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What is the official maximum character count on a single post/comment?

Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 5,970 Member
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Most of my posts are short but when it comes to the posts on Creative Corner I can write novel-sized chapters in excess of 5000 words. So you can guess the individual character count is more like about 24,000 characters per chapter. What is the hardline limit for character-count on forum posts or do I have to start splitting up my chapters into multiple posts per single chapter.

Case in point this chapter alone is over 9000 words -along with pictures. Obviously not going to fit into one single post. Maybe not even three.

I blame fanfiction.net for making me this loquacious in my writing -describing scenes without the benefit of pictures can be a royal pain in the “posterior end”.
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  • EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,434 EA Community Manager
    Hi @Nikkei_Simmer,

    If I remember right the limit per comment is around 24,000 - if you try to post something over the limit a message will appear at the top of the editor telling you how many characters over the limit you are though, so you can split it if needed. Considering what you mention, it's possible that you need 2 comments for a chapter at some point.
    Hope this helps!

    Let me also use the opportunity to remind everyone that any content posted or website linked on the forums needs to be appropriate for all players. We want the forums to be a safe for younger players as well! For that reason, we ask you all to remember the T rating of the game when sharing your creativity on the forums :)
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