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    Moon Selnes

    The twins have enrolled in University together and are both doing distinguished degrees at UBrite. Roman is studying Drama, and Yvonne is taking Fine Art. They live in a traditional and spacious penthouse dorm with 8 other room mates and nice common areas suitable for large parties.


    Yvonne is already really good at playing a number of instruments, but in these courses she also has to do a lot of painting and photography. She takes it all very seriously, has joined the Art Society, studies hard and never skips any homework.


    Roman has a slightly different approach. Because he was selected for a sports scholarship, he plays on the UBrite soccer team - which is very time consuming. He often returns late from practice, exhausted, but he loves it. He also loves all the social events at campus and meeting new people, and already has a couple of different romantic interests.


    Roman is still doing okay at his drama courses, but he definitely tends to prioritize soccer and dating.
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    Lin Justøy/Varma

    Viktor and Priya's two girls are learning to spend a lot of time outside from an early age. And they love it! Especially the youngest, Lily, who can't get enough of sledding with her dad - the faster, steeper and bumpier, the better. None of the girls seem to enjoy calm indoor activities like reading very much.


    Priya is getting pretty good at climbing, but she still has a lot of work to do if she's going to get as good as her husband. He's finally fulfilled his dream of reaching the peak of Mount Komorebi, but he plans to do it again - hopefully with his family when they're ready.


    Iris recently aged up and started school. She's already quite skilled in the slopes and can't wait for her sister to be old enough to join in on the fun.


    Which won't be that long since the two of them are so close in age.
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    @Tomatplante I can't believe that Iris is already a child, the smol beans are ageing up so quickly! :'(
  • TomatplanteTomatplante Posts: 2,793 Member
    @LehmanLegacy I know, the toddler stage can feel so short sometimes! And to think her dad was just a toddler two pages ago when I started this thread :open_mouth:
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    edited August 22

    The harbor around Matias' and Drake's house has been completely transformed by a number of green and modern development action plans, partly because of their engagement and effort. Drake has developed a lot of eco friendly design concepts by now, with the help of constructive feedback from competent neighbors.


    They spend a lot of time with Matias' family, and Tage has eventually grown up to be an active scout kid who loves learning new things. And he's finally getting a sibling, which he's very excited about!


    The new baby's name is Eldar, and he's very warmly welcomed into the family by everyone. Whenever they aren't cuddling the baby, the family members spend a lot of time in the workshop nowadays. Matias has made a number of new pots and planters to expand the garden, and Drake is experimenting with fabricated furniture. Tage is getting a lot of good help with his school projects.


    Now that Eldar is a toddler, Tage has to start sharing his spacious bedroom with his little brother, which he doesn't mind at all.
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    I updated the family tree at

    I realized that Tage and Eldar are the first sims in generation 18! They don't have their pictures there yet, I'll wait until they're grown up.
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    Love the latest update @Tomatplante - I didn’t realise that Drake was the Sim getting pregnant. I’m so tempted to start my own topic to keep tabs on my new family but I’m worried the current lifespan won’t give me enough time to play the branches of my family as it evolves.

    How do you manage it?! Tell me your secrets! 😉
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    @LehmanLegacy Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it! The way I organize the gameplay has changed a bit over time. I started using the long lifespan pretty early on, and for a long time I rotated between three households of the legacy. That meant I sometimes had to turn aging off in settings to avoid missing out on birthdays. Later I divided my households into two different saves with two households in each save. That's the way I still do it, and it gives me all the time I need with each sim when I just rotate between two households on the long lifespan. Meriam's and Matias's households are in one save, Viktor's and Gabriel's in the other.

    In general, I just play the way I most enjoy the game and I upload the screenshots that clearly and efficiently show their stories over time.
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    Moon Selnes

    Roman and Yvonne had a great time through the rest of their University education. They managed pretty well, at least Yvonne, to balance fun and studying and get good grades despite all the partying. They both dated a few different people, but didn't go into any lasting relationships.


    Roman stuck with the soccer team through all the semesters, and eventually got a pretty important role on the team. It was hard and exhausting at times, but he loved it more than any other part of Uni.


    When they graduated, Yvonne finished with honors and Roman with a B. Not bad! Their mother was very proud of them and organized a celebratory dinner at a fancy restaurant with all her grownup children.


