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Some small and fun little details about the sims 4 that are not in the sims 2&3



  • Sorak4Sorak4 Posts: 3,444 Member
    Oh Teen Sims can live alone in TS2/3 if their parents suddenly... Die to "mysterious" pool ladder accidnents! Only problem with the whole orphaned teen issue in 2 is just disappearing homework if they lived in apartments. So can they be independant right out of CAS in 4?

    Still love the whole independant pet/children houses in 1 though, those were really the definition of plain-absurd independence with the repo-man visiting constantly and no way to cook without a Servo

    While the Sims 2 doesn't have crying in bed, the closest you get in The Sims 2 to that is when Sims have aspiration failure or other recent serious bad memories (eg a death) and sleep, they often kick around, have different thought-bubbles and sometimes shoot up panting in horror. Equally amusing.
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