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Metior Ice's Merfolk Legacy Story

Edit: This started out as sharing an idea for a potential Legacy, but this thread has become a place where I keep my rotational stories together. The challenge I created will be a significant part of the thread, but it won't be the only story told here.

I'm sharing my idea for a Legacy Challenge. I left things vague so it can be adjusted to fit different playstyles. No Mods are Required. I'll also be sharing my legacy story for this challenge here. I've tested a lot of the elements of this challenge, and I think the only part I might modify is the Purple Tail challenge.

General Rules

Each Generation of the Legacy will be a Rotation with Auto-Aging turned off

The Heirs and Founders will not die from Old Age, but Death will not be turned off

The Founder and 7 Heirs will need to be created from the start

Each Founder and Heir will be a Mermaid or Merman with a specific Tail Color. There should be a total of 8 Merfolk for the challenge with the founder and blue tail having two parts. There should be Two Blue Tail Heirs. The number of merfolk is important because the Founder will be creating a Club to recruit the other 7 Heirs.

Required Packs for the Challenge:
  • Seasons: Can set Seasons to 28 sim days and helps with tracking time
  • Island Living: Needed for Merfolk
  • Get Together: Needed for Clubs
  • Parenthood
  • Kids Room
  • Toddler Stuff
  • Jungle Adventure
  • Cottage Living
  • Cats and Dogs
  • My First Pet
  • Eco Living
  • City Living
  • Snowy Escape
  • Spa Day
  • Paranormal

Rotation Order
  1. The Founder: White Tail: Part 1
  2. Blue Tail: Part 1
  3. Blue Tail: Part 2
  4. Pink Tail
  5. Green Tail
  6. Yellow Tail
  7. Red Tail
  8. Purple Tail
  9. White Tail: Part 2

Each Rotation will be 28 sim days

Rotation 1: The Founder: White Tail Part 1
Required Packs:
  • Base Game
  • Island Living
  • Parenthood
  • Kids Room
  • Toddler Stuff

Building Challenge Goals
  • Build a Mansion as quickly as possible: Only the Required Packs are allowed in the Build
  1. Have a Home worth 100,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation
  5. Income can only be acquired via the parents going to work

White Tail: Part 1 Challenge Goals
  • Founder must have 3 Maxed Character Values for 3 Positive or Negative Traits
  1. Bonus Points if the Founder Maxes 5 Character Values
  • Have an A in Highschool
  • Age Up from Teen to Young Adult
  • Move the Parents Out

Challenge Color: White
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be white: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge
  • The Parents will help with developing Character Values and Securing an Income while the Founder is a Teen and only while the Founder is a Teen
  • Completing this rotation will result in recruiting the first heir, the White Tail Merman or Mermaid.

Blue Tail: Part 1
Required Packs:
  • Island Living
  • Jungle Adventure

Required Lot Challenge
  • Volcanic Activity

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only the Required Packs are allowed in the Build
  1. Have a Home worth at least 100,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation
  6. Must use items that are in the Island Décor Category

Blue Tail: Part 1 Challenge Goals
  • Max the Skill for an Instrument
  • Complete a Creative Aspiration
  1. Bonus Points for mastering multiple Instruments
  • Join the Conservationist Career: By the end of the Blue Tail Part 2: The Founder must become a Marine Biologist
  • Income can only be acquired from the White Tail through their Career or Creative Activities
  • Find the first Blue Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Create a Club with the Blue Tail Heir after completing one Creative Aspiration

Challenge Color: Blue
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Blue: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Blue Tail: Part 2
Required Packs:
  • Island Living
  • Jungle Adventure

Required Lot Challenge
  • Volcanic Activity

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only the Required Packs are allowed in the Build
  1. Have a Home worth at least 200,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation
  6. Must use items that are in the Island Décor Category

Blue Tail: Part 2 Challenge Goals
  • Max the Logic Skill
  • Complete a Knowledge Aspiration
  1. Bonus Points for mastering other Logical Activities like Rocket Science or Programming
  • Reach the top of the Marine Biologist Career and Unlock the Master of the Sea Trait
  • Income can only be acquired from the White Tail through their Career or Logical Activities
  • Find the Second Blue Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Second Blue Tail Join the Club after completing a Knowledge Aspiration

Challenge Color: Blue
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Blue: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Pink Tail

Required Packs:
Cottage Living
Movie Hangout

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only French Country Décor and the Country Kitchen Kit is allowed
  1. Have a Home worth at least 200,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation

Pink Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Max the Gardening Skill
  • Complete a Nature Aspiration
  1. Bonus Points for completing multiple Nature Aspirations
  • Quit the Marine Biologist Career
  • Build a Farm
  • Only income from selling your crop is allowed
  • Find the Pink Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Pink Tail Join the Club after completing a Nature Aspiration

Challenge Color: Pink
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Pink: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Green Tail

Required Packs:
Cats and Dogs
My First Pet

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only Farmhouse, French Country Décor, and the Country Kitchen Kit is allowed
  1. Have a Home worth at least 200,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation

Green Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Max the Veterinarian Skill
  1. Bonus Points for completing the Animal Aspiration
  • Own a Vet Clinic
  • Only income from the Vet Clinic is Allowed
  • Find the Green Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Green Tail Join the Club after Mastering the Vet Skill and Making the Clinic at least a Four Star venue without employees

Challenge Color: Green
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Green: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Yellow Tail

Required Packs:
Eco Living

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living
  • Off the Grid

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only Modern Décor is allowed. Most importantly, Only Counters, Appliances, Ceiling Lights, a Recycler, a Fabricator, a Candle Making Station, Woodworking Station, Easel, Energy and Water Generators, Computers, Audio Devices, and TVs can be purchased from the Catalog. If you want something, you have to make it. The rest should be recycled.
  1. Have a Home worth at least 200,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation

Yellow Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Max the Fabrication Skill
  • Complete the Master Maker Aspiration
  1. Bonus Points for completing another creative aspiration
  • Sell the Vet Clinic
  • Only income from the Fabricator Freelancer Career is allowed
  • Find the Yellow Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Yellow Tail Join the Club after completing the Master Maker Aspiration

Challenge Color: Yellow
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Yellow: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Red Tail

Required Packs:
City Living

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living
  • Off the Grid
  • Quake Zone

Building Challenge Goals
  • Time to get Industrial! Only Industrial and Modern Décor is allowed.
  1. Have a Home worth at least 300,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation

Red Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Master the Gaming Skill
  • Become a Social Media Superstar
  1. Bonus Points for mastering Charisma
  • Quit the Freelancer Career
  • Join the Social Media Career, only income from working from home is allowed
  • Find the Red Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Red Tail Join the Club after Mastering the Gaming Skill and reaching the top of the Social Media Career

Challenge Color: Red
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Red: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

Purple Tail

Required Packs:
Snowy Escape
Spa Day

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living
  • Off the Grid
  • Quake Zone
  • Your House is now Haunted

Building Challenge Goals
  • Only Snowy Escape, Spa Day, Paranormal, and Base Game items are allowed
  1. Have a Home worth at least 300,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Own 20 Columns
  6. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation
  7. Only income from being a Yoga Instructor is allowed

Purple Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Master the Wellness Skill
  • Master the Medium Skill
  • Complete a Wellness Aspiration
  1. Bonus Points for completing multiple Wellness Aspirations
  • Quit the Social Media Career
  • Become a Yoga Instructor
  • Find the Purple Tail Heir and make them a Friend
  • Have the Purple Tail Join the Club after Completing a Wellness Aspiration

Challenge Color: Purple
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be Purple: Similar to the Not So Berry Challenge: Tail Color will remain White

White Tail Part 2

Required Packs:
Whatever you want

Required Lot Challenges
  • Volcanic Activity
  • Simple Living
  • Off the Grid
  • Quake Zone
  • Your House is now Haunted

Building Challenge Goals
  • Choose your own style
  1. Have a Home worth at least 350,000 Simoleons
  2. Have 5000 Simoleons worth of Landscaping
  3. Have 15 Pieces of Art
  4. Own 30 Windows
  5. Own 20 Columns
  6. Maintain each Mansion Baron Aspiration Goal for Every Rotation
  7. Make money however you want

White Tail: Challenge Goals
  • Complete the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration

Challenge Color: Whatever you want
  • Everything from Clothing to Interior Decorating will be your choice: Tail Color will remain White

My Merfolk Culture Outline

Merfolk Attire

1. Mermen don’t wear shirts because the extra drag from loose cloth would slow them down in the water. This could prove fatal if sharks were present in the water. For mermaids, it isn’t a very different situation.
2. All merfolk wear skirts because human pants wouldn't survive the shapeshifting transformation.
3. Even if younger merfolk don’t have their true form yet, it is important that they are comfortable in the new attire. Merlings tend to wear similar attire to older merfolk.
4. Few merfolk from Sulani disguise themselves. Any world with a strong connection to the Magic Realm simply don’t require hiding what they were.
5. The purpose of wearing human clothing would be to blend in with humans and hide the existence of merfolk from those who don’t already know they exist. In the World of Sulani, the merfolk attire is more than acceptable to blend in with humans.
6. Merfolk living in Sulani almost never conform to human clothing standards because they are too used to living close to the water and wearing outfits that are functional for an aquatic living.
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    The White Tail Arc

    Meet the Sims

    White Tail: Part 1 Rotation
    Kylen Kailani

    Dance Machine, Lazy, Family Oriented


    Aaron Kailani

    Loves Art, Dance Machine, Child of the Ocean


    Lir Kailani

    Creative, Child of the Ocean


    Zalrian Rotation
    Ember Zalrian

    Cheerful, Foodie


    Juniper Zalrian

    Loves the Outdoors, Self Assured


    Jade Zalrian

    Adventurous, Active


    Azure Rotation
    Calden Azure

    Dance Machine, Child of the Ocean


    Astara Legacy
    Teslen Astara

    Genius, Geek, Maker


    Morbius Rotation
    Damion Morbius

    Evil, Mean, Loner, Good Manners, Responsible, Controlled Emotions, Argumentative, Insensitive, and Dastardly


    Mua Pel'Am Pod
    Reef Kailani

    Child of the Ocean, Self Assured, Clumsy


    Sara Kailani

    Music Lover, Loves the Outdoors, Green Fiend


    Rylan Kailani

    Maker, Self Assured, Genius


    Lyric Kian

    Child of the Ocean, Music Lover


    Fin Kian

    Good, Child of the Ocean, Family Oriented


    Andria Kian

    Child of the Ocean, Family Oriented, Cheerful


    Maria Eldora

    Outgoing, Creative


    Caleb Vatore

    Materialist, Foodie, Ambitious


    Lilith Vatore

    Outgoing, Active, Creative

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Heir's Responsibilities

    Aaron: "There! You got it! Now, onto the next question."


    Lir: "Thanks Dad, but I already knew that. I've maintained a B average without any help."

    Kylen: "There's still room for improvement. We just want to see you succeed."


    Lir: "Father, I know! Watcher knows I'm doing my best!"

    Lir finished his homework and put it away. "I'm ready to adult now. I know that I'm ready to do things on my own."

    Kylen: "We'll see what we can do. For now, I think we need some coffee. We were up way too early!"

    Aaron: "Well, I have to go to work. Art doesn't paint itself. Can I trust my two men to stay out of trouble while I'm gone?"

    Lir: "Dad, Father, you both treat me like a child too much."

    Kylen: "I'm just worried sometimes. Making sure you're safe and ensuring you have a solid foundation for your future is my priority."

    Aaron: "Listen to your Father. Trust me when I say, he knows what he's talking about."

    Lir: "Dad, you're on his side now."

    Aaron looked at his son: "I'm always on his side, and I'm your side too."


    When Aaron left, Kylen had a brilliant idea. "Now that we're alone. Let's go to the Family Day festival. You always enjoyed making sand castles!"

    Lir: "I do, but..."

    Kylen: "It's decided. We'll make the most epic sand castle on the beach!"


    Lir: "I don't know how you always talk me into these things."

    Kylen: "Father always knows best. And I was right, you still enjoy making sand castles."

    Lir smiled in spite of himself. His father wasn't wrong. He loved creating art.


    Lir thought: "Still, this seems a little too... what's the word... juvenile. I wanted to make a sand sculpture, not a castle."


    Lir: "Do you think I can decide what we make in the sand next time."

    Kylen: "I don't see why not. You didn't want to make a castle?"

    Lir: "Well." He didn't want to upset his father so he didn't finish his sentence.

    Kylen: "Now, about your responsibilities..."

    Lir: "Father, I know. I'm doing well in school, and I'm working hard. Can't you see how responsible I've become?"


    Kylen: "I have, but I've noticed that you still have areas for improvement!"

    Lir's eyes opened wide. "Dad doesn't lecture me like this."

    Kylen: "He doesn't because he's busy working. We both are, but I still want to make the time. You have a lot to worry about in the future. You're the Heir after all."


    Lir: "I'm adopted. You and dad found me lost at sea. I'm grateful for everything you do for me, but I also like having more freedom to make my own choices. I kinda miss that. I don't remember much before you adopted me, but I remember that much."

    Lir breathed.

    Lir: "I had no idea I would inherit so many responsibilities when I started living with both of you. A noble among merfolk! It makes me nervous. What if I don't remember the stories the family keeps records of? What if I mess up telling a story? It's our people's history!"


    Lir: "You still haven't even told me all the stories. Maybe it just isn't in me. It isn't in my blood."

    Kylen: "You've got this! You need to have a little more faith in yourself."


    Later that afternoon, Aaron returned home and gave his husband a Mermaid's Kiss. Aaron and Kylen were enamored with each other.


    Aaron held Kylen's head in his hand and looked in his husband's eyes. His other hand supported Kylen's waist. Kylen had both hands around Aaron's waist.

    Kylen: "I still worry so much. My father and I, we had a vampire that nearly destroyed Sulani to deal with. I'm glad that's over with, but I still worry about Lir. His legacy has only started, and we never actually defeated the Vampire. If it wasn't for the Elementals setting things right..."

    Aaron: "It's okay. Nothing will happen to Lir. We both know that."


    When Aaron released Kylen, Lir swam over to his dads.

    Lir: "It's getting late. Can we go home? I've got school tomorrow! While you love fish lay about, I'll be working."

    Kylen chuckled. "Okay, we can go get some rest. I know a good spot for getting some sleep. Your dad and I are still working on building our new home on Alani Look."


    While Lir got some sleep, his dads stayed up through the night to keep watch. Kylen, especially, was feeling protective of his son.


    Eventually, Lir's dads fell asleep, and Lir woke up the next morning early. He snuck off while they slept.


    The first thing he did was build the sand sculpture he wanted to make. He made it in the surf so the sea could wash it away and hide the evidence. He didn't want his father to know he snuck off unsupervised.



    Knowing that his father was lazy and slept in, he swam into the lagoon and called his dolphin friend, Abalone.


    Lir: "Have you seen any interesting fish down there?"

