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Moodlets and Buffs

I never paid much attention to moodlets, but now I want to learn if we can mod our own moodlets. I googled a bit, and found info on buffs and traits.

1. Is Moodlets and Buffs the same thing?

2. Is it possible to create new Moodlets without creating a Trait, or are Moodlets/Buffs only possible with a new trait?

3. Any newbie tutorial on how to create a new Moodlet? Say * if trait=Popular + viewing a photo = Wanting to become a photo model (Confidence+1) (I know some javascript scripting, but I'm totally new re scripting for this game)

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  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,287 Member
    edited October 11
    1. For the most part, yes. Buffs are called moodlets when they appear on your screen with all the colors and mood effects, like you are used to seeing. There are also hidden buffs.
    2. Yes. You would apply a buff through loot, or basic_extras in an interaction, which a loot can be triggered by interactions.
    3. Yes, I recommend starting with override mods first instead of jumping into custom files right away, that way you can play around with existing code to make yourself familiar. Scarlet's tutorials are a good place to do that for basics:

    Zer0's tutorials cover more intermediate stuff, like how to make custom buffs, loots, etc. Here is their directory, look at the top with the Start To Finish label:

    Also, majority of mods are not scripts. The stuff in .packages and what you are about to do is called a tuning mod done with XML. Scripts in .ts4script use Python and are generally not needed until you get to advanced mods or mods that need injecting, and even then there are several tools out there that do the majority of injecting for you.
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