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Why does the game have two things happen at the same time?

I've played the Sims since it's conception and one thing that always seems to happen is you will be planning one thing to do and then a second thing pops up and you want to do that option but not lose the first thing but inevitably you have to make a decision and ditch the first thing. Like a friend knocks on the door and you go to invite them in and then the Squid Game (or they call it something else ingame...the Motive Trials...but it is the same thing) and you want to participate so you go off and leave your friend standing on the porch for a couple of days? LOL....actually I thought the secret battle royale thing was just a joke call so I didn't expect my sim to up and head off screen and be gone all that time. Bravo EA


  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,513 Member
    To answer your question, a failure to think these things through, plan them out, and properly test the results. Writing game code is complex and there will always be things you forget or don't think of. Thus the rule, at least when I did stuff for BioWare, of test, test, test, and test some more.
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