    Abalone: "It's mostly the same fish, same coral."


    Lir: "Dad and Father would flip if they knew I snuck off. You have to have something more interesting to tell me before school."

    Abalone: "Everything is going swimmingly in the sea and the skies are clear. The elementals are happy and everything is peaceful. There isn't a lot to say."


    Lir: "You can't blame me for looking for a bit of adventure."

    Lir looked up to his friend: "Father can forgive sneaking off, but he would never forgive me if I skipped school. I'll see you later."

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: Those Who Seek Adventure

    Before Lir left for School, his dads already woke up and spent some time looking for him. Eventually, they confirmed that he went to school, but Kylen was worried about him sneaking off while they slept.


    Aaron: "I have a crazy idea. Why don't we go on a date."

    Kylen: "You must be joking. Our son snuck off and you want to go on a date."

    Aaron: "Sure, why not? Lir isn't the same merboy we found lost at sea. Besides, you look like you could use a distraction."

    Kylen: "I could use a break."

    Aaron: "Then let's go."


    At Wayfarer's Atoll, the two young mermen kissed before sitting to chat.


    Kylen grabbed Aaron's hand and looked into his eyes. "This is exactly what I needed."

    Aaron: "I know. We haven't spent much time alone together in a while."


    Aaron proceeded to mercilessly tickle Kylen: "And I know your weakness when you're upset."


    Kylen: "Okay, Okay. I give. I give."


    Kylen whispered in Aaron's ear: "I know a special waterfall waiting for us. Are you up for a little escapade."


    Both had the whim and took the plunge in the cascading water.


    Aaron was taken by surprise when Kylen took the lead.


    When their waterfall adventure ended, both of them felt refreshed.


    When Lir got home from Kanaloha High, it was a rare time when both his dads were at work, and he was free to do whatever he wanted to do. He invited his friend, Juniper, to Wayfarer's Atoll.

    Lir: "So Juniper, I heard about an awesome dive spot in the deep blue from the other merboys. Want to take a dive?"

    Juniper: "Doesn't that spot have sharks circling it."

    Lir: "Are you scared? I can always go on my own."

    Juniper: "No, Uh... well, Maybe... I'll go. You shouldn't be alone in open water."


    Juniper: "I'm having some doubts. The other merboys get in all kinds of trouble with their parents, and I prefer the safety of the shallows."

    Lir: "You can't be serious. I know you're an elemental. I can't believe a little deep water scares you so much."

    Juniper: "I'm an earth elemental that ate mermadic kelp!"

    Juniper muttered under his breath: "I really need to stop eating strange plants."

    Juniper: "Anyways, my older brothers like the ocean more than me! I'm fine looking after plants."

    Lir: "It looks like Father came home and saw that I wasn't there. You should probably get going."

    Juniper: "Right. This really wasn't the best idea."

    Juniper swam off, and Lir prepared for another lecture.


    Kylen: "How many times! How many tides and cycles! How many times have I told you not to go into the deep water!"

    Lir stared his father down: "I was just having a bit of fun."


    Kylen: "You know that Juniper is one of the Regent's Nephews. How could you put one of the Princes in danger in the name of fun?!"


    Lir: "I've heard the stories. He's not one of the Lost Princes of the Royal Council. There aren't any princes, or royals, left."

    Kylen: "And that makes it better?!"

    Kylen took a deep breath. "Young man, we are going home right now."


    Kylen personally escorted Lir home.


    When they got home, Aaron sat next to his son: "Might I offer a suggestion?"

    Lir: "Sure. I know you'll say it anyways."

    Aaron: "Before you get into trouble with your Father, finish your homework first."


    Lir: "Dad, I was honestly just trying to have a bit of fun. I can handle myself out there. I lived on my own for so long in the deep."

    Aaron: "Well, look at it this way, you aren't on your own anymore. You have friends and family that care about you. Can you imagine how we might feel if something happened to you?"

    Lir: "I guess, but I know how to avoid danger."

    Aaron: "I know, but it's smart to not put yourself in unnecessary danger."

    Lir started to speak, but Aaron stopped him. "You should think about apologizing to your father. You made him worried sick when he didn't find you at home. I've never seen him rush out to sea so quickly."

    Lir chuckled. "I see what you mean. He does move like a sea turtle."

    Aaron: "He's slower than a sea turtle, but you know what, he takes time to think before he swims."


    The next morning, Lir swam up to his father. "I'm sorry I worried you."

    Kylen smiled. "What's most important is that you're safe. I was worried sick."

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Elemental of Shadows

    Lir pulled himself onto the ledge of the pool, and his dads joined him.

    Kylen: "There's still a few stories I haven't shared with you."

    Aaron: "Can I tell this story?"

    Kylen looked at Aaron: "Why not?"

    Lir rolled his eyes. "Okay Dad, just tell me the story already."

    Aaron: "We've told you about the Elementals, Calum, the Regent's Brother, and the Regent himself."

    Lir: "Yeah, I know. They're a big deal in Sulani."

    Aaron: "Only the merfolk know what they are, and we, the Kailani's protect this knowledge. You should know that there is a sixth Elemental. He's someone your father and I had to deal with a long time ago."

    Kylen: "Damion Morbius. He's not someone you'd ever want to meet, and he's still out there. Although, he can't visit Sulani whenever he feels like it. He's the Elemental of Shadows, a Creature of Darkness..."

    Aaron: "Hey, you said I could tell the story!"

    Kylen: "Sorry. I'll let you tell the rest."

    Aaron continued. "Damion tried to control the souls of Dylan and Zephyr. With their souls under his control, he could wield power over the Seas and Sky. Fortunately, the Twins were freed from his influence when the Ancient Elementals intervened."

    Lir: "Okay, so there's an evil creature of darkness lurking in the shadows. Big deal? It sounds like he can't do any harm."

    Aaron: "Damion can still influence Sulani. If anyone slips far enough into the shadows, he can use their darkness to return. That's why it's important to follow your father's rules. We'd hate for you to meet him."

    Lir smiled. "Now your just messing with me."

    Aaron: "I am, but it's still true. Damion can sense the Darkness in people's hearts. It's important to remember that. However, as long as you stay true to yourself and help others, I don't think you'd have to worry about him."

    Kylen added. "Damion is the one being you should never make a contract with or underestimate. Watcher knows the games he'll play. A deal with him will never play out the way you'd want it to. Now, I think we all need some rest."

    Before Lir shapeshifted into human form, his father stopped him. "Lir, son, we aren't telling you this story to scare you. But, it's an important story."

    Lir: "Father, I know. I'll remember it."


    Lir tried to imagine someone that could give his dads a hard time. In Lir's new room, he played on his guitar. The music helped to distract him from the thoughts circling in his mind.


    Saturday morning, Lir sat by the waters edge and did some more homework. He still couldn't stop thinking about the Elemental of Shadows, Damion.


    Kylen: "It's nice to see you studying on your own for a change, but you seem distracted."


    Lir put the book to the side and slipped into the water. His father joined him.

    Lir: "It's just that story about Damion. Are you sure we don't have to worry about him?"

    Kylen: "I'm sure you won't have to worry about it. You see, Damion knows that he can't cause problems like he used to. As an Elemental himself, he knows that upsetting the balance wouldn't be in his favor. The wraith of the Ancient Elementals isn't worth it."


    Lir: "Has anyone incurred the Wraith of the Ancient Elementals?"

    Kylen: "That's a story for another time."


    Back in the Forgotten Hollow, a pale figure meditated in darkness. Shadows swirled around him, and in his mind's eye, he watched a young merboy with a white tail.

    Damion thought. "Daddy dearest isn't wrong. I wouldn't want to get on their bad side. Watcher knows I wouldn't. However, I've lost Vlad and Rangi's souls. I do want a few souls to replace what I lost."

    Damion breathed. "I can see all of you. The souls of eight princes would be a nice prize, but... they could be a better prize."


    Damion visited the World of Oasis Springs and appeared next to Sarah Darkfin.

    Sarah: "What do you want Elemental?"

    The young mermaid scowled.


    Damion: "I just thought you might be interested in a little proposal. I know how your family despises the Royals as much as the elementals. How about stealing a few souls for me. I know you're good at that."

    Sarah: "I'd rather see you in the dark netherworld then listen to you."


    Damion: "But, the Princes still live, and I know a couple twins that could be an easy mark if you know what I mean."


    Damion: "Of course, you can just wander around this watcher forsaken desert while they enjoy the sea and sunshine for all I care."

    Sarah: "I'm listening."


    Sarah sat next to Damion. "What do I have to do?"

    Damion: "It's very simple, but we have to make this official with a contract."

    Sarah: "Me and my siblings swore that the Royals and their legacies would end. I agree to your terms."


    Damion: "That's great to hear. Your first problem will be a little merman. You'll have to deal with him if you want to succeed. It's very important that you don't forget that. He's also a prince. Thought that would be nice to know."


    Damion: "After you take out the little merman, you'll have to steal two books for me. With them, you'll hold in your hands the souls of the two other princes. Those twins aren't easy to deal with, so I recommend getting them alone before you confront them. Actually, with your skill set, don't even confront them until you have the special books, the Wayfarer's Tide and the Wayfinder's Breeze. Give me the books, and I'll help with the rest."


    Damion: "For a Darkfin, it would be as easy as taking a pearl from an oyster."


    Sarah: "And what do you get out of this?"

    Damion: "I just want more souls for my collection. Any soul would do, but personally, I want someone special for my collection. Just think of the stories I could tell my house guests."

    Sarah: "For an Elemental, your a little strange."

    Damion: "I'm an eccentric collector of strange and wonderful things. You can't blame me for wanting something as precious as a soul."


    Sarah stood up in a daze. Damion stood in front of her and cast a spell on her. "The deal is simple. Give me three souls of the sea, or I take one from thee."


    Damion drank from Sarah's Life Spirit to seal the deal. One way or another, he'd have a new addition to his collection.

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Shadow of Thieves

    It was the start of a new week and another Family Day in Sulani. Lir practiced his storytelling with his Father and Grandfather during the festivities.

    Lir continued his story. "And that's when the pirates landed in Sulani, searching for the Hearts of Sulani."


    "Captain Samwell Handwich had fortunes find him like a Rising Star, and the Hearts of Sulani were treasures given to him by many. The first was from Jocasta, a little girl from the distant Barnacle Bay."


    "Captain Samwell put on performances to gain wealth beyond imagination, and a pirate's life wasn't his choice. He came to Sulani after his vanity steered him wrong and his ship wrecked against the shores."


    "The island and its inhabitants offered him a chance. A way to leave his pirate life. He had nothing to lose, not even his companion, Red Beak."


    "But, and this is where things get good. The Hearts of Sulani were Island Trinkets made to represent six hearts united by one. He wanted the one that would give him the wealth of six, and he hoped to find it among the islanders."


    "He was still a pirate until he had the wealth to leave. He just didn't know that the six hearts weren't objects, but the hearts of six merfolk. The seven hearts of the seven seas was what he wanted, a treasure beyond imagination. A treasure no one could obtain. The seventh heart united the other six."


    "Many sailed across the seven seas to seven worlds, and still, no one could find the hearts because no one knew what to look for."


    "Captain Samwell thought the Islanders knew, but only the merfolk knew what to look for. The islanders believed the seven hearts represented the colors of the seven seas, but the colors were actually seven different tail colors."


    "The captain placed his hopes into finding a myth. We know that the Seven Hearts are real because Kemps and Calum are the sons of the Blue Heart, the Sapphire Queen. But, they inherited their father's tail like all merfolk do."


    "So, hundreds of years later, the merfolk believe that the Blue Heart is truly lost. Each Heart is lost to time, lost to the Vengeance of the Darkfins."


    "So, how did I do? Did I tell the story right? Personally, I wish Red Beak had a bigger role in the story."

    "Not bad, but I think you still have a little room for improvement." Kylen said.

    "I think he did pretty good. You're too hard on the boy." Reef Said.


    Later the next day, Aaron, Kylen, and Lir gathered around the pool.

    "Guess what?" Kylen asked.

    "Am I getting a new instrument to play? I'd love to practice the Violin." Lir said.

    "No, we can't afford a new violin right now, but it's something even better than that." Aaron said.

    "We got the go ahead to visit the Human World of San Myshuno with your Grandparents and Uncle. We even have new outfits to blend in with the humans." Kylen said.

    "But, I like the way I look. Why do I have to dress like a human?" Lir protested.

    "You shouldn't ask questions you know the answer to." Kylen lectured.

    "We both know that it might be a little strange at first, but we have faith that you'll be able to handle yourself among humans." Aaron said.

    "Thank you. I can't wait to tell Abalone and the guys about San Myshuno."


    Tuesday, Geek Con was in town. Lir sang Karaoke for the first time and almost revealed what he was with his mermadic voice.


    After catching up with his Grandparents and Uncle, Lir and his Dads competed in the Gaming Contest. They lost, but the human game was fun none the less.


    After Geek Con ended, Reef, Sara, and Rylan went home. Lir watched his dads sing a duet. They had a little more restraint singing, but they still had perfect pitch.


    Wednesday came quickly, but the Kailani's had a visit from an unwelcomed guest while they were away. Lir's dads were at work while he was finishing up school. Sarah entered their home and snatched a red abalone sea shell. She couldn't help herself when it came to the thrill of a steal. She had plans for a bigger heist.


    When Lir returned home from school, he was home alone. He didn't think much of it and went for a swim. He was greeted by a mermaid he hadn't seen before.

    "So, the little merman decided to go for a swim. Are your dads around?" Sarah asked.

    "No, who are you?" Lir answered.

    "It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is that you do exactly what I say or you'll be an orphan again."

    Lir saw her smiling with shark teeth, and he sensed danger. However, the mermaid had him cornered in the lagoon.

    "I'll do whatever you ask. Just don't hurt my dads." Lir shivered in fear.


    "That's a good boy. Now, listen closely to my song." Sarah sang a Night's Requiem that put Lir under a spell of deep sorrow that also made him malleable to manipulate.

    "Now, you're coming with me. I have a special place where I'll keep you until I hand you over to an associate. He will be thrilled to meet you."


    Lir snapped out of a daze and found himself inside a small, dark room. Standing in front of him, he saw the mermaid in her human form.

    "You finally wake up, filthy bottom feeder."

    Lir pulled back. For some reason, he couldn't open the door behind him.


    Sarah lunged toward Lir. The feint sent shivers through her prisoner.

    "This isn't happening. Father, dad, where are you?" Lir huddled under the cover his arms.


    Lir held back his tears. "Why are you doing this? What have I done to you to deserve this?!"

    "It's not what you did. It's what your parents and their friends did, my prince."


    "Prince? I don't understand. I'm a noble, not a prince."

    "My sweet little merman. Your dads haven't been honest with you. This will make things a lot more fun."


