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    Moon Selnes

    Meriam is feeling completely at home in Oasis Springs now. She loves the little local bars and restaurants, and has found some good friends among her neighbors. She's also celebrated her birthday with a big back yard party.


    She's very actively back in the dating game, and is having a lot of fun with it, but hasn't found anyone special yet.


    Roman and Yvonne are now very creative and social school kids who have tons of friends over all the time, so Meriam still has to seek out alternative places to write in peace.


    She tries her best to make sure the children stay in touch with their older siblings in San Myshuno, and luckily Marlon and Tyra enjoy coming to Oasis Springs to play with them.
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    Lin Justøy

    Aksel's family has had lots of cats for many generations now, but Zora has finally challenged tradition and adopted a dog. Nebula came to the family as a tiny puppy, and now she's a grown dog who tries her best to learn all the tricks Zora wants to teach her. Edgar the servo is also happy to have a new friend in the house, and the two of them seem to have a special connection.


    Both of Aksel's and Zora's children are teenagers now. Kjersti does programming and plays the piano in her free time, and wants to learn robotics. She has a boyfriend, Hakim Ferhat, who has been successfully introduced to the family.


    Viktor's main hobbies are working out and gaming. He has just started dating Veronica Herrera, a very athletic girl he met at the gym.


    Gaming is a big hobby for this whole family of electronics nerds who are all very competitive. As a former eSports team player at Foxbury, Zora isn't any less skilled than her two teenagers.
  • mingusssssmingusssss Posts: 127 Member
    Nebula hugging Edgar is so adorable!!!
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    @mingusssss I know, I awwwwed so hard at that moment :smiley: For some reason it's even cuter with the sad servo than a normal sim.
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    Goth Krämer

    This Winter, Rosalin took her family on a four day vacation to Mount Komorebi. They rented a house right next to the slopes and had some great, adventurous days on the mountain. They learned new skills, the kids met new friends, Matias even had a vacation crush and got his first kiss right there in the slopes :heart: So many memories for life.


    When they got back home, it was time to cosy up indoors and prepare for Winterfest. During these days they lost their precious Tulip, a loyal companion through many years. But at the morning of Winterfest, the boys woke up to find a new baby poodle in the living room. Her name is Crocus.


    Matias has already moved on from his vacation crush and started dating Vincente Villegas, a very sweet and down to earth boy who luckily doesn't live all the way over in Mt Komorebi.
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    The children are growing up so fast! Linnea Lanuola is the confident, loving big sister of the family. She especially loves her youngest siblings, the toddler twins. The only person in this household she still doesn't get along with is her sister Marielle.


    She's making steady progress in her painting skill and has started selling some of her works when joining her mom's sales trips to town.


    There aren't that many other teenagers on the island, and Linnea's relationship with her close friend Tindra has become more and more flirty. None of them have yet dared to make the major move, though.


    The most recent birthday party was held for Elias, who aged up to a teenager.


    Fishing trips with his dad are one of his favorite activities. He also likes to snorkel, free dive and do a variety of sports.
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    Lin Justøy

    When Kjersti aged up to a young adult, her boyfriend Hakim moved in and the two of them planned a vacation to Mt Komorebi together with Kjerti's brother Viktor and his girlfriend Veronica. They rented a vacation home on the top of the mountain and spent some wonderful, adventurous days in the area.


    When they returned home, it was the parents' turn to go on vacation. Aksel and Zora spent a couple of days sightseeing and relaxing in Windenburg.


    Shortly after this, tragedy struck the family. No one really saw what happened, but Kjersti must have slipped and hit her head as she was feeding the koi in their garden pond. Pleading to the reaper didn't help, and the household was left grieving over their dearest daughter, sister, partner.


    After this, Veronica started noticing Viktor becoming more distant and their relationship changing. They're still together, but Veronica misses the old cheerful Viktor very much.


    Viktor is now about to enroll in University, he has been accepted into the distinguished psychology degree he aimed for and will be a Foxbury student like his parents. But right now he's taking a break from everything to solely focus on climbing and snowboarding at Mt Komorebi for a few days. Doing sports and challenging himself physically has been a very important part of him coping with losing his sister. It means he has goals to work towards, like being able to ascend that mountain peak some day!
  • mingusssssmingusssss Posts: 127 Member
    I didn't know sims can die in the pond if it just has koi fish in it :open_mouth:
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    mingusssss wrote: »
    I didn't know sims can die in the pond if it just has koi fish in it :open_mouth:

    Me neither! I told her to feed them, turned to focus on something else and got a notification she was drowning...
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    Goth Krämer

    Matias and Vincente are still going strong. They're spending so much time together now, their parents worry they'll get tired of each other.

