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[OLD] Broken/Updated Mods & CC: July ’21 Cottage Living Patch + Aug '21 patch

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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: July ’21 Cottage Living Patch + Aug '21 patch

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and custom content status after the Cottage Living patch (July) and the Industrial Loft Kit patch (August). Please keep discussion to reports. Thanks!

NOTE: The July patch has been VERY hard on mods. Many, many, many mods are not listed as broken yet because some modders are so busy trying to fix things they haven't provided broken lists or have only noted some key things. Many mods that are not reportable on the Official Forums have MAJOR issues. Please play only with confirmed fine or updated mods. If you play with mods that can't be reported on the forums or that are from modders who have a lot of those mods, please do NOT rely only on the lists here.

NOTE: This is not a support thread. If you need help figuring out what broke your game,
1. REMOVE all your mods
2. UPDATE what's updated on this page. For non-game-rated mods, you'll have to find information somewhere else.
3. Check what mods are reported fine by modders.
4. Still have a problem? Head over to one of the Discord servers listed below.

GAME-RATED CONTENT ONLY: Mods that breaks the T game rating cannot be discussed or named in these official forums and will not be included in my list. Do not ask about or report on any of them here — it’s against forum rules. There are other places on the internet where things like that can be discussed. Please note that some creators and links are off-limits here as well for this reason.

ALTERNATIVES TO HERE: If you prefer Discord for real-time notifications, you can get broken/update info for mods and CC and new bugfix (and similar) mods on Discord on this non-NSFW/T-rated server, which is otherwise primarily for creators: Creator Musings, . Unlike here, there we also have updates that are for new mod features or other improvements, including updates to non-broken CC. Creators also post there directly. But it's not a support forum.

REPORTING BROKEN MODS: Before reporting a mod is broken, test it:
  1. Back up your saves in case you save over or corrupt a favorite file while you’re testing.
  2. Remove everything from your Mods folder except the mod being tested and, if you’re looking for a last exception (LE) to be generated, TwistedMexi’s Better Exceptions and/or the core MC Command Center files. If you need help reading an LE, please head to the Deaderpool or Sims After Dark server on Discord.
  3. Delete the localthumbcache file.
  4. Open your game and test to see if the mod is doing what it should. If it’s still broken, please let me know! Include how it’s broken and how you tested it, and let the creator know too.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS Support servers on Discord:
Mods & Tools
Broken Mods & Tools
Outdated/No Longer Needed Mods
New: Patch Bugfixes
Mods & Tools Confirmed by the Creator as Fine
Updated Mods & Tools
- scroll more for Bienchen, LittleMsSam, Ilkavelle, adeepeindigo
CC (including harvestables, recipes, and functional objects
Broken CC
CC Reported Fine by Creator
Updated CC
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