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coolsim9999999 's / FireflyGamer107's Showcase Thread

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Updated Introduction:
Hi everyone,

I started to play TS4 in September 2015. That was my first experience with The Sims --- aside from an introduction to the franchise a few months before when I was introduced to Sim Tower from 1995 (which I still enjoy :)!) TS4 is my favorite video game of all time :D! I love to build for it and play it B)! I have all the packs to-date, and I think that each of them adds another fun dimension to this great game :)!

I've been on the forum for almost 5 years, and for just over 3 years, I've been doing challenges on the forum. I stream on Twitch as FireflyGamer107, and I'm FireflyGamer107 on Twitter. I wanted to share some of my builds that are special to me. I hope you enjoy my builds :)!

In additional posts, I will add more of my past builds, as well as current lots that I build.

This is my Spark'd build entry.

my Origin ID: coolsim9999999

Gallery Name: Lounge with the Elements
Gallery Link:
Glass imitates ice and brings in the Element of Fire's arctic roots to the beach wedding. The fake windows on the front are pieces of ice. The hot tub can be an ice tub as well for Fire to cool off in before and after the wedding ceremony during cocktail hour. Once they tie the knot, they’re moving to the Arctic Circle, so his wife, the Element of Water will keep warm in the hot springs to fill her hydration need.

street view
showing most of the lot

Here is my Spark'd Sim Entry:

Gallery Name: The Marriage of Elements
Gallery Link:
He's the element of fire + he's going all in and marrying the element of water- a mermaid. Of course he’ll burn + die in the tropics at the equator where their destination wedding at the beach will be held if he’s not careful So she'll make sure the island spirts are there to greet him + cool him off with an ice bath. Their big day will be inside. He crafts fire pits for a living while she is a mermaid who is a professional buyer.
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