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What order did you get the sims in?


  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,301 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I bought them all in order and played them in order. To me, each game had its own charm and playability until the next one dropped, around every 5 years or so.

    My favorite has to be TS4 in its playability and versitility, and I can see me playing this over and over again. It's the only game out of the previous 3 that we can have all our sims in all the neighborhoods in a save and can go to another neighborhood with only a loading screen. That and we are still getting content after 5 years makes TS4 the only game I play now.
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  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 597 Member
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  • netney52netney52 Posts: 461 Member
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    I don't have all of them
    After clicking i don’t have them all I realised I actually got them all in order I just never played sims 2 as I would not load on my computer and when it did it never worked so I forget I ever had it.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,268 Member
    I never heard about Sims games until Sims 3 back in 2011 & then I upgraded to Sims 4 in 2014.
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,079 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I have all but sims1 installed and that's because I can't run it on my computer.
    Before any of those I played sim city. Also had medieval
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  • KynanKynan Posts: 288 Member
    I started with Sims 1 but only played the base game. I never knew anything about the expansion packs. When Sims 2 came along I bought it in a bundle so it had been out for a while. I loved this game and ended up buying every EP and SP available. Played Sims 3 for years and I'm still playing it. While the gameplay isn't as good as 2, the CASt and color wheel makes it my go-to game. Sims 4 I, unfortunately, did purchase. I ended up hating it and uninstalled that game after seeing it wasn't ever going to be something I enjoyed. I can't stand the cartoon backgrounds and Pixar look of the Sims.
  • EverclearBoyEverclearBoy Posts: 95 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I started with Sims 1 way back when, I even played Sims Online and had a subscription to that for quite a while. I can still remember making Robots in the Robot Factory. I still have the boxes for most of the Ts1, Ts2 stuff. Ts3 not so much with the digital option, though I did get that collectors edition with the Plumbob Flash drive. I miss pre-order and collectors edition goodies would get from those editions. 3 was pretty amazing up until the load times and glitches just got to be too much. I really miss the content from World Adventures that allowed for traveling to Egypt, China or France. Especially Egypt with the Tombs. I know Jungle sorta does some of this but I liked the different look to those worlds and the photos could take. I really hope the next Expansion in the works is something like World Adventures now that we have the long awaited University.
  • fallenangel66fallenangel66 Posts: 277 Member
    Sims 2, then 3, then 4
  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 1,243 Member
    I don't have all of them
    The order for me was 3, 4, 2. I got TS2 when the Ultimate Collection was free on Origin a few years ago. I've never played 1.
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  • Cupcakes4lifeCupcakes4life Posts: 28 Member
    Sims 4 sims 3 sims 2 sims 1
    I started playing the Sims 4 in 2014 (I believe), while I was in middle school and my older cousin saw that I played the sims and he gave me the sims 3, 2, and 1. I received the sims PS2 version with the PS2 and a majority of packs with the sims 2 and 3.
  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,616 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    Sims1 is installed on the same PC I owned when it was a new game. I have all the add-on packs for it. And still load it up just because I can. LOL

    Sims2 was purchased on release day, is installed on the same PC I played it on back then, and I still have all of the packs. I also play it a couple times a year.

    Sims3 was also purchased on release day. I purchased every pack along with every item from the Sims3 Store. It required a ton of mods, but it never failed to be as entertaining as The Sims and Sims2. Whenever Sims4 gets boring or ticks me off, I go back to playing Sims3.

    Sims4 was purchased on its release day, I played it for about an hour then promptly went back to playing Sims2 and 3 for over two years until a couple of packs and toddlers were released. For four years I went back and forth between Sims3 and 4 until Seasons was released for Sims4, and it became my main game to play. I do not own all the Sims4 packs, though. I decided not to buy a few of those because there just didn't seem to be very much new gameplay included that appealed to me.
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 580 Member
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    I got sims games starting off on PS2 The Sims Bustin’ Out was first, then The Sims Urbz PS2,
    Then sims 1,2,3,4 on PC with resistance to switch games until roughly, 2-4 years after release date for 3&4.

    Then I jumped on the hype train and have enjoyed each ride 😊
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,137 Member
    I don't have all of them
    Never actually played TS2. I started with TS1 at the very beginning (as in, the money cheat was still klapaucius) and played all the way through. Only EP I missed was Unleashed, although Superstar made my computer strain so hard I uninstalled it. Computer wasn't good enough for TS2, so I didn't play the Sims for a very long time.

    When TS4 was released, Origin did a deal to get TS3 and the first nine EPs for really cheap (AU$71!), and I eventually got the other two EPs as well. Only started on TS4 in May when base game was released for free, now have all EPs and GPs and half of the SPs. Now basically only play TS4 because the lag on TS3 is too much for me.
  • akaniki0akaniki0 Posts: 401 Member
    1, 2, 3, mideivel, mideivel pirates, stories and 4.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,960 Member
    I don't have all of them
    I didn’t have my own computer then so i couldn’t play sims 1 or sims 2 (I did play the Urbz and a few Sims 2 on console but it can compare).
    I started with TS3 and I just had Pets and Seasons (which my macbook could barely run already).
    Now I play TS4, I have all EPs, almost all GPs (missing Jungle Adventures) and most SPs.
  • sillyangel0906sillyangel0906 Posts: 5,318 Member
    2, 3, 4.

