming beach house in Sulani. And he has a wife and a corporate job.

    And now I'm having his child. What a dumpster fire!

    It was just perfect when that same evening a handsome young man named Caleb knocked on the door and got set in flames by the specters. Such a fabulous sign from the universe.
    Grant extinguished the flames. Caleb was thankful. But we didn't invite him in. For all I could care that moment, I would let any man showing up at my front door just burn to death.
    I know that Caleb guy, or any guy for that matter, didn't deserve my contempt just because I was so careless with Herman. I probably shouldn't be so harsh on myself either.
    I was just so ashamed. I still am.

    What am I going to do? I feel too proud to accept any help from Herman, but how am I going to manage all on my own with six kids?

    The Haas Family Tree (made in the Plum Tree App).
    I'll be updating it as the story progresses, so ... possible spoilers for the next chapters ahead!!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Seems like a fun challenge @Antiqua - I'll play along too :)

    This is Clarence Slacklater. He was backpacking across Windenburg during the summer before college, and loved it so much he decided to stay. He spent the rest of his college savings on a little patch of land with a pond in the Windslar neighborhood, and settled in with nothing but his tent. Clarence is Lazy, a Slob, and Outgoing.


    (Let me know if you want Clarence and his progeny to have their own thread instead of posting in yours)

    The challenges available with my packs are: Cursed, Filthy, Gremlins, Grody, Off-the-grid, Quake Zone, Reduce and Recycle, Simple Living, Spooky, Wild Foxes. Here is his pretty, but in many ways not super pleasant, lot.

    I decided not to build a structure with the basic necessities, to add a bit more challenge. He does have a tent, and there's a nearby bush. There is also a grove of lemon and cherry trees right behind the lot.
    Succession will be by whoever inherits the lazy trait. :)

    The welcome wagon came. Clarence loves them all. He got along especially well with Maaike Haas. Knox was a random walkby, but they're buds now.

    The fruitcake fed Clarence for days. He loves it. Unfortunately, sometimes eating on his lot makes him throw up.

    He likes fishing too.

    Clarence tried singing in front of the neighborhood bar for tips, but no one tipped him. He went to the Solar Flare and tried singing at their mic. No tips. He played the guitar they had there. He was terrible, but people tipped him! He met the cute bartender Becca Clarke, but more pressing on his mind was the fact that he now had enough simoleons to take Maaike out on a date.


    If only Maaike had a drink and he ordered only water, that is.

    Clarence learned on this date that Maaike is a Snob. Maybe she's not a good choice for a Slacklater. They enjoy each other so sweetly though.

    Having accumulated a lot of berries, cherries and lemons from the neighborhood, Clarence went to sell his wares at the grocery stand. He was surprised at the S700 he earned. Enough for his very own guitar!

    And his thoughts turned to Becca... who was a wonderful partner for skinny-dipping at the Bluffs. They are getting along VERY nicely. Clarence hopes to take her on a proper date soon, but skinny-dipping at the Bluffs is hard to beat...

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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,648 Member
    Just wanted to clarify, @Antiqua, in case I end up with Becca Clarke in the family: if a sim has a university degree, do you still roll randomly for their career, or should the degree affect it somehow?

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  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
    Hey!, Nice to see you try the challenge! Good luck to Clarence!

    I'd say the career still has to be random. It would be really lucky to get a career that is supported by the university degree, but also kind of realistic when they end up in a totally different job by chance.

    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,648 Member
    edited October 2021
    Ok, that makes sense to make it challenging. I agree that it's often realistic that someone gets a degree in one thing but then they can't find a job in that field. Also, poor Becca is a Language and Literature major, so that's extra realistic for her :'(

    It turns out that the lot challenges I'm finding the most challenging are the combination of Off the Grid and Grody. Grody gives a chance that you'll get sick when you eat, and Off the Grid adds on a chance that you'll get sick from eating a harvestable. Now that the fruitcake is gone, he has plenty of harvestables, but most of the time those make him get sick and have to spend the next several hours running back and forth to the bush, which sort of kills the rest of the day. Poor Clarence.

    It's also quite challenging not to be able to sell anything "into the void". So far Clarence doesn't have the option of selling anything except harvestables and fish, since he can't afford a sales table. Or I guess he could have if he hadn't bought the guitar-- but playing the guitar for tips is his other way to make money. I do like this challenge though because I think it's the selling-into-the-void income that makes things like gardening and painting feel financially overpowered!

