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What does business route mean?

I downloaded a world and one of the lots says its “6061 business route” does anyone know what this means? Thanks


  • suzsessuzses Posts: 1,956 Member
    edited August 2018
    I think that's just what the creator named the road/lot. Where I live, the main route through the area has bypass and business options. You can either go through town (business) which was the original, older road or you can take the bypass that skirts around the edge of town, keeping you out of all the red lights, pedestrian traffic, etc.
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 2,858 Member
    When players create a world, they can enter addresses to the lots they place. The addresses can be only edited in Create a World program, meaning that you cannot change these and won't disappear when you buldoze the lot (removing the lot will).
    Sometimes the lot is referred by their address. One example I can bring is when sim is going to perform a show. The showplace is shown with its address.
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,837 Member
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    Lot addresses can also be edited, or entered if they are missing or new lots are placed, using the NRaas Tagger mod for those so inclined.
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  • AJC20178AJC20178 Posts: 67 Member
    I clicked onto the lot, and the building was one big object, im wondering if its a rabbit hole for a career
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