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Day 8 of Simsmas - New Year Celebrations

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,536 EA Community Manager
Ah now, aren't these Sims looking super sharp with their new looks!? And just in time for the celebrations on New Year's Eve!

How are your Sims welcoming the new year? What are their favourite traditions? Or are they trying something entirely new this time 'round?

Share with us how your Sims are celebrating and saying farewell to the past year!

In my game Eliza Pancakes organized a grand meal and hosted a dinner party for the family and their closest friends

Happy 2020 Simmers!! :smiley:


  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 759 Member
    The Vest household has a nice, quiet, lowkey new year!

    Caleb has an unhealthy breakfast...

    ...and loses a dance battle, probably because he was drinking from 8:30 in the morning.

    TV was watched. Johnny and Caleb flirted through most of it, honestly.

    The end of the countdown!

    Lilith seemed kind of subdued, so after poor mortal Johnny went to bed, Caleb made sure to spend time with his twin.

    Happy new year!

    Here's the full album!
  • blueyblueskyblueybluesky Posts: 601 Member
    Some sparklers at home and then a family BBQ at the graveyard to celebrate with family that have passed on.
  • NindlNindl Posts: 497 Member
    My sim Jill spent New Years Eve with her parents and grandparents. :smiley:

    In the afternoon they dined out at a Chinese restaurant at the Spice District in San Myshuno.

    After it got dark they set off some fireworks at the empy Spice Market.

    And then they went to Jills new flat and did the countdown to midnight together.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,294 Member
    Celebrating with dormmates
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 3,743 Member
    In my game new year and humour and hijinks festival are on the same day. Here is Billie Jang enjoying some fireworks.
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  • mcruddmcrudd Posts: 6,355 Member
    My Sim packs up her Simsmas decorations to celebrate the new year, its a tradition she has :)

  • Simmelina1Simmelina1 Posts: 2,588 Member

    Gunther invited his friends to the new years party. I will invite my friends to our childrens birthdayparty.

    Hugo Villareal dressed up in this outfit. Kind of weird.

    Everyone loved Mila's cookies.

    Cecilia wonders what the new year has in store for her family.

    Happy new year!

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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 2,928 Member
    edited January 2
    New Year's Eve just happened to fall on the day my Sim, Paula Porter had her graduation ceremony so it was really an all day celebration for her. When she arrived for the ceremony, she decided to take a selfie to commemorate the occasion.


    Once her fellow class and former dorm mates arrived, she led them all in a cheer to show their university spirit for their soon to be alma mater, Foxbury.


    Traditional tossing of the hats afterward. Congratulations y'all! I don't know why their black hats turned white. Must be because of the snow on the ground? *shrugs*


    Paula and a new friend, Madelyn, a gal she'd shared the dorms with, but never really interacted with stayed behind the others and toasted their achievement and the impending New Year.


    Being a goofball geek, Paula just had to warn Madelyn of a robot invasion she believes will happen sometime during 2020 before the two departed with promises to keep in touch.


    Back home, Paula went for a jog around Gibbs Hill as the sun began to set. No time like the present to start working on her resolution eh? She really packed on the pounds. It's a little mystifying how that happened since she mostly just ate fresh harvestables and occasionally cafeteria food.


    Paula had already partied pretty hard the night before after her very last class by attending the Spice Festival where she won the Spicy challenge and had a 'few' drinks at the Karaoke bar.


    So, she didn't go out to celebrate the New Year with anyone and elected to stay home by herself. I don't know why she got up from the couch to stand behind the kitchen island for the countdown. Anyway, Happy New Year 2020! *tosses confetti*


    Too wound up and energized from all the day/night's excitement, Paula took a bike ride as the moon set and the sun began to rise during the early morning of the first day of the New Year before finally going to bed.


    Hope y'all had a fun-filled New Year's Eve celebration and are having a great first day/evening of the new year 2020. I wish everyone a year full of love, light and happiness!

    Happy Simming! <3
  • coolsim9999999coolsim9999999 Posts: 3,539 Member
    edited January 2
    Happy New Year @EA_Mai and everyone B)!
    one of my child Sims celebrating by streaming!
    while her grandparents ring in the new year with Ridgeport on the roof!

  • Sally1502Sally1502 Posts: 258 Member
    My Sim celebrated New Years Eve with her family.

    She made a dinner for them.

    They did some fireworks.


    And they watched New Years Eve TV and did the Countdown to Midnight.
  • haisinhaisin Posts: 169 Member
    Johnny and Luna spent a couple of relaxing days in Sulani before it was New Year's Eve and they went to the local bar to celebrate it.
    Johnny had planned to propose Luna at midnight, but Luna wanted to watch the countdown, so he decided to do it after that. Unfortunately it started to rain at midnight and Johnny had to serenade and propose Luna at the bar that was full of locals, but it went well! (though taking pictures was hard...)
    Johnny was victorious after Luna said yes :D
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