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    @mightysprite Hey sorry for not getting to you sooner the holidays are super busy!

    I love Lia and Fatima too, heh, I was curious who they were and after finding out, I had to add them to my rotation!
    Oh you are absolutely right, I agree, Vanessa is not helping the situation at all, she is making it worse, she has a CC trait that is called soft, which makes sims kinda pushover and weak willed with tier family, she has always been this way sadly since she was a teen.

    I hope it might, I have to watch and see, I really want Dec to be okay, I am hoping either the outcome you say or Vanessa stop being an enabler of sorts will help Declan stand on his own again. I am hoping one of those two options help.

    @ Everyone I will be out with a new part in a few days tops! Happy simming! :)
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    Drama just loves this family, I'm sure Mckenna will figure out what she needs to whether the results are for the best or not, mainly in how to speak and if she was really worked up solely for misspeaking or if maybe some other feelings are there she's not able to face. As for the alders well now I'm not sure what to say there either ha.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
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    Mckenna really does get strange, scared, weird, uncomfortable, rash and panicky when romantic things go wrong or amiss, she used to be unflirty but since Matty, her boyfriend, found out about the right way to love and what love really means in the romantic way. The reason she was unflrity was the horrible way, her "mom" Gemma, presented it. So when Lia flirted with her, she thought it was somehow her own fault, she gave the wrong impression, she left out important information, which was true, yet she is still learning and an awkward woman when it comes to titles even if she likes being someones girlfriend.

    Mckenna also has the flaw of always being way to hard on herself and called herself unworthy, for causing this -in her mind- so when 'confessing' to Matty it all came out wrong.

    It took Matty a while to calm down and realize this but he did.

    Lia, I don't blame them for reacting that way, they did not really get that Mckenna had an Significant other, but they really like Mckenna so they are scared if they don't keep this long distance, they will make a true huge mistake.

    So hah yeah I was not expecting that winter before the holidays drama!

    It is okay about the Adler's, they're drama came out of left field too. I am still processing it and trying to hope for them.

    Alright happy holidays everyone!

    I was hoping to get Winterfest done before 2022.

    Buuut yeah not happening but hey, there is always next year.

    This update is pretty happy and wholesome!

    Stones; Decorating For Winterfest
    Max stirred the ingredients together being careful, Winterfest to the Stone's has a deep meaning, with having such a horrible mother or birth giver, it was about the only time of year that brought him, Mckenna and Lilith true joy.

    One day they could relax and truly be children.

    And when they were teens, they got to make baby Rainbow's Winterfest as memorable as they could, they bought a tree and decorated one for the first time, they worked hard combining simoleons to give each other presents for the first time and to bring the joy of Winterfest tenfold into Rainbow's life

    Speaking of Rainbow, she was trying to distract her daddy because she wanted to try and snag a taste or two of the cheesecake brownies~

    The trick did not work and the little sugar fiend got a little pouty-whinny, nothing that a hug and promise of coco if she waited a bit longer did not fix!

    "Now go on and change, I have to as well, Juli will be here in a few minutes."

    His gaze went over to the brownies.

    Max thoughts: Better NOT leave those here though... or in the fridge, welp inventory it is then.

    Julianna did arrive and caught Rainbow in a hug hello!

    I love these two so freaking much! <3

    "Hey Angel, want my help getting into your costume?"

    "Hiya Juli! You look so pretty and yes! Some parts are super tricky heh, but who else is gonna help Auntie Winter Lilith, heh, heh~"

    The gang enjoyed the cheesecake brownies and hot coco while talking and laughing.

    I loved how dedicated they are to Winterfest dressing up! <3 (The twins are reindeer, Lilith is Lady Winter and Rainbow is a little helper elf, and Julianna is preggers and did not wanna dress up but wore red).

    I was setting up the group, then about to queue them up to decorate, when these two decided to kill me with adorableness yet again <3

    They did this autonomously <3 Julianna is her mom, forget the step title aaaaah and Rainbow seems excited to be a big sister! I have to wait and see but this makes me so happy!

    Everyone was kinda chatting trying to see where to start.

    But lol Mckenna being Mckenna took the lead and started first, lol gotta love her~

    Everyone got started, well one little girl was helping but perusal, she got distracted by talking! xD

    She always forgets to do things because of this the main thing is eating.

    Oh Rainbow, I need to find some chatterbox trait for you!

    She finally got into it as well and I love how Juli was watching over her.

    Also Mckenna is overthinking things and seizing up the tree, Max is telling her to relax and she did, kinda.