    While her youngest children lived in Britechester, Meriam has adopted Mildred the Pomeranian to keep her company. Now Roman intends to stay in the house with his old mom, while Yvonne has landed a prestigious job as a philharmonic violinist (musician level 8) and is moving to San Myshuno with her new boyfriend Carter Wells.


    Roman has become so taken with soccer that he'll rather try his luck as a professional team player than go into what he's educated to do. He might go back to acting at some point, but for now he's trying to build himself a name in sports. So he's training hard and posting videos to social media in the hopes of getting some public attention.
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    Gabriel is growing old now and is mainly enjoying his elderly days in the garden, that he's been expanding and reorganizing lately. Seth has also started taking an interest in gardening and likes to help out. They currently have two bee hives, two insect farms, a chicken coop and lots of different fruits, vegetables and flowers.

    In addition to the dog Sina they have adopted a cat. His name is Melon and he likes to watch everyone from the top of the fridge.

    Finally it's the twins Seth and Silja's turn to become young adults. They had a party with the whole family at the beach. Seth and his girlfriend Silya are still going strong as a couple, and feel ready to settle down together. Silja plans to move in with her aunts who live right next to the volcano. This is a pretty big milestone for Gabriel and Arihi, who for the first time since becoming young adults themselves are going to have no kids in the house.

    Seth probably wants to end up living in Sulani in the end like all his siblings, but he's also the only one who has taken some interest in the world outside the island paradise. He and Silya have decided to start their adult life in Henford-on-Bagley, and try out the farming lifestyle there. They've bought a small cottage in the Bramblewoods area and started with some chickens and crops. Silya has taken a job as a gardener in addition to tending their own garden.
    Seth is focusing on the animals and can't wait to use his own produce in delicious baked goods and other dishes. He doesn't have a job, but he's hoping to make some money on odd jobs and village errands as well as selling produce and products he makes at his little farm.
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    Lin Justøy/Varma

    Iris Varma-Lin is a very social and independent child who is usually seen with a group of friends at the library or the park - she rarely goes home after school. But she's convinced her parents to adopt a cat, Samosa - who is also constantly exploring the neighborhood.

    Since Lily aged up, she's joined in on her big sister's social lifestyle and is making a lot of friends herself. The parents have to plan carefully to get some quality time with their daughters.

    Lily is even more active in the mountain slopes than her sister, and is soon established as a confident snowboarder.
    But it will be a while before she's as good as her father.

    The family spent part of their summer renovating the back yard, which has made it look a lot more lush and inviting. They all love spending time there now, and the girls enjoy looking for frogs in the tadpole pond.
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    Seth and Silya are loving their life in Henford-on-Bagley. They now have a cow as well as chickens, and Seth has busy early mornings caring for all of them. There's a lot to do in the garden as well, but Seth has befriended a flock of birds who help out a little by keeping insects away from the plants.

    He has quite the little canning and baking business going in his kitchen now, and is selling the goods down at the marketplace in Finchwick. He's also selling some fish Silya is catching that they don't need themselves.
    In the evenings he likes to teach himself some cross-stitching, which is just a fun little hobby on the side.

    Silya is doing a lot of fishing as well as gardening. She's also the one who fixes and upgrades things around the house. And she's pregnant! They didn't necessarily plan to start a family already, but they're happy about the situation and confident they'll manage just fine.
    It's nice to have the river to cool down in on hot summer days.

    A little boy is born: Esra Lanuola. They're so thrilled to meet him!
    The grandparents try to visit sometimes, even though they live a good distance away.
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    Harp Selnes

    Roman Harp Selnes has been working hard in his soccer player career and with his social media account, and is getting noticed. He has also been dating a few different women, and is currently in an official relationship with Noelle Gilmore.

    Meriam has continued to live a fabulous elder life. After retiring from her lawyer career, with a pretty nice retirement pay, she started writing full time and reached higher fame than ever before. She's held successful charity benefit parties, for which her house has proved to be a perfect venue.

    She's also enjoyed a lot of quality time with her family and closest friends. Colin's daughter Jamie is a teen now, and Meriam's children see her as one of their siblings. The last party they all had together was at New Year's, where Roman's girlfriend was also included.