    "Let me tell you what will happen. I brought you here because I made a deal with Damion. He told me how I could finish off the Zalrian Bloodline in exchange for three souls of the sea. Can you guess who I'm going to offer him? I'll save you some time. I'm going to give him your soul, and then I'm going to give him the Souls of the Regent's twin nephews. And with a simple heist, me and my siblings will finally have our revenge against the Sapphire Queen and the Abalone King."


    Kylen came home from work and searched the house, but he couldn't find Lir anywhere.


    "Aaron, did you find him in Ohan'Ali?!" Kylen turned to his husband.

    Aaraon embraced Kylen. "There's no sign of him. The locals didn't see anything either."

    "There's still one way to find out." Kylen said.


    Kylen was the heir of an Ancient Merfolk Bloodline, and he had the power to commune with Sulani's Spiritual Energy. He focused on his son, and reached out to the Ancient Elementals beyond the realm of the living. With their guidance, he was shown San Myshuno. A thunderstorm raged over the city, and he knew where his son was. When Kylen and Aaron arrived, humans were running for cover as lightning struck the city.


    Aaron encountered a young mermaid and recognized her immediately.

    "You have some nerve. Didn't you learn your lesson when the Royal Council banished you?"

    Sarah stared down Aaron. "What Royal Council? Last time I checked, there wasn't one."


    "And speaking of Royals, your little prince won't be around much longer."


    Aaron refused to believe her. Before the mermaid could get away, Aaron sang Aegean's Question. Sarah struggled to move. The song made her feel unfocused and rigid. Kylen slipped away in the direction the mermaid came from.


    Kylen snuck into an apartment and found his son sleeping in a dark room. He was under the influence of the mermaids magic, and he could sense a ward on the door. He was so close to his son, but he was just beyond his reach.


    Eventually, Aaron's spell wore off and Sarah raced back to the apartment, worried that her prize might be taken from her. Aaron caught up to her and began fighting the mermaid. The two merfolk had super human strength and were an even match. Still, Aaron got the upper hand.


    After winning the fight, the mermaid conceded defeat and gave the mermen access to the room their son was in.

    "Wake up lazy fish." Kylen said.

    Lir stirred and began to turn. "Father?"


    Lir jumped out of bed and hugged his father. "I almost gave up."

    "How did you end up here?" Kylen squeezed his son.

    "She threatened to go after you if I didn't do what she asked. She sang a Night's Requiem, and I didn't have a choice."


    Lir let go of his father and hugged his dad. Aaron made sure that Sarah was gone before entering the room.

    Aaron squeezed his son. "You should know better than that. We aren't that easy to take out."

    Kylen looked down and cliched his fists. "She should know better? The Darkfins were banished."


    Later that night, Lir sat with Kylen by the pool. Lir was a bit upset with his Father giving him a 7 pm curfew, but he didn't want to run into that mermaid again.

    "Father, am I a Prince?" Lir asked.

    "Did that Darkfin tell you that?"

    "She said that I was a prince, and she's after Dylan and Zephyr too. I don't know what she plans to do, but I have to know. Am I a prince?"

    Kylen sighed. "I was worried that you would figure it out from the stories we told you. I never expected a Darkfin to tell you. Yes, Lir, you are one of the lost princes. We knew it when we found you. Your the Abalone King's son, the White Heart of Sulani."


    Back in San Myshuno, Damion let himself into Sarah's apartment.


    "I was promised a Heart of Sulani, and here you are watching sports TV. How could you lose him just before I could collect?"

    "It was his dads. I don't know how, but they found him and took him back. I can still get you his soul."


    "Remember, we have a contract. You owe me three Souls of the Sea."

    "You'll have the White and Blue Hearts of Sulani for your collection. I'll get you their souls. I just need more time."

    Damion sighed. "Spare me the theatrics, I'll give you more time."

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Seaweed is Always Greener

    Lir came home from school on the edge of a break out. A week of having to be home by 7 pm started to get to him. Sure, he almost lost his soul to the Darkfin's Mysterious Associate, but he didn't want to be a prisoner in his own home either.


    So, before curfew, he went for a jog to clear his mind.


    As he ran past the Temple to the Ancient Elementals in Ohan'Ali, he noticed that the islanders were having a festival. When he arrived, a girl caught his attention. She was another stranger like the Darkfin, but unlike the Darkfin, there was kindness in her eyes... a sea green shared by all natural born merfolk.

    Lir flirted, and she fell for it. The gesture wasn't as suave as his dads' romance.

    Lir: "Hi there moon fish."

    Krista: "My name is Krista, not moon fish."


    While the festivities carried on, Lir, and Krista huddled close by the fire. To Lir's dismay, his father sent him a text warning him about curfew, so he reluctantly left his princess to return home.


    Despite his best efforts, he still got home after curfew. Fortunately, his dad was at home, not his father.

    Aaron: "Young man, I'm very disappointed in you."


    Lir: "But dad, I'm just a little late getting home."

    Aaron: "You know that's not the point. What if something happened? You're the Abalone Prince, the White Heart of Sulani."

    Lir mumbled. "Most people don't know that."

    Aaron: "Enough of the wrong people do."


    Aaron: "Anyways, I got a call from your uncle that you were seeing someone. Who's the lucky mermaid?"


    Lir smiled. "Her name's Krista, and I'm SO in love with her!"


    The next day, Kylen heard about Lir braking the curfew from his husband.

    Kylen lectured. "I heard you broke curfew, and I just wanted to remind you of your respons..."


    Lir stepped back and interrupted his father. "Enough with this curfew. I feel like I'm living in a prison!"


    Kylen raised his voice. "This home is not a prison. It's the furthest thing from it."


    Kylen continued to lecture. "You have everything a merboy could want and more here! You get plenty of time in the sea, and we let you see your friends. It's not much to ask you to be home by 7."


    Lir retorted. "You used that word again!"

    Kylen: "What word?"

    Lir: "Merboy. I'm not a child anymore. Father, can't you see how much I've grown! Why can't I have more freedom!"


    Kylen: "You'll be a merboy as long as I say you are one. You'll be home by 7, period!"


    Lir: "Barnacles! Barnacles! BARNACLES! I'm a merman! I'm old enough to make my own choices and have more freedom!"


    Lir: "I hate you. I hate you so much! I would have been better off losing my soul instead of living in this prison!"


    Thinking that his dad would be more understanding, Lir went to him, but Aaron didn't want to hear it.

    Lir: "Dad, this curfew is ridiculous. It's been an entire week and there hasn't been any sign of a Darkfin!"

    Aaron thought. "Watcher, help me with this one."


    Aaron: "Just stop right there. Do you remember what happened? Can't you see that we are trying to keep you safe?"


    Lir muttered to himself. "Why doesn't anyone understand?"


    Lir yelled at his dad. "I'm done with this curfew. It would have been better if you never saved me from the Darkfin!"


    Aaron: "What would you even do if there wasn't a curfew?! Stay up all night on a school night! Swim in the sea until Dawn! You have so much you can do at home, so much you still need to do!"


    Lir: "At least this place wouldn't feel like a prison!"


    As night set in and his dads went to sleep, Lir snuck off and swam to Mua Pel'Am. He slept in the reefs near Wayfarer's Atoll. He was determined to never go back home. While he slept, merfolk from the Mua Pel'Am Pod kept watch from a distance, protecting him from harm.


    When Lir woke up the next morning, he felt free at last. He also got slimed by the polluted water.


    That didn't stop him from swimming around the island. He stayed close to the shore. He didn't need his dads to warn him about sharks and the dangers of open water.


    When he returned to the atoll, he swam into Krista and playfully splashed her.


    She splashed back, and the two merfolk laughed.

    Krista: "That's what you get for splashing me!"

    Lir: "I give. I give."


    Whether it was just teenage rebellion or something more, Lir started to feel close enough to Krista to sing her his Charmer's Lullaby. He poored all his heart into his song.


    And before Krista could react, he gave her his Mermaid's Kiss.


    With their hands holding the other close at the waist, they kissed.


    As night set in, Lir met with Abalone.

    Lir: "Life in the sea is so much better than life on land. Maybe I could swim with your pod?"

    Abalone: "But don't you have your father and dad on land?"

    Lir: "I swam away from home, and I don't plan on going back. Life is so much better swimming free in the sea!"


    Before Lir could continue, Abalone squirted the young merman.

    Lir: "What was that for?"

    Abalone: "You're such a barnacle brain. Your dads are probably worried sick."

    Lir: "But..."

    Abalone: "I'm telling this to you as a friend, go home. Or, I'll squirt you again."

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    Got this booked marked and shared with others, sounds interesing!
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    BreeMiles wrote: »
    Got this booked marked and shared with others, sounds interesing!

    Thank you! I played through every stage except the last one for each recruited heir, so I feel pretty confident about the difficulty for each arc.

    I'll be sure to share screenshots of each completed challenge soon!

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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Legacy of the Sea and Sky

    When Lir returned home, he found his father playing chess. He had no idea that the pod watched over him when he swam away from home.

    Lir: "Father, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have swam away from home. Can you forgive me?"

    Kylen: "I can forgive you. I think I might've been a little too hard on you. I guess I can't treat you like a merboy forever."

    Lir: "Please don't..."

    Kylen smiled. "You should apologize to your dad. He was hurt by what you said."

    Lir: "I'll try."


    Lir found his dad lounging by the pool and sat on the pool ledge. His form shifted back to its natural state, and his dad sat on the ledge next to him.

    Aaron: "Look who came swimming back."

    Lir: "Dad, I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said."


    Aaron: "You really worried me and Kylen. We'll have to ground you for this. You know that, right?"

    Lir: "Being stuck at home with my favorite dads is better than losing my soul to a Darkfin any day."

    Aaron: "I guess I can accept your apology then."


    After a day of being grounded at home and doing some beach clean up, Lir was finally free to leave the house. The first person he visited was his girlfriend Krista.

    Lir: "Looking fintastic as always, care to go for a swim with me."

    Krista thought: 'Such a charmer.'

    Krista: "Sure, if you can keep up with me!"


    On the shores of an Island, Lir stood in the surf with Krista.

    Lir thought: 'I like her and she likes me. There isn't a better moment.'


    Under the moonlight, Lir kissed her.


    Krista: "What was that for?"

    Lir: "I love you, and I'm happy you're in my life. You're as beautiful as the moon."

    Krista: "There must be more."

    Lir: "There is. I'd like to invite you to my birthday party at then end of the week."

    Krista: "I'll be there."


    The week flew by, and Friday night, Lir's dads celebrated his birthday. It just so happened that Krista also aged up at the same time.

    The Kailani's along with some of the Mua Pel'Am Pod danced to Island Music until the party ended.


    For the Night Out in the Town, the Kailani's went to the Ohan'Ali Nightclub.


    Shortly after, Kylen and Aaron dropped huge news on Lir. They were moving to San Myshuno, and the Alani Look estate would be left to Lir. Lir wanted freedom from his father's strict rules and the independence of adulthood. Now, he finally had it, but he started to wonder if he was ready for it. Thankfully, with the help of his family's connections, he started work as a conservationist. The job would help pay the bills.

    The next day, Lir started work immediately. The renovations to Alani Look left him with very little to support himself, but he had some of his dad's artistic talent and a job to help complete the renovations.

    At the Caldera Eco Center, he began working immediately. His first task was to catch up on all the conservation efforts around Mua Pel'Am.


    After a long day of work, he met Krista on the beach and gave her a bright yellow flower.

    Lir: "To me, you are as bright as the moon and as warm as the sun! I want you to have this for Gnome Day."

    Krista gave Lir a rose, with a message, in return.

    Krista's Note: "I love you more and more with every passing tide. You are the moon that brightens my night."


    After Krista said goodbye, Lir returned home with a smile. His fears and concerns for the future washed away with the tides. For now, everything felt right.

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    Sorry - I got my posts mixed up and originally posted the wrong thing here.

    Anyway, I really like how your challenges are always hard and actual challenges. I have faith in Lir for the next rotation, but think it will be difficult for him to get everything accomplished. I'm curious to see if the Blue Tails can build a mansion in time.
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    haneul wrote: »
    Sorry - I got my posts mixed up and originally posted the wrong thing here.

    Anyway, I really like how your challenges are always hard and actual challenges. I have faith in Lir for the next rotation, but think it will be difficult for him to get everything accomplished. I'm curious to see if the Blue Tails can build a mansion in time.

    Thank you, I tested the gameplay of multiple packs to see what can and can't be done. I believe that the challenge is doable, but it won't be as easy as it looks. My mermen that I used to test the packs didn't complete all the goals I gave them in 28 sim days.

    I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll share it here too for clarity. Lir will be around for the entire legacy. While it would be possible to play this like a normal legacy, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of Lir producing a Heir, he'll be recruiting other sims to a club. Each rotation of this particular legacy will feature Lir. He is immortal after all. ;)

    I play rotational, and there are only so many sims I can have in one save. I plan on having four different legacies in one save. :D It'll be a little crazy.

    For this thread, I'm going to organize my rotations around Lir's rotation. For right now, I have a lot of teens to age up, so all future rotations will end with Birthdays! I have Ember, Jade, Juniper, Calden, and Lyric to age up. I'll be adding one more legacy to the list. It'll be a twin Legacy! Lol, just to add one more bit of craziness to the rotations, I'll be doing a legacy that will be designed around Twins being the heirs. I'm curious about twins being potentially genetic... Or, Calum and Arihi are just really lucky to have Twins every other time they try for baby.

    The thing I'm struggling with right now is figuring out how I'm going to start tying Ember's story into things. I've been playing the Zalrian household, and it's been hard to figure out her story. I've done a lot of household maintenance and grinding. So, her story posts might be a little shorter.
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    The White Tail Arc Part 1: The Zalrian Rotation: The Fire Elemental: Ember Zalrian

    While Lir settled into his new role as the Head of Alani Look's Estate, Dylan and Zephyr, the Sapphire Princes, spent the afternoon helping their sister with her school project. While Dylan and Zeph attended Kanaloha High, the underwater school for merfolk, their sister attended the human Buckingham High because she didn't inherit their parents mermadic traits. Instead, Ember inherited the Fire Elemental attribute from her mother and possesses spellcaster talents.

    Ember thought to herself: "Now who's who again. Who would have thought that living with two sets of twins could get so confusing."

    Zephyr noticed Ember's confusion. "Don't tell me you forgot how to tell us apart again?"

    Dylan: "It's not her fault. If we didn't wear different colored bracelets, no one would be able to tell us apart."

    Ember glanced at the twins' bracelets, and she figured out who was who. "Zephyr, you two are a handful, but I didn't forget!"


    The twins chuckled and resumed helping Ember with her school project. With the help of her older brothers, Ember finished her project quickly. Her brothers, however, decided to take over her study. Dylan danced to the Island Music and Zeph started playing on Ember's Guitar. So, she went upstairs to her personal study for practicing the Art of Spellcasting.


    One of Ember's favorite hobbies was cooking, so she naturally took to experimenting with Potion Crafting. Ember already knew a few spells. Her first spell was Inferniate, and her second spell was Zip Zap. She learned Chilio, but she had a natural talent for starting fires instead of putting them out.


