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What happened in your game today?

PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
I apologise if this is already a thread there are so many pages and I couldn't find it and I felt this thread should also be here to, I love playing The Sims 1 still!

To everyone who plays The Sims 1 what happened in your game today? I would love to hear your stories!
(I will post some of mine when I get access to the game again I left it at my boyfriends haha)
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  • PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
    Sad news: Myrtle, my mint generation Sim, has passed away of old age. She's had a full life, though! She got up to prepare breakfast for her family, as usual, and she just passed away on the floor.

    Also sad: Clone Lothario passed away the day later! It's really sad because he spent his last day mourning his wife and trying to cheer up Poppy and Ronnie. Even worse: the day after Clone's death was Winterfest! Poppy cooked a grand breakfast for the two of them and they had the gloomiest holiday ever. Ronnie was devastated because his grandma was his best friend!

    The day after Winterfest Poppy was invited to dine out by one of her boyfriends, Adrian Spencer (I bought Dine Out today because of the special offer). He's her neighbour and he has two twin daughters who go to school with Ronnie. Given the situation,Poppy didn't want to leave Ronnie alone at home, so she went to her date with him. She's really into this guy, so she couldn't wait for Ronnie to meet Adrian.
    But... well, how do I put it? It was the worst. Date. Ever. First, Ronnie hated Adrian. Then Adrian and Poppy got drunk (mods!). And finally... Hugo Villareal was working as a waiter in the restaurant and... he died of old age too. In front of them. Poor Ronnie is traumatized at this point, no wonder he's a loner! Poppy was so drunk that she was just casually standing there sipping her wine, while everyone was crying.

    Spoiler to save space
    Poppy aged up to adult and she threw a big party. She even invited her ex Michelle, who she met at the restaurant! Now they're on good terms. Poppy learned that Michelle is now married with kids (MCCC married her to a random townie). But who knows what might happen, right? ;)

    This is Poppy kissing goodnight to her boyfriend Adrian after the party. She obviously chose the perfect moment to kiss him: right when a tipsy Michelle was walking out of the door! No wonder she's Don's favourite daughter.

    Meanwhile, Ronnie is doing better. He has only As in school and he completed the mental aspiration for kids; his uncle adopted a boy of his age and now they're good friends. This is him playing with his mom's makeup before going to school:

    Now that Poppy is an adult, I gave her a small makeover. She added boyfriend number 6 to her list: Haruki. He's the first Sim I ever made and he's a writer.

    I love the post but this is the section for The Sims 1!

    The section for Sims 4: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/888255/what-happened-in-your-game-today#latest
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    @PrincessAmy Ahah I'm so sorry! Thanks for telling me ;)
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