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A game of The simmer below me (2nd edition)



  • xManicMelodicxxManicMelodicx Posts: 165 Member
    I have not, choir style of singing wasn't really my thing personally, though I do admire those who can sing that way and sound so beautiful.

    TSBM has played in part of a band or orchestra
    Origin ID: ManicMelodic
  • KendranaKendrana Posts: 3,004 Member
    False, I like Christmas.

    TSBM still plays The Sims 2.
  • proffittm30proffittm30 Posts: 8 New Member
    True, winters where I live are cool, not cold, and perfect for hiking!

    The Simmer below me likes to eat ice cream
  • SnookieSnookie Posts: 19 Member
    Yes! i do that would be very fun :D

    TSBM like museums?
    You know, the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you.
  • Justa_G00fJusta_G00f Posts: 1,075 Member
    I think they're cool but have not been to one in a while.

    TSBM plays/has played a musical instrument.
    How your Sims builds show your meds' effectiveness

  • ElleMonAmourElleMonAmour Posts: 71 Member
    edited September 22
    Yes I have. I play the piano, violin and a few simple wind instruments as well, although I'm not really good at any of them. lol

    TSBM- doesn't turn to face the door in an elevator, just to freak people out.


  • Justa_G00fJusta_G00f Posts: 1,075 Member
    LOL no I don't but I find it hysterical to think you might play with people's heads that way. 🤣
    @EllMonAmour I see you only have a handful of posts so welcome to the forum! 😉

    TSBM has clucked at someone. (I won't judge lol)
    How your Sims builds show your meds' effectiveness

  • LegoGirlLegoGirl Posts: 90 Member
    Lol no 😂

    TSBM can do the alphabet backwards.
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