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A game of The simmer below me (2nd edition)


  • poor_strawberrypoor_strawberry Posts: 17 Member
    edited January 11
    I'm dont celebrate christmasd and I'm a vegeterian so nope lol

    TSBM has already given up on their new years resolutions
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  • AnaithisAnaithis Posts: 2 New Member
    Nope. Because I gave up on making new years resolutions many years ago. I never kept them anyway so why bothering. ;)

    TSBM loves science fiction and fantasy.
  • QueenOfNowhereQueenOfNowhere Posts: 29 Member
    I do, yes. I write about it a lot in my stories.

    The simmer below me is hard working.
  • Gilles8001Gilles8001 Posts: 501 Member
    Used to be

    TSBM likes going out to Fast Food Restaurants :smiley:
  • QueenOfNowhereQueenOfNowhere Posts: 29 Member
    Not really. I prefer to stay and eat in.

    The simmer below me has read the Skulduggery Pleasant books.
  • JamesSims528JamesSims528 Posts: 151 Member
    Nope. A friend recommended them to me once but I didn't think they sounded very interesting.

    TSBM has a vast collection of books.
  • RainKikoRainKiko Posts: 29 Member
    My vast collection of books... are in my mind now as I memorized them!

    TSBM has never kissed a rabbit!
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