    Eilert has always been the most difficult child in the family. He went through three bear phases, while the other two boys have had none. As a teen, Eilert is still having a difficult time settling down and getting along with his family. He's rude to everyone, including Matias' boyfriend, and it's giving Matias mood swings as well.

    At one point, the parents had enough of the racket and Rosalin dragged her two oldest sons to a climbing site in Mt Komorebi to have them focus on something physical for a weekend. It totally worked in bringing the boys closer together, they had a great time. Now they really want to go climbing on the real mountain with their mom some time.

    After they got back, they had a big birthday party for August. Now it's his turn to join the gang of moody teens.
    Except August is a lot more like his dad and prefers to keep out of the drama. Instead you'll find him in the garden with a knitting project.
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    edited January 16
    Moon Selnes

    Meriam had her house renovated to make more room for the kids growing up, and to suit her lifestyle better. A second floor has been added to give the twins each their own bedroom upstairs, which has allowed them to make the living space downstairs larger.

    The kitchen/living area is now perfectly suited for Meriam's large parties, like this New Year's Eve party:

    After New Year they celebrated the oldest twins' birthday in San Myshuno, before Meriam left all her children at their dad's and went on a short writing and skiing vacation to enjoy some time to herself.

    Fast forward to summer, and it's Roman and Yvonne's turn to age up. They invite all the neighbors, plus Marlon and Tyra, to the nearest park to celebrate.
    So now all of Meriam's children are teenagers. What a bunch!
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    edited January 28
    Lin Justøy

    Viktor is now living at Foxbury Campus in Britechester, studying psychology. He likes his student housing, and has met a lot of new friends.


    His girlfriend Veronica has also been living in the same dorm, studying communications. They were excited to go to Uni together, but their relationship has not been good. In short, she feels like he's not giving her enough attention, and he feels like she's not giving him enough space.


    He soon started noticing her flirting with other roommates, and when that didn't stop, he broke it off with her on the night of their first post exam party. She was beyond angry with him, but it didn't take long for her to move on.


    Luckily, it didn't for him either. Soon after the breakup, he met Priya Varma and was instantly fascinated. Next semester, as Veronica moved out, Priya moved into the dorm. She's taking a communications degree.


    They had their first kiss in the bathroom one morning, just like that. They don't know each other very well yet, but Viktor feels certain she is much more right for him.
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    I love checking in every now and then to read your updates @Tomatplante !

    I have quite a similar way of keeping track of my own gameplay too, though I haven't considered keeping it on the forums before... Hopefully Viktor has much better luck with his new interest. :smile:
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    I'm glad you enjoy it, @LehmanLegacy! I like keeping it on the forums because it's so easy and this is where I spend time talking to other simmers about the game anyway.
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    The large family in Sulani has majorly upgraded their house since last time, and now consider it "finished" in terms of the space they need. For the first time they have proper indoor living room, and all the kids have a real bedroom. The twins, who are now school kids, share a big semi-divided room.


    The outdoor areas of the home have also changed a lot. Better outdoor dining area, a brand new crafting and laundry area that's connecting the main building to the greenhouse, more things for the kids to do in the garden.


    Their oldest child, Linnea, is already a young adult and has moved out to live with her girlfriend Tindra in the central part of Sulani. She still sees her family a lot, they usually come into town several times a week. The three youngest love the library, and the whole family goes to town for events and celebrations like local festivals and New Year's Eve.


    To think Gabriel and Arihi built their house up from a shipwreck. They can feel so proud!
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    Goth Krämer

    Matias broke up with Vincente towards the end of their teens, as he realized they were growing apart and he was getting bored.


    Rosalin, Matias and Eilert finally did the big mountain hike, which was challenging, but successful and a memory for life.


    One day as Matias was walking Crocus by the Evergreen Harbour docks, he ended up saving a resident's life by putting out a fire. And that's how he and Drake Mallory met. He immediately became a friend of the family, and Matias started dating him as soon as he became a young adult.


