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Seeing as we now have the calender where we can make our own traditions I think it would be awesome if we could create our own events. :smile:
An in-game tool for this, eg. similar to the traditions, would be so much easier for those of us who either don't understand how to create our own or don't want to have to use mods.


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    That is actually a great idea. Players want social events like pool parties, baby showers, graduation parties, funerals etc. This would allow players to create their own social events and use them in the future.
    However, what these social events' rewards will be? Will there be new objects that players can set as a rewards or reward sims some satisfaction points? How will the goal change depending on the location (Date event's goals are different at restaurants)?
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    Id ike to have the option to choose the reward but also the option to have a randomised one. I guess we could just use items in buy mode. However it's made i would like it to be an update.
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