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Favorite Townie in each game?

As the title say, who's your favorite townie/premade sim in every sims game? (and why if you want!) :)


  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,501 Member
    For me:

    Sims 2: Nina Caliente
    She looks cool, I like her outfit. Infinitely better than the Sims 3 and 4 version imo.

    Sims 3: Florita Hernandez
    I love her style and her look, she's one of the few interesting looking Sims 3 townies for me

    Sims 4: Nalani Mahi'ai
    Easily one of the prettiest sims they've ever made I love her look
  • readerbug2readerbug2 Posts: 22 Member
    Never played the Sims 2, but I did play Bustin' Out, so I'll speak to that instead.

    Sims Bustin' Out: Mom. The robe. The face mask. The rollers. Iconic.

    Sims 3: Agnes Crumplebottom. I find her to be the most complex townie, and I always try to befriend her in my games.

    Sims 4: Bella Goth. I'm always having her get into scrapes. Sometimes she's fighting with Nancy Landgraab. Other times she's fighting with Vlad. She's always getting into trouble.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,743 Member
    Only one. Agnes Crumplebottom from Sims 3. I've recreated her in my Sims 4 game.
    She and my sim are best friends.


    Do more of what makes you happy. 🌞
  • TheSpotted_CTheSpotted_C Posts: 223 Member
    The Sims: Bob and Betty Newbie - If I'm forced to pick one, probably Betty.

    The Sims 2: Brandi Broke

    The Sims 3: Daniel Pleasant I guess lol - I had him cheat on Mary Sue with one of my sims in Sunlit Tides. They had a quirky red-headed son.

    The Sims 4: Alice Martin
  • WrenryWrenry Posts: 845 Member
    edited May 14
    Don Lothario since he appeared in Sims 2. I love having him as a blatant playboy trying to romance my sims.

    Alex Moyer in Sims 4. I like her because she doesn’t stalk my sim when going to different lots unlike Judith Ward and Mila Munch. :D

  • TheStarrSimmerTheStarrSimmer Posts: 169 Member
    Sims 1 Bob Newbie because he was the first sim I played as in the original tutorial...but the Goths are a close second

    Sims 2 I Mortimer Goth. It was interesting to see Mortimer as an elder, since in TS1 he was forever stuck the same age for eternity

    Sims 3 None since I've never played it.

    Sims 4 Hands down Bella Goth, It's the first time I've had the chance to play her since TS1 (without cheats). It's nice to see her in the game again.
  • TheStarrSimmerTheStarrSimmer Posts: 169 Member
    @readerbug2 Sims 4: Bella Goth. I'm always having her get into scrapes. Sometimes she's fighting with Nancy Landgraab. Other times she's fighting with Vlad. She's always getting into trouble.

    Indeed, Nancy is always meddling with sims in my game as well.
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,570 Member
    Sims 1: Only ever played the Newbies, so probably Bob.

    Sims 2: Trent Traveller
    I find his combination of "Used to work in law enforcement" + "Wants to become Criminal Mastermind" + "Suddenly felt the urge to travel with lots of money in reserve" hilarious. I mean, the story is right there if you read between the lines.

    Sims 3: I'm not really attached to any townie/premade.

    Sims 4: The whole Villareal/Renegades/Knights of the Hedge bunch are always part of my game, but I cannot decice on just one favorite.
    I guess I have a thing for crime dynasties?
    my sims blog alternates between gameplay with the Villareal and picture stories with my Detroit (android) sims
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,834 Member
    Sims 3: Bella & Michael Bachelor (Siblings)

    Sims 4: Bella Bachelor Goth
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,651 Member
    Sims 1: No expansions, so no townies. Premades, the Goths.
    Sims Bustin' Out: No townies. Premades, Mimi Landgrabb.
    The Urz: No townies. Premade, Will.I.Am.
    Castaway: I don't remember.
    Sims 2 Console: No townies. Premades, oddly enough Goopy Gilscarbo.
    Sims 2 PC: Fricorith Tricou or one of the downtownies related to him and Brandi Broke.
    Sims 3: I never grew attached to anyone, though I was happy to see Olive Specter and Agnes Crumplebottom again.
    Sims 4: No townies. Premades, Vlad, although I gave him a makeover.
    Gallery ID: LadyGray01
  • SuperCoolRachaelSuperCoolRachael Posts: 311 Member
    Bella and Mortimer Goth. Always and forever. I love them. And I love their kids, too!
  • ACruelButLovingGodACruelButLovingGod Posts: 195 Member
    I've never thought too much about townies or premades in the first 3 Sims games. Never played Sims 1, and Sims 2 and 3 started with me using either a blank map (2) or demolishing every lot except for the venues/rabbit holes and building entirely from scratch (3.) Townies were, at best, sweet, delicious DNA to harvest for my genetic experiments (mmmm, mad science-y!)

