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Seasons Holidays for AU/NZ Simmers

G'day Simmers!

I find it just a tad annoying that there isn't a "switch hemispheres" option in Seasons that switches NYE/Christmas/etc to the opposite seasons.
Instead, I had to switch them manually on top of adding relevant holidays. A bit tedious but I won't complain too much.

Because it took a while to properly set them up, I thought I'd share my holiday setup for anybody wanting to skip some of the hassle.
You'll still have to make them yourself, but at least you won't have to figure out the days/attributes.


As you can see, my holidays follow the same kind of vague/nonspecific naming scheme as the EA's, you can name them whatever you want.
National Day is very obviously Australia Day, which I added in purely so I could use the BBQ attribute.
I also added Halloween and Bunny Day (Easter) and took out that Thanksgiving Day one, since we don't have that here.
I know that some of them fall into the wrong season. It's better that way, as the alternative is having holidays almost back to back.
You can fit them all into the right seasons if you use the longer season times (14 days/28 days)
I just personally prefer 7 days, gameplay-wise.

Here are the attributes I used (I changed some of the EA ones too) but you can use whatever you feel like:
seasons_1.png seasons_2.png seasons_3.png seasons_4.png seasons_5.png seasons_6.png

Have fun and HAPPY SIMMING!

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  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
    When I put the seasons to the test I had the AFL Grand Final in Spring, Christmas and New Year in Summer, Easter in Autumn and Territory Show Day in Winter. The last one is a combination of Territory Day (which isn't a holiday but we have fireworks) and Show Day which, is a holiday. :)
  • aussiekarimaaussiekarima Posts: 1,051 Member
    ~ And a Tip if you do not want the pesky gnomes causing havoc in your home Just delete the "Harvest Festival" from your Calendar!
    ~ I personally like them, as they leave an amazing amount of Seed packets, to get your gnomes happy, they just ♥"LOVE"♥ Coffee! So my gift to them is always Coffee! Then I get my Sims to Sing with them, every time I get my Sims to Sing with them they leave Seed packets, oh & BTW if you have gnomes in your garden they will also join in the event & also give you Gifts, if you have done everything right & your Sim does not have the Nasty,Mean or insane, Sorry Erratic Trait, (they tend to Kick them, & you have to watch those Sims like a hawk in this Event!) Then you should reap the rewards, I often get around the 100 mark in seed packets, & mostly the rarer ones! B) <3 B)
    ~ Origin I.D.: aussiekarima ~
  • CarzeebearCarzeebear Posts: 17 Member
    You can also turn off the gnomes by simply deleting that tradition from harvest festival. You don't need to delete the whole holiday, just edit how it's celebrated!
  • TheSimsandThewhoTheSimsandThewho Posts: 7 New Member
    I Can't wait to play this i hope get the sims 4 seasons for my birthday :)
  • stellanovastellanova Posts: 56 Member
    I love the idea of switching the seasons around - and National Day is genius. I think I'll do something for Waitangi Day!
    call me stella!
  • EMCba2600EMCba2600 Posts: 25 Member
    I like this concept, thank you so much for sharing with us!
    Origin ID: EMCba2600
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  • kiwicronekiwicrone Posts: 18 Member
    edited February 13
    Also on the topic of gnomes and seed packets, if you leave them to it and view from above they are laid out in a spiral with the gnome in the centre. I found out that the type of gnome can have different presents. some like coffee or toys( the pink bunny gnome) or space gnomes like items related to that genre. Occasionally I deliberately give them things they won't like but then I have to repair and clean up. Still fun though.
  • RaevynRaevyn Posts: 405 Member
    Okay, this is me knit picking here lol. But TECHNICALLY, the holidays don't really switch. For example the 'Christmas' holiday, celebrated in December (summer in Australia, Winter in America). These holidays are actually based on the pagan holidays from centuries ago which have been Christianized in the process of converting people, that aside though. The holidays are actually seasonal! So the calendar is accurate, All hallows eve (Halloween) is actually REALLY meant to occur in Autumn for BOTH America and Australia, which translates into being in late April early May in Australia, but October in America.

    And Christmas was based on Yule, which is the Winter Solstice! So that makes Christmas technically on June 21st in Australia! How cool is that?!
    But I totally get the economically benefits of having all the holidays matching up (for production/manufacturing and stock market purposes).

    I just thought it was cool!
  • shcshc Posts: 2 New Member
    That may be true but mainstream Aus/NZ still follow them as they are set by the northern hemisphere. Only pagans bother to move them to suit (and even then some still keep Samhain/Halloween on the same date citing whatever reasoning). This is all about changing the holidays to suit how you celebrate them in rl, not how they should be.

    Personally I came to this thread because I'm interested to see not only the antipodean-centric holidays others have added, but also what traditions they used to make the new ones and to tailor the existing ones to better suit how they are celebrated here. Any "Winterfest" pool parties, or "Watching Sport" added as a holiday tradition for National Day? (Funnily I hate sport in rl but I was bummed I couldn't add "Play Sport" to such a holiday to simulate the stereotypical Australia Day game of backyard cricket/footy).
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