    I have not played Sims 1 :#
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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,600 Member
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    Sim City (1989 version, but purchased later)
    Sim Golf
    Sim Copter
    Sims 1
    Sim Coaster
    Sims 2
    Sims 4
    (Sims Mobile and Sims Freeplay -- both deleted)
    Sims 3

    I think....

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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    I don't have all of them
    Sims 3
    Sims 4
    Sims 2 (can't get into it)
    Never played Sims 1.

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  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,776 Member
    I don't have all of them
    It went something like Sim City (original) -> Sim Ant -> (many years) -> The Sims Social (facebook) -> The Sims 3 -> The Sims Medieval -> The Sims 4
  • doggers123doggers123 Posts: 227 Member
    I don't have all of them
    For me it was (think i've already said so) Sim city, sims 4, sims 3.
  • kayen_keagenkayen_keagen Posts: 53 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I got all games in order. And I will continue to get all sims games.. I am a huge sims fan despite all the flaws it has.
  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 557 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I got them all in order, I remember the first time I played the Sims 1 at a friend's house and then again a few years later making sims in The Sims 2. Unpopular opinion I think the Sims 2 was the worst, it's still a good game but I can't enjoy it unless it is heavily modded. The primary reason I wanted it was the CAS, and I begged my mom to let me buy it when I was in middle school. But the game play felt too goal oriented to me with the aspiration system and I didn't like how they changed things from the Sims 1. And now that CAS is so much better in 3 and 4 I have no reason to play it other than occasional nostalgia. The Sims 1 on the other hand I still play on a regular basis. I guess this rant is slightly off topic though.
  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 570 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I'm like Al Pacino in The Devils's Advocate: I've had my nose in it since this thing began! SimCity 3000, I saw the trailer for The Sims. Bought it on release. Received The Sims 2 the Christmas following its release, a couple of months afterwards. Played that predominately until last year, though I tried TS3 and some of its expansions. It had aspects I loved, but I preferred my absolute control over the neighborhood -- I liked designing my own spaces. Enter The Sims 4 last June, and I've loved it so much I keep not getting around to TS2.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,331 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I got everything in order for the most part. Since I actually went to a store for Sims 1 and Sims 2 to get physical copies... I might have gotten some packs out of order but really can't remember.. mostly talking about stuff packs for Sims 2 though.
    I did get the base on Sims 3 .. but didn't enjoy it and stopped buying.
    I got back in the swing of buying in order for Sims 4. At least with everything being readily available online you don't miss anything. You just chose whether or not you want it or can afford it.
  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 3,782 Member
    Sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 sims 4
    I played 1 and 2 on my daughters computer, and we didn’t own all packs because we couldn’t afford it, or the computer lagged too much after a pack. I owned sims 3, but didn’t play it long because it would crash a lot ( even with a good gaming laptop). It also had a lot of rabbit holes. And, I don’t remember being able to play rotationally. I got tired of reinstalling it fast. And I got involved in an online game I liked. Sims 4 I have all expansions , game packs and stuff packs except Discover University which I will be getting soon. I started on a low end laptop, and it held several packs without lagging. Because of the lag, I took 2 years off because I could no longer Keep buying packs, and toddlers made it lag so much ( though I wanted them badly). In those two years I saved for a new gaming laptop and started buying all the packs again ( starting with City living. I love that it doesn’t crash and the ease of getting packs through origin and being easy to download and install. I don’t use mods and CC in this game ( while back in sims 2, I made some CC clothes). At my age I am too computer illiterate, and it isn’t worth it messing around with trying to figure out how to take out mods and CC and update them, making sure nothing is broken. I love all the stuff packs because I love getting new content. I feel punished since they stopped offering us so many stuff packs. I don’t think we should have to rely on custom content to get new clothes, hair styles, and objects on a an often basis. I loved each time packs came out, I miss not getting so many. I ask EA..... please bring back regular stuff packs. The main issue I have with sims 4 is that I miss it being more like sim 2 was when I comes to babies, And the fun of buying clothes rather all clothes being opened to sims without buying them, I think you could even buy clothes for babies back then, and they didn’t seem like objects. Also, in Sims 2 children could play with each other.... playing tag, cops and robbers, volleyball etc. I also liked likes and dislikes, the memory system and things like that. Oh, and I absolutely loved the color wheel for making clothes and furniture combinations, it gave us so many more objects and clothes with all the combinations without having to buy or download custom content. I hope they bring the color wheel and patterns back in sims 5, real babies, toddlers clubs, active careers ( which I see as one of the best features in sims 4 ) and buying clothes ( without being giving them free). I wish we had to buy clothes, jewelry, shoes, make up etc. I do also love the way the sims are done (CAS) in this pack, so easy to make, they can gain and lose weight, they have tons of recipe options and multi tasking. I love the active careers and also being able to have my sims make money in so many different ways without a real job. Just had one of my sims do DJing and was happy to see he could really make money from it. I also love being able to play rotationally.and not worry about my game crashing. Bring on more stuff packs, and more active careers!
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