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Ways the Sims 4 is BETTER than other Sims games


  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,695 Member
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    I love the graphics in TS4. I love how clearly I can see my Sims’ faces, and how easily I can make their faces be whatever I want them to be. I remember playing TS1 and longing to be able to see what my Sim’s face actually looked like up close.
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  • FlpAmaralFlpAmaral Posts: 149 Member
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    Back to the topic, these are the things I think are better in TS4:
    - CAS
    - Build/Buy Mode
    - The Gallery
    - Vampires
    - Toddlers
    - Pets
    - Art Style
    - UI
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 1,921 Member
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    One of my most favourite things about the Sims 4 is how expressing the sims themselves are. I absolutely love that I can see their emotions on their faces. I've added to this feature with the Slice of life mod. To me it makes the sims seem more real and life like to visually see their emotions. I wish this would be expanded on even more. I also adore that sims can multitask. They can chat with each other while doing many things. They can eat while watching tv. I really don't understand how people can say these sims have no personality. To me they are by far the best sims that I have played with and they feel full of personally and life to me.
  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 97 Member
    Simmingal wrote: »
    being able to move rooms/walls/whole buildings/lots after placing down

    I swear I can't even build in old games anymore it drives me nuts to not have that

    I never could build properly in TS2 cos of the limited tools and bugs with the roofing but now in TS4 i'm actually building more accurate buildings and still not 100% accurate but i can still make the building an interesting shape it just comes together on itself, i always start the front part of my Builds first building on whatever Lot i can find that's a better size for it and then i put in a pool if i want there to be one and then i form the outside walls for the rest of the house doing what i can with it on the back of the building, put in all the windows, doors and other outside details before i start to make the rooms on the inside. I know i'm definitely going to rebuild something i worked on in TS2 that i changed my mind on uploading for it cos i know i can improve it with TS4.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 553 Member
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    -Loading times (I do play TS2 , and it is my favourite game by far, but with decent amount of CC it does take long to load. I dunno about TS3 cause I would not touch it even if paid)
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  • bryanovensbryanovens Posts: 39 Member
    I can barely play the other Sims games after playing Sims 4. The creation side is so much fun because of how intuitive CAS and build mode are, and I can spend hours in both systems just playing around (the artstyle also makes looking at the game a lot nicer when compared to TS3's attempt at realistic graphics). The ease of gameplay is so nice too, with a lot of tasks feeling less gruesome to get through compared to the rest of the games in the series. The emotion system also truly does make the gameplay feel unique and fun at times, especially with the content that the GP and EPs add to the table.

    Sure, I have plenty of problems, and I am as excited for a new installment to the series as a lot of other people, but TS4 has evolved into a game that can be really fun and is a pretty valid addition to the franchise. The Sims team experienced a lot of issues during production, a lot of it coming from EA's control over the series, and has done a lot to overcome the damage caused.
  • TwicelikeyTwicelikey Posts: 175 Member
    - Gatherings are actual gatherings and not just two sims standing around and leaving a couple of minutes later
    - The Sims are expressive which honestly makes them feel more human
    - CAS is the best so far
    - Absolutely LOVE the gallery
    - Multi-tasking is a neat little feature
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,126 Member

    There's more, and I could be nitpicky on details here and there, but overall it has become my favorite game of the series, finally beating out Sims 2. Don't worry, Sims 2 will always have a place in my heart, but I don't need 10% of the mods and CC I have in that game to make Sims 4 do what I want. I think all said and done, my Sims 4 mods folder has 60 files if that? Sims 2, on the other hand, take 1-2 hours to load, due to the thousands of mods and CC needed to make things look good and work right...and prevent corruption.
  • cody6268cody6268 Posts: 243 Member
    CAS does not make me want to scream every time I use it. The sliders can be touchy and a bit of a headache in TS3.

    UI is the best in the franchise as well.

    The new bill setup coming as a part of the pre-EL patch is as realistic as it can get.

    While the Sims themselves have the personality of a Pet Rock, I do admit, they look the best of the franchise. TS2 Sims look low-poly, because it was the best they could do with the hardware available during its development. TS3 tried to go full-on photorealistic, but did it with 2009 and before tech--that's why they look weird.

    Hospitals, Science Labs, and police stations are the first time these career locations are actually ones you can follow your Sim to work in.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 2,907 Member
    Oh another thing I remembered is that I like is the aesthetically pleasing surroundings in the game as well as the sounds. Always feels like I can immerse myself a bit more into the world.

    Strangerville one of my favorite sas you can hear the wildlife at night time.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,121 Member
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    I think this game is absolutely gorgeous. I sometimes come in and just moon over it, or send my sims jogging just to view it from their point of view or around them. The sound effects build up the visuals even more.

    The animation flow is wonderful, and I have so many this is awesome moments watching them.

    For a non talented builder (like me) I can do a passable good job at building finally. Moving house parts around is so easy.

    The gallery... no more going to other sites all night long to download stuff then playing in my game for 10 minutes before I go on another search.

