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Have you ever been addicted to playing the Sims?



  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,613 Member
    bella_goth wrote: »
    there have been studies that say you can't really get addicted to games the way you can drugs are something like that
    I think your just maybe a little overwhelmed by the things that are going on in the world right now if you think your playing to much
    find something else you like to do learn a new skill or get better at an old one

    if games made people addicted like drugs i think they would forbid them for kids despite being a prominent industry lol however nowadays more people seems to depend on them for their own happiness and i don't think that's healthy. okay i understand loving a videogame and playing it a considerable amount of time every now & then, but going beyond a simple hobby to make it occupy most of your daily thoughts it's an issue. so if it is affecting someone it's better to stop playing for a while, focus on something else or ask for help if necessary.
    if it's not affecting someone's routine then it's okay

    you could say that of anything working to much eating to much reading to much or to much tv
    or whatever your favorite hobbies is like I told op above if they feel there doing it to much do something else
    however before they decided they have a problem that they need help with they should consider that they'll be just fine as
    soon as they can get out again your mind plays tricks on you when your bored and inside all the time

    i was referring to videogames due to the forums and all lol but yeah it can be applied to many things. it really depends on the person and their situation so it's hard to help someone this way, if someone feels that something they "love" no longer makes such person feel good, or if being on it makes the person adjust their routine on dependence then there is indeed an issue and needs to be addressed. usually with a psychologist, or with someone close to such person. change the lifestyle and focus on other things more productive.
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