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How to figure out which INI file is the flyover?

Hello! I put custom weather in my world from University, and it came with the University flyover. Since I'm using the small world the flyover mostly shows the ocean. How do I figure out which file in S3PE is the flyover so I can edit it to fit my world?


  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 773 Member

    So sorry @equuest , I have no idea about S3PE yet :/ .... but I'm certain that @Rflong7 will be able to help you! :D
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,073 Member
    Hi :)
    This has all the information.

    When you open the ini files to see what they are (notepad)- the one which starts:
    ;; This file defines spline paths for the camera to follow at
    ;; the beginning of the tutorial.

    It should be -
  • equuestequuest Posts: 716 Member
    @Hidehi Thank you! :)
    @Rflong7 Thank you! I was able to find the file and create a simple world flyover :) It's good enough for me.
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