    Build on the fly in most community lots is incredible. Without going in and out of game you can set up for what you want to be available to your sims.

    Since I'm mostly a story teller with my sims since the first sims game, I've never had so much possible control over telling the story I want to tell before. This is the biggest reason this game is by far my favorite sims game.

    I don't have to use mods or cheats anymore (I know this experience isn't universal but I'm not claiming anything I'm saying is). The no need for mods or cc though is very freeing to me. Sometimes I find mods to try a different experience but I usually play the game in it's vanilla state.

    I love the way they do the DLC. It's not all crowded little bits that don't seem complete enough. I get enough to tell a story, to make a good complete character ect. If my sim does yoga they can perform yoga that is satisfying for instance. Many of the jobs also seem complete enough to tell a story with and with every pack I get I can do more and feel like I can go more in depth than ever before. Sometimes this stacks later too.

    The game runs super smooth for me.

    Multitasking <3
  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 723 Member
    One thing I really like about Sims 4 is how the towns are connected. I love the fact that Sims in Willow Creek turn up at the bar in Newcrest etc. It’s easier for Sims to meet a wider range of people. 👍

    I remember when I got Sims 2 Open for Business and really wanted the shopping district to be open to all towns and have Strangetown and Veronaville Sims visit.
    I’ve done this in Sims 4 by making some Sims 2 characters, now Bella Goth can meet Buzz Grunt at the bar etc. 😁
  • FaberriesFaberries Posts: 1,312 Member
    • TS4 CAS is my favorite so far. It’s so easy to make diverse sims. It’s also super fun to mess around with if you’re bored :p
    • The world’s are really beautiful. I have so many random screenshots of the scenery
    • The game always run great for me. When the game first got released, i played with high settings on a laptop with no problems. Nowadays i have a proper PC and it still runs amazing ofc. The game also loads fairly fast considering all the mods and CC i have downloaded :D
    • Speaking of CC, i think the sims still looks great without it. I mostly use it since it gives me more options for clothing and hair, but I also think i would be able to play without it, if i was forced to
    • Multi tasking is amazing! It’s a small detail, but i don’t think i can play without it anymore lol
    • I never really cared about family play in the other games, but I’ve been loving it in TS4! There’s 6 generations of my current family. I could never get past the first one in the earlier games :p
    • Toddlers are also something i love in this game! They’re adorable
    • Lastly it has given me hours of fun. I have a lot of hours played (probably more than the previous games), and i don’t really see myself stopping any time soon ^^
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  • SAEldarinSAEldarin Posts: 343 Member
    • the ability to freely add/remove sims from households, including those households not played
    • the ability to edit sims, including those from households not played
    • how family relationships are applied and can be edited directly in CAS
    • all of the CAS improvements (new categories, the ability to assign multiple outfits per clothing category)
    • the ease of building (oh yea!)
    • the calendar system: creating/editing our own Holidays, planning events, etc. (one of the best additions to the Sims yet!)
    • graphics and ease of play -- even with a TON of mods!
    • apartments (absolutely loving the experience of them!)
    • the nice balance our sims have in walking around their immediate neighborhood and the ability to travel between worlds
    • vacations (I know, TS2 had them, but I prefer TS4's vacation system -- though the hotel system in TS2 was pretty cool)
    • active careers
    • realizing I could go on with my list...

  • kaylin205kaylin205 Posts: 336 Member
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    The only redeeming qualities for me would be toddlers (the lack of crawling is a bit irritating for me), not being locked into one world (without mods), and vampires before they nerfed them.
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,126 Member
    I forgot the Gallery, how could I? So wonderfully handy as a place to store sims, if nothing else!
  • Tony89Tony89 Posts: 2,196 Member
    The sims 4 is the most diverse in the entire sims franchise

    We can literally make sims of any shape and size, any ethnicity, gay, trans, straight.

    We can breed biracial children, we can breed with aliens, and the grim reaper lol.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 2,907 Member
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    I do like how toddlers are in this game. It's made me want to play more with families in this iteration. I remember playing them in 2 an this one is a lot easier since they can somewhat take care of themselves. Think I had the hardest time making sure my toddlers didn't get snatched up by the social work, plus seems like unplayed Sims families take care of the toddlers well. (Less you got more than one). Was surprised when visiting one family to see Makoa feeding the toddler and soon playing with them afterwards when they were done. Just felt natural.


    (Thought for sure they wouldn't be able to on their own that well ha~)
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  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,377 Member
    LadyKyn wrote: »
    Oh another thing I remembered is that I like is the aesthetically pleasing surroundings in the game as well as the sounds. Always feels like I can immerse myself a bit more into the world.

    Strangerville one of my favorite sas you can hear the wildlife at night time.

    Those screenshots are beautiful and I didn't know that about wildlife (always play with the game muted) I'll have to listen for it!!!

  • LiELFLiELF Posts: 3,856 Member
    I have more to add!

