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Winterfest Presents

MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,909 Member

I've just been playing a three-day Winterfest in my BACC game. The household I'm playing has three toddlers (I must be mad) and the two adults, so it got quite busy. I ended up with about three presents each for the children (plus one each I had their mum buy on the computer) and it got me thinking about what you all do with the Winterfest presents?

For example, my family's son, Caiden, is the youngest of the three children and won't ge up for quite a while yet. None of his presents were toddler-friendly; he got a Voidcritter Card from Father Winter, a violin and a doctor playset. While he can't do anything with any of those yet, it's given me ideas for a possible career path and hobby for his future. Since he got the violin, I'm thinking that music could end up being his passion and as such, I'll defeinitely have him learning to play it a lot when he grows up. With the doctor playset, who knows? He might go to Uni one day (trust me, it'll be well and truly out by the time this guy ages to Yound Adult!) and become a doctor because of the interest as a child. I'm also going to have him being mad about the Voidcritters, since that interest has started early.

Another example is the father, William, got a book about learning to play the piano. He's actually a fitness guy and goes for a run every day, does yoga etc so the piano book was a surprise. However, I'm going to take it that he is expressing an interest in learning to play and as such, his wife bought him the book for Winterfest. Now that's going to be fun later on, when Caiden grows up and starts playing the violin. Father-son jam sessions, anyone?

I also discovered this feature:
(I renamed Winterfest to Christmas Day for my game, obviously.)
I had no idea this was even a thing! Both parents got presents (admittedly from the children but what can you do?) through the post. Funnily enough, William's was a Jazz Cats picture and it 'came' from Caiden. So I think I really will do those jam sessions. It feels like the game is telling me to! :D

So how much do the random presents from Winterfest affect your sims? Do you use them to develop hobbies? Or do you disregard them completely? 55.gif


  • LindsaySeddon1LindsaySeddon1 Posts: 283 Member
    I always always keep my presents and put them somewhere in the house, even if they make no sense or end up in a cupboard, because it feels realistic, and I'm already too quick to sell whatever I find in my sims' inventories. I try to keep each person's gifts in their rooms if I have a large household and like you, I start to build their personality around those odd items.
  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,151 Member
    This gives me a whole new outlook on this. Thank you!
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,480 Member
    The doctor play set it quite an asset as it also teaches Empathy! I keep the gifts my Sims receive. Some are quite handy, and some, as you have experienced aren't in the proper age-bracket. Some are joke gifts. I find it hilarious when one of my teen Sims opens a gift and it's a pile of poo, and wonders, "now who would give this as a gift?" or words to that effect. LOL Don't look at your older brother, he would never do such a thing. :/
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  • MadameLeeMadameLee Posts: 31,800 Member
    @Galacticgals but a toddler can't use the set at that age
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,079 Member
    I always thought toddlers could use the doctor set ,hmm it's been a while since I've had that in my game. One of my kids kept getting a lump of coal , 3x so I finally got the parents to buy a real gift for the little guy.
    I'm going to start paying more attention to gifts, I like your game style and will do this from now on.
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  • BoergeAarg61BoergeAarg61 Posts: 549 Member
    It could be worse. At least other sims are able to buy gifts and give them to others who were not so lucky.

    Some of my sims had carrots or just nothing.
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,758 Member
    Oooh, thank you for this. I never quite paid attention to the gifts (there were several laser shows one year lol) but you've given me a new outlook on them. I'll be more attentive next time.
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  • Thunderbat87Thunderbat87 Posts: 265 Member
    Sometimes I keep and uses the items in my stories. But I love your way of using them. I will keep that in my mind next time it’s time for gifts!
  • LolaLuvsSimsLolaLuvsSims Posts: 1,784 Member
    Like others have said you have changed my outlook on what to do with the gifts. My main family is on pause until I find out more about University but Winterfest should be coming up in the save that I'm playing now I can't wait to see what gifts my Sims get.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,505 Member
    I had no idea they could check the mailbox for gifts! That's so cute!
  • MinxMinx Posts: 1,203 Member
    For the first time ever I actually decorated and had a party for my sims on winterfest day. I usually ignore the holidays but for this brand new legacy I started, I decided that we were going to celebrate. I'm loving this family since I've taken the time to give them all personalities in my head lol. (I even verbally play out interactions and their thoughts and stuff. Thankful, I live alone.)