    Ember: "Maybe this brew could use a little more Wolf's Bane?"


    Ember saw the crystal fire begin to lose its heat, changing from white to blue, so she poked the crystal embers to encourage the flames to glow brighter.


    After experimenting for a while, she decided to invite Alexander Goth to the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar to hangout. Alexander started to get tense when the DJ started playing a horrible tune. Fortunately, Dylan helped to solve that problem, while also showing off a bit. As the Water Elemental and Spirit of the Sea, he had long since mastered his Spiritual Powers.


    Once Dylan took over, Alexander's mood also improved. Dylan was a master of controlling the ebb and flow of emotions, and as a DJ, he could set the mood however he wanted. Naturally, he helped his sister out.


    After returning home, Ember played with her emotions. She, Alexander, and Lucas were childhood friends, but after seeing Alexander again after a long time, she started to have feelings for him.


    While she played, it attracted the attention of her Familiar, Rocky.


    Rocky's thoughts: "She's learning the Guitar as quickly as she learns new spells. I'm such an awesome teacher!"


    Ember noticed Rocky and cast a spell that gave her familiar the power to talk while acting as her familiar.

    Ember: "Familiarus!"


    Ember: "How was your day?"

    Rocky: "It was fine, maybe a little boring."


    Ember: "Do you think I have a chance with Alexander? You remember him from our chyildhood."

    Rocky: "I remember when you gained your spellcaster magic and made this house haunted."

    Ember: "I didn't mean too, but you're dodging my question."

    Rocky: "I think you have a chance. Want to try making a love potion? Under my masterful guidance, you won't fail."

    Ember: "I think I'll pass on the love potion."

    Rocky: "You're no fun."


    Ember: "We'll work on something that might be a little more fun together. I'm in the mood to cook!"

    Rocky: "Well don't forget to make me something to eat."

    Ember: "Let me perfect a recipe that I think you'll love first."


    After Ember completed a Watermelon Salad, her older brother, Dylan, walked through the kitchen after a swim. He decided to help out, but Ember found his advice a little more intrusive while she was in the zone.

    Dylan: "Please tell me you didn't put any salt in that dish. Salt isn't the right seasoning for a Fruit Salad. Try a little sugar."

    Ember: "That's an amateur mistake. I know better than to do that. I put just the right amount of sugar too."


    Dylan: "Now you're just showing off."

    Ember: "Do you think you can do better?"


    Dylan: "Possibly? Does a crab have pinchers?"

    Ember thought: "I'm not looking forward to cleaning up after cooking."


    Ember continued to ignore Dylan and took an obligatory selfie with the food she was preparing.


    Dylan: "The recipe doesn't say anything about selfies. Are you paying attention to the instructions?"


    Dylan: "Again, those are some sweet moves, but I'm starting to get the feeling that you are ignoring me."


    So, Dylan gave up trying to give his sister advice and began cooking too. He spun some hammers around and began drumming the tofu.


    He had a little too much fun with that...


    And, he showed off his knife spinning skills....


    And his knife throwing skills...


    The week carried on without much happening. By the end of the week, Ember had a birthday at the Rhapsody Glade.


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    So, this was a little unplanned, but circumstances in my game gave me an idea that would lead into part 1 of the Blue Tail Arc. So, I'm skipping over my planned rotations to jump into the Blue Tail Arc Part 1.

    The Blue Tail Arc Part 1: The Zalrian Rotation: A Gift from a Fan

    Sara was brooding over her failure to capture the soul of the Abalone Prince when she saw an Elemental swimming in the sea. This Elemental was only a half-merman, but she knew who he was.

    Sara thought: "This'll be easy."


    Sara approached the merboy before he joined the crowd on the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar Dance Floor. "So, how long have you been a merman?"

    Juniper looked at her suspiciously: "That's a strange thing to ask?"

    Sara: "Don't worry. I'm a mermaid, so you don't have to worry about keeping any secrets."

    Juniper hesitated and then answered her question: "I wasn't always a merman. I ate mermadic kelp after my plant-like form faded. I'm an Earth Elemental, so the sea isn't really my element."


    Sara thought: "This couldn't be easier."

    Sara: "Well, I'm a big fan of your brother, Dylan, and I was wondering if you could give him a gift for me. I'm a nobody, and he's a rising star."

    Juniper: "I'd be happy to pass on a gift to him."

    Sara: "Now, it isn't much, but I know how merfolk form a stronger connection with the sea when they eat mermadic kelp. So, I found some that I wanted to give him. Trust me, he'll love the gift."

    Juniper: "He'll be meeting me here. I'll be sure to give it to him."


    When Dylan arrived, Juniper approached his older brother and gave him the gift.

    Juniper: "A big fan of your music approached me and gave me this to give you. It's mermadic kelp, and she said that, if you ate it, the kelp would strengthen your connection to the sea."

    Dylan: "That's very nice of her, but I'm the Elemental of the Sea. How much stronger could my connection to the sea get?"


    When Juniper left, Dylan thought about whether or not he should eat the mermadic kelp. He knew that two mermadic kelps would sever his connection to the sea and render him mortal, but he also knew that one kelp would heighten his senses. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him.

    Dylan thought: "Could I have a stronger connection to the sea if I eat this?"


    As the sun set, Dylan went to back float in the sea. He could feel something change, and the change was still washing over him. When he entered the sea, he was shocked by the change to his appearance. It was like a sickly oil spill stained his skin, hair, and tail.


    Dylan rushed out of the water and went to the one person he trusted the most, his twin brother. The two were inseparable, and if anyone knew what was happening, it would be his genius twin brother.

    Dylan: "I'm so glad you are here."

    Zeph: "Right back at you."


    Dylan: "Zeph, I need to show you something."

    Zeph: "Sure."

    Dylan: "We'll have to go into the water. Follow me."


    Zeph: "I'm going to be honest. I've read a lot of books and studied a lot of stories. However, I've never seen something like this. And you said this happened after eating mermadic kelp? Mermadic kelp doesn't normally change our appearance."

    Dylan: "Juniper told me that a Fan gave it to him. She said it would strengthen my connection to the sea."

    Zeph: "Maybe it did."

    Dylan: "What do you mean?"

    Zeph: "Well, the ocean around Mua Pel'Am is polluted and sick. Maybe it changed your appearance because you are the Elemental of the Sea."


    The next day, the changes happening to Dylan came to an end. He started to crave plasma like a vampire, and the sun burned his skin. He started to understand what his younger sister had to endure. The twins sat at the pool and confronted their younger brother.

    Dylan: "So, who exactly gave you that mermadic kelp?"

    Juniper: "I'm not exactly sure what her name was, but she was a mermaid. I thought I could trust her. What happened to you?


    Dylan: "The kelp worked, but it had some side effects. Now, I crave plasma like a vampire, and the sun burns my skin. It's like I'm cursed or something."

    Zeph: "To be fair, I think you are cursed. I just don't know who would do that."

    Juniper: "I'm really sorry. Maybe that fan didn't have your best interests at heart. I'm really sorry."

    Dylan: "Let's just get out of here before dad sees. We can talk where this whole mess started."


    The sun set the next day, and the twins sat down to talk to their brother.

    Juniper: "Are you sure we shouldn't get dad involved. He might know what's happening."

    Dylan: "I really wouldn't want him to know yet. He'd flip out if he knew."

    Zeph: "Right, he'd be like, I thought I taught you to be more responsible, or something along those lines. Juniper, you do not want to be lectured by him, trust us."

    Juniper: "What will we do then?"

    Dylan: "I'll stay indoors and out of sight for now. Honestly, I can't even enjoy the sun without getting burned to death. I know we'll figure this out."

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    The Blue Tail Arc Part 1: Restoring the Spirit of the Sea

    For his conservation work, Lir spent some time around Mua Pel'Am exploring the sea cave and surveying the island. He excelled at being a conservationist.


    For Lir, cleaning up the beach was important, but the way humans polluted the seas and the shores frustrated him.


    One of his focuses for a study was the plants that grew around the Caldera Eco Center, they seemed to be able to thrive in spite of their close proximity to the most active part of the volcano. Lir suspected that the soil must be exceptionally fertile closer to peak of the Mount Mua Pel'Am.


    When Lir got home one evening, he received a phone call from his father.

    Kylen: "I just wanted to check in on you. One of the Sapphire Princes were cursed."

    Lir: "I'm fine father. But, how did you find out about this? I haven't noticed anything strange."

    Kylen: "Their father noticed, and he came to me for advice. I couldn't really help him, and he decided to let his sons figure things out on their own since they are mermen. I wanted to let you know that I think the curse has something to do with Vampires. If you can figure out more, that would be a huge help. I'm at my wits end."

    Lir: "I'll see what I can find out."


    After the phone call, Lir did some digging into Vampires. Aside from the typical vampires, there were a few instances of Island Elementals being Vampires, in particular the Dark Earth Elementals. The Dark Earth Elementals weren't evil, but their Elemental Nature would not mix with a Water or Air Elemental's nature. After further digging, he discovered that a Dark Earth Elementals Nature could corrupt a water or air elemental if the Island of Mua Pel'Am was polluted. The natures of the elementals were intricately tied together in a delicate balance. Lir knew that Island Humans believed Mua Pel'Am was the center of power for all Elementals. He also knew that the Shrine that kept the Elements in Balance was cared for by the Zalrian Royal Family. Beyond that, he couldn't figure out much more from the online rumors, lore, and island culture sites.


    To clear his mind, Lir did more painting. He took to painting like his dad. He didn't inherit his father's musical talents, but he was talented with a paint brush.


    When Lir returned to Mua Pel'Am, he continued his survey of the Island Plants. His research yielded fascinating results. The Fires of the Volcano yielded some of the most fertile soils and the land was starting to thrive. It was clear that the Island was recovering with the new plant life and flowers blooming. He did have some concerns about the island closest to the sea. It was suffering, and the island shores and sea couldn't be more trash free. If the Spirit of the Sea was somehow corrupted, it would explain the suffering sea. The scientific community would never accept that answer though.


    After work, Lir spotted Krista. The Fey World of Newcrest had a new museum open up, and Lir thought it would be a great place for a date.

    Lir: "How about we go on a date at the Elderwood Museum. They just opened, and I heard that they have some amazing art on display."

    Krista: "Sounds like a date. Sure, I'll go."


    Lir: "See what I mean, there's artwork for everyone, and the place is perfect for enjoying some time together."

    Krista: "The artwork is beautiful."


    The couple left the exhibit and went to the Sculpture Garden.

    Lir bowed and gave Krista a suave kiss. "None of the Art is as beautiful as you."


    After the date, the couple said their farewells and parted ways. Lir went home and decided to look for more lore involving Vampires and the Elementals. The book yielded some helpful answers. Apparently, there was a cure for Vampirism, and the Cure could restore a corrupted Elemental.


    The possibility of restoring the cursed prince pushed him to dig deeper. Lost in the pages of lore, day turned to night. Lir learned that not all Earth Elementals had dark attributes and were vampires. Other Earth Elementals had light attributes. The nature of the Earth Elementals involved a balance between the Sun and Moon, and it was from those celestial elements that a cure could set things right. As of yet, none of the books he read told him what the cure was.


    The next day, Lir spent some time working on a conservation article. He described the importance of maintaining the delicate balance in nature. He didn't include anything about the Elementals and Merfolk in his article. Humans wouldn't believe that fey actively played a role in maintaining the beauty and serenity of Sulani.


    Lir's Article was a huge success and he ended up getting promoted to being a Marine Biologist. He was excited to survey marine life, and he worked late into the night after his promotion.



    Back in San Myshuno, Damion decided to check on Sarah's progress. He didn't care if he had the Souls of three Princes or the Soul of a Darkfin. He just wanted a new addition to his collection.


    Damion approached Sarah. Sarah scowled at the sight of the Elemental.

    Damion: "So, I gave you the info on the Princes, and I just found out that our little merman celebrated a Birthday. I thought you would have their souls by now."


    Sarah: "I almost had the little merman, but his dads got in the way. You already know that though. I'm working on a new plan."


    Damion: "Ah, I could sense the disruption to the balance when you corrupted one of the Sapphire Princes. I thought I told you to leave them to me. You just have to swipe the tomes their spirits are bound too. I can handle the rest."

    Sarah: "I'm looking for a cure to con him into giving up the tome in exchange for freedom from his curse."


    Damion: "That would be a genius plan... if you already had the cure. Let's just hope no one beats you to it."

    Sarah: "I have all the time in the world. No one will piece together the magic that I used to Poison the Sapphire Prince. If he doesn't burn to death first, I'll have his tome."


    Damion: "You merfolk are so interesting. I mean it. I truly can't wait to have one of your souls in my collection. I look forward to seeing how you fail miserably. Don't worry, I'm asking for three souls from you, so I'll give you time."


    Damion: "But, if you think you can't fulfill your end of the bargain, I can take your soul now. Just kidding, I'll continue to give you any new information I learn about the Princes. Best of Luck!"


    It was the start of the a long awaited week of Island Festivals. Lir learned the cure for the Curse that corrupted the Spirit of the Sea. He also managed to convince Juniper to convince his brother to meet him at Wayfarer's Atoll on Mua Pel'Am. The requirements for the cure were very specific. Dylan needed to be in the Daylight and where the Elemental Energies Converged, but close to the sea. The cure was a vile concoction that he couldn't imagine drinking.


    When Lir met with Dylan, he saw the blue mark on his arm, the Mark of the Curse. He didn't need to see the mark to also see how much the curse had twisted Dylan's appearance.

    Lir: "So, this will help you out. I think it would help the island recover if you were feeling a little better."


    Dylan looked inside the gift. "If this is what I think it is, I couldn't ask for a better gift. Thank you."


    When Dylan drank the potion, he felt his heart burn and dark energies began to swirl around him. At first, he felt searing pain in his veins, and then, he lost control of his form, reverting to his natural merman form.


    Before long, but not fast enough, the darkness gave way to light, and Dylan floated in the air. He channeled his energies and regained his ability to shapeshift into his human disguise.


    The light began to shine brighter, and finally, Dylan was cured.


    After he regained his composure, Lir started a club with Dylan. Both princes were now victims of a Darkfins hostile actions. Why they were getting targeted was beyond them, but they decided to stick together. Lir told Dylan about getting abducted and his spirit put under the influence of a Siren's Lullaby. Dylan explained that he received the cursed Mermadic Kelp from a mysterious fan that approached his younger brother. They concluded that it was probably the same mermaid.

    As the night set in, the two princes left for the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar for some fun. Lir sang with his mermadic vocals during the gathering after leaving the dance floor.


    The next morning, the two princes parted ways and Lir greeted Krista with a kiss. The Darkfin was causing problems, but she was also uniting her victims against her. Lir was happy that Krista hadn't encountered her.


    At the Flower and Music Festival, Lir gave Krista a rose with a note.