    Now they live together in Drake's redesigned containers along with the dog Cosmo. Drake is a civil designer who wants to live sustainably, design eco friendly inventions and contribute to green development in the harbor area. Matias has taken a job as a teacher, and is tutoring his students in skills like playing instruments, cooking and playing sports.


    They spend a lot of time at the local maker space to craft things, get work done and socialize with neighbors.
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    Moon Selnes

    Meriam is really enjoying having teenagers in the house. Roman and Yvonne are independent, social, creative and fun to be around! Roman goes to drama club every day after school, and is considering a drama degree after high school. But he's also interested in sports and body building, and spends a lot of time at the gym - usually with his friend Bryce. Yvonne plays many different instruments, and has started a small band with some friends.


    The bottom line is they rarely do anything without their friends nearby. Their mom is giving them a lot of freedom, they're allowed to stay out quite late and throw parties at home. Yvonne hasn't shown any interest in dating yet, but Roman has a girlfriend called Isa.


    Meriam's writing has earned her some fame and attention, and she's getting more and more serious about it. She's written several poetry books as well as some screenplays and a biography about a famous female judge. Her favorite place to write these days is in the kitchen, where she's set up a little desk overlooking the pool.


    She's still getting used to being asked for autographs by strangers, though.
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    Varma/Lin Justøy

    Viktor has completed his education at Foxbury, and has been spending most of his remaining University time with Priya.


    Priya still has one semester left of her communications degree, but they've left Britechester and bought a house in Mt Komorebi. Viktor has been dreaming of living here since he started being interested in climbing and snowboarding as a teen. They don't know any neighbors yet, but Viktor's parents have been visiting them to see the new home.


    With his distinguished psychology degree, Viktor has landed a job as a lieutenant in the police force. He's excited to start working on some cases!


    But most of all, he's excited to spend all his free time in the slopes at the mountain. And there's nothing better than relaxing in the hot springs after a day of snowboarding. Priya is staying in the bunny slope for now, but she wants to be good at this too and she's getting there.


    They already love their new life in Mt Komorebi, and have great hopes for the future!
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    Matias and Drake are doing good at the docks. They're using their surroundings in an energy efficient, eco friendly way by giving new life to discarded furniture, making their own furniture from recycled materials, cooking with plants from their vertical garden and so on.


    Mid fall they took a short vacation to the forests of Granite Falls, where they camped, found lots of new herbs, went fishing, relaxed, enjoyed the scenery and GOT ENGAGED <3


    When they came back, they invited Matias' parents over to tell them about the wedding plans. They haven't figured it all out yet, but they think they want a small celebration at the local bar.


    Drake is now putting his newly acquired herb knowledge to use and is learning to make different concoctions from the plants they foraged in Granite Falls.
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    There's a new family member in Gabriel's house! Her name is Sina, and they adopted her after their last dog Kalle passed away. She's a sweet and loving dog, but still has a lot to learn about how to behave.


    The children in this family have grown a lot since last time. First Marielle became a teenager, then Elias became a young adult and moved out to stay in his sister Linnea's spare bedroom in town. He still visits often to spend time with his younger siblings, especially Marielle who he's very close to. And lately the twins, Seth and Silja, have also grown into teenagers.


    Marielle is already very independent. She's basically taken over the gardening on the lot, learned a ton about plants and started expanding the garden to her liking. She travels all over to find new plants, sometimes on overnight trips. Her older brother Elias usually joins her on these, the two of them are best friends.


    Seth and Silja prefer to stay on the island most of the time. Seth loves to cook and bake, and spends a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen. Silja is an outdoorsy girl who enjoys relaxing in nature and connecting with it. She also loves animals and really wants to get a cat.


    Seth is usually the center of attention when they're out with friends, he's very funny and likeable.
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    Moon Selnes

    There has been dramatic development in Oasis Springs: At one of Meriam's back yard BBQ-parties, one of the guests died of a heat stroke! It was her neighbor Mariah Lyles who lived across the street with her husband and daughter. After this tragedy, Meriam started being there for the widower and the child as an emotional support. The relationship with Collin eventually grew into something more, and the two of them became romantically involved. The two families now spend a lot of time at each other's houses.


    Winter in Oasis Springs is not very exciting, so shortly before Winterfest Meriam took Roman and Yvonne on a vacation to Selvadorada. They had a wonderful time exploring museums, eating exciting food and relaxing at spas.


