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Well I'm back at being your host! It's been FAR too long since i hosted a contest, and I used to love doing this so much as well. One of the main reasons i gave up contesting was my lack of inspiration and possibly my laziness! So i developed this contest to watch contestants focus on their model and having an idea. I think half the battle when making your shot is finding the right background. And sometimes it can be the background hat makes the shot. But we all look at pictures differently and have different inspirations towards our creativity.
This contest I will be providing your backgrounds where you will be free to trim, add or edit them as you like. This contest is not about style, or dressing your barbie's or anything like that. It's about being creative with the backgrounds given to you! You will be judged on yours models beauty, your creativity, and how charismatic you are with your presentation. There will be no eliminations whatsoever, you are free to stay through to the end for a cumulative winner. The winners will be announced every round, but cumulative scores will be posted right at the end when a winner is determined.

I'm your host, Jojo. Come and join in with all the fun! I hope i can run this for you again if you guys enjoy it.


♥ Follow Sims 4 Community Forum and Contest Rules.
♥ No more than 2 adult Female Sims per person.
♥ No fantasy models (no zombies, vampires, aliens, fairies etc.)
♥ All contestants must be of your own creation.
♥ Sims 3 and 4 okay
♥ Photo shopping will be required for all rounds.
♥ Be sure to add your models names when posting your entries, it makes it easier for us judges to recognise who you are.
♥ BE NICE! Nasty people, or fighting will not be tolerated.
♥ You can use contestants that have appeared before in other contests.
♥ Rounds will be 5-7 days (depending on the number of pics required for the tasks).
♥ Judging usually takes 1-3 days.
♥ Photo shopping is allowed and in most cases necessary.
♥ No Face plastering and photo shopping clothes onto your sim unless i call for it in the duration of this competition.
♥ Any size Sim is welcome


♥This contest is judged by a judging panel, and you will receive comments.
♥Expect to receive comments that tell you how they see the picture. Honest, but constructive.
♥FOCUS is judged by round, but there will not be eliminations. All scores are cumulative and a final tally will be posted at the end.
♥Extensions are available to anyone during the round. And each round will go for one week ...
♥There will only be two judges, myself and one other person.

Here Is Our Judging Panel!

1. xjojox
2. Jilliebee
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  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
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    1. Jendowoz
    2. Penguin101
    3. Texastwangtonya
    4. Kyky
    5. Colormepink
    6. Abelhinha
    7. Myfavoritedesign
    8. Mizoreyukii

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    *My Definition Of Half Up Is Anything From Waist To Top Of The Thigh*

    You are free to use your own background in the finale.


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    Penguinwa101 - Giselle Pansino

    Comments from Jojo HOW freaking cute, I swear she reminded me of thumbelina in this picture, and that is my favourite movie from my childhood. While it's cute and the idea is really great, the execution fell a little flat for me this round. I think the tiny petals were not needed considering the giant petals shes sitting on, they could have easily been replaced by sparkles or something fairy like. I think smaller wings might have been a lot better for this picture and maybe a happier little expression your beautiful fairy. Some small touches make all the difference sometimes.

    Comments from Jillie Awe this is so cute! I love the vibrant pink, it really helps make her pop! I like the simplicity that you took with just the simply bodysuit and wings. The pose is great as well, and I really enjoy the looking off into the sky in thought type of expression. The biggest downfall for me would have to be the background. I am not sure if you just added in the flower or if this is an actual image, but with the crop it doesn't look like the flower is actually attached to anything. It sort of looks like it's just floating there. The little pink petals is a cute idea, but doesn't make much sense considering proportions. Yes, that's what flower petals would look like if Giselle was of normal size - but she is sitting in a flower, which means the petals would actually be that size. Overall it was a great idea and I love the bright bubble gum pink, just need to work with proportions. Well done!

    Jendowoz0612 - Aliyah Delossantos

    Comments from Jojo I like that you went a different route this round. You ventured into the dark side!!! Which is unlike you. I thought you may have went the pretty fairy look but I have actually seen this short black and silver hair before in a similar 'dark' photo. The picture itself is nice, dont get me wrong, butthe red is very punchy and the cartoon like spider just made it a little iffy for me. I wanted to like it, but The entwining black on black lets got lost for me. And the background lost a lot of quality in the web. This picture needed much needed fineness to hit the high notes this round.

    Comments from Jillie Oh wow! Look at Aliyah being the bad girl! I really love your styling with her too! It's a nice spin on darkness but still kind of has that cute aspect with the polka dots. I really love that hair colour too - love how it goes from silver to black. The full red background was an interesting choice as well. It's super vibrant so it makes it hard to not look at, and your model pops from it! Not to mention the black and red is such an iconic villain combo! Love the addition to the pet spider as well. There does however seem to have some quality issues - with the spider web as well as with her outfit. It's very noticeable especially with how clear and smooth the spider is. Overall this is a great job, and I think Aliyah really suits the bad girl look! Great job!