    "You're my angel fish, my most treasured pearl in the seven seas."


    The mood was just right, so the abalone prince kneeled and proposed to Krista.


    Krista said yes and they kissed. Lir grasped his chest, his heart fluttered as light and swift as a flying fish.


    The next day, the couple had a traditional merfolk wedding and kissed on the beach before returning home. While they were in the mood, they tried for a baby.
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    I'm looking forward to making my next update. The past few days have been difficult, so my update for this week will be shorter when I'm able to write it.

    Anyways, I'll start by introducing some of my thoughts moving forward and a bit of exposition.

    First off, a few unexpected things have happened.

    After Lir married Krista, I found out that she adopted Calden Azure's Girlfriend, Maria Eldora. This must have happened shortly after Krista aged up. So, naturally, on top of the nooboo on the way, Lir and Krista have their adopted teenage daughter.

    For those who don't know, Calden was created as my rags to riches teen sim who also happens to be Sulani's resident fire dancer. It'll be interesting making an update with him in Lir's story. That was not expected!

    Kylen and Aaron will be producing a new founder for the Kailani Legacy. Lir was their adopted son, so the legacy laws require Kylen to carry the new founder.

    It looks like Lir will be the branch of the Kailani Family that adopts children.

    As for the current Immortal Merfolk Legacy rules are concerned, I would've had to redecorate Alani Look, Lir's home, but I had a crazy idea while dealing with life. Lir will be going on vacation in the worlds the other 5 Princes live in. After the Blue Tail Arc 2 ends, Lir and his family will take a month long vacation in Henford-on-Bagley where the Pink Tail Prince lives.

    I'll probably be moving the family into a house in each world instead of remodeling their primary home in Sulani.
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    The Blue Tail Arc Part 1: A Growing Family

    Since this is the end of the Blue Tail Arc Part 1, I'm going to share the song that I feel resonates with Dylan the most first.

    After their wedding, the Island Festival of Flowers and Music arrived.

    Lir: "Are you ready for a day of Art and Music?!"

    Krista: "Are you kidding? This is one of the biggest Island Festivals!"


    Krista: "This Festival is a lot like the one you proposed to me at."

    Lir: "It feels like yesterday."


    Krista: "Actually, it was a couple days ago because this is a Legacy challenge."

    Lir kissed Krista's cheek. "Does it matter?"


    Lir: "With everything that has happened lately, I hope everything continues to go swimmingly."

    Krista: "Me too..."


    Krista grabbed her stomach. "I don't feel so good."


    Lir gave Krista a loving hug: "You don't think it's morning sickness? Maybe we should go home. We can always attend the festival again."

    Krista: "I think that might be best."


    While Lir worked on a Figure Drawing, his mind swirled with thoughts about the Darkfin that had been targeting the merfolk princes. First, she abducted him with the intent to give his soul to an unknown associate. Next, she cursed Dylan, the Sapphire Prince. It stood to reason that she wasn't done. Both of her attempts to take the souls of two lost princes failed. He was a little worried about having a Nooboo.


    Krista took a pregnancy test and tested positive. It wouldn't be long before there would be a new addition to the family. She gave Lir the big news. Lir had a mix of joy and fear. Then and there, he decided that something must be done to stop the Darkfin.


    Along with the big news, Krista also adopted Maria before she married Lir. Lir and Krista prepared a nursery for their nooboo and a bedroom for Maria. Once they had everything set up, Maria moved in with them. For the time being, she was staying with Cecelia and Sefina, two of Krista's closest friends.

    Krista: "I know you like staying with Cecelia and Sefina, but me and Lir prepared a room for you. We want you to live with us."

    Maria: "Sweet. I'd love to live with you guys. But, if it isn't too much trouble, do you think Calden can live with us too? He's my boyfriend, and he's lived on his own for a long time."

    Lir: "I don't see why not. I know all too well what that's like."


    Lir and Krista had touching sentiments.


    Lir: "While Calden is welcome to live with us, there will need to be some ground rules. I don't want to get in the way of your relationship, but he'll have a separate room until you guys get a little older."

    Maria: "I can live with that."


    The family went to the Caldera Eco Center to hang out for the day. Whenever Lir went to work, he worked from the Eco Center. The Eco Center doubled as a hangout for Islanders. The head of the Eco Center decided to combine art and science to draw people to the beautiful Mua Pel'Am Island and teach them about the importance of Conservation while also giving them plenty of fun activities to do. Since today was his day off, Lir played some guitar while Maria and Krista invited Calden into their home.



    Maria: "So, I don't know how to say it, so I'm just going to say it. I convinced Krista and Lir to let you live with us. You'll have your own room and it'll be better than your little shack on St. Taz."


    Calden: "Thank you. How could I refuse the offer?"


    Calden: "This will be awesome!"


    The next day, Lir returned to work. He took photos of the island and cleaned up the trash. He used his task to interact with dolphins as an excuse to catch up with Abalone.



    Lir: "Abalone, where are you?"


    Lir: "You wouldn't believe how much I have to share, but my biggest concern lately has been a squid-fin named Sarah."

    Abalone thought: "Sounds like sushi to me."


    Abalone splashed lir: "You're becoming as uptight as your father and dad, relax."

    Lir pushed back in the water: "I'm not uptight!"


    Lir lowered his voice: "You really think I'm getting uptight like Father."

    Abalone tilted her head: "Does a fish swim in the sea?"


    Lir: "Stop splashing me."

    Abalone: "Not until you relax."


    Lir: "You know, I'm a father now, and my family just keeps getting bigger. I have a daughter, and I also have a nooboo on the way. I'm worried about what the Darkfin might do to my family if she can't get to me."

    Abalone looked at the sky. The clouds floated across the bright blue.

    Abalone: "Have you talked to the Spirit of the Sky about your problem. Like his twin brother, the Spirit of the Sea, he's kind and helpful. He might know a way to help you."

    Lir: "You know, I think the Darkfin might target him next. I'll take your advice."


    When Abalone least expected it, Lir jumped out of the water and splashed his Dolphriend with his tail.


    After Abalone left, Lir surveyed the sea before heading to Wayfarer's Atoll to start a gathering.


    That night, a thunderstorm hit. Sarah mistook it as a sign that things were going her way. She was finally prepared to con the first Sapphire Prince into giving her his soul. What she found was her two former victims laughing in the sea. The mermaid boiled with fury.

    Sarah: "How could this happen? How did he break free from my curse!"

    The princes were preparing to head home because of the weather, so she decided to leave before they saw her. She would make the sapphire merman pay. If she couldn't have his soul, then he would live to see someone he cared about die.


    Sarah didn't rely on the Shadows Elemental for everything. She did a little digging into her targets' relationships. She knew that Dylan was deeply in love with a mermaid.


    Cecelia had no idea that her boyfriend was subject to a curse. Because Dylan couldn't leave his own home without burning alive in the sun and she was asleep at night, Dylan never had a chance to warn her.

    Sarah approached Cecelia. "The thing I hate most about you Mua Pel'Am merfolk is your tenacity for avoiding death."

    Cecelia: "What are you talking about?"

    Sarah: "I tried to take your boyfriend's soul, but I couldn't do that because a little merman got in the way."

    Sarah muttered under breath: "He was right. I should have dealt with him first."

    Sarah continued: "I might not get what I want, but I'm not above taking what isn't mine to take. My dear mermaid, I'm going to take your immortality away from you so your prince can live to see you grow old and grey. I'll make sure that the Spirit of Sea, or anyone else for that matter, can't break this spell."


    Sarah wove together the magic of two Siren Songs that bent Cecelia's will. First, she sang a Night's Requiem to make her malleable to suggestion. Next, she sang Aegean's Question to ensure that the next thing she does would be irreversible.


    Cecelia tried to fight the magic, but it was more than she could handle. For Sarah, it wouldn't satisfy her contract with Damion, and she knew that she needed the souls of three princes. However, she loved watching her prey struggle. It was a small victory that she needed. Unfortunately, time was short, so she couldn't watch her handiwork.


    Cecelia fought her body, but she moved against her will. The Darkfin gave Cecelia two Mermadic Kelps. Cecelia knew what would happen if she ate two, and with the Dark Magic, there was no hope of undoing what she was forced to do. One after the other, the mermaid ate the mermadic kelp until she was no longer a mermaid, no longer immortal.


    The next morning, Lir assisted Maria with her homework. Lir was picking up parenting with ease in spite of how he was as a merboy.


    He also formally met with his potential son-in-law, and he gave him a key to the home. His room was finished, and Lir decided to take the merboy under his fin.


    Krista was almost ready to give birth, and it was a day of family festivities in Sulani. Lir threw a house party for all the Kailani's and some friends. Because of Lir's struggles with the Darkfin and to take some weight off his shoulders, Reef Kailani, the Patriarch of the Kailani Noble Family, started acting as Regent for the Abalone Royal Family. For now, Lir would remain a prince until things were settled with the Darkfins.


    During the party, Krista went into Labor.


    And Zalen, the future Abalone Prince after Lir becomes the Abalone King, was born.


    When Krista tried to show Maria her brother, she pulled out her phone to announce the news on social media. Her brother didn't seem to like her.



    Zalen's reaction to his Great Grandmother was better.


    When Krista tried to show Zalen to Lir, Maria asked him for advice.
    That look on Lir's voice. I feel ya. Your family is almost too big now to give everyone your full attention.


    When Zalen saw Lir, he was much happier to see him.


    (I'm thinking Lir is his Favorite Parent.)


    After being cursed by the Darkfin, Dylan decided it was time to quit the spotlight. His creative talents brought him a lot of attention and fame, but he didn't want another "fan" to give him another "friendly" gift.


    The next couple of days, the twins did some island hopping.

    Dylan: "Have you come up with any plans for dealing with the Darkfin?"

    Zeph: "I have a few ideas. After we have a bit of fun, I think we'll need to meet up with Lir."


    At the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar, Dylan sang Karaoke and Jammed at the bar. His brother wasn't far away. The twins hardly do anything without the other.



    As Elementals, they had the bad habit of passing judgement on the human islanders. (I can never figure why Children of the Islands always get their connection denied unless they are actively being played. Dylan is actually getting a bit frustrated at this point, and that takes effort.)

    Dylan: "You live in Sulani and there's literally an Island Festival taking place right now. How can you fail to honor the sea and islands?"


    Townie: "Watcher knows, but I don't know why you care."


    Bartender: "Dude, pull yourself together."

    Zeph: "I can't. She didn't honor Island Traditions and she's the Islanders' Chief."


    Before heading to the Flower and Music Festival, Dylan met up with Cecelia. He was surprised to see her form when she entered the water.

    Dylan: "Where's your tail?"

    Cecelia: "I understand if you want to brake up. You're the Spirit of the Sea and one of the Sapphire Princes. Why would you..."

    Dylan interrupted: "Did you actually think I cared if you were a mermaid or not? Mom didn't approve, and that didn't stop me from dating you."


    Before Cecelia could respond, Dylan sang his Charmer's Lullaby and moved in with the Life-Giving Mermaid's Kiss, the kiss that makes humans immune to drowning. Having been a mermaid, Cecelia knew the significance of the gesture.



    After the kiss, Dylan whispered to Cecelia. "You see. We can still be together, even in the sea."

    Cecelia: "I need some time. Some time to think about everything."

    Dylan: "I'm yours. I always have been. Mermaid or not, you're my princess. Take all the time you need. I'll be there when you need me."

    Dylan and Cecelia parted ways for the moment. Dylan headed for the Ohan'Ali Temple that hosted the Island Festivals. He unfolded his DJ Booth and set it up. Unfortunately, it was missing some components.


    That's when Zeph stepped in. With his deft hands and genius ingenuity, he brought out the full potential of the DJ booth.


    Dylan changed into his mermadic party attire and prepared to start the booth.

    Zeph: "Brake a fin bro!"

    Dylan: "Thanks, I'll be sure to make a few waves."


    Dylan's DJ skills quickly stole all the attention from musicians and fire-dancers alike.


    The Remixes and Rhythm even reached the humans at the nearby nightclub and across the neighborhood. A crowd started to rush over to watch Dylan liven up the festival. Dylan was no longer a rising star, but that didn't hold him back from putting on a great show.


    After some fun, the Twins visited Lir and his growing family. Zeph had an idea for dealing with Sarah, but they had to travel to the Island of Selvadorada. Lir was tight on funds for a long vacation, so the Twins lent him some money for the time being.

    Gunther Munch met someone in Sulani. Ember gave him the go ahead. I haven't developed much of Ember's story yet, but her boyfriend is Alexander Goth. Lucas Munch is a close childhood friend. From her connection to Lucas, I get updates from the Munch Bunch.


    The Zalrian Family Tree (The Sapphire Royal Family. I got the name "Sapphire" from the default name for Zalia Shores, Sapphire Shores.)

    Dylan and Cecelia will produce the Founders for my Twin Legacy. Zephyr and Sefina will also create their own Legacy. Both Legacies will be mortal legacies. Dylan and Zeph's children will essentially be a lineage of Sea and Sky demi-gods. (This is in large part out of necessity. the game can't support too many immortals. Dylan and Zeph will remain immortal.)

    Calum Zalrian's Side of the Family


    Kemps Zalrian's Side of the Family

    (Kemps' is married to a Transgender Mermaid, but I'm often worried that I don't represent trans individuals well with Isla. She looks very feminine, but every time I try to apply different body frames and play with the gender options, I feel like she looks more deformed (I don't mean to offend, but the way the gender options warp her body... I just don't like using different body frames). Anyways, Kemps and Isla made the decision to not pursue having their own family for now. That's why their tree is smaller.


    Lir's Family Tree

    This is Lir's Genealogy. Lir was the last heir from my original attempt at a Kailani legacy. The game still remembers that he's Kylen and Aaron's Biological son, so his genealogy includes Reef and Sarah. For story purposes and because I'm essentially restarting the Kailani Legacy, Lir became the adopted son, and Kylen and Aaron will produce a new founder. The Kailani's have the most complex family tree out of any of my households, but that's because they were my first attempt at a Legacy. Eco Living irreversibly broke their save when it came out.


    I got this screenshot of the bat by chance. My game is having an increase in Vampires lately.


    Introducing Maria Eldora and Calden Azure. Calden is also a resident Fire Dancer in Sulani. He's great as a firedancer.

    A little bit of Back Story about Calden.

    Calden was my attempt at seeing how far I could go with Rags to Riches without leaving the ocean. Surprisingly, sims can make quite a bit of money without ever changing into their human form. Calden is a merboy that needed help from the Sapphire Royal Family to take human form. He didn't originally have the ability to shapeshift. It was a gift given to him by Kemps. He owes a lot to the Zalrians for being able to walk on land.

    Maria is creative, but she actually gives me the genius vibe.

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    So, part of the challenge for this Legacy is the restriction to use only certain packs. I did struggle with this, and I ended up braking my own rules for the cold weather outfits because Jungle Adventure, Island Living, and the Base Game didn't have anything that I felt worked for my mersims.