    "But what if we just--"


    "Fine, fine,"

    Grumble, grumble.


    Once they were done and they moved the tree and everything back to where it should be, they all sat down to watch a Winterfest movie (There really should be one! Dx)

    These two~~~~ <3.

    They know I am watching and getting on my good side with their cuteness~

    They were cuddling and watching the movie did not know that could happen! <3

    "I love you Juli, mmm, mommy."

    It was the first time testing out the new title.

    Juliana tried to keep her heart steady from bursting with joy but she is sure Rainbow could feel it anyways,

    "I love you too, Rainbow, my sweet girl."

    Then of course lol Max aka daddy had to have his turn.

    They talked quietly about the big trip tomorrow and how excited Rainbow was.

    "I am excited about seeing HAZELNUT again and Paisley gets to come and meeting her friends too!~"

    The little red head partially sang.

    "I'm so happy for you baby, you will have the best time, Angel."

    Max gave her a big squeeze, he had to work on not missing her already, being the first time Rainbow was away from him that far a distance.

    After the movie, Lili texted Matty and Angel, she was going over to the Zest part of her family and bringing the rest of the treats for her three younger cousins over there, two toddlers and a child. \

    Here is the tree!~

    As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be theirs!

    What I do is let them decorate the tree that comes with seasons but then replace it another tree, most of the time, we need more decorate customization options on the season tree.

    The last activity they did before Lilith left, they opened up crackers!

    Rainbow cheering got a plush toy from hers and Lilith a piece of candy.

    The twins got nothing, but they were happy for the younger two they did not get the busted ones, so all was good.

    After that, Juliana went home since she was tired.

    After Max came back from walking her and having their own cuddle and kisses.

    The two reindeer twins talked on the sofa together for a bit.

    It was nice seeing the two compared to many Winterfest ago and how far they had come ;w;

    The Adler's: Decorating For Winterfest.
    Vanessa made some mint chocolate cupcakes to eat after a light soup dinner, they were going to decorate the Winterfest tree!

    Evidence on almost every wall, Hazel has really been in the holiday spirit and hard at work!

    So chowing down on a sweet chocolate but cool mint cupcake was the best thing, she had two!~

    Turning on the Winter holiday music, Vanessa and Hazel enthusiastically started decorating and humming to the jingling tunes~

    Declan came in finally.

    Vanessa decided she was not going to coaxed him into dong things anymore.

    But when Hazel took the reins on that duty encouraging her own father to participate, a thing that should be reverse....

    It made Vanessa feel.... badly, anger and sad mixed with twelve other feelings.

    It worked however, and Declan came over to help.

    But then,

    A small groan and an even deeper sigh,

    "Daddy... we still have plenty of tree to do, don't stop....."

    Declan had been standing idle for too long, I checked to find the task had dropped, for just him, so story wise...

    Besides, she looked and sounded kinda exasperated, poor bean.

    Declan had mumbled a response, smiled and got back to work.

    Things went fine from there, but both females were suspicious that he was on something again.

    Decorating for Winterfest was supposed to be happy, not a chore.

    After they got done, they drank hot coco and admired the tree, they also listened to Winter holiday tunes and chatted here and there.
    That is all for both these households for now, :)

    Happy Holidays Everyone! <3
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    Hello everyone!

    Here is the next installment of my simming story :)

    Vanessa delivered a few of her Winterfest gifts early.

    They were flower arrangements.
    Daniella was in love with her gift, she put it right on her new dresser in Caroline's house. It symbolized new beginnings and friendship.

    Vanessa gave Caroline one too, it symbolized intelligence and determination and the sweetness Carol gave to others.

    Vanessa gave on to Amelia which was wild yet gave a blessing for good fortune for her incoming baby.

    Beckett too, he never turned his nose up at flowers or said 🐲🐲🐲🐲 no thanks (Like Nick did).

    Vanessa knew she had chosen the right flowers for him,

    Dedication, affection and loyalty, these things waved off him, making her completely melt into him, the fire roaring behind her no contest for his warmth.

    A Bit About Beck
    Beck was full of spirit after putting the lovely flower arrangement next to his bedside, he started to decorate while Nick and Amelia put their input in but were more into the red velvet cupcakes Nick had crafted yum!

    Amelia against her twin's wishes ask Nick to give Beck some tips since her would be more or less alone with Vanessa at some point on the trip~

    "Really, Ame, ugh, seriously!..."

    But he came along with Nick with a sigh.

    Nick chuckled,

    "Sorry about her, dude, well you know all about it, but these hormones, you just don't say no, not outloud."