    Not long after New Year though, Meriam's time was up. Roman gathered everyone at the house to mourn together and remember this fascinating sim and the eventful, long life she has lived.
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    There's been dramatic development at Matias' house too, but of a different kind. Matias' and Drake's relationship has suffered under all the stress with work and small kids, and they're not in a good place. With great effort they managed to put together a nice Winterfest celebration that wasn't ruined by their problems.

    But their issues weren't solved and continued in Spring. The boys weren't too affected, they're both busy school- and scout kids now and focus on learning and exploring. Eldar has recently learned how to knit, which he's become almost obsessed with.

    To get away for a bit and to confirm his gardening and cooking abilities, Matias took Eldar on a weekend camping trip to Henford-on-Bagley and entered the competitions at the gardening fair. They had a really nice time in the beautiful forest areas and the fair was a pleasant and refreshing experience.

    Getting some distance had enabled Matias to think and make a decision. He and Drake haven't paid attention to each other in a long time and seem to have grown worlds apart. Visiting Henford really made Matias start dreaming of a different life, and he knows Drake would never leave Evergreen Harbour. And so the two of them got divorced and went their separate ways. Matias bought a plot of land in Old New Henford and started developing a small farm there.
    His boys will come live with him eventually, possibly permanent, but for now it's just him trying to get settled and earn enough money to furnish the whole house. He's kept his teaching job, but is mostly working from home and trying to combine it with all the daily farming chores.
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    Seth and Silya's son Esra is now a very happy toddler on the small hilltop farm. He loves all the animals and enjoys "helping" his parents in the garden.

    It's been a wonderful Fall season for the family. Seth has had great success with street sales during fairs, as well as fair competitions. They have rabbits helping with weeds in the garden now, and have been able to grow some very impressive vegetables.

    Despite the busy farm and family life, Seth and Silya have been able to have some very romantic date nights. During a late night picnic in the forest they even got engaged!
    For Harvestfest, they made a really nice feast for the community at the local pub. Seth's pumpkin and raspberry pies were amazing!
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    Iris and Lily are becoming experts in combining studying and socializing, and the library has been their main hangout spot after school. They have also taken an interest in music, and since Iris became a teenager she's been practicing a lot of singing and spent a lot of time at the karaoke bar.

    Viktor's ex from high school and the early University era, Veronica, has been trying to get back in contact with him for a while and eventually succeeded. He figured there isn't any harm in hanging out with and old friend, but at the same time he's been avoiding to tell Priya. And it doesn't seem like all the warm feelings from the past are completely gone...

    Priya finally got confident enough at climbing to do the Mt Komorebi hike, and she and Viktor got a beautiful sunset view from the peak.
    This experience has absolutely strengthened their relationship, and Viktor hasn't been meeting Veronica since this excursion.

    Iris's group of friends usually hang out at the karaoke bar, but sometimes also other places like the Onsen bathhouse.
    During this winter, Iris has even started to like doing calmer indoor activities like cross-stitching.
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    Harp Selnes

    After his mother's death, Roman had to get used to living alone in the enormous house. In the beginning it was just him and the Pomeranian Mildred, but then he got another dog who was a bit tougher and more his style: Hans the Beagle.


    He learned a lot about himself after losing his mother, suddenly became more grown up and sure about what he wanted. He decided Noelle wasn't the one and didn't waste any more time being in a relationship with her. Instead he fell in love with Beth, a stylist, wellness guru and bowling enthusiast who moved in with him almost immediately after they started dating.


    In addition to her job as a stylist she's posting videos on social media about wellness, beauty and fashion. Her massage skills are a thing of wonder for Roman's soccer muscles. The two of them go very well together, and Roman feels certain he's finally found the right person to spend his life with. Luckily, Beth feels the same way and accepts his proposal!


    They invite all of Roman's family out to a dinner to celebrate the engagement. It's the first time Beth meets most of them, and they seem to like her very much.
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    Matias has settled nicely in Henford-on-Bagley, and his little farm is taking shape. He still works in education, but has been working a lot from home lately to be able to tend the farm at the same time. The boys have been living with him for a while, and have been enjoying the countryside.


