The Friendly Yeti Challenge

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Yeah, I have no good segue into this. I just really liked the new yeti costume, and I thought I'd make up a story about a yeti to go along with it. But I also wanted to give myself a challenge, so I slapped "Challenge" at the end of this story's title.

The Premise
Picture this: a yeti, an abominable snowman from the Simalayas. He has come to Newcrest in search of friendship. But as a gigantic, primitive creature of folklore, adapting to a new environment is tough. If you follow his journey though, you'll see him overcome adversity and achieve his dreams. Or crash and burn in a humiliating tragedy of errors, either or.

The story is (mostly) told from the yeti's perspective. You'll see how he observes the world and come to understand his thoughts and feelings.

The Rules
  • No Talking: Since the yeti can't speak simlish, he can't use any words to communicate. Chats, discussions and the like will be avoided as best as I can. Instead, the yeti must rely on non-verbal communication: giving hugs, handing out gifts of any kind, or doing physical impressions.

    However, he CAN eventually overcome his weaknesses when he learns a bit of Simlish. By reaching Level 5 Charisma, he'll have picked up enough words to use Friendly interactions. By Level 8, he'll understand the intricacies of comedy, and be able to use Funny interactions. By Level 10, he's fluent enough to speak the language of love.

    Addendum: It wouldn't make sense for a yeti to know how to read Simlish. He can enjoy looking at a book's pretty pictures, but he won't be able to understand the words. Therefore, Skill Books are forbidden until he can ask a trusted friend to teach him how to read. (ie: he needs Level 5 Charisma and a Good Friend.)
  • Minimal Technology: The yeti doesn't know how to use a phone or a computer. Heck, even a fridge might be too complicated for him. He only barely understands the toilet as-is. Until he reaches Level 5 of the Logic skill, he's limited to only the most basic utilities to keep himself alive. (Shower, toilet, maaaaaaaybe refrigerators.) Communicating through technology (cell phones and computers) also requires Level 5+ Charisma.

    Addendum: Get Together and Jungle Adventure introduce bushes that act as washrooms and beds. As an extra limitation, toilets are now considered too advanced for my yeti to work without the 5 Logic skill points. Since I have seasons, the shower is also considered too high-tech, and he must bathe in the rain.

    Note: I'll probably ignore this limitation once or twice for story purposes. If he spots a sim sitting down and watching TV, it only makes sense that he might want to mimic them.
  • No Careers: He can't speak Simlish, he doesn't know how to behave in public, and his resume is just a dead fish with some yeti fur stuffed in its mouth. Until he learns the basics of the Simlish language (Level 5 Charisma), he'll have to make money by "Feeding the Void" (selling through his personal inventory or though Build Mode), or other ways.
  • The Suit Stays On: Kind of a different rule, but still important to mention. The sim must be wearing his yeti suit at all times, at all costs. All his outfits are set to the yeti costume, and I have to avoid showing him out of costume to keep up the immersion. This is supposed to be an actual yeti, after all.
Addendum: I just got Get Together, Jungle Adventure and Laundry Day. Based on these new packs, I've added some new limitations for myself:
  • Clubs: Yetis love company. But Dizzy can only join a club if he is friends with the club's leader.
  • He can create a club if he has Level 7 Charisma and Level 5 Logic, as running a club is hard work.
  • Note: The club system can't be used to circumvent the other rules. So no making a make-out club to get around the romance rule under No Talking. Make-out clubs will have to wait until our yeti understands the language of love.
  • Vacation spots (Granite Falls, El Selvadorada) are off-limits until Dizzy knows how to use a phone and book a trip. Requires Level 5 Logic and Charisma.

The Goals
  • The yeti much achieve the Friend of the World aspiration.
  • Maybe have him find love and get married. Why not, right?

The Index
I eagerly await any feedback, opinions, etc. I'll keep playing this until I reach my target goals, or until I get bored an abandon it.
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