PORTRAIT - Cycle One

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Welcome to Portrait. This is a whole new contest from me. I haven’t done anything like this one, but I often do portrait inspired pictures in applications and some rounds in previous contests of mine. But in portrait you will be making close up, candid, and shoulder up crops only. So there won’t be a high need for fancy backgrounds, or finding them. Since I know that’s half the work when you’re making a picture. At least we can concentrate on our Sims, and their beauty. This also means that your Sims clothing and accessories will not be highly accounted for in your pictures all, unless you want them for your own use to make your art beautiful.
This contest is purely a beauty contest. It's about being creative with your Sims and the overall appeal. There will be no eliminations whatsoever, you are free to stay through to the end for a cumulative winner. The winners will be announced every round, but cumulative scores will be posted right at the end when a winner is determined.

I'm your host, Jojo. Come and join in with all the fun!


♥ Follow Sims 4 Community Forum and Contest Rules.
♥ No more than 2 adult Female Sims per person.
♥ No fantasy models (no zombies, vampires, aliens, fairies etc.)
♥ All contestants must be of your own creation.
♥ Sims 3 and 4 all okay.
♥ Photo shopping/GIMP will be required for all rounds.
♥ Be sure to add your models names when posting your entries, it makes it easier for us judges to recognise who you are.
♥ BE NICE! Nasty people, or fighting will not be tolerated.
♥ You can use contestants that have appeared before in other contests.
♥ Rounds will be 5-7 days (depending on the number of pics required for the tasks).
♥ Judging usually takes 1-3 days.
♥ No Face plastering and photo shopping clothes onto your sim unless i call for it in the duration of this competition.
♥ Any size Sim is welcome.


♥ This contest is judged by a judging panel, and you will receive small comments.
♥ Expect to receive comments that tell you how they see the picture. Honest, but constructive.
♥ PORTRAIT is judged by round, but there will not be any eliminations. All scores are cumulative and a final tally will be posted at the end.
♥ Extensions are available to anyone during the round. And each round will go for 5-7 days ...
♥ There will only be two judges, myself and one other person.

Here Is Our Judging Panel!

1. xjojox
2. Mamajanaynay


♥ Keep to the brief.
♥ Make your portraits interesting as possible.
♥ Vibrant and sharp pictures will make your pictures stand out.
♥ Eye contact is more engaging.
♥ Crop out unnecessary background, if it doesn’t have a purpose, crop it!
♥ Keep it tight, remember you can chop hair off to make your picture more candid.
♥ Choosing appropriate accessories will always get more attention
♥ Don’t add items in your crops to detract the beauty away from your sim.
♥ Don’t use harsh lighting, change your in game light colour to grey instead of yellow.


Remember that it IS OK to cut hair away and body parts. If the shot shows exactly what it needs to, limbs, hair and other body parts are not important. Making a portrait more personal and candid can be a beautiful quality to capture. It can also intensity your sims beauty with perfect eye contact and expression.
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    1. Lisabee2
    2. Jendowoz0612
    3. Myfavoritedesign
    4. Deciouslyvivid
    5. Kittymeow
    6. O-Meezy
    7. Colormepink
    8. TexasTwangTonya
    9. Wbombje
    10. Heather1306
    11. Jaunty
    12. Aussiekarima
    13. Penguinwa101
    14. Fauxevermore
    15. Movotti
    16. YJB19299

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    ROUND 3





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    Comments For Round One.

    Lisabee2 with Clarette Farano

    Comment From Jojo: Wow all she needs is the white face and she would be the joker. She got the brows. But she's serious! I think next time around I think a tighter crop and maybe some eye contact would benefit you in this contest. Fierce is always great expression, but sometimes softer expressions will be a better fit for the round.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Claretta is a gorgeous model, loved how her brows complimented her eyes. I just felt there wasn't any "WOW" or pizazz. Good job!

