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Seasons Picture Thread


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    HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 1,663 Member
    @mintycupcake If you were to do a Rags to Riches challenge, they would definitely never starve. Or even have to learn how to cook. :D
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    LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,598 Member
    I felt kinda bad while I was in Bridelton bay with a new family watching strays be out in the cold and sleeping around. R.I.P My feelings.
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    pepperjax1230pepperjax1230 Posts: 7,953 Member
    DeKay wrote: »
    How did you all get the game so quick?
    I used a VPN to play early.

    My sims first snow.

    Is that the neighborhood in willows creek where all the starter homes are at??
    It looks so nice like that, the prebuilt lots just don’t look nice and the roofs are done poorly. I like your house designs
    I agree and ty. I actually got that house on the gallery and added my stuff to it. So my design is on the gallery.
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    jennihopejennihope Posts: 321 Member
    these screenshots are getting me soo hyyypeed!! san myshuno and brindleton bay look so beautiful in the winter omgg <3
    follow my simblr: <-- still under construction
    origin id: jennihope
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    Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Finally downloading Seasons!! Yay! Probably going to play tonight until I can't keep my eyes open. LOL Loving the pics everyone has shared. Cannot wait to experience everything for myself.
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    a_niles06a_niles06 Posts: 3,019 Member
    I haven't gotten to do too much yet but I have been able to play at least a little. My autumn wedding was everything I wanted it to be <3 Time for bed - more to come tomorrow - LOVING everyone's photos so far!!


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    JouvayJouvay Posts: 834 Member
    LadyKyn wrote: »
    Was in awe by the rain when my Sim was invited out to eat by another, but that didn't last long because not even two seconds in coming here there was a sim just showering in the rain next to mine. :neutral:

    It wasn't enough she was sick on this dinner date, but someone washing themselves in the rain. Just whhhhhhhy :weary:

    I can't stop laughing..
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    Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 2,142 Member
    Played for a few minutes and I am wondering if anyone else is seeing a change in the graphics. Everything seems much clearer and brighter. Even the interior of the houses is sharper. The textures look amazing so I am totally thrilled with the new look. I made one resolution when I decided to buy Seasons and that is to take more screenshots of my familes experiencing all the seasons and the new sharper graphics is going to make those shots look even better. Went in to play my test save during the summer and there was a thunder and lightning storm going on. First day in Seasons and I get to see an amazing storm. Wow, EA/Maxis, nice job with this EP. It's awesome!
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    SimTresaSimTresa Posts: 3,288 Member
    Here's a look at a cloudy early spring morning in Newcrest. That garden was lush and green before seasons, what a dramatic change! When I have more time to play, I may rotate some plants into the greenhouse.
    Sorry, forgot to grab a screenshot from inside the greenhouse and now I'm too tired to reopen the game.


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    JouvayJouvay Posts: 834 Member
    LadyKyn wrote: »
    Jouvay wrote: »

    I can't stop laughing..

    Spoiler alert, here's the kicker she was our waitress. 10000% done :tired_face: :

    Don LoTHOTio didn't seem to mind it though.

    lololololol ...

    (Love your pics in this thread btw)

    Seasons has added some much needed ambiance to the game.
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    LissyK9LissyK9 Posts: 205 Member

    My family in their rain gear

    Arranging flowers

    And watching the weather chanel (note the flower arrangement ;) )
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    BabySquareBabySquare Posts: 7,869 Member
    Light rain in early spring
    Gallery ID: babysquare
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    SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
    Paigeisin5 wrote: »
    Finally downloading Seasons!! Yay! Probably going to play tonight until I can't keep my eyes open. LOL Loving the pics everyone has shared. Cannot wait to experience everything for myself.

    I did the same thing and now I had 5.5 hours of sleep before work xD can't wait to play again later today <3
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    Here is Kassidy showing off her normal outfits first.
    Everyday, formal, athletic, pjs, party and swim wear
    And here she is in her hot and cold outfits

    Kassidy moved into the small little lot in Windenburg, this is her day arriving and its pouring down with rain

    I will need to build a house asap :D
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    SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,651 Member
    @BabyCarrotz he's looking good though! Pretty cute like this. Maybe I should play him one day after all xD

    My only tiny gripe so far with seasons is that they don't use the umbrella when walking the dogs. Kinda wish they did :D
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    VariableVariable Posts: 18 Member
    > @Simplyobsessed said:
    > No pics but lightning just turned one of my exterior window plant decorations into a pile of ash! It was the first day of summer too

    Well that's horrifying. D:
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    My house I am busy building and furnishing, wish I was done allready, can't wait to start the gameplay part :)
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    djacquelynstewdjacquelynstew Posts: 644 Member
    edited June 2018
    @BabyCarrotz Well dang! Bob, sure starting to look real good. I gotta sim or two that can cheer him right up, make him forget all those "regrettable" Eliza, er um... life choices ;) ...If he were like this in my game that's exactly what I would do, have him playing the field, and dropping hints right in Eliza's face >:) Maybe not, though that would teach her the word karma ;)

    ETA: LOL, that dog is looking about as sad as Bob
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