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Original neighborhood families not appearing in Sims Complete

A friend of mine out of curiosity grabbed themselves a copy of the Sims Complete package offline cause they never played it back in the day and I always told them about it. Anyway, they loaded it up and it was cool seeing those old places again. I haven't played with mine for years (it's just been sitting taking up hard drive space on my computer) but I have great memories. The weird thing about it was I noticed in game all the homes and families for all the expansions were there EXCEPT the original lots and I guess the ones that came with Livin' Large cause they were there in the original cul-de-sac. I have no idea how something like that could have happened and got sold? To try and help them I was wondering if I could just copy those lots from my computer over into their game and then would they have all the missing families like the Goths, the Newbies, etc.? Just so I know what I'm talking about which files would I need to copy over for them to work in the other game? The houses or would it be the Userdata files? It's been a long time since I've had to mess with the internal workings of Sims 1. I hope all the original families are even still alive or if I killed any of them off last time I played with them.


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