    We had 3 children and 3 adults. The adults joined in opening the big box presents and I let the kids alone have the ones under the tree and all the ones from father winter.

    I took all the presents and sat them in the living room, took a picture and tried to use as much of the stuff as I could and then sold what I couldn't. The gifts did impact my sims, but the gifts already lined up with their personalities. Or instance,Jaoni got his very own potion set so he doesn't have to share with his sisters. They also got one of those big gaming rigs, which I usually would sell, but 5 of the 6 are big geeks or mental focused, so we kept it. I never would have purchased this on my own.

    I love celebrated the holidays now, and I really like the gifts.
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  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,909 Member
    @LindsaySeddon1 lovely to know Im not the only one! I love it when the game throws these things in and gives me something to base personalities around!
    @GalacticGal thanks for that, I've not worked with the doctor playset before. I've had a two year involuntary hiatus from the game so quite a lot of stuff from the older packs is still really new to me. Great to know it boosts empathy. Very useful for a future doctor, I think! (Even better if we get a medicine-related degree in the Uni pack. Looks like we could have a Dr Stanton in the town one day!)
    @Minx I'm pleased you've celebrated the holiday this time. I love the calendar feature from Seasons and making a fuss over the holidays is something I've always enjoyed doing.

    Also, glad I've helped some of you guys. I don't like planning every single detail in advance and the gifts have definitely proven to be a good way of randomising hobbies and interests B)
  • HarukotyanHarukotyan Posts: 119 Member
    Thank you for sharing. This was very insightful. I usually use decorative gifts or those which are already fit and useful. But I never thought of using them for interpreting future interests and hobbies. As soon as I merge my old and new BACC saves I'll start paying more attention to holidays.
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 710 Member
    Love the insight you've shared there with the gifts. Makes me wonder what to do though because all Santa gives my sims is a large poop. I mean what do you do with that? Put it on the shelf so you can say to your kids, look, someone gave one after all?
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,909 Member
    Bloosmoo wrote: »
    Love the insight you've shared there with the gifts. Makes me wonder what to do though because all Santa gives my sims is a large poop. I mean what do you do with that? Put it on the shelf so you can say to your kids, look, someone gave one after all?

    Meh, I usually get rid of that (well you would, wouldn't you?). I've noticed Santa gave mostly lousy presents to the adults but great ones to the children. I don't know if that's in the code or purely random?
    Maybe try some friendly interactions with Santa first, before asking for a present?
  • BloosmooBloosmoo Posts: 710 Member
    Well it was a child he gave the poop to and a friend at at that. Maybe in my game Santa is just a grade A 🎃🎃🎃🎃 but at least he's not discriminatory, he gave the adults rubbish as well.
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,909 Member
    Oh well, that's something I suppose. :D
  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 1,113 Member
    I usually just sell them, but your idea is a lot more fun!

    Actually, Father Winter gave my vampire rock star a gaming mat and I didn't sell it. I think it's the one that needs unlocked, and I'm not selling something I couldn't buy back if I changed my mind. Maybe I'll try to think of something to do with that instead of just hiding it in the household inventory.
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,909 Member
    @phantasmkiss Glad you like it :)


    So I've got another set of Winterfest presents to work through and again, some are pretty handy!
    This is with another family in my BACC, so it's the following Christmas. They've got three daughters and the father, James, is the Mayor of the town. Just before Christmas, he opened the town's first community lot, the museum, so he's big on the preservation of history etc. Bear that in mind.

    Two of the girls got fossils for Christmas (one from Father Winter, the other from their parents). Now I'm going to be 'donating' these to the museum but I'm also comtemplating these girls developing an interest in archaeology after this. I think for that, it'll depend on any other presents they get at a later date. The father also received a gem, which is perfect because he can donate that to the museum, too.

    The eldest, Elena, was one who received the fossil from her parents but Father WInter gave her a toddler book, Rex Treks. Although that's no use for Elena (who's a child) it could indicate an interest in archaeology? And so her younger sister, Caitlin (who really looks up to her) might just copy her for a while but not really mean it? It's food for thought. Caitlin also got a violin, so a possible music buddy for Caiden eventually?

    Now the mum, Claudia, got the tea brewer for Christmas. I'm particularly pleased about this because she's going to be eventually opening the town's first restaurant, and is a big cooking fan. It couldn't have been more perfect!

    So not all the presents were a complete bust! <3
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,702 Member
    I just sell them. But now I want to actually do something, even though I usually end up getting dog poop.
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