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  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,051 Member
    ~ If you have CC you may have some "Bad" CC, yes it happens in Sims 4 too!
    ~ Some CC was broken with Seasons, I do a repair on my CC with a mod, but if you do not want any Mods then, you will have to take out your CC/Mods folder & put it on the desktop,then go in game & check if the problem is still happening, (I strongly suggest opening a new save,otherwise when you put your CC folder back, or open the Save with CC used your Sims will be naked or without Skin/hair,depending on what CC you use!)
    ~ If the problem is resolved with a new save & no CC then it is Bad CC, tell me how you go,if you want me to walk you through fixing your game PM me as I do not mind, as others have helped me so I am passing on the favour! ;)
    ~ And I had a tone of peeps needing help after the Seasons update!
    ~ Origin I.D.: aussiekarima ~
  • kateoverendkateoverend Posts: 7,981 Member
    Hello my fellow simmers (^‿^)/ *ᗯᗩᐯᕮᔕ*
    I have been absent for the past 3 months as I have been away with my Son who has had to have some surgeries. ..Before you worry, he is okay. It is nothing life threatening. He has a 'dickie' hip that causes him great discomfort.
    Anyway.. I am back Simming and I have rediscovered my love of Steampunk. I did not realize until I recently saw an Instagram post of a Steampunk home built with Back To Work items that such builds were possible with Sims 4 - they are.. ⋋( ՞ਊ ՞)⋌ ᕼOOᖇᗩY! Also I have just figured out that you can 'cross-dress' your sims (-‸ლ) *ᖴᗩᑕᕮ ᑭᗩᒪᗰ - ᗪOᕼ!* The males have cooler clothing than the females, consequently my female simmies are now wearing mens clothing (^▽^) ᒪOᒪ
    Here are some Seasons pics I wish to share. They are of Patchy the Straw Man. Ugh. I did not know that he came 'alive' and wandered your lot like a member of your family. He even attends events at other venues if you wish him to. It is very cool! To be fair, when I play I become distracted and build rather than simply play, so I do miss a lot as this game is very involved and has many hidden quirky things ❤

  • kateoverendkateoverend Posts: 7,981 Member

    My steampunk siblings are level 10 scientists. I had them upgrade their Back To Work 'toys' so they could maximise the gaming interactions. For the first time I used the rocket ship and wormhole to meet aliens. I was very impressed with space and its inhabitants - the terrain is soooooo pretty! d(^‿^)b *Tᕼᑌᗰᗷᔕ ᑌᑭ*
    Here are some pics of my sims with otherworldly beings (^‿^)
    This game never gets boring, or dull, each time I play, or build, I discover new and exciting things ☆*・゜゚*\(^O^)/*・゜゚*☆

  • Tatts65Tatts65 Posts: 81 Member
    I've just clicked on the Household Calendar and suddenly I see "Birthdays". I've not noticed that before. Is it new?? Does anyone know if they can be edited? Seasons, in all its autonomous glory, had decided my triplet Sims have birthdays on different days.
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,051 Member
    edited November 2018
    ~ Yes you can personalize your "Calendar" to your own tastes & one Simmer made it suit our Seasons here in this thread (AU & NZ) @AlienWithABox : HERE
    ~ I Personally found the Seasons too short, so made them longer, have a look what others say in the linked thread! ;)@Tatts65
    ~ It was made right from the beginning to be personalized as Simmers come from may parts of the World & many cultures (A bit like Australia! LOL!) So yeah Good Job done by EA! ♥ <3
    ~ Origin I.D.: aussiekarima ~
  • Tatts65Tatts65 Posts: 81 Member
    Yeah, I expanded the length of my seasons to 28 days. I have made customised holidays before too. It's fun. I just hadn't noticed the birthdays before so thought they were part of the latest update.
  • AlienWithABoxAlienWithABox Posts: 57 Member
    ~ Yes you can personalize your "Calendar" to your own tastes & one Simmer made it suit our Seasons here in this thread (AU & NZ) @AlienWithABox : HERE

    Aww thanks for linking my post here haha. I didn't expect anyone to really care about it, haha. :)
    Twitter: @AlienWithABox
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