    Myfavoritedesign with Lydia Weldon

    Comment From Jojo: She looks just like Harley Quinn! How creative … was that your intention? Either way I don't know that the colour of the brows is the right colour in coordination with her hair. Which kind of leaves black and red (which are common) A different colour hair and a vibrant background would have made it look fantastic

    Comment From Mamajanay: Lydia looks like she could play the queen in Alice with her red and black. I just felt there wasn't anything that made me say "Now that is one awesome portrait." Good job!

    Kittymeow with Niamh Holland

    Comment From Jojo: I like her brows a bunch, they are probably my favourite ones with that little bit of sparkle. This picture needed to be closer and tighter cropped or maybe needed to have her hands in the picture to just give it that little bump of character. Other than that she looks very beautiful.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Beautiful model, I would of liked to have seen just a bit more creativity in this one. Good job!

    Heather1306 with Tesha Lewis

    Comment From Jojo: Her brows are really nice here, and I liked that you added that little bit of sparkle to jazz up the photo. While the crop is nice, I think you could possibly found a pose that had her hands in the portrait, it was just lacking a little character.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Nice touch with the sparkles. I think the use of a different pose may have made this portrait shot better. Good job!

    Jendowoz0612 with Alyssa Tongol

    Comment From Jojo: I think what I like about this picture the most is its colour co-ordination. The pink to pink and the pearl to the eye-shadow. It was nicely thought out and her portrait is beautifully composed. There are a few little blur lines around the eyebrow, keep an eye on the fine points.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Alyssa is just gorgeous, I just wasn't keen to the black tracing around her brows. Also, when editing, make sure you blend the lipstick/gloss. Good job!

    Texastwangtonya with Summer Townsend

    Comment From Jojo: Oh my goodness what a giant photo! Maybe next round, make it a little smaller so it is easier to view. It doesn’t fit well on my screen to view all at once. While I liked the picture and style the brows and hair matched. The task itself was supposed to set the eyebrows and hair apart.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Summer reminds me of the girl next door or that popular girl in school, but I felt the portrait was just a bit too close. Good job!

    Wbombje with Madalyn Chen

    Comment From Jojo: I like the colour coordination with your make-up here and the the red and pinks do mesh really well. It's a really unique hair style actually. While the colour choice is nice, the eyebrows and hair were supposed to be set apart from eachother so they stood out. Because this combo seems normal not obviously different.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Love the hair! It's so…extraterrestrial. I felt her eye-shadow became the focal point and not her brows. Good job!

    Colormepink with Brittney Mattel

    Comment From Jojo: This little lady looks cheeky as all heck! And she actually has quite an appealing cuteness about it. I like your colour matching, but it just need that’s edge to give off that high fashion look. Your crop is nice, I think a darker background would have brought out the pinks and lighter tones of her hair a lot better.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Brittney looks so cute in all that pink. Don't be afraid to experiment with different poses or camera angles. Good job!

    Aussiekarima with Anika Savalani

    Comment From Jojo: This was actually one of my faves this round. I love the rainbow look against her skin. It looks super cool. Her soft expression is nice along with her neutral background. I think you could have cropped this tighter or added a hand to give it a tiny bit more character. But still fantastic pic.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Loved the butterflies and Anika's rainbow brows! Don't be afraid to experiment with poses or camera angles. Good job!

    O-Meezy with Cassie Ayers

    Comment From Jojo: I think you may have mis read the brief here. It looks like you may have gotten confused and thought I was expecting an application picture. I think the picture and model in general are fine, but I wish you followed the brief.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Assignment description not followed.

    Penguinwa101 with Giselle Pansino

    Comment From Jojo: The thing I liked the most about your picture is the hot pinks against the aqua blue striking eyes. The spot make-up painting around her eyes is great by the way. I think its just perfect for the task. Remember some areas of a picture are wasted space, you can crop them a lot tighter.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Not sure about the splattering around Giselle's eyes as her brows were hard to see as they blended in. I felt that there was just something missing. Good job!