    When they came back, they prepared for the big family holiday. Collin and Jamie spent the evening celebrating with them.


    Meriam and Collin don't plan on moving in together, but he and Jamie are definitely an extended part of the family now.
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    Matias' and Drakes life has had a number of major events lately. Firstly, they had their wedding. It was a low-key, but wonderful celebration at the local bar with friends and family.


    Then Drake got pregnant, and while expecting a new addition to the family they expanded the house by building a modern addition to the old containers. The top container is still Drake and Matias' bedroom, but the bottom one is now a semi outdoor workshop/laundry space. The kitchen/living area is moved to the new part.


    They had a baby boy, whose name is Tage Krämer. Matias' parents were thrilled about meeting their first grandchild.


    Tage is now a toddler. His room is on the top floor of the new building, overlooking the now modernized harbor.


    It's a big room with capacity for at least one sibling :smiley:
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    Varma/Lin Justøy

    The young couple in Mt Komorebi are also going through some of life's biggest events. They got engaged around the same time Priya graduated from Foxbury. She took a high level salesperson job, which immediately made her a very busy woman.


    Soon after starting in her new job, Priya discovered that she was pregnant! All these things made it difficult to plan a wedding, so they postponed that for now. Priya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl: Iris Varma-Lin.


    Iris grew to be a very active, social toddler who loves to be the center of attention. Her parents are constantly taking her to the snowy fun of the mountain and to the park to meet other children, and they're making sure she's getting to know her grandparents. Priya got pregnant again quite quickly, so the two of them are busily preparing for the life with two small children.


    They then had another daughter, Lily Varma-Lin. Iris was super happy to get a sibling to play with! Although she'll have to wait a bit before they can play together.


    A short while after Lily was born, Viktor and Priya got Viktor's parents to babysit and had a night out to themselves at the Festival of Lights. It was so romantic and wonderful, they decided to just elope right there among the lanterns! The atmosphere was perfect for it.


    They've decided they don't want more than two children, but are happy they were born so close together and will be able to have a lot in common. They have such a wonderful family now!
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    Moon Selnes

    All the money Meriam has made from her lawyer practice and book royalties has put her in a position to be able to buy her dream home! It's one of those huge traditional Oasis Springs villas, with some modern touches. The last party they have in the old house is a pool party for Roman and Yvonne becoming young adults. They're both going to UBrite together, and while they wait for their applications to be processed they help their mom get settled in the new residence.


    It's in every way the perfect home for Meriam. It's got the class, history and luxury that suits her. And it's got a perfect writing spot for her in the back garden. The twins are not wasting any time inviting friends over to show off this awesome new place.


    Meriam is about to become an elder and is of course planning a grand birthday party for herself in her new mansion. While preparing food, the Landgraabs from across the street come over for a welcome wagon. They seem very eager to get to know this new, famous lawyer and writer neighbor. Meriam invite them to the party as well, and it turns out the exact celebration she's wanted.


    Now she can relax and retire whenever she desires. She can invite Colin over whenever she wants his company, she can write books from her lush outdoor office space and host luxurious parties for all her acquaintances.


    Here she can for sure grow old with style. And there's room for one or more of her four children to move in and raise a family if they want.
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    Arihi and Gabriel's children are leaving the nest at full speed nowadays. Their third child Marielle has recently become a young adult, and she's bought a small house together with her older brother Elias. Here she can grow plants and he can fish and dive, and they can easily stay in touch with their family who all live close by.


    The timing for Elias to leave his older sister's guest room and find his own place was also perfect, since she and her partner Tindra needed the spare bedroom for their growing family. Linnea had twins (third generation in a row with twins in this family), and the new grandparents are absolutely thrilled and want to help as much as they can.


    The twins Seth and Silja are the only ones left in the house now, and they're getting close to graduating high school as well. Seth has continued to develop his baking interest and has started to sell some of his baked goods in the local community. Often along with some of his mom's kombucha and handmade candles. He also had a girlfriend, Silya Kealoha. Yes, the striking name likeness to his sister is kind of awkward, but he really likes this girl.


    Since their children have all grown so independent and responsible, Gabriel and Arihi have finally been able to go on their first romantic vacation in half a lifetime. They spent a couple of days in winter wonderland Windenburg, rented a small house in the countryside and had an amazing time together.


    When they got back they gathered all their children and grandchildren for a proper Winterfest celebration at the house - Sulani style.

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