    I'm also going to add a nostalgia post later to add some background info for Dylan and Zephyr before sharing the next story post. Dylan and Zeph, the blue tails that the legacy sim has to recruit, have been around for a while.

    First, here are the outfits I settled on. The only sim that I didn't create a challenge outfit for is Dylan's Fiance because Dylan and Cecelia got engaged in an unexpected way and it wasn't planned.

    For all my merfolk, I'm sharing what I consider to be their natural and true form. My lore is pretty simple. Merfolk don't naturally have legs or look human. Similar to how Aliens create disguises, merfolk shapeshift into a human disguise. The disguise hides their natural hair color, pointed ears, and anything that might appear only in their natural form. Every mermaid and merman has a tattoo on one of their legs. The tattoo is the spell that let's them walk on land in their human form. Some merfolk, like Dylan, Zephyr, Calden, and Lir grew up close to merfolk and rarely, if ever, encountered a situation where it was pressing to hide their merfolk identities. For merfolk like them, they don't wear outfits to blend in with humans; they don't actually need to hide what they are from as many people that surround them. Their outfits in human form are essentially whatever they wear in their merform.

    A general rule I follow is that all mermen, merboys, mermaids, and mergirls (collectively Merfolk) wear skirts for their swimwear. No matter how hard they try to look human, their two legs will always turn into one fin in the water. Functionally, the skirt would survive the transformation. That's also why the merfolk that don't hide their identity as much also wear skirts in their human form.

    So, here they are, the Twins, Dylan and Zephyr, and their new outfits.
    Dylan is on the left and Zephyr is on the right.

    They are identical twins, and I admit that I gave them different colored bracelets to help me tell them apart. Dylan and Zeph are first and foremost mermen and, for Lir's story, the Sapphire Princes. Second, they are the Elementals of the Sea and Sky. Dylan is the creative twin while Zephyr is the genius.

    Dylan's Core Traits: Creative, Child of the Ocean, and Music Lover

    Zephyr's Core Traits: Genius, Child of the Ocean, and Geek


    For their outfits, Dylan is modeling their preferred merman attire while Zeph is modeling their human disguise.








    Lir Kailani (aka The Little Merman and Abalone Prince)
    Not going to lie. Lir has a small frame for a merman, and he doesn't look too different from a teen. Like I know it's already hard to tell young adults and teens apart, but Lir is especially difficult to distinguish from a teen sim.




    Krista Kailani (Lir's Wife and Abalone Princess)
    One thing I've noticed about Krista is how she stays thin. I've had other sims have children. Kylen's Mom and Lir's Grandma gained weight while she was pregnant, but Krista somehow kept the weight off. Her frame didn't have any significant changes. She's also CAS randomly generated. For her formal attire, I removed her wedding outfit. Krista isn't a mermaid that had the good fortune of growing up surrounded by merfolk. She does a lot more to blend in with humans.





    Maria Eldora (Lir and Krista's Stepdaughter)
    Maria is another unplanned twist, but I've had more time to make her a part of the legacy challenge. Somehow, shortly after Krista aged up and before she married Lir, she adopted Maria when I moved her into the same household so she wasn't "Not in World." I felt bad about seperating them, so I moved her in with Lir and Krista and made her a bedroom. I honestly didn't know that sims could consider non-family members family. Maria was created before Krista and has no biological relation. However, that didn't stop Krista from thinking of her as family. I found out when Krista stopped what she was doing to think about family. Maria is also a mermaid that has done more to blend in with humans.

    Maria is the girlfriend of Calden, my Rags to Riches sim that I put on hold for this legacy.




    Calden Azure (The Local Sulani Firedancer)
    Calden's story is pretty interesting. He's a merboy that didn't have the natural ability to change into his human form. My plan for his rags to riches challenge was to do make him go from rags to riches while staying in the ocean as much as possible. I only let him leave the water to do homework for school, and I did let him do the odd jobs that came with Island Living. However, he almost never changed into human form while I played him. I used cheats to change him back into his natural form and made sure he didn't walk around with his tail. Kemps Zalrian gave him the gift of shapeshifting, but he's still afraid that he might turn back into a merboy at any second, so he wears skirts in every outfit. It might look silly while trying to blend in with humans at the same time, but he's more afraid of the wardrobe malfunction that would come from an accidental transformation while wearing human pants, even if that was unlikely to happen.




    Cecelia (Dylan's soon to be Wife and the soon to be mother of a Twin Legacy Founder).
    If you're following the story, you know why she's no longer a mermaid, but the way she got engaged to Dylan was unique and a first for me. She called Dylan with this message:

    Dylan and Cecelia met thanks to Zephyr. Zeph met her at Foxbury and played wingfin for Dylan.

    Zeph's girlfriend, Sefina, was also an autonomous relationship. Zeph performed an enchanting introduction and started the romance on his own.

    Cecelia is a game generated mermaid. I did not make her in CAS. Most of her outfits remain unchanged as well.



    Now, the Little Devil himself, Damion Morbius, the Shadow Elemental.
    For his dark form, I made it his elemental form. I wanted to show off his tattoos in his dark form. They are the curses placed on him by the elementals in the spirit realm after he tried to upset the natural balance in Sulani. He's been banished from Sulani, and he's looking for souls to add to his collection. Souls, they disappear to the netherworld too quickly. He'd be fine with having the souls Eight Mermen Princes or the six Darkfins, but he really wants the complete Darkfin collection. He knows taking Dylan and Zephyr's souls wouldn't end well with him... given that it would upset the natural balance between the Sea, Sky, Volcano, Land, and Forest.





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    The Creative Prodigy and Chess Grandmaster: Dylan and Zephyr

    Me and Dylan started our strategic and creative endeavors from a young age. We were inseperable growing up, and I can't think of a better friend than my brother. As the sons of an Elemental and a Merman, we grew up in much the same way human children did.

    I, in particular, had character growing up.



    Okay, the fireball might've been a bit extreme, but I could have sworn that Fruitbears from outerspace could do telepathy.


    And this, well, I had a phase where I trolled the internet. I mean, anyone with my genius would have done the same. To be fair, I'm more worried about the rings I chose to wear. I don't even know where they came from and I never owned anything like them.

    Even if I had my "moments," Dylan was no perfect angel even if he would have you believe otherwise.

    Yeah, that's my brother throwing his food on the floor like it was a game.


    And, Dylan had that phase where kids get loud. Dad put up with it because he had collectors buying his paintings, but I know he had to replace the stereos after Dylan broke the speakers.


    Mom made the mistake of letting him sing karaoke before he got his mermadic voice.



    And then, there's the time he got struck by lightning twice and destroyed half the beach. I helped with the destruction...


    But, where was I? I was starting at the beginning. Mom and Dad tried their best as new parents. Well, Dad did a good job looking after my Brother. Mom, she definitely tried...


    In her defense, I think she was expecting me to have fins.


    But, she never stopped trying. Like when she forgot me in the highchair, she wanted to validate her parenting.



    That didn't go very well.


    I mean, she did leave me outside, at night, with a vampire outside our door. I don't really blame the internet.


    When I made messes, she gave me a talking to, but I tried to tell her that she had bigger things to worry about...



    She told me that if I thought I was old enough to take care of myself, I could move out. Well, I did move out of that room.


    Dylan did play the perfect angel with Dad, but between you and me, he made plenty of messes, threw food on the floor, and he thought it was all fun and games.


    Even Mom fell for the act and tried to take care of him while I read myself to sleep. I had ways of getting back at her.



    When I could climb stairs, I took it a step further.


    I was inquistive, so I learned how to take care of myself pretty quickly.


    Look at that smile, Dylan followed dad down the stairs on purpose. I guess we both had our own ways of getting what we wanted.


    Mom never stopped trying to assert her parenting on the forums. That never ended well.


    Once we aged up, we could summon lava bombs and use other elemental powers. But, we also started pursuing our own talents. Remember when I said Dylan acted like an Angel. Look at those crocodile tears, Mom and Dad actually let him eat dessert before his veggies.



    If you asked Dylan now, he can actually cry on demand.

    Even if Dylan can be quite the actor when he wants to be, he truly does care about others. He was even worried about me during my phase-that-shall-not-be-named.


    After I survived my phases, I did make some progress on my Aspiration to be a Whiz Kid. Mom never stood a chance against me in a game of chess, and we are both geniuses.


    Even if you wouldn't believe it sometimes.


    I never lost a game of chess.


    Eventually, only my brother would play me in a game of chess. He still lost within a few moves.


    Dylan only beat me once in a game of chess. I swear he cheated.



    The worst part is, Mom came over to visit us while we did field work as conservationists. She gave me a big lecture about studying more chess strategies.


    And don't tell Metior_Ice, but you can totally trust me around computers unattended.


    It's not like I would hack into the Laandgraab Systems from a public beach computer.


    Dylan: "That screen doesn't look normal."

    Zephyr: "I'm just doing a little shopping for Ember. Nothing to worry about."


    And about Ember and the Younger Twins, that's a story for another day.



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    Wow, love this idea. It's so creative! Bookmarking it for future reference and might share it with friends.
    Island Living is one of my favourite packs. So this sounds super interesting!
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    Learning from the Chess Grandmaster

    When the Kailani's and the Twins, Dylan and Zeph, arrived on the Selvadorada Island, Lir took a dive in the pool before putting Zalen to bed. He had to catch Zalen as he ran around with more energy than he should have had. Like all merchildren, Zalen was, for all intensive purposes, the same as a human as far as needs were concerned. He wouldn't have any of his mermadic powers or his white tail until he got older.


    Zalen was determined to tuck himself in when Lir wrangled him into his pajamas. Lir and Krista decided that they would teach Zalen to blend in with humans and hide his mermadic nature from them. They didn't want the Darkfins to find him and hurt him like the Darkfin hurt Lir and Dylan.


    Lir read Zalen a bedtime story about merfolk playing instruments with the song frogs.

    Lir: "And the frogs sang, Sha-la-la-la-la-la as the merfolk played their harps and lyres."


    Lir: "The merfolk wove magic into their instruments that made the wind blow across the reeds and surround the blue lagoon with music."


    Eventually, Zalen fell asleep. Lir quitely left his room.


    While Lir read Zalen to sleep, Zeph and Calden slept in the pool. Dylan played with bubbles in the bathtub.



    Lir and Krista slept in the master bedroom.


    Eventually, Calden left the pool and slept in his bed. Maria's bed was in the same room. Due to the smaller space, the teens were allowed to share a bedroom, but with seperate beds.


    To start the day, Lir decided to potty train Zalen.

    Lir: "Okay, I'm going to teach you how humans use the bathroom."

    Zalen thought: "What is he talking about... a potty... surely my diaper is sufficient?"


    Lir: "While you sit there, think of play dough... er... that doesn't sound right, but the human parenting books used that example..."


    Lir: "Nevermind that, the point is that you don't want play dough in your underwear. That would be embarrasing."

    Zalen thought: "Dad, I don't understand the point... wait a second."


    Lir: "See! You got this!"


    Lir: "Before long, you won't need your diaper."

    Zalen thought: "I'm not sure I can exist without my diaper."


    Zalen scratched his head: "Maybe there's something to this potty."


    After starting to learn about the potty, Lir gave Zalen breakfast.


    When Lir left to do the dishes, Zeph chatted with Zalen. Zephyr could sense something similar to himself in Zalen and decided to keep watch over him.

    Zeph: "I know you can't talk yet, and I'm sure you're wondering who I am and why I'm talking to you. My name is Zephyr, but you can call me Zeph. I think we'll end up being good friends in the future, and all my friends call me Zeph. Keep learning new things."


    When Lir returned, Zeph had already left. While Zalen had the energy, Lir played with him.


    Zalen giggled: "Dad doesn't know I'm on his back."


    It didn't take long for Lir to swing around and catch Zalen in the air. The little merman and his little merboy spun around.



    When Lir finished playing with Zalen, he tooked him in for a nap. Dylan and Zeph sat in the teens' bedroom and chatted.

    Zeph: "So, what's your plan."

    Dylan: "What do you mean?"

    Zeph: "You can't fool me, I know you sang your Charmer's Lullaby to Cecelia and gave her your Mermaid's Kiss. There's no going back after that, and now, she's human. Mom didn't approve before. She might disapprove even more."

    Dylan: "I plan to propose no matter what she thinks. I'm not going to let a Darkfin, or mom, stop me from being with the girl I love, mermaid or not."

    Zeph: "So how are you going to propose?"

    Dylan: "Well, I haven't figured it out yet, but I have the pearl ring in my bag."

    Zeph: "Maybe you could take her to those waterfalls in the jungle."

    Dylan: "Thanks for the advice bro!"


    Before Dylan could propose, Cececlia found the ring in his bag and called Dylan to ask for a response.


    And after Dylan autonomously got engaged, Krista intiated a woohoo autonomously...


    After Dylan and Zeph returned from the market, Zalen needed a bit of cleaning up, so Krista used her mermadic magic to clean him up with bubbles.


    Zalen was quick to abandon his mom and ask his dad for help learning to talk. Krista thought about dancing after a moment of sudden shock.


    Zalen didn't understand anything he was told, but he wanted to learn.


    Zalen: "Barnacles!"


    Lir shuddered as he heard the little merboy say a mermadic curse.


    Lir looked into Zalen's eyes.

    Lir: "You should never say "barnacles." Try saying pineapple pizza instead."


    Zalen: "But, what if I'm really upset?"

    Lir: "You still shouldn't say it."


    After a lesson in talking, Lir gave Zalen a proper bath.


    Zalen splashed his dad, but Lir didn't mind getting a little wet.


    Halfway through their first week in Selvadorada, Summerfest, Winterfest but in the summer, quickly snuck up on the Kailani's.

    Dylan, Zeph, and Lir decorated the tree together.


    After helping with the Summerfest decorating, the twins left for the jungle. As Elementals, they had all the skills necessary to open the way forward to the Island Temple in the jungle. While no humans were around, the young mermen did little to hide their mermadic identities.

    Dylan cleared the thorny brush blocking the entrance to the jungle. The locals weren't anywhere close by because the jungle took over and blocked the path. After entering the jungle, Dylan saw fireflies pestering some sloths. Dylan performed a local dance that confused the flies and saved the sloths from being scorched.


    Deeper in the jungle, bees descended on Dylan, but Dylan stayed still and avoided getting stung.


    Past the waterfalls, Zephyr cleared the next path. The twins only needed their natural abilities to traverse deeper into the jungle.



    Zephyr's keen eye and his focus allowed him to master the art of fishing. With these skills, he watched a Jaguar fishing in a pond without being noticed. A swarm of bats spooked the jaguar and Zephyr took the fish it left behind.


    After traversing deeper into the jungle, a swarm of spiders decended on the merman. Zeph outsmarted nature by staying still and shook off the creepy crawlies.



    When the twins made it to the royal pool, Reef called Lir.