    Jpikman with Paola Bentes

    Comment From Jojo: I think it’s a great and very thought full picture. It's like you thought about everything in it to mesh well. Your editing is always special and very clean. There is a bit of a blotchy pink on the shoulder that looks a little off (dark and light on top) I think your picture could have been tighter cropped on the left side

    Comment From Mamajanay: What can I say about Paola other than "Wow!" Good job!

    Jaunty with Alison Johnson

    Comment From Jojo: I like the colour coordination so much, this dark blue against the other make-up blues. But while you did follow the brief well, the eye brows are generally supposed to be a different colour from the hair to set them apart from the hair if that makes sense. But still she looks very lovely.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Alison is lovely, don't be afraid to experiment with different poses, camera angles. I felt there could have been a tad more creativity. Good job!

    Deviouslyvivid with Twyla Wade

    Comment From Jojo: Holy… this looks cool! Shes looking very creative and the make-up and eyebrow joint like that looks very good. This is possibly the most high fashion shot this round. I think a hand in the picture and maybe eye contact might have set this pic on a whole other higher level again.

    Comment From Mamajanay: Wow! Twyla is stunning with her plum feather eyebrows. I felt the camera could have been lowered just a bit, but I get the angle of the shot you were going for. Good job!
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    Round One Winners





    Aussiekarima and Jendowoz0612 You both TIED!





    The rest of you placed below our top five this week! It is a little 'confidence killing' to see your name on the bottom of the list so i have chosen not to list you all from 5th place onwards. It just makes you wanna try harder to see you name up in the top 5 next week! Remember this is a cumulative contest and i will not be revealing your contest scores until the very end :)
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    This sounds like fun ... count me in :) .. musing on my model now
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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,033 Member
    We'll you know how I feel about this comp, @xJojox . Please reserve me.
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    Awesome Jen and Lisa glad your both joining! Round One has been posted.

    I skip applications, to save time and effort... and get straight into it leaving the first round open longer than the rest.
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    @xJojox Please reserve me. <3
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  • deviouslyvividdeviouslyvivid Posts: 96 Member
    Yas! reserve me please. <3
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,013 Member
    No worries. Putting u down 😀
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 6,501 Member
    I really like the sound of this and I need something to keep me occupied but I don't know if I will have a chance using a non cc sim. :s
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    You can use a non CC sim @kittymeow. But you MAY (up to you of course) need to CC shop now and then to help you out in case in game content doesnt provide what you need. Bare in mind i do allow google photoshopped accessories etc :)
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 6,501 Member
    xJojox wrote: »
    You can use a non CC sim @kittymeow. But you MAY (up to you of course) need to CC shop now and then to help you out in case in game content doesnt provide what you need. Bare in mind i do allow google photoshopped accessories etc :)

    I don't suppose you know how to move the sims onto another drive? If I can do that I can use cc as I have a lot more space on the D drive. Reserve me anyway. :)
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    I think you can using sims 4 tray importer. :) Not really sure. But you got some time to work it out. The first round/app (same thing) is open for 10 days.
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    I am in! <3
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    No worries jillie. Reserving you
  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 6,501 Member
    I've managed to do it now, so will have to get cc shopping. :)
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    Been waiting for this and I'm finally not buried under school work. Reserve me! :smile:
    YESSSSSSSS Please Reserve Me JO JO @xJojox Super Excited.......... LOVE This Idea!!!! <3

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    Hello, @xJojox ! I haven't been in a comp in a while, but I think I'm done with school (at least for a while), so I would love to join your comp. I haven't done these in so long, so sorry if I seem out of practice. Please sign me up :) !
    Yayyyyyyy HEY Lady! Welcome To Jo Jo's New Comp........ So Happy To See YOU @wbombje <3

  • wbombjewbombje Posts: 1,231 Member
    Thanks @TEXASTWANGTONYA ! I'm happy to be back. I can't wait to see your awesome creations :) !!! I think that this one will be fun.
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