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Friday Highlights November 19 - A Week on the Sims Forums

EA_MariEA_Mari Posts: 67 EA Community Manager
November 19th- Friday Highlights

Sul sul Simmers!

We need to talk about how fast this week went, again! - how is it Friday already!? :hushed:

Then again, I guess they are right when they say that time flies when you're having fun. And I certainly have been having a lot of fun lately!
  • On Tuesday a new Kit was announced: 'Discover new designs pushing the traditional style boundaries' 👔 with The Sims 4 #ModernMenswearKit!
  • We also released the November Laundry List on Tuesday. You can find out more here.

I'm so in love with this screenshot! <3- posted here by @permanentrose

  • We shall start with a poll: "Converting Vacation Worlds To Livable Worlds"- 'would you like them made into full-time livable worlds or do you like them better as vacation destination worlds' - asks @Catzilla ? I'm also curious to hear your thoughts and it looks like there's almost an unanimity voting there ! ;)
  • Now, a gameplay question for you, guys. In the thread "What to do when bored in sims?" started by @Jokr1929, Simmers have been sharing what they usually do to keep themselves entertained. There are tons of cool suggestions there, so why dont you stop by and share your experience as well? :relaxed:
  • Of course, I haven't forgotten about our builders and building aficionados! This week, I came across the stunning 'Abandoned Mystery Cottage' created by @Lissykin :love: Well done, the details are impressive!
  • As you know by now, I like to hear about all the awesome challenges that you are giving a go! Then I came across @Simeralla's thread "Let's play| runaway teen challenge | eliza pancake" which is basically 'a way to watch others play a challenge and see how they overcome some of the struggles' that might arise from it. I am having so much fun with these vídeos! :smiley:
  • And the last pick is for all you Sims 3 players out there. @texxx78 shared updates on their "Prettacy challenge": I must confess that my heart broke watching the Reaper taking the family's dog. 😭

That's it for today, folks, and I hope you like these picks! Don't forget suggestions for next week's Friday Highlights are always welcome!

Have a fabulous weekend, stay safe, and look after yourselves! :heart:



  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 23,179 Member
    Thank you. ☺️ High five to all featured! 🤚🏼
    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
  • LissykinLissykin Posts: 2,005 Member
    Thank you so much for mentioning my cottage, it made my day! :blush: Congrats to everyone else! <3
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,609 Member
    Thank you for mentioning my prettacy challenge ❤
  • tonymenoguetonymenogue Posts: 5 New Member
    Wow, all these featured lots are amazing and the simers are quite talented!! 🖤
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