    Reef: "I heard you are planning on dealing with the Darkfin from Calum, the Sapphire Royal Family Regent's Brother. Are you sure about this?"

    Lir: "Don't worry. I'm going to be careful, and I have the Sapphire Princes helping me."

    Reef: "Well, I'm worried. That's all. Be careful and don't take any unnecessary risks."

    Lir: "Trust me, I won't. We know what that mermaid is capable of."


    The twins sat on the pool's edge. They were ready for summerfest, but Dylan had some questions for his brother.

    Dylan: "I remember some of the stories about the Darkfins. They angered the Island Elementals in the Spirit Realm and got banished from Sulani after taking the lives of the Kings and Queens of Old. Why do you think one of them would return?"

    Zephyr: "I think she's trying to finish what she started, but I'm more worried about her associate. We know that she wants our souls and Lir's soul. I think she made a deal with someone that tipped her off."


    Dylan: "So, it's like she's playing a game of chess. First, she tries to take Lir's soul, but she fails because Lir's Dads stop her. Then, she yties to take mine with a curse..."

    Zephyr: "Based on that logic, you'd think she'd try to take mine next, but I think she's going to be desperate to take all of our souls at the same time. I think, if she fails one more time, her associate will come to collect. Based on her tendency to take what she wants, I think a temple artifact will be the perfect temptation to throw her off her game."

    Dylan: "So, we're going to clear the path to the temple and then she's going to follow us into a place filled with traps."

    Zephyr: "If all goes well, she'll be the one falling for our trap."


    Summerfest arrived faster than the Kailani's and Twins expected. The teens and Zalen stayed up late thanks to the excitement for presents. The Twins both loved to sing, so they sang by the Summerfest Tree.


    Lir and Krista accidentally forgot Zalen in the Jungle at night. Lir found Zalen and took him back to the lodging and put him to bed.


    When Father Winter arrived, the twins couldn't containt their excitement.

    Dylan and Zeph asked "Can I have my present?"


    After Summerfest, the twins decided to help prepare Lir for a journey into the jungle. Zeph mentored Lir in the ways of strategy while Dylan played against him. Dylan was the only one that beat Zeph in a game of chess, so he was a good opponent.

    Zeph: "Pay close attention to what your opponent does."

    Lir took note: "Stay obeservant and pay attention."

    Dylan saw Lir move a chess piece: "That's a creative move."


    Dylan: "Are you ready for the spiders and other creepy crawlies in the jungle?"

    Zeph: "That's a good move, but don't get distracted by a conversation."

    Lir thought: "So, a conversation can be tactic for distracting an opponent. Very creative."


    Lir: "So I should ignore someone when they try to distract me with a converstation."

    Zeph: "Or, you could use the conversation to distract your opponent. Turn their strategies against them and make it your own."

    Lir: "I think I understand."

    Lir turned to Dylan: "Are you ready for the spiders and creepy crawlies?"


    Dylan: "I don't remember agreeing to that."

    Lir: "Well, why don't we make a deal. If I win, you'll pay for this vacation."

    Dylan: "And if I win, you'll pay for this vacation."

    Zeph: "Hey, bro don't go making deals with our money!"

    Lir thought: "I've got them both distracted now."


    Dylan: "Of course I am. I can outwit a few spiders and bees. That's not a problem for me."

    While Dylan chatted, Lir took one piece after the next.

    Lir: "Checkmate."

    Dylan dotted his finger across the board and counted every move. He lost. Zeph was too proud of his student to be upset.

    Lir: "I guess you'll be paying for this vacation."


    After Lir went to bed, Zeph challenged his brother to another game of chess.

    Zeph: "So, how about a rematch."

    Dylan: "I already beat you once."

    Zeph: "And, your overconfidence will cost us the vacation expenses!"

    Dylan: "I'm up for a game. I challenge the Spirit of the Sky and Wisdom."

    Zeph: "And, I, the Spirit of the Sky and Wisdom, challenge the Spirit of the Sea and Creativity."

    Dylan thought: "Creativity beats Wisdom any tide."


    Zeph thought: "We can practically read each other's minds. He'll probably try to use that to his advantage."

    Dylan thought: "He's probably thinking that I'll use our twin sense to my advantage. I have more creative strategies."


    In a few moves, Zeph won the game. Dylan checked the moves and admitted defeat.



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    The Poor Unfortunate Soul

    Dylan, Zeph, and Lir went to the temple in the jungle. Dehydrated from the heat, they took a dip in a pool within the ancient pyramid. Zeph explained his plan for dealing with the Darkfin to his brother and lir.

    Zeph: "Lir, you'll be the look out while me and Dylan take our Elemental Forms. Let us know when the sea witch gets here."

    Lir: "What makes you think she'll show up?"

    Zeph: "I don't think she'll miss a chance to try and steal all three of our souls, and we're in a Pyramid full of ancient treasures."

    Lir: "Fair enough."


    Zeph looked toward his brother. "When she arrives, I want you to put on an act. Make her believe that going deeper into the temple will get her what she wants."

    Dylan: "That shouldn't be a problem. I know exactly what you have in mind."


    Zeph leaned in. "When she finally makes her way to us, we'll teleport beyond her reach. We'll pull a fast one on her, and if everything goes as planned, her associate will take notice of her failure and deal with the witch for us."

    Lir: "How do you know her associate will show themselves?"

    Zeph: "I have a feeling he's been watching everything similar to how I watch over the worlds as the Spirit of the Sky. He's probablly more powerful than the sea witch. And, I think he's the one responsible for her attempts at taking our souls. I suspect that she made a deal with her associate in exchange for the knowledge to cause us harm."


    Zeph turned toward Lir. "I don't think we need to worry about her associate. We never made a deal with whoever is pulling the strings, but the sea witch did. That's how will stop her. She can only fail so many times before her associate gets tired of waiting for payment."


    Dylan and Zeph changed into their natural forms to focus all of their energy on reconnecting with the spirit realm. In their elemental forms, it wouldn't matter if they had legs or not, and they could use their full elemental power.


    Lir left the Temple and kept watch. Although, he got a bit distracted by the Mood Berry tree.


    Inside the temple, Dylan and Zephyr changed into their Elemental Forms. In this form, they gained all the powers of a ghost combined with their mermadic powers and natural skills.


    Just like Zeph said, the sea witch showed up outside the temple. Lir ran for cover after warning the twins. The witch saw his blurred figure and went to the temple to investigate.


    Sarah was less than friendly with the relics that guarded the path forward.

    Sarah: "I'm very short on time, and I demand that you open the way forward!"

    The Omniscan Sculpture scowled in disgust.


    As it closed its eyes, a Bone Dust Curse blew into Sarah's face, but it unlocked the first lock blocking the path.


    When Sarah tried to open the next lock, the a bone dust storm swirled around her and dehydrated her.


    But, the path forward opened after triggering the temple traps. A personal sun shined on Sarah, and she believed that she would finally succeed in ending the royal family lines of the Sapphire Queen and the Abalone King of old.


    In the lower levels, she found the wailing ghost of one of the Sapphire Princes, Dylan. If the princes had passed deeper in the temple, their souls would be ripe for collecting. Sarah almost couldn't believe her good fortune.


    Sarah belittled Dylan's despair: "After everything I've done to collect your soul, you end up losing your life in a place like this. It would have been so much easier if you gave me your soul in exchange for the cure to your curse. You're almost more trouble than you're worth."


    Sarah: "But, you're death will buy me time to finish off the little merman that has gotten in my way one too many times. Tell me, did your brother suffer the same fate."

    Dylan was taken aback by the cruelty in her words, but he maintained his act.


    Dylan cried. "My brother tried to save me, but he fell vicitm to the temple traps too."

    Sarah folded her fingers together. "This is perfect. After I collect your souls, I'll take the tomes that hold power over them. My associate will be pleased."


    Sarah enjoyed watching the young merman cry in dispair.

    Dylan continued. "Lir is also down there. His time has almost come, and I was hoping to find someone that could help him."

    Sarah smiled at the thought of all three souls in one place.


    Sarah didn't have the knowledge to effectively open the path forward, so she triggered traps left and right as she pursued her targets. The possibility of saving herself and accomplishing her personal goals pushed her recklessly forward.


    Eventually, one of the poison darts hit her in the neck.


    She didn't mind. She would just make another deal in excahange for a cure and the location of her next victim, the Bándearg Prince. She figured that the other royal families survived too.


    Near the heart of the temple, she found the Spirits of the Sea and Sky, but no urns. Dylan and Zeph channeled their spiritual energies and teleported out of the temple before her eyes.


    In a blind rage, she blamed the temple guardian statue for her failings.

    Sarah: "I feel sick, and I'm probably going to die from poison. It's all your fault. You and those temple traps."


    This time, the Temple Guardian called into the Shadows instead of unlocking th way forward. The Darkness in Sarah's Heart gave Damion a means to manifest himself in her presence.


    Damion lectured. "So you actually thought the Sapphire Twins would fall vicitim to temple traps! Those twins could have easily cleared this temple without triggering every single trap!"


    Damion continued. "I can't ignore any more of your genius failures. I'm here to collect."


    Shadows swirled around Damion and he changed into his Elemental Form. Sarah saw the Marks of several Curses, and she finally realized her mistake when she made a deal with the Elemental of Shadows. Damion had the merfolk tattoos for a human form on both legs, the Currupting Merfolk Curse on one arm, The Curse of Shadows on another arm, and his back had the Mark of Excile from the Elementals in the Spirit Realm. He was in deeper trouble with the Elementals than the Darkfins.


    Damion saw her growing anger. "Turn that frown upside down. Your doomed no matter what. I'm just speeding up the inevitable."


    Damion clinched his fist and pulled Sarah into the air with an invisible grip on her heart. "Your Heart has already been consumed by Darkness. By right, I'm taking what's mine. And, it's about time too."


    When Sarah fell to the ground, Damion celebrated. He never liked her, but her soul would be the perfect start to his collection.


    Damion: "Thank you grimmy. Take it from here."


    Grim lifted his scythe and severed Sarah's soul from the mortal realm and placed it within an urn.


    Damion couldn't contain his excitement.



    Damion grabbed her Urn. After he got home, he would place her Urn in his catacombs. Her soul wouldn't be free though. He would bind her to the mortal plane to serve him.


    After Grim left, Damion changed back into his human form. He missed the sea and the islands, but he preferred the darkness now that he was bound to it.


    The Sea Witch was Lir's greatest enemy, but he didn't want to celebrate. He went to a statue in Selvadorada and made a prayer for his fallen enemy and let go of the shadow that weighed on him. For now, his family would be safe from harm.


    It probably was pretty bad of me to do this, but I had Lir collect the treasures after Sarah unlocked the path forward. I didn't want to leave them.




    This chest had the curse, and I didn't want Lir to die from electrocution.


    Fortunately, the statue lifted the curse.


    Kylen and Aaron are also having a baby, and there's a good chance for it to be twins. We'll see. Kylen is almost on his third term.


    Cecelia can't tell Dylan and Zephyr apart... She's in a flirty mood and talking to Zephyr, but her Flirty Moodlet is because Dylan is close by. Zeph isn't going to get flirty with his twins fiance. Instead, he's been helping Lir with giving teens advice.


    While pregnant, Kylen decided to like Kids Music. I don't know if I should give back his lazy trait. He's taking to the family oriented trait very naturally.


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    The Legacy of the Sea

    Dylan: "You mean the world to me. You know that right?"

    Cecelia: "You always remind me. How could I not know?"

    Dylan: "I was just checking. I look forward to our future together."

    Cecelia: "Will we have a future? You'll watch me grow old and grey while you stay young forever."

    Dylan: "I still won't leave you. I'm here for you. I'll always be there for you."


    After a few days, the couple had a traditional merfolk wedding. Even though Cecelia was human, both her and Dylan stayed true to their merfolk heritage. They exchanged rings and kissed.



    When the merfolk went to the dance floor, Dylan thanked his mom for showing up and being there to support him. He knew she didn't approve of Cecelia, but he was relieved that she didn't protest to their marriage during the wedding.


    As the sun rose, the Zalrians and Kailani's went inside for drinks and to catch up. Sefina joined the wedding with Zephyr, but she had to admit that she never imagined that there would be so many merfolk in the world. It was a little overwhelming.


    After being caught up in the mood, Zephyr took Sefina to a place closer to the sky, by a waterfall that cascaded down a cliff.

    He kneeled in front of her. "Will you marry me?"


    Sefina: "Yes..."



    Sefina jumped into Zephyr's arms. "Yes!"

    Zeph: "We can have our wedding tomorrow. It doesn't have to be traditional."

    Sefina: "It doesn't have to be traditionally human either."


    Zephyr and Sefina had a typical human wedding as a compromise.


    After the weddings, Dylan, Cecelia, Zephyr, and Sefina went home to Sulani.

    Dylan sang his Charmer's Lullaby to Cecelia and gave her his Mermaid's Kiss. The ritual was a simple merfolk tradition between partners, but it was one that sealed the bond between two merpeople. Cecelia tried to sing her Charmer's Lullaby, but her voice failed her. Her human existence started to weigh heavier on her.



    As Dylan pulled away from the kiss, Cecelia had a confession. "This is really hard for me to say, but I'm struggling. We both know this won't work. It can't work."


    Dylan: "I don't care if your human or mortal. My love for you is deeper than the sea."

    Cecelia: "But, it might not be deep enough. We both know that you can't leave the sea behind. You're one of the Sapphire Princes and the Spirit of the Sea. And..."

    Dylan: "They're just titles to me. I know I can't change what I am, and you can't change what you are. But, maybe, we can create something that can be our bridge between the Land and Sea. Would you...?"

    Cecelia: "I think I know where you're going, and the answer is yes. But, I'll be leaving Sulani afterward, so their future can be in a place closer to humans."


    Dylan and Cecelia had a moment in the waterfall. The mist swirled around them, and even though Dylan knew that they were going separate ways, they were going to create a legacy to immortalize the fleeting time they had together.


    On the shore, Zeph had a bittersweet goodbye with Sefina. "You'll always be my one and only love, but Cecelia needs someone that knows the human world, and I have to stay here. I have responsibilities as a Prince and the Spirit of the Sky. If there was another way..."

    Sefina: "We both know that this would end one way or another, and I'm not about to leave my best friend to fend for herself in the human world."

    Zeph: "Look after her. I'll always be looking after you two. This doesn't have to be goodbye. Me and my brother, we can leave Sulani to visit you. We can't be away for long, but we will still be there for both of you, always."


    Zeph: "And, do you mind... for one more night."

    Sefina: "You don't have to ask. I was thinking the same thing."


    As the moon set on the horizon, the couple had their moment in the waterfall after Dylan and Cecelia went home.


    Zeph leaned in for a kiss, and Sefina pulled him into the waterfall by the waste.