    It seems to me like the Reduce and Recycle trait is more of a bonus than a challenge. The trash can and surroundings get gross, but he gets lots and lots of bits & pieces. I should use this lot trait for all my fabrication sims. On the other hand, I was surprised to find out that the Cat Hangout trait is not a lot challenge. I think I saw it in a list of lot traits on someone else's challenge where you deliberately start on a disgusting lot and the cats are part of that. I had actually given Clarence the Friend of the Animals aspiration just assuming he'd come across a lot of cats.

    Apparently however he can "bond with flies" at the trashcan?!

    It didn't go his way, but I wonder what would happen if it did!

    Knox invited him over and showed him how to use the recycler. Knox also initiated Clarence into the ways of the dumpster diver. Clarence found some fish and chips.
    "This fish and chips is very poor!"
    "Hey, divers can't be choosers!"

    Clarence found a dollhouse in the dumpster, which he finds charming, and decided to keep it.
    Maybe he'll learn to fabricate at Knox's at some point. Or, I don't know, that might be too much work for a Slacklater... Ooh, maybe candle making would be a good use for the bits and pieces? There's a candle maker at Knox's as well.

    Clarence played at the Open Mic at Club Calico. He wandered around the docks afterward. Which is how he met Yogi. It was just beginning to snow (it gets colder in fall in Brindleton Bay) and Clarence decided to adopt Yogi and get her out of the freezing cold!

    The lot now looks more like I anticipated it would look. Clarence now has an outdoor shower, a dirty litter box, and hasn't cleaned up the welcome wagon dishes yet.

    He did take Becca out on that date... to the Von Haunt Estate gardens. It was lovely. They had their first kiss and she's his girlfriend now.
    Her traits are Active, Romantic, and Bookworm. Perhaps Clarence could get into reading too? He did also join the Avant Gardes since Maaike invited him. Oh, and he decided to ask Maaike to just be friends. Better for everyone.

    Clarence has begun building a house, brick by brick. He picked up some candles in jars and some pita and olives from the bar next door, and set up as lovely a semi-outdoor banquet as he could for Becca... and asked her to marry him.

    She slept over, in the tent of course.

    In the morning... aw girl, if you go through with this there will be a LOT of this in your future... good luck kiddo

    "If I live off the grid, what's the point of paying the bills?" asks our favorite slacker.
    Come at me, Landgraab Utility Company. Go ahead. Turn off the utilities. It makes no difference to a Slacklater.

    Clarence bought a fishing sign for his pond and stocked it with fish, so now he doesn't have to run across the neighborhood to fish, but he does have to run partway across the neighborhood to grill the fish. He is also making more use of the pub in Henford after his daily trip to sell harvestables and fish at the stand-- both ordering cheap meals at the bar, and using the pub kitchen to prepare food using his harvestable ingredients. I think his next purchase is going to be an off-the-grid fridge and counter. Oh, and something to power the fridge... hmm

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    @mightysprite For me, Grody and Cursed have been the worst. Cursed makes some everyday things really dangerous - cooking results in flames (high chances of dying + cost of replacing ovens), also repairing electric stuff has higher chance of electrocution etc. And nausea from grody lot trait means that half the time the sims are too uncomfortable to do anything.
    Gremlins can be really bad in theory, except I have haunted house and it seems that Guidry counts as a Sim being awake at midnight.

    The cat and dog hangout mostly just get on the nerves with all the meowing and barking. It's been a while since I had only one counter in my active play-through, but I think some of the interactions that require free counter space got canceled because of cats occupying the counter. Also the animals eat the food that's left outside, and that blocks some interactions - I can't put the plate in the fridge and there's a chance I'll forget to do it later, and the toddlers can't always pick up their plate of food. So they get hungry and moody when I don't pay attention ("why didn't you eat, when I told you to grab a serving" :s ).
    In addition, I've made a special rule for myself (not sure whether to add it to the official rules or not) that all the tombstones have to remain on the lot and accessible to sims at all times. With all the cats and dogs hanging out on the lot and ageing on short life span - sooner or later there'll be strays passing away one after another, so the sims will be witnessing a lot of deaths (=crying and mourning). And there's a pile of tombstones on the lot, which attract the sims to mourn some more. The sadness adds some challenge to getting things done.