    ~ The build mode in this game is so much more user friendly. I tried to build a couple of times in Sims 2 but I was so, so bad at it that I shied away from building ever since. Just this year, after the release of Tiny Living, I finally dared to try my hand at seriously building on a small lot. (I had done a nightclub once, but it was basically a multi-level box, haha. Now, it's not the best house, but it's more than just a box with a roof and I managed to make a loft and a central bent staircase that became the centerpiece for the open downstairs. So at least it's a little quirky and I actually kind of like it. I did a base game, starter version and a slightly fancier version. After that, I built a tiny mushroom house that I still need to finish, but it did spark an appreciation for some building.

    ~ Another thing about building is that we are able to just do rooms and save them, which is a great entry to building. I can't remember if we were able to do rooms in past games or not. Building was intimidated for me, but in TS4, I feel like I really want to do more with it and I can see possibilities for the first time.

    ~ I love, love, LOVE the household manager. Being able to quickly jump in and out of CAS with the world manager to edit households as I need to is something I would never want to be without moving forward. It has been a godsend. Especially with the way townies show up in public places. :p

    ~ The set styled looks and filters in CAS. I know I mentioned CAS in general already, but it goes above and beyond and I think it deserves extra mentioning. I find the styled looks so handy when I need to redress townies or even some of my own Sims when I want to get them done quickly. The variety of filters like specific styles of hair length or clothing types or even colors and packs is so convenient. I spend hours in CAS alone. And not because I have to, but because I get lost in the joy of it. <3

    ~ I love the Aliens. Honestly, I never used to consider Aliens Occults because in my mind, they were separate from the supernatural monsters and myths, more sci-fi. And I just wasn't really big on the alien concepts before, although I did like the abductions. But something about the Sims 4 Aliens just makes me love them. I see them with even more humor and I like to give them strange outfits in their disguise form, like they are trying to fit in but don't know how to dress. (Maybe that's problem with townie clothes - they're all Aliens! :D ) I just love having the alternate appearance and the freedom to have them blend into society.

    ~ Environment diversity. I mentioned Sim diversity before but there is also a lot of location diversity as well. Selvadorada, Forgotten Hollow, Brindleton Bay, Windenburg, StrangerVille, Sulani, Glimmerbrook, San Myshuno, Del Sol Valley, etc... each new world is so distinctively different from the others that it really enhances the feel of going far away to another place. It adds so much to immersion to have this huge variety of gorgeous environments. There is so much attention to detail and creativity in each one.

    ~ The sheer volume of variety in build/buy caters to my tastes. The Victorian items in Vampires and StrangerVille, the whimsical and almost fantastical styles in Realm of Magic, the Northeastern flavor of Cats and Dogs, the European tudor structures in Windenburg, the filthy rich marbled items and cheesy animal prints in Get Famous, the container homes and trashiness that just came out in Eco Lifestyle... so many wonderful varieties that go above and beyond with, no doubt, more to come.

    Yeah. Sims 4 definitely gets first place in aesthetics. And aesthetics are important to me.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 553 Member
    LiELF wrote: »

    ~ I love, love, LOVE the household manager.

    Bleh, I forgot this one, and it is most likely my favourite thing! <3
    (I can finally even delete sims, without instant corrupting my hoods like in TS2, if I delete a sim, or a family from the bin.)

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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,121 Member
    It's weird in past games (and yes I have played each of them enough to know if I liked them or not) I never really played supernaturals. I had Sims 1 and 2 and didn't play Witches at all they didn't appeal to me because of being too stereotypical only. Now I love to play them. I can be Bewitched or a cackling old crone or a Wizard and more. I've also loved playing aliens and ghosts and although have never deep dived into Vampires yet I know they are done very well. I'm hoping for more. That's why I said earlier I love the way DLC is being done because it gets very full and intricate to make characters.

    I agree about the household manager, it's so easy to just move them around and now (finally) with the split household funds I think it does about all I need it to do.

    Patches and Live Service has been wonderful and it's won me over... yes it gets behind but I appreciate all the additions that are put out and appropriate in scope for the game. I believe they take constructive and thoughtful feedback well. I'm right at the patch notes every month. I also like the tweaks that sometimes go unnoticed... my recent favorite being the ability to use the door as a vampire, neighbor ect deterrent. I was hoping at least for a lot trait one day but this is better. I've noticed a lot of tweaks over time and have faith that it will keep coming.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 10,735 Member
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    There are honestly for me two things that I find better then the previous versions and that is the connection between neighborhoods and Build and Buy has some good options. The graphics are nice but graphics is only one part of an good game for everything has to be tied into an great game including gameplay. I do prefer Sims 2 and Sims 3 over Sims 4. However being this is the OP's thread I will leave it at that. :)
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  • KruegerKrueger Posts: 79 Member
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    Anyway, another thing I like is this is the first game where the Sims feel alive to me. Even with free will on in past games they never really did anything themselves expect maybe take care of needs. In this one I love that they actually interact and seem to have preferences.
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  • Omri147Omri147 Posts: 10,812 Member
    The gallery is def one of the things I like the best in this game too.
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