    But once Tage became a teenager, he started to feel a bit bored and not quite at home any more, missing his other dad back in Evergreen Harbor. So he decided to move back to live with Drake, while Eldar has become much more attached to his new home and wants to stay. He loves all the animals and helping out at the farm.


    So now it's just Matias and Eldar, living a quiet life and preparing for Winter.


    It's hard work getting up early every morning to tend the garden and animals before going to work. But Matias isn't ready to quit his job to be a farmer full time, at least not yet.
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    At the beginning of Winter, Seth received notice that his old dad had passed away back in Sulani. So Silya and Esra stayed a couple of days alone at the cottage while Seth traveled over to spend some time with his family. It was wonderful to see his mom and all his siblings again. He has especially been missing his twin sister Silja.


    When he got back home, they had a relaxed and peaceful Winter season on the hillside. Since there wasn't much gardening and fishing to to, Silya got into a new hobby of flower decorating. Mostly with the winter flower crocus so far. They also celebrated Esra's birthday!


    The cottage has been getting rather small now when Esra is a big boy - and they do want more children. They never meant to leave Sulani for ever, and now feels like a good time to go back. Seth's old, widowed mother lives alone on the big farm over there, so they're moving back in with her. They're bringing their chickens, but Tulip the cow is staying in Henford-on-Bagley.


    Instead, they have a llama on their Sulani farm now. Esra is thrilled to live with his grandmother and get to know her better. She's already teaching him some of her skills, like candle dipping and knitting.


    The farm cat Melon is checking out the new chickens.
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    Varma/Lin Justøy

    The family in Mt Komorebi had a calm and pleasant Holiday season. They celebrated Winterfest together at home, and shortly after it was time for Lily to age up and become a teenager.


    They had a lovely Lights Festival together in the neighborhood right before New Year's, and celebrated New Year's Eve at the local bar.


    Iris got her first kiss this winter, from her friend Allan. They haven't started anything more serious, but there's definitely some spark between them. And now that all the seasonal family events were over, Viktor started seeing Veronica again...


    The girls are still together pretty much all the time. They still share a room, but it's been made bigger by tearing down a wall to what used to be the study. They're often out in the slopes or at the library after school, and spend a lot of time at the karaoke bar with friends.


    Iris has been on a couple of dates with a boy from school called Brad, who she has suddenly discovered that she likes very much.
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    Harp Selnes

    Roman and Beth had a beautiful wedding at a local venue with lots of guests.


    Then they went on a spectacular honeymoon to Sulani with spa activities, swimming, sunbathing and romantic evenings.


    Although to tell the truth, their life at home isn't much less luxurious. Beth works from home as often as she can, so she can lounge by the pool at her lunch break.


    Not long after the honeymoon though, they discovered that Beth was pregnant - and it turned out they were having twins! Not the biggest shock considering how many twins there are in Roman's family, but it's still going to be pretty hectic.


    Beth has given birth to two adorable little girls, Norma and Julie. A new chapter of Roman's life has started!
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    There's been a wedding at Sulani as well. Seth and Silya got married at a beach venue with their closest family present.


    They left Esra with his grandma for a few days and went on honeymoon to bustling San Myshuno, where they visited luxury spas as well as industrial nightclubs.


    Esra is loving Sulani and getting to know all his aunts and uncles as well as other families around the island. And now he's going to be a big brother!


    A baby girl is born on the farm, little Sara Lanuola.


    While Silya was pregnant, they renovated the kitchen to make it a bit lighter and more modern. This house is always full of family, Seth's four siblings are constantly coming over individually or in groups to join a meal or just hang out - and the house is perfect for that.
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    Matias and his son Eldar are living a relaxed countryside life in Old-New-Henford. Eldar has become good friends with the other children in the village, especially his neighbor Maira Watson. He's also made a furry friend in the Bramblewoods, a white rabbit that he always seeks out to greet when they're in that area.


    As a teenager, Maira and the rabbit are still his favorites. It doesn't take long before he and Maira are in a romantic relationship.


    He helps his dad a lot in the garden and with the animals, especially with the chicken. He's still faithfully going to scout meetings on weekends and loves to knit, cross-stitch and learn guitar from his dad. He's knitted several sweaters for the chickens during Winter.


    They often have neighbors or other villagers over for dinner, as Matias loves to cook for lots of people.
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