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You Tube Display Viewer and Other Questions.

CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,067 Member
edited August 23 in The Sims 2
Hope someone can help me since this is about my TS2 game and videos.

It has been over a year I guess since I visited my channel on youtube. First I can no longer sign in with my user ID but Google wants an email address, I tried several Google might remember but none worked to log me into my channel so I could make changes or add content (videos).

I searched my user ID name and found my stuff but there is a new problem with that. The viewer is gigantic now which makes all my TS2 videos and even TS3 videos look really bad because those were never meant to be seen on such a large screen but look like they should (pixels/graphics etc.) when embedded here or other sites etc. But anyone viewing them on Youtube would think my gosh, those games' graphics are so horrible because when viewed on such a large viewer that Youbube has changed to be too big, they all look horrible.

When did google decide we have to log into Youtube with an email rather than user ID and password and when did they change the viewer to a huge thing where any older Sim game looks like plum? Any way to work around these things so I can find a way to adjust this stuff because I was going to submit some video of my creations.
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