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Problems with chocolate fountain

I have recently bought the World Bundle including Monte Vista and Hidden Springs through Origin. It comes with the Chocolate Fountain but unfortunately I have some problems with it.

The worlds seem to be working fine, I can download them either by the website or The in-game download dashboard. But when it comes to said fountain, downloading it through the game works just right and there are no roubles with interacting it in the game. The problem that I'm having is that the store didn't register me already owning it and there is still an option to buy it. I can't go to it's page when looking at my purchase history either. It's a bit frustrating because I would like to get some CYS discount on "The Cirque Celebration!".

I contacted EA Help regarding that issue but I was sent here. Has anybody had that kind of problem?

I posted this in another category but was sent here. Do you know if there is any way to fix that? :smirk:


  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,179 Member

    I had something like this happen to me once with the chocolate fountain as well except I didn't purchase the world bundle like you did. I had just installed Midnight Hollow but was trying out Aurora Skies for the 1st time, so I was decorating my kitchen when I saw that I had the chocolate fountain in my appliances tab as being owned as well as it showing up that I still needed to buy it. So I went and checked my purchase history to see if maybe that was something that I had just gotten from the Make Me an Offer where I had just gotten Aurora Skies from but the fountain wasn't listed there. I had also had just installed a chocolate fountain from ATS3 that I knew was only going to be decoration in my game since I knew that I didn't own the item from the store. So instead of getting a touch with Custom Service to get the problem sorted out, I just went and spent the simpoints for the chocolate fountain when it was up on the Daily Deals page for 230 simpoints.

    I figured it would just be easier to buy the fountain instead of talking to CS as I was afraid that I would get accused of downloading the fountain from a pirated site since it was not listed in my purchase history on the store and I felt that they might had ended up banning my account for having something that I didn't pay for.

    But since I had noticed that it's part of the Le Cirque Celebration! set that I had purchased on 6/25/15 for 175 sp, then that's probably where it had came from. But it is odd that it didn't register the purchase of the chocolate fountain on the store page for the item or in the purchase history.

    The fountain is listed on the DD list 3 times at 125 sp, 230 sp and 270 sp. The one listed at 125 sp will be showing up around March 14th or 15th depending on where you live at... :)

    This is the page that shows the times on when the chocolate fountain for 125 sp will be coming up next... :)

    And this is the page of all of the items that's listed on the Daily Deals rotation... :)
  • piotr1562512piotr1562512 Posts: 38 Member
    The world bundle I bought had codes for the two worlds and the fountain. I used them all and they show up in my purchase hitory. The worlds work properly but the link to the fountain doesn't work, the cursor doesn't change and it doesn't redirect to the fountain page. So I thought that maybe there are two versions of the same product but only one shows up in the store. Which still doesn't sound right to me.

    I've been planning on buying Le Cirque Cellebration for a while now, I have a whole list with many cascades for around 15000 points and at the end I should be left with approximately 30 :lol: And I think that the fountain would lower the price of that set and I would save some simpoints. Turns out my only hope now is to either get a good MMAO deal or stay up late and buy Grim's Ghastly Manor for 500 sp instead of 800.

    Thank you! :heart:
  • puzzlezaddictpuzzlezaddict Posts: 1,399 Member
    edited February 12
    This is normal: the chocolate fountain that comes with Le Cirque Celebration has a different product code than the one that comes with the world bundle, and the world bundle version is not the one listed for purchase. The same thing happened to me, although I haven't bothered to do anything about it. But you could contact EA customer support and ask that your version of the fountain be swapped for the one that's part of the set. Other people have made the same request, and last I heard, support was usually helpful.

    I haven't actually installed the chocolate fountain, so I have no idea whether it works in-game. But I did download it just now from my purchase history, where it was sitting right next to HS and MV. Instead of going to the store page, I clicked the Download button on the fountain's thumbnail.
  • piotr1562512piotr1562512 Posts: 38 Member
    So it's as I thought, they are different products. I will just buy The Cirque Celebration and not bother about contacting support again. Thank you for the responses!
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