    Clarence is doing really good. Go, Clarence! :)
    Aww, poor Becca, she has no idea what she's getting into. But love is blind and hopefully carries them through the torment mostly unharmed.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Gita. Chapter 7. Old friend and new hopes
    I've tried to forget about the mistakes I made with Herman.
    So I work a lot. I'm getting better at cooking and gardening. I like both and the activities sooth my mind.
    Grant has taken over most of the repairs and upgrading around the house. He also started a part time job as a manual laborer to help out with money. I'm afraid he might get stuck in it for the rest of his life. We can't afford for him to get in the university and he doesn't have the grades for a scholarship. He says he likes the work and he likes to provide for our family. Hope he still thinks like that after he has finished high school.

    One evening I was making some garden salad for dinner. It's what I do every day, actually. Grant and Caleb (they seem to be friends now) went out to repair the wind turbines once again.
    Imagine my shock when I looked out the window and saw Grim in my garden!
    The last time he was here, he took Gabriel. And now.. who was he after now?

    I rushed outside.
    Everyone had gathered around Grim. Greyson, my poor boy, was crying his eyes out.
    It was such a relief to see Grant running over from the turbines.
    One of the stray cats had finished their journey in Newcrest. Grim collected his soul and just stood there.
    I was hesitant but decided to approach them anyway.
    I asked about their day. They made a joke about something mundane.
    I haven't forgiven them for reaping Gabriel's soul, but we made a truce. They showed interest in my growing tummy and seemed to be happy for my growing family. Maybe we could be friends again some day, when losing Gabriel doesn't hurt as much.


    Chatting with Grim made me feel better about myself.
    I woke up the next morning and decided to do something nice for the family. A surprise for Grant. Just to show how much I appreciate him.
    I had saved up and reached my savings goal only a few days ago. It was time. I bought an oven and had it placed in the kitchen. Just to be on the safe side I also purchased a fire extinguishing system.
    When Grant got home, he spent some time taking care of trash. The new fire prevention system was right there, on the wall next to the trash can. I was sitting in the kitchen in suspense - will he notice, and if he does, will it destroy the surprise.
    Lucky me, he was too preoccupied with his chores to notice the addition to the house. Just like I hoped, he didn't see it until I had baked a cake for him.
    Happy birthday!


    My baby Grant is a young adult now!
    And a bro? I don't remember him being that much in to sports but maybe it's the influence from his friends at the job?

    The Haas Family Tree (made in the Plum Tree App).
    I'll be updating it as the story progresses, so ... possible spoilers for the next chapters ahead!!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,648 Member
    Grant is such a good son :) every big family needs someone who stays close to home and takes care of things
    The picture of Grim... feeling Gita's baby? (the one where they are both glowing) is lovely but also creepy. Is the purple glow a vampire or haunted house effect?


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  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
    The glow is a haunted house effect.
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 2,648 Member
    What do you think about "Escape the Misery" as a name for the challenge?

    Tales of San Myshuno
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    edited November 2021
    @Antiqua - I am enjoying reading this story, and have actually started this as well. I have never played on short lifespan before so it is interesting. I have a question on the celebrity autographs. There doesn't seem to be any other way to sell these, other than sell to Collector. Is that permitted?


    Chapter 1: Meet The Founder. This is CeCe Johnson. Her traits are Loves Outdoors, Cheerful and Family-Oriented. Her Aspiration is Musical Genius. She likes the color green.
    I started her in Newcrest as well, but on the Rippling Flats lot in the Spring. It is near a public restroom, and playground (for later children!), so that is why I chose that one, and there are benches nearby to sleep on. I only bought her an outdoor trash bin, then she started with zero simoleons. All lot traits on, as well as cat and dog hangout. I don't have the dustbuster kit or Paranormal or Vampires. She was fortunate to meet Ekram Elderberry from Britechester, and he mentored her in fishing. She sold what she caught at the market in Henford-on-Bagley. She also found some harvestables, and she planted some on her lot. She went to San Myshuno for the karaoke contest and won! Woot! $500 simoleons. She was pretty excited about that. While there, she met a townie, Susumu Hasegawa, who caught her eye and he has become her romantic interest. She later found out he has the erratic trait. This should be interesting. He is unemployed, so I guess he will get a random job when he moves in. She is trying to save up for a double bed and is making some tips by singing at the local bar. She is also going to get a sale table. She is eating a lot of free chips. She is always tired and collapses everywhere. That is the worst right now. Planning a date shortly.