    Texastwangtonya - Sadie Engle

    Comments from Jojo Probably my most favourite picture to date. The first thing I liked is the background. I would have chosen something similar with the evening and amber tones. It actually brought out her hair and skin. I do wish that you went a little more enchanting, rather than sexy fairy though. I think some sparkles and some more clothing might have been more appropriate. Be careful of your proportions though, you got big fairy and big hair but small little wings, i think you could have went bigger with these. But still an outstanding edit.

    Comments from Jillie Yaaass, this is gorgeous! I adore how warm and happy this photo is! Such a great choice and using such a warm and glowing background! I think it compliments her so well, especially with using a cool pale green outfit and wings. The pose is soo cute too, and I love how soft her expression is! The addition of the couple butterflies was a great idea as well! It was simple but added great detail. My only real critique would be to possibly move her up a bit, as of right now it kind of looks like she is just off of tip toes - but that could be due to your shadow. Why yes you can have a round shadow on the ground because she is close to it, but you want to make sure the the shadow isn't "attached" to her. As attachment shows that she is in some contact with the ground. Also with the background you have only some of it blurred. If you have the hills blurred you will need the sky to be blurred with it, as perspective the sky/horizon would technically be further away. Overall though this is a gorgeous shots! One of my favourites from you this season. Amazing job!

    Myfavoritedesign - Nicole Eaton

    Comments from Jojo I liked the bright blue and ultimate fairy look in this. You even went to match in your cartoon fairy to match your sim in with it. Its definitely a hard one this one. Because while our sims are pixels, you pixelated her more by using filters that killed all of her beauty and her over all quality. I think if you were going to do for this enchanting look you possibly could have chosen another background and left your sim in her normal state. Not a huge fan of this filter unfortunately, though i do appreciate the creativity and your overall effort.

    Comments from Jillie WOW! This is absolutely stunning! Nicole looks like a beautiful ice fairy - and I love the interaction with the ice unicorn! Her styling is so cute, and I really enjoy the overall tone of the photo. Not only does it have that cool blue tone for the ice aspect, but it seems like a picture out of a fairytale book. I am not usually a fan with drawing filters, but I think it goes really well with this shot. The addition of light at her feet to show her movement was a great touch as well! There's some little odd lines/streaking on her knees that I figure came from the filter so just make sure to smooth those out after. Overall this is one enchanting photo, awesome job!

    Abelhinha35 - Ivanka Navarette

    Comments from Jojo NOW THIS IS A FAIRY. She's enchantingly beautiful and shes got that golden hair and that sweetness about her that is completely spot on. I think shes wearing some kind of flower and the vines, make her seem woodland and very cool! While this was obviously my favourite picture this round, the only think i wasn't 100% on is the background. While i like the foot in the water effect the blurriness of this background offsets the picture a little for me. I just wish it was a little sharper because it isnt in the background. It's up front with the model.

    Comments from Jillie This is gorgeous wow! The vibrancy of this photo is incredible and I love how you played up the orange and reds on her. Your choice of wings was great as well, as it gives me a more bird like appearance which is very unique with all the other rounded fairy ones. It's very pleasing to the eye having the warm colours on the top of the image blend in to the cool of the flower and the water! The idea was so creative and fits the fairy theme perfectly. Her pose is great and she has this sweet, coy expression that I adore! I also like how her foot is dipped into the water, but her foot should be full opacity until her foot touches the reflection point. Think of water like a mirror you can pass through, the reflection would be at the point of contact, so anything past it (into the water) would be cut off and replaced with the reflection, and anything still on "this side" would be fully visible. The only time you want to show under water, you would not have that direct reflection and you would still show a clear line of the top of the water. Overall amazing job this round, this is one of my favourites, great job!

    Colormepink - Jasmine Lee

    Comments from Jojo Definitely one of my faves this round. She's a tiny fairy and you ever thought about everything to make her look that way. The giant background with the giant objects in the background to make her look like she belongs there. The colour co ordination is lovely and the outfit choice and model pose is all nicely thought out. I noticed round by round, your efforts are continuously thoughtful and clean. The only thing i would have changed this picture is the wings on your fairy. I would have looked for ones that were better quality to match your edit.

    Comments from Jillie Just beautiful -- I think you nailed this enchanted theme! I also just adore the whole set up of the photo as it ties in well with the legend of fairies being around us in the form of butterflies! Which makes me super pleased that you not only had her among them but really dressed her up in the blue just like them. Love the interaction with the hand out with fairy dust as well! My only critique would be to make sure to blend your model into the photo. If you notice the bottom part of the background is blurred, you would need to have her feet blurred the same to be similar. Overall though, I think you did a fabulous job! Absolutely love this shot!

    Mizoreyukii - Baylee Jefferson

    Comments from Jojo This picture has a lot going for it. The thing that I like about you every round is the quality of your work and your editing processes. You never leave no stone un-turned. Meaning you thought of everything that should belong in the picture. The glow, the sparkles etc. The background is enchanting, possibly one of my favourite background choices this round. While i like the connection between your fairies is sweet, they seem to both get lost in different ways. Baylee was lost in her hair and he looked away. Im not sure if its supposed to be like that, but i wish i could see a little more face.

