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CAS Voting Begins 1/27 - a sneak peek at hats!

Howdy Simmers!

Our next round of voting will kick off on Monday January 27th at 10am PST. You’ll be voting for the Create-A-Sim clothing that will be featured in our Arts & Crafts Stuff Pack, with an emphasis on knitted attire. The vote will feature knitted items, as well as crafty clothing with DIY accents.

Our art team is hard at work finalizing the concept you’ll see in the survey, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek before the weekend.
Check out the fabulous hats that could be included in this stuff pack (but only if you vote for them ; -)


What age groups would you like to see wearing these hats? Share your feedback in the comments below.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Simming!


  • TristinhamTristinham Posts: 1 New Member
    These are adorable. Can’t wait to use them on kids heheheh
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 15,038 Member
    I want them all.
  • KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 3,211 Member
    12 and 16 adorable.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 807 Member
    Toddlers - 1, 3,4,5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20
    Children - all. yes, even the viking one with the beard.
    Teen+ - all except maybe 10, and arguably 12.

    Personally not particularly fond of 8 or 14, and we already have some ballcaps in game, so those two and 7 are the ones I'm most likely to cut if i have to...
  • Evie0602Evie0602 Posts: 592 Member
    I would love some cute hats for toddlers!
  • Spacey72659Spacey72659 Posts: 1,476 Member
    #2 is a must have. It reminds me of the hat my dad always wore when out snowblowing in the winter and love that. I can't see hats like that and not miss him a little more.

    6, 8, 18, 20 are absolute faves too. And I also really like 13, 15, 16

    I want them for all ages. My adults can rock the animal hats XD

    (I really do like them all though, but I know we can't have them all Hahahaa)
  • Jrv91991Jrv91991 Posts: 6 New Member
    How many do we get? I really like hats 1,2,6,7,10,15,16,18 and 20. Obviously I hope there’s many color options for them. I can see most of the age groups wearing them. However, I do think hats 11,12,13,14 and 19 seem more for children and toddlers, not necessarily for any other age group.
  • DeanaPNobleDeanaPNoble Posts: 5 New Member
    Great for children and toddlers
  • KhrisstyneKhrisstyne Posts: 78 Member
    2, 6, and 10
    I think are really cute and nice looking. I do believe that children and toddlers should be able to wear them especially.
  • s4diversitys4diversity Posts: 29 Member
    Awww I'm in love with #17 <3 , for all ages. The Viking style... I'm not sure :D Otherwise they could fit all ages, there's no age to wear a cat or Llama hat!
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 15,038 Member
    4 and 9 are my favorites. 😊
  • simguyssimguys Posts: 60 Member
    Teens and toddlers!
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  • ernesdoernesdo Posts: 1,468 Member
    #18 is a must
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,408 Member
    edited January 25
    Favorites in order of eyes landed

    12 not even kidding my mom knit hat similar to this once, a need.
    16 LIL KITTY
    20 LLAMA HAT
    2 this would be good grandpa hat. I see about 10 of these a day irl and it needs to be in sims

    I'd like these for all ages and genders because tbh it just be wholesome
    if vlad wants to wear a llama hat let him

    though if I must age these hats:
    2 for grumpy grandpa of the family
    12 for the mom who loves bears
    18 for the teen who watched too much viking series
    16 for the kid ( I am picturing a gal for some reason)
    20 for the toddler (picturing a lil dood for some reason)
  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,873 Member
    I was just thinking we wouldn't see anything until the vote. Lots of cute options. I really like 3,4,5,9,10 and all of 11-20 except for 18.

    I'd like for the hats (and most of the CAS) to be geared to toddlers, children, and elders since they're the most lacking in terms of CAS. I'd also like to see some hats for babies. 10 would be adorable on a baby.
  • NushnushganayNushnushganay Posts: 2,069 Member
    It's too bad if they have to be limited to one age group or another. Everyone deserves a good hattitude!
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  • ScobreScobre Posts: 17,775 Member
    edited January 25
    Toddlers-elders. I would pick babies too if I could. That llama and viking hats. <3 I love all those hats.
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  • OneAdorkableGirlOneAdorkableGirl Posts: 2,362 Member
    3-5, 9, 10 (For toddlers and kids), 12, 14, 15, 20 (would be so cute for toddlers and kids). ♥
  • Pamtastic72Pamtastic72 Posts: 2,380 Member
    Love the llama (20), the cloche (4), 17, 14 are my top four. But I would be happy with any of them they’re all really cute!
  • CJSimmieCJSimmie Posts: 305 Member
    I would love ty see them for ALL age groups :) YA to Elders love fun hats too
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,408 Member
    edited January 25
    Y'all we only get to choose 15 out of 90+ options on CAS

    brb I'm gonna go to mountains to train for this decision
  • KaronKaron Posts: 1,728 Member
    edited January 25
    If I had to pick 3, I would pick numbers 2, 4, and 20... 10 if it didn't had the puffy thing in the top, because it would fit the hijab situation...
    Also, numer 6 would fit perfectly in a Winter Destination world/pack.
  • BunnyhartBunnyhart Posts: 8 New Member
    I love them all and I want them all but since we HAVE to choose it was easier for me to pick 5 hats I would be okay without, then to pick 15 I wanted. So the five hats I would be ok without are... #7 #8 #11 #13 and last but not least #19. They are all super super cute though.
  • bevillebeville Posts: 985 Member
    edited January 25
    I like most of them except for 1,7,8,and 18. All the other are really cute.
  • Xila31Xila31 Posts: 3 New Member
    All of them, please.
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