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    @SoulGal7 - thank you for reading Gita's story. It's my first time to try to write about my Sims and it's been fun to think about my gameplay as a possible narrative.
    Good luck to CeCE with the challenge! She looks lovely and color green really suits her :)

    SoulGal7 wrote: »
    I have a question on the celebrity autographs. There doesn't seem to be any other way to sell these, other than sell to Collector. Is that permitted?
    I tested selling the autographs in a retail store and it is possible to sell them that way. It's not ideal, because their sales value seemed to be only 50 simoleons + markup (so the game does not take into account the value it is appraised for. I so wish EA would update the game so the Retail Stores would work better with other packs in that sense)). But in principle it is possible to sell them at some point (given retail stores are an option with the packs installed). So, to stay strictly in the spirit of the general rules of the challenge - no, selling the autographs to collectors is not allowed.
    I forgot to test recycling the autographs (already turned off the game and can't go back right now), if it's possible to get bits and pieces and use them that way.

    However, if there really is no way to sell/discard of the autographs in any other way (no Get to Work (or Eco Lifestyle?) installed etc), then I suggest picking between two options (and sticking to it with every item that has no other way to be sold/consumed)-
    1. stick to no-selling-to-the-void rule regardless and end up with a massive collection of stuff on the lot or inventory and the bills getting bigger and bigger (keeps the game harder for longer) ... or
    2. sell to collectors.

    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
  • AntiquaAntiqua Posts: 105 Member
    What do you think about "Escape the Misery" as a name for the challenge?

    That sound good, I'll consider it.
    I named it "Ad Aspera" at first.
    Then brainstormed some other names and picked "Diminish the Torment" (some other ideas I had were: Agony to Ease, Fight for the Future Legacy, Short Lived Struggles; and @Karababy52 had suggested 'Suffer for the Children' or 'Silver Platter Struggles' or 'Sacrifice to Silver Spoon')
    Let's just say, naming the challenge is harder then creating the rules. :D Maybe I should make a poll? :#
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 2: Cece's First House & First Date
    Cece and Susumu went on a date to Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs. They chatted and played chess and had a wonderful time together. They felt they just "got" each other. Cece found out Susumu was homeless and she told him she had inherited a plot of land. They couldn't take their eyes off of each other, and Susumu even blew Cece a kiss. Cece ended up asking Susumu to be her boyfriend and sealed the deal with a passionate kiss.


    Susumu asked Cece if she was free the following night because he wanted to take her somewhere special. Cece said she was.

    The following day, Cece sold more harvestables and fish to the market in Henford-on-Bagley and she finally had enough simoleons to buy a little shack she saw on-line at "Fault Line Realty." And they delivered it, fully furnished! It wasn't much really, but it had a double bed, a kitchen and a bathroom. That is all she really needed. And her garden would help her earn more simoleons.



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Build Credit - lilsimsie
    [Note: I did a bit of a reno to this build as it didn't have a sink. She had a bit of extra simoleons, so extended the wall and placed a sink in the bathroom. She added a counter island and a stool. She put up the 3 celebrity autographs that she got, some posters that she found in San Myshuno and some photos that she took. The table that came with the build is in her inventory for future use. I will use your idea on the autographs for a store that a future generation might own, but for now, they are just decor.]
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    Gita. Chapter 8. Just a bunch of birthdays
    When I was going to the hospital for the fifth time to deliver a baby, I was feeling down. I had wanted a daughter all my life and all I've had, were boys (I do love all of them, I really do). If I'm having another boy this time.. I don't think I want to try for any babies (girls or not) again.
    That thought felt like quitting and I hate to think of myself as a quitter. Sure, maybe it was due to the hormones and the pain of labor, but when I walked down that corridor towards the delivery room I just knew that this would be my last pregnancy. Quitter or not, I don't feel like doing this again.

    Soon enough the doctor announced - it's a boy!
    I had to give him a name and I did - Jose.

    It wasn't over with that. I was having twins again.
    A bit more to endure and I heard the doctor announce the birth once more.