    Beck had to nod in agreement,

    "So we don't have to talk about things, but it is gonna be pretty romantic up there in Mt. Komo."

    Beck could not help but flush a little and smile dopey.

    "Well um, I really wanna show her... how much she is cherished, you know a wow thing, got any tips?"

    Oh did Nick ever! After all, he had did many lovely surprises and dates for Amelia really satisfying her romantic side.

    Nick really got into explaining some, gesturing quite a bit~

    "Whatever you do man or don't, remember to check your senses too not just your desires, ya know, make it count that is what matters, even if you are just cuddled on the couch."

    Beck's whole face lit up, that is how he kinda did things already,

    "Thanks, Nick, really."

    Beck never thought ill of Nick or anything, but he always saw him in a certain way especially as teens, but now living with him, seeing the way he treated his twin, how he treated him, Nick was more than just that popular guy he knew in high school.

    Vanessa saw the normal sweet and thoughtful text from Beck when they did not have time to see each other in person or talk on the phone or video chat.

    Vanessa knew her neat freak trait was coming out, they had planned, gave out plans to parents, revised, etc did all the preparation and Vanessa seemed to keep talking about it.

    Beck got a text from Vanessa.

    He chuckled and wrote back that was fine, meet him in the evening around 7pm. He did not mind her tendentious, they really did not cause any harm just a bit of extra work, and he was happy to do that with and for her.

    Nick looks pretty pleased with himself!

    Check In Before The Snow Escape Vacation
    Beck sat down before Vanessa showed up to make sure he had enough work done before the trip so he would not have to work all that hard after the trip and the rest of his break.

    He checked lessons plans, graded homework that was before holiday break and then answered back emails from students and parents on the special school forum.

    At the twins house, Beck spent some time bonding a bit more with Jesse and Illana, he knew them pretty well but still.

    Vanessa was talking with Brandie and Yu who trusted her completely just as she did with them.

    They basically raised Hazel all together.

    Next they went to the Peter's and told the parents of Paisley all the revised and still the same information, again giving directions on where to drop her off tomorrow and they discussed some more about clothing items to bring.

    The father had to keep working but had one ear open, he asked all the more direct questions and made sure Beck and Vanessa had all the contacts he listed down.

    Beck greeted Daniella with lots of love.

    He was so happy for her getting away from Julian, she seemed brighter already, still sadness in her eyes because she was a romantic at heart wanting to find her soulmate but despite that, she was much better than before.

    Daniella was happy Matt was able to enjoy this trip, he deserved it for everything he has been so good through.

    But she was also nervous, that is why Caroline was there to assure her, telling Vanessa and Beck, Daniella would not have time to worry, she'd be enjoying her own spa day trip together~

    That got a smile and a laugh from everyone.

    Last stop was the Stone's residence, both Beck and Vanessa had to stop and admire how decorated the house was, they must really love Winterfest!

    Max was happy to touch base with them again and just in the spirit of being jolly!

    He loved the revisions and agreed to have Rainbow at the house within the couple of hours block to drop her off, so everyone could catch their flight.

    This amused eyebrow raise was because Beck turned to Vanessa and caressed her cheek as if calming her down.

    Max found that very interesting because Vanessa as close as they had become, never told her about being romantic with Beck~

    Max caught her eye with this look.

    Vanessa could only blush but smile about it and give a little nod and a mouthed "Okay, okay tell you more later."

    After getting back, Nick had left them with Winterfest pudding (CC food from cook book )

    They enjoyed it while Nick had to go to work, he was really busy this time of year cooking for fancy family reservations and events this time of year.

    Amelia demanded Vanessa needed a good massage before she went off to babysit all the little ankle biters.

    Laughing since Ame would have her own child soon, Vanessa could not refuse and she felt amazing afterward.

    Beck did not mind cleaning up, he knew he had a turn next with his sis, charge free which she did give to Vanessa, that or a discount.

    He was excited and a little nervous, six kids were a lot but he could barely wait for their snowy escape!

    That is all for now :)

    Next time will be Hazel and Rainbow meeting up again with their friends and going on a snowy adventure!
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    "they really did not cause any harm just a bit of extra work, and he was happy to do that with and for her."

    Aw, that's love <3 enjoyed this segment very much and looking forward to hearing about the Komorebi vacation!
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    Thank you muchly for your comments, I always enjoy them!

    And yesh, Beck is suuuuuuch a sweetie!

    I love him and his dedication to Vanessa! <3

    I can't wait to play Mt. Komo! :)

    Will update when I do~.
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