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Back to building, need some info.

HollownessDevourHollownessDevour Posts: 7,933 Member
Heya guys, if you remember me at all - I built till a sudden life event that kept me disconnected from internet a long while.

Then when I get back, my studio on the sims site exceeded quota (not willing to delete), then windows 10 wouldn't play sims 3 well at all (like 20mins to open and slow and crashing). But Computer back to windows 7 and a bit of a upgrade - so good to go again. I have builds and want to build more and just was told about simfileshare site. So Trying to line up my ducks!

Question is there any good free photohosting sites? (I use to use photobucket till they became greedy jerks). And would is show case thread here still the way to go?


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