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SimPE Name Changing

Hello. Does anyone here have experience w SimPE?

I’ve started a new neighborhood and for the first time from scratch am making all downtownies and townies myself. No Maxis ones.

But as I go into PE to change the townies names after I’ve made them and sent them out into the world, it says that all names in the hood are unknown!!

I tried doing it before I made them townies too to no avail.

This is the method I’ve used:

Loaded neighborhood
Tools > Neighborhood > Neighborhood Browserr

Neighborhood > Sim Browser

Also tried going to Sim Description.


  • Scribal_GoddessScribal_Goddess Posts: 748 Member
    It's usually easier to use the sim blender to change names if you're unfamiliar with SimPE.

    Unfortunately, if you want to change the last names, you have to change the first name of each sim to the desired last name, copy first name to last name, and then change back to the desired first name.
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  • octobersimmeroctobersimmer Posts: 38 Member
    Been using both for years! Not sure why it’s not showing
  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 35,445 Member
    I remember when it used to do that for me. I don't remember how I fixed it though. :(

    Don't go to Sim Browser- go Tools/Neighborhood Browser->Pick Neighborhood and wait for it to load all the way.

    Then in the in the Resource Tree panel (top left) go down to Sim Description and click on it- wait for it to load.

  • octobersimmeroctobersimmer Posts: 38 Member
    Yeah I explained above I’ve tried that. It’s not biggie I guess I’ll just make a new one. Thanks tho
  • shylyn46shylyn46 Posts: 2 New Member
    is simPE availibe to use with sims3
  • EgonVMEgonVM Posts: 2,706 Member
    shylyn46 wrote: »
    is simPE availibe to use with sims3

    I think there's a different program. It's called Sim3PE if I'm not mistaken.
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