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TS5 should be annouced soon since TS4 get buggier and glitchier by the day



  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,874 Member
    edited June 29
    I hope TS5 brings some new innovative stuff to the series. TS4 didn't. I know, I know, everyone always says oh yes it did..multitasking, but frankly the other games had multitasking and didn't actually stop one thing to do another then go back to eating etc. as much as TS4 did. The only thing it might have 'improved' but not new, was the ability to talk to larger groups without having to wait a turn but to the point of annoying.

    TS5 is going to have to be literally amazing graphics, performance and gameplay let alone character creation, or they are spitting in the wind this time. Because TS1 was one of a kind and nothing on the market like it, ever. TS2 brought generational gameplay, never done before, better, massive terrain tools, foundations, towering buildings above two levels, deep, deep basements, carved out by the player, and a multifaceted Sim and so much more. TS3 brought SP, Open World, hundred of traits (almost lol) and custom creations built right into the game... what really did TS4 do that has been so amazing that can hold a candle to any of that? nothing.
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  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,149 Member
    I really don't want to go back to buying the same types of packs again for a new version even though I have interest in an update. As mentioned, I may be slow to make this jump if at all but cannot say until looking at actual content. Online multiplayer is a hard no for me even if I can see that there will be some interest in it.

    I think they have been improving TS4 but a lot of content is starting to get dated because we're shifting somewhat to a new era. I have some interest in the requested changes like more realism, open world/worlds, new features and new graphics. I think some kind of transition is better. A new version would need to combine the best elements of the past with new experiences and not just be a new start focused more on new young teens to have my interest. If there is some way that it would be interoperable with what we have, that would actually blow me away.

    If they give some special to the long-time players, I might jump faster.
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  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,360 Member
    Since I've played all the games, I know the base game will be slim. I can understand it. I expect it. I'll be the game engine and the way it appeals to me which will decide if I invest my time and money into the game.

    I can also say that none of the games have ever been complete, in my opinion. There was so much they could have added but didn't.

    I won't say I won't. I won't say I will. I'll just wait and see while I play other games. :mrgreen:
  • AngelEb95AngelEb95 Posts: 1,481 Member
    edited June 29
    The only bugs I've noticed are most likely due to my out of date cc. Other than that my game runs fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,862 Member
    Why would you want another game you have wait for years to be how you want it? The Sims 4 doesn’t have everything yet.

    @pepperjax1230 1. Because the franchise needs to evolve
    2. Because for me the Sims 4 base is not good so no matter how much DLC comes out it will still be lackluster
    3. Cause bugs and spaghetti code
    4. TS4 has the most DLC out of every sims game, yet it "doesn't have everything yet"? That doesn't sound like a positive thing to me, more like milking.

    One it doesn’t need to evolve and every Sims game got bigger Sims 2 was bigger the The Sims The Sims 3 was bigger then Sims 2 and Sims 4 is bigger then Sims 3. I like Sims 4 there are things in it that I wish could be in the other version which makes them not as fun. When I say Sims 4 doesn’t have everything it just in my opinion is lacking more things for sims to do. I hope they keep the concerts going because that is game changing to me.
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