    Sefina and Cecelia left Sulani the next morning and moved to the World of Newcrest. The world was home to a variety of Fae, Spellcasters, and Aliens. They would blend in better there. It was hard for the girls to leave, but Cecelia made up her mind. She would raise the Legacy of the Sea away from Sulani. She would ensure that no Darkfins would know of the children she was about to bring into the world.

    While Cecelia was walking around the neighborhood, she was approached by Zephyr. He did little to hide his mermadic heritage. As the Spirit of the Sky, Zephyr was immune to the elements, so it didn't matter how hot or cold the weather was. It didn't matter if there was rain or sunshine. The function of human clothing to protect from the elements simply didn't matter.

    Cecelia: "You know you'll have to hide that you're a merman when the twins are born."

    Zeph: "I just thought I drop by to check on how you are doing. Dylan will be over later. He's tending to the sea at the moment."

    There was a moment of silence before Zeph spoke up.

    Zeph: "Did you know I'm a criminal mastermind?"


    Cecelia hid her face in the palm of her hand and shook her head. She knew better than to believe Zephyr. Even more importantly, she couldn't believe that such a mischievous liar could be responsible for watching over everyone. Zeph was easy to forgive, and his reputation was pristine. He was mischievous, but not evil.


    After changing into his human disguise, Zephyr and Sefina went on a date to Mt. Komorebi.

    Zephyr: "So, how have things been?"

    Sefina: "They've been fine. It hasn't been easy. We're founding a new legacy, so we have our hands full. Cecelia is expecting twins."

    Zephyr: "I bet they'll look a lot like me and my brother."


    Zephyr: "By the way, thank you for helping to look after Cecelia. I know you're busy running your own business, and I'm grateful for the time and energy you are giving up."

    Sefina: "I've been thinking about looking for another job, but the house hasn't been producing enough power to run the internet. I don't think the business career is for me."

    Zephyr: "My family has a lot of contacts. My dad has been around a long time, so I'm sure he knows someone that can offer you a new job."

    Sefina: "I appreciate the offer, but I want to forge my own path. I don't need the guidance of the stars or extra wind in my sails."

    Zephyr: "I admire your determination. Just remember that I'm always here to help."


    As the couple prepared to part ways, Sefina had a joke she wanted to share.

    Sefina: "What did the barnacle say to the boat?"

    Zephyr: "I don't know."

    Sefina: "I'm stuck on you."

    Zephyr chuckled and the two parted ways.


    After the twins were born, Dylan didn't waste time coming over to check on his family. Dylan arrived when the rain began to poor. The environment was ideal for the Spirit of the Sea, but not quite ideal for humans. Regardless, Cecelia greeted Dylan with a kiss in the rain. Even though Cecelia decided to raise her sons away from the sea and merfolk, she still loved Dylan.

    Dylan arrived in very similar attire to his brother. Immune to the elements and the weather, Dylan didn't need to wear outfits for protection from the weather. It didn't matter how hot or cold, wet or dry. As a merman, Dylan was much more comfortable in the water. The same could be said for his twin brother.


    Cecelia and Dylan left for Sulani when they went on their date. Sefina stayed home to look after the twins. Cecelia flirted with the young merman.


    To prevent Cecelia from drowning, Dylan gave her the life-giving Mermaid's Kiss. Cecelia wished with all her heart to be a mermaid again.

    Cecelia thought: "If only I wasn't cursed to a mortal life. If only our children could enjoy the eternal youth all merfolk enjoy."


    Cecelia started to wonder if she was wrong to leave Dylan. She wondered if she should have included him in their lives. Still, they both knew that the Darkfins were still out there. And they both knew, that as long as Dylan was a target, the Darkfins would go after their sons to get to Dylan. And unlike Dylan, they didn't have mermadic powers to protect themselves.

    But when she looked into Dylan's sad eyes, she wished things could have been different.

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    After some careful consideration, I decided that Dylan and Zephyr are ready to take on the Responsibilities of being the Sapphire Princes.

    They will be Ambassadors of the Sea to the Magic Realms. They will be responsible for looking after Mua Pel'Am, watching over the Children of the Islands to ensure they honor Island Traditions, and they will be required to conform to traditional merfolk attire. Mermen are traditionally shirtless in their merform, so their human form will also reflect this. The only exceptions to this rule are my original Trio Calum, Kemps, and Reef. A large part of why the Twins are required to conform to Merfolk Traditions and Traditional Attire has a lot to do with how they Represent Merfolk and Merfolk Culture in Sulani. They are the Sapphire Princes after all.

    In all honesty, this isn't even that extreme of a decision. The Twins and almost all other merfolk spend a large amount of time in their swimwear no matter what I do.

    Their human form will reflect that moving forward. For interacting with humans, their attire will no longer vary as much, but they will wear a shirt and shoes while among humans. They will act as the diplomats for Sulani's Merfolk among other Magical Denizens.

    I gave the Twins identical outfits.

    Dylan and Zephyr Zalrian (Natural Form and Human Form)


    Everyday Outfits

    Formal Outfits

    Active Outfits

    Swim and Sleep

    Party Outfits

    Hot Weather Outfits

    Cold Weather Outfits
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    Zephyr Joins the Sulani Tritons


    Early in the week, Lir surveyed the local marine life and shared his findings with the local eco-center. Mua Pel'Am's Oceans were thriving, but the sky still wavered between pristine and neutral conditions.




    After a long day of work, Lir came home and found Zalen out of bed. He had a nightmare. Lir comforted him before reading him to sleep.


    Lir: "And deep below the ocean surface, there's a palace all the merfolk call home."


    Lir: "Sometimes, a young merprince swims to the surface to listen to the song frogs."


    It didn't take long for Zalen to dose off. Lir tucked him in.


    The next morning, Lir tried to teach Zalen please and thank you. His son seemed to struggle with the concept.


    Lir: "It's important to say please and thank you. It's a good way to make friends quickly."


    Zalen: "Does that means I will be setting the table and doing dishes?"

    Lir: "Well, it's the polite thing to do, but you won't have to worry about that yet."


    Lir was aspiring to improve his handiness to help more around the house, but he found it rather tedious to read so many books.


    Lir: "There must be a glitch with reality because I haven't seen any sea dragons. Where do they come up with these stories?"


    Lir: "Maybe the Sea Dragons are under the sea. I grew up alone down there, and the very thought worries me. Were their dragons that I never saw?"


    After reading a few books, he went to the Caldera Eco Center to work on his wood working. The woodworking helped to improve his ability to use tools more effectively.

    Lir: "I feel like a puppet with strings attached. This seems rather tedious."


    When Lir returned home, he tried to teach Zalen new words.

    Zalen: "What does "barnacles" mean?"


    Lir thought: "Where in the Seven Seas did he learn that word?"


    Lir: "You should never say "Barnacles," and if you do, you should always apologize."


    Toward the middle of the week, Lir ran into Zephyr at the Ohan'Ali Surf Bar.

    Lir: "Would you like to join my club, the Sulani Tritons?"

    Zephyr: "I'd love to!"


    During a club gathering, Dylan confronted a human that was anti-environmentalist. Ironically, the human enjoyed swimming in the clean sea, but he didn't care about the effort it takes to keep it that way.

    Dylan: "You have to understand. The sea wouldn't be nice to swim in if we leave our trash on the beach. The trash gets into the water..."

    Human: "I don't care. People should be free to do whatever they want with nature."

    Dylan: "There are still consequences to not caring..."

    Human: "I don't care and the sea is still as pristine as ever."

    Dylan: "It doesn't care for itself. You know that right?"

    Dylan thought: "If he knew who I was... I might..."



    Lir: "I heard stories about a connection to Sulani in another world. Apparently, a world that was once disconnected from the other worlds has thawed from a strange winter a couple years ago. Do you think Ember knows anything about the Volcano's connection to other worlds?"

    Zeph: "I know exactly what you're talking about. There is definitely a new world that has reconnected with Sulani. I remember there being nothing but swirling clouds and freezing blizzards. I mean, you're asking about the Spirit of the Volcano, but as the Spirit of the Sky, I am aware of the state of other worlds."

    Dylan: "I can tell you that there's a river flowing freely in that world. It connects to the sea, and from there, it has reconnected with the other worlds."

    Lir: "I almost forgot that I'm talking to the Spirits of the Sea and Sky."

    Dylan: "I found out from dad that we are also the Sapphire Princes."

    Zeph: "Dad and Uncle Kemps hid that from us. They were worried that out elemental nature put us in enough danger, so they tried to protect us by keeping it a secret from us and spreading the rumors about the lost Sapphire Princes."

    Lir: "That's kinda ironic. My dads kept my identity a secret too. I'm the Abalone Prince. I have a crazy idea, why don't you help me find the other princes from the stories?"

    Dylan: "That sounds like fun."

    Zeph: "Sure, why not?"


    Lir: "I know the world that thawed is called Henford-on-Bagley, and I heard that the Bándearg Prince, or the Pink Heart of Sulani, was taken there by Irish Pirates. No one saw him again after the world was lost to a strange winter. I heard that Captain Handwich didn't get lost there. I be the stories about him will lead us to the other princes lost to other worlds!"

    Dylan and Zeph closed their eyes and concentrated on the World of Henford-on-Bagley.

    Zeph: "I think you might be on to something. The world has had a large shadow dispersed from it, and I think one of the princes would be connected to that. At least, there is someone with the power to change the weather in that world."

    Dylan: "Someone also summoned sea creatures from the sea. It has to be a mermaid or merman there."


    Lir had a crazy idea and invited Zeph to work on a secret handshake for the club. They'd use the handshake when meeting for official club activities.


    Lir knew that he wasn't ready to travel to a new world, so he decided to prepare for his next adventure. He still had work to do as a conservationist, and he surveyed the sea floor before the end of the weekend.


    When he surfaced, Lir felt deep satisfaction from the beautiful wonders of the sea. Ever since he cured Dylan of his Curse, the Seas around Sulani had been improving exponentially. The only thing that remained to clean up was the sky, but he had a feeling that something else, somewhere else was affecting that. Zephyr wouldn't say anything, but Lir knew that the Sea, Sky, Volcano, Land, and Plants of Sulani influenced other worlds and were influenced by the state of other worlds. He wondered about what Zeph wasn't telling him. For now, the sky continued to waver between auroras and normal sunshine.

    But, the most significant changes were with plants and the land. Ever since the eternal winter ended in Henford-on-Bagley, things were starting to grow and thrive on land. He was sure that his friend Juniper would grow with the plants soon.


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    The Master of Marine Affairs


    During Family Day, Lir had a day off and spent it with Zalen.


    Zalen was growing fast, and the roughhousing was a little rough on Lir.


    Lir often got down to Zalen's level whenever he spoke to him, and Zalen's natural curiosity made Flash Cards and Blocks his favorite toys.



    Lir quickly rose up as a top Marine Biologist. He spent a lot of time engaging in work activities, but he found that it was difficult to keep up with the bills any other way.


    Eventually, Lir's promotions got him some time off, so he and the other Sulani Tritons gathered for a bit of fun.

    Lir: "With the Darkfin gone, I was thinking of visiting the City World of San Myshuno for Geekcon. What do you guys think?"

    Dylan: "Sounds like fun. I think I won a contest there."

    Zeph: "I'll be there."


    Lir and Dylan played on the Motion-Gaming-Mats when they got there. Lir entered the Gaming Contest, but he didn't win.


    Lir: "I know, right. I came here with my Dads and Family for Geek Con. I was a bit nervous traveling so far from the sea."

    Dylan: "It feels strange being in a world so disconnected from the sea, but I'm glad I came."


    When they returned to the Island World of Sulani, they went their separate ways. Lir spent some time studying the stars. The sky connected all worlds, and he knew that, as the Spirit of the Sky, Zeph was connected to all the worlds. He couldn't see why the Auroras came and went. Zeph wasn't very concerned about the changes in the sky.


    Lir looked at Samples he took from the plants, and the results were stunning. At the cellular level, the plants were thriving. The land also seemed to be growing healthier. Lir knew that Juniper had a twin sister. He wondered if he should ask the Earth Elementals about the changes to the world.


    Well into the week, Lir continued his Survey work around Mua Pel'Am. He ended up selling some of his findings to the Nature Channel because he needed the money. He kept the Spiritual Magic of Mua Pel'Am a secret. He wouldn't tell humans that Elemental Spirits were involved in maintaining the delicate balance of nature. If there was one thing he learned from Dylan's Curse, it was that the Elemental Spirits can be as vulnerable as nature, if not just as resilient.




    During another club gathering, Dylan was approached by Calden.

    Dylan: "Are you sure you're ready to go to a world so far from the sea?"

    Calden closed his eyes and thought for a moment: "I'm interested in seeing what that world has to offer. I was a local celebrity thanks to my Fire Dancing."


    Dylan: "Well, at least you can take the heat. That world is very dry and barely touched by the sea."

    Calden: "I can definitely take the heat. I had a lot of trouble taking human form, but I feel like I'm ready to see another world."

    Dylan: "I'll talk to Kemps. He's the one that gets to decide these things for the Pod."


    The next day, the Kailani's and Family gathered for Harvestfest. The family socialized and caught up, and the gathering was largely uneventful.


    After the Dinner Party, the family cleaned up, and Lir helped his daughter with her homework. Even if Maria was adopted, Lir treated her like she was his own.

    Lir: "My dad helped me with that problem. The answer is actually really simple. Give it one more try."

    Maria: "I'll give it another try."


    While Calden was gaming, Zalen waddled over and started chatting up a storm. Calden and the rest of the family were coming down with giggly fever.

    Calden thought: "I wish we had a nicer computer."


    Zalen: "Can you show me some Flashcards?"

    Calden: "Sure."

    After taking some medicine, Calden taught Zalen about numbers.




    A True Evil Genius
    With the End of Fall fast approaching, Zeph decided to give Lir a little more time before the next season. As a Genius, the Spirit of the Sky, and someone that did not have a fruit bear phase as a kid (He totally did). He took it upon himself to use his machine that can influence time itself by manipulating the seasons.




    Zeph laughed. "I'm a true evil genius!"

    Metior Ice: "We both know that is the furthest thing from the truth."

    Zeph: "Don't tell them that! Besides, you're the one that didn't complete all of Lir's Legacy tasks because you were potty training toddlers and playing through two pregnant sims!"

    Metior Ice: "They don't need to know that!"



    Here are my merfolk modeling their new outfits from the kit I bought.

    Reef Kailani

    Kemps Zalrian

    Dylan Zalrian

    Rylan Kailani

    After seeing this, I started to consider making this outfit their swimwear outfit.

    Can you spot the Merfolk?

    A few Mermen

    New Group Dances

    When I visited Newcrest for a Club Gathering, the Twins Serenaded their Wives immediately after they showed up.

    Can I stop jumping now?

    The Game got stuck with the celebrity Jumping up and down in an obviously glitched manner when the game started loading after leaving the lot.

    Alex stole Maria's Pancakes

    Kylen, I thought you were a better parent than this!

    Another sim failed to honor Island Traditions. And, once again, It's Zeph passing judgement.

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