    Congratulations! It's a girl!
    Oh boy!
    A girl.
    I had a daughter, finally. I called her Amira.
    As I held the babies, my heart was full of joy and relief. It's done. I had a daughter.

    That evening I went home from the hospital to a full house of six boys and one girl. Babies, toddlers, children. It's a good thing Grant has chosen to stay at home and help.

    I've been repeating myself about this, but Grant really is heaven sent. He repairs, he upgrades, he goes to work and brings home the paycheck. He cares for the babies and the toddlers. He even helps Gil and Greyson with their homework.

    I have no idea where he got the time for that, but sometime in between everything else he has met a girl. Or a woman, I should say.
    Kiana is her name. She has beautiful red hair. For whatever reason she's always wearing her sunglasses - inside, outside, daylight, middle of night. With all the vampires we have hanging around here I thought she might be one, but more likely it's just a weird fashion sense.
    Most important is, that she seems to be fond of Grant (she should be!) and she's not afraid of the chaos we call home.

    And Grant is smitten.


    I really don't know where the time goes. I've missed some birthdays again.
    Greyson had his first days at high school soon after Jose and Amira were born. When did he grow so tall? All he does is gush about romantic books and his dreams of becoming a master chef.
    Am I too selfish to think that I should hand over all the cooking to Greyson now? If he enjoys it, then it's the right thing to do, right!?

    Also Samir and Kirk. One moment they were toddlers and the next moment it was time for them to start school.
    I expect Samir to do well at school. He's a real bookworm, always with his nose in a book. I see both Gabriel and me in him, he has Gabriel's nose and my hair color.
    Kirk prefers spending time with animals. An influence from all the strays always gathering on our lot, perhaps? He seems to have inherited resistance to water from me. Not sure where he has gotten the dark red hair. It's not from my side of the family, anyway. I have no contact with Gabriel's family, so there's no way to ask.

    After failing to acknowledge three birthday in a row already, I made sure to pay attention to Jose's and Amira's birthday. It wasn't exactly a party, we had no cake and most of the boys were at school, but at least I was there to celebrate.

    Jose is a spitting image of Herman. Same features, dark hair. It's a relief he doesn't seem to need much attention from me. Dealing with Jose reminds me of Herman and I don't feel like dealing with him just yet.
    Amira looks just like me. She likes to be the center of attention and I don't mind. It must be hard being an only girl (and the youngest) in a family consisting of mostly boys.


    I can't wait to see her grow up. But in the meantime I'll be enjoying every moment I spend with her.

    The Haas Family Tree (made in the Plum Tree App).
    I'll be updating it as the story progresses, so ... possible spoilers for the next chapters ahead!!
    How is the Haas family doing? Check out their struggles (and rules they have to follow) in this LP.
    And the Haas Family Tree, with some spoilers for the later chapters is made in the Plum Tree App.
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    Chapter 3: Wedded Bliss and a Nooboo On the Way

    Cece had been thinking about Susumu all day, and she decided to take her best dress out for their date together that night. Susumu told her there was a wonderful place called Myshuno Meadows that had a catering building and he thought it would be a nice place to spend some time together. When they arrived, Susumu was dressed in a rather snazzy green suit. Cece smiled because green was her favorite color. It must be destiny. Cece saw the beautiful gardens and the place looked like it had been set up for a wedding. Together, Cece and Susumu walked towards the archway. Looking at each other in the moonlight, they kissed and Susumu said that it might sound crazy, but he wanted to spend every minute of every day with Cece. He couldn't get her out of his mind. Cece felt the same way, and, although it was rather sudden, she took out a ring that she had inherited with the plot of land, and asked Susumu to marry her. He said yes!

    And then he said something that made her heart melt. He said that since they were all dressed up, and the place was already set-up for a wedding, that why don't they just elope together right then and there. Cece thought it was a wonderful idea!


    It was a beautiful ceremony, and afterwards Susumu went into the kitchen and made them a wedding cake. She didn't even know he could cook! It was the best cake she had ever tasted and they shared a piece together. They were both very happy.


    They wandered the grounds together and spied a thing led to another, and...woohoo!


    They went into the building afterwards and Cece had to use the facilities...and she knew right then and there that she was expecting a baby.


    Cece thought that Susumu took the


    They really didn't have any simoleons to go on a honeymoon, so they decided to head back to the place that they first met, the karaoke lounge. And they ended their evening there.

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