    Comments from Jillie Wow, this looks like it's straight out of a movie!! I love everything about this shot! The background is perfect, and I feel it goes so well with the story behind it, with it being sort of tucked away amongst the shrubbery. The pose is gorgeous and you really get that sense of love and loss at the same time. The outfits you chose are just stunning and I really love how not only are they in the colours of their race of fairy but they are so different in style. With Baylees it feels very classic, but it's so unique with the only one of the legs in the mesh (the accent of the ankle bracelet on the other adding a nice balance as well!) The addition of their magic on the wings was such a smart detail too! I would have suggested maybe cutting out some of the smoke on his though. I do like how it looks sort of spiralling down the bottom part but I find the piece just floating in between that and his body feels off and takes away from the wing part, personally. Overall though another masterpiece from you, great way to end off this season! Awesome job!

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    After a long eight rounds, you have been waiting for your scores and now is the time! YEY

    So without any more waiting the cumulative top three of FOCUS SEASON 1 ARE ...













    WELL DONE EVERYONE! I thoroughly enjoyed having you all competing this season. I hope you had loads of fun creating, and enjoying SIMART. Look forward to host you all again in the future.
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  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,124 Member
    ~ I like this concept, hopefully my PC will be up & running by the time this starts!
    ~ Have a very good "Australia Day" talk soon!
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    I like the sound of this, Jojo, please reserve me. When you say portrait so shoulders/waist up?
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  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
    portrait is usually breast up :)
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    okay, thanks, Jojo <3
  • MizoreYukiiMizoreYukii Posts: 6,216 Member
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    Ahhh! I'm glad to see you back to hosting. :love: Should I add you to the tag list then or no?

    Anyways, half the battle and hours spent working is sometimes looking for the background, so this appeals to me. I'll have to give this a lot of thought before deciding. :pensive:

    @Penguinwa101 @abelhinha35 @chellemh29 @Jendowoz0612 @TEXASTWANGTONYA @kyky @Movotti @JaLiBo @jilliebee22 @MyFavoritedesign @Mamajanaynay @lisabee2 @aussiekarima @jaunty @Gege @MizoreYukii @heather1306 @themelonic @Socallucyfan @JoeJoe11 @deviouslyvivid @wiredhanna67 @Storiessims4 @gardenGothic @Klept0maniac94
  • Penguinwa101Penguinwa101 Posts: 3,128 Member
    YAAAAAY! So glad to see you back Jojo!
    Twitter: @Penguinwa101
    Youtube: Penguin Entertainment
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
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    @penguinwa101 wow i havent seen you in ages!!! nice to see you still around too.
    @MizoreYukii you can add me but cant say whether i will join anymore contests until the one im in is done... :) but happy to host for now.

    AND YEP no background finding, i do all the hard work background finding sometimes can take me more than an hour. but i will find large backgrounds for you to chop and change and possibly offer more than one background for variation.
  • Penguinwa101Penguinwa101 Posts: 3,128 Member
    @xJojox YEP! I recently came back as well, ALLLLLLL finished with college and have my degree now! so crazy! LOL!!! :D:D:D
    Twitter: @Penguinwa101
    Youtube: Penguin Entertainment
    Congratulations!!!!!!! @Penguinwa101 Lovely Seeing YOU!!!!!!!!

    Sign Me UP Darling!!!! Looks Fun! HUGZZZZ
  • Penguinwa101Penguinwa101 Posts: 3,128 Member
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    Model: Giselle Pansino

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    Twitter: @Penguinwa101
    Youtube: Penguin Entertainment
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    Application - B & W captivating shot
    Model: Aliyah Delossantos

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  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
    Whoops! forgot her name. LOL :D:)
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
    great shot @Jendowoz0612 her eyes are fantastic.
    @Penguinwa101 - Very sensual shot here, lovin it :)

    @TEXASTWANGTONYA - thats great, happy to see you come aboard!
  • kykykyky Posts: 241 Member
    i'm in xD
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
    @kyky nice to see you around still :) and glad you are joining.
  • Jendowoz0612Jendowoz0612 Posts: 7,741 Member
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    xJojox wrote: »
    great shot @Jendowoz0612 her eyes are fantastic.

    Thank you, Jojo, her eyes captivated me too. Really keen for this comp. So great to have you back. <3<3

  • kittymeowkittymeow Posts: 7,315 Member
    I'd like to give this a go but my game is completely cc free so I'll be lurking. :)
  • xJojoxxJojox Posts: 6,491 Member
    @kittymeow this contest does not call for cc whatsoever as i will not be calling for special attire. i will be giving backgrounds for your sims to pose on.
  • jilliebee22jilliebee22 Posts: 2,223 Member
    Ohh I am soo interested in this... but my plate is soo full already.
    It's just soo much less work to not have to waste time on backgrounds......

    Gah, reserve me. >_<
    Can we add things to the backgrounds? Like props, or plants, etc?
    ❤Come say Hi to me on Twitter
    ♔ download my sims 4 poses on my tumblr account
    Thanks @xJojox SUPER Excited AND Love The APPLICATION!!!!!!!! Getting Started Today!!!!! Because I Am Stoked For This ONE! <3<3<3
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