    In Sims Medieval, Servant Dimples always charmed me...or, more accurately, she tended to charm the village blacksmith in most of my kingdoms. Likewise, the bard always seemed to end up with the songstress introduced into his life in the Gilded Guilds quest.

    Sims 4, either Alex Moyer—she's immortal and tends to have good-looking kids, what's not to love?—or Johnny Zest.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,340 Member
    TS1: Goths I suppose. Mostly played own sims - which is true for all versions
    TS2: Cassandra Goth, Allyn Thomason
    TS3: This one has townies?
    TS4:Summer Holiday, Liberty Lee with some tinkering, Ina Cents if in a vampire mood
  • YunaYuna Posts: 219 Member
    edited May 26
    Bustin' Out - Mimi Landgraab, she's nasty lol. I like her taste in furniture and its never boring hanging out with her.

    Urbz Handheld - Roxanna Moxie, she's quirky

    Urbz PS2 - hard to decide... Sara Tonin or Scary Mary... Diva Roma is quite cool too.. oh and Ridiculous D.O.G !. Urbz had such cool characters.. I need the whole urbz universe in my game. :D handheld and ps2!

    Sims 2 'Rose Miller' - a Downtownie that gets a random generated name at the start of the game(Nightlife). Rose Miller is the name of her file. She dresses in a pink vintage dress, she's tan and has blonde hair. :) For some reason I always imagined her to be the picture-perfect girlfriend despite her romance aspiration. Meadow Thayer is my favorite too and she's faithful. The color of her stockings are lit <3

    Sims 3 - Blair Wainwright or Darlene Bunch.. I like dreamy sims. They always stand out in my gameplay.

    Yuki Behr in Sims 4, because of her haircolor and she seems kindhearted and different in comparison to your average girl next door.

  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,483 Member
    edited May 31
    I'm going to say my favourite townies as Sims who aren't playable from the start since thats how I know the word Townie. And then list the playable houses seperately.


    TS1: There was this randomly generated Townie before called Thog Strange, despite his Commander and Conquer head being equally as odd, I'll credit his name as why I love Thog so much already. Maybe its just since all I can think when I see his name is "Thog don't caare"

    TS2: I'm pretty sure it's the Downtownie Christy Raha as my favourite here, even though she has a different name every neighbourhood. I mostly know her as Dawn Carter though from my first BDC, she usually ended up dating one of the Grand Vampires my main household always had move in, so she usually ends up befriending a lot of my favourites.

    TS3: Hard choice here, I know most townies from Bridgeport and Isla Paradiso but between Arial Welsh and Mia Azul I think Mia is my favourite. I have a softspot for mermaids (even though Arial always ends up a Mermaid if I have her move in), and especially Sims with flaws like hotheaded. They both have cool outfits too.

    So as for actual playable households.

    TS1: I'm going to list the players mother from the Sims 1 Console ports, she might be hotheaded and yells at you to wakeup in two different games, yells and pleads for you to get a job, but she's amusing, plus she still looks out for you. Hey, she even chases off Malcom Landgraab from YOUR new mansion, whats not to love? "Are you running a science project in our house toilet!?" - Mom 2003

    TS2: No contest its Tara DeBateau, she is creeeepy sometimes when she stares at the camera, which feels like she does it more than any other Sim I play, but its also how I've portrayed her in game which makes her my favourite, she's got a cute adoptive father, and may have drowned Jason Cleveland and trapped his son in a box. Her male counterpart in the genderswapped Uberhood is also the same old DeBateau mix of scary, dangerous and smug. But yet she still keeps her friends close.

    *Tank Grunt is owed a 2nd place though solely for the DS and GBA spinoffs, Tank was right about his hate of ladybugs seeing how a shrunken down him was attacked by at least 10-20 Ladybugs, plus he ended up in a hut with the Yeti, so he's pretty lucky

    TS3: I have a love for vampires, and Bridgeport is a hard place to not love. Elvira Slayer is forever my favourite from that neighbourhood, one of the oldest, most dangerous vampires is exactly how I see her. Less Twilighty, and probably closer to a more Victorian portrayl of vampire which is always nice. And a lot of my favouritism is probably how she ended up interwined in my households story there by sheer luck.

    *Special shoutout to Morrigan Hemlock there, I can't get over Morrigans insanity, theres something about looking over to see her strangling herself or making inane babblering.
  • Renato10Renato10 Posts: 406 Member
    The Goths (not in TS4 tho)
  • Jessims4Jessims4 Posts: 16 Member
    The Sims: Cassandra Goth (Reason I became obsessed with The Sims)
    The Sims 2: Haven't played it yet
    The Sims 3: Bebe Hart or Holly Alto
    The Sims 4: Cassandra Goth; though Luna Villareal intrigues me (Don't have Get Together)
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