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Bella Goth

Ok so I have read different posts about Bella Goth disappearing, but does she, really? It’s also in her household description that she disappears... between me and my daughter we have 4 different saves and not in one of those games has Bella ever disappeared. So my question do they mean physically or mentally? I mean when she lost her husband she did end up going “clubbing” and out dining with different male sims, maybe that’s her way of coping. I’m playing her in one of my saves where she gets involved romantically with a few different sims and has 5 more children but doesn’t stay with any of the fathers; kind of like she is having so mid-life crisis after losing her husband. I took away her “party” trait after having all those kids to make her a better parent.


  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 16,579 Member
    edited November 2018
    Ahahaha no. It's about the Sims history.

    Bella disappeared in TS2 (she was not part of the household but Mortimer had been married and the kids had Bella's genes). She was allegedly abducted by aliens and ended up in a gas station in Strangetown (this part is from the PSP game).
    The truth, I think, and this was said by a developer, is that there was an error with her file or something, in the shipped The Sims 2 copies and she was nowhere to be found.

    She does not disappear in TS4. Unless you abduct her yourself.
  • JC1979JC1979 Posts: 234 Member
    That makes sense. I just wondered. I’ve actually only played TS4 so I’m not that familiar with the history of Bella but it seems to be an ongoing mystery that is still talked about and documented in the other games.
  • everydayMeverydayM Posts: 6 New Member
    In TS4 it says something in the household info panel about Bella having "mysterious disappearances" and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to only reference to the other games, however some say that it's because of her job as a secret agent? In my save I made her "disappearances" a love affair with a Sim I added in the neighborhood. The affair lasted quite some time but she went to his place and called it off when she found herself pregnant with Mortimers child so she's home pretty much all the time now. Not sure if I'll let the affair start back up though, I kind of want her to have a kid with him since I think it would be really good looking.
  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 15,402 Member
    I remember in Sims 2 when Alexander would go off to college, it was always Bella who would be there by his side because Mortimer would always die off before he was old enough to go to college. In that game, there was a death marker in her files, and if you managed to add her back into as a playable sim, she would die. The storyline had it as if she was abducted, and possibly walking around Strangetown. Ironically the Bella in Strangetown looked slightly different than the Pleansantview Bella.

  • AineAine Posts: 2,101 Member
    Sims 2 Bella is one of the Sims greatest mysteries, and one of the things that make the game so awesome. Oh I miss Sims 2 so much sometimes! Modders fixed the files so you could get Bella back have her live out her life in Pleasantview.

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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 13,105 Member
    JC1979 wrote: »
    That makes sense. I just wondered. I’ve actually only played TS4 so I’m not that familiar with the history of Bella but it seems to be an ongoing mystery that is still talked about and documented in the other games.

    Yes, I do believe it is all part of the Sims' Lore. I don't play premades, myself. But I can tell you Bella is one you have to watch, closely. She honed in on my Global Superstar and helped to thwart his then romantic relationship. She's very adept at picking up on other Sims' weaknesses. For instance, she knew that if she planned it just right (his lady love in the very near vicinity) she only needed to stroke his cheek and he would go all weak-kneed in his response to her flirtation, reacting badly at the worst possible moment. Yes, his lady love went ballistic. Who could blame her? He was engaged to Leila, twice. It never worked out in the end. I still blame Bella. LOL
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