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Female create a sim Challenge!


  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    The three sims are very nice! @PeculiarPlumbob :) It is not good that Cindy’s parents now don’t like her gaming. It is a nice touch that you have given her the cheerful trait, along with geek and loner.
    It is very nice that although Katia and her parents differ in their musical interests, they now just want her to be happy. The black colour scheme of her clothing and her cap looks great!
    Tonya sounds a kind and encouraging sim in her work as a personal trainer. It is nice that she enjoys working with other people to help them reach their goals and potential. It is great that although she can use her fitness and sporting knowledge to help other sims.
  • ItsJanierItsJanier Posts: 883 Member

    I enjoyed making Sims for this challenge so much so I did a second run for it..

    Meet Rose Patel she is the Aspiring Artist

    Next is time for Ambrosio Windsor who is the Billionaires Heir. This girl loves money

    India Thompson is next. She is the Beach Girl.

    This Irish girl Jada Duff is my Athletic girl

    Next up is Valentina Anderson. This Adult Sim really wants to start a family now so she is my Homemaker.

    Karen Stewart is kinda Dull but totally a Couch Potato

    Poor Felicia Frazier, she has always been Unlucky In Love. She has always had kinda "manly" body so most mans are scared of her.. I hope that she is able to find the right guy or girl for her someday(She has the unflirty trait so it wont be easy)

    And last it's time for Fun-Loving Jin Sol Jung

    If you enjoyed my Sims and want to download them I uploaded them on Gallery under the name Interesting Lady Townies . You can also find them by using my Gallery name: JaniHyun.
    I also used the #womenoftheworld when I uploaded them.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    Each of these new sims that you have created for the challenge are very nice! @ItsJanier :) You have designed and created them to suit the themes very wel! It is great the poses that you have chosen for the pictures of them. Simmers will enjoy having these sims in their save game worlds :)
  • ItsJanierItsJanier Posts: 883 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Each of these new sims that you have created for the challenge are very nice! @ItsJanier :) You have designed and created them to suit the themes very wel! It is great the poses that you have chosen for the pictures of them. Simmers will enjoy having these sims in their save game worlds :)

    Thank you so much @rosemow :blush:
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,984 Member
    @Raven_Cat I really like Shawna's outfit, and her little one is adorable.
    @littlemissgogo I like both girls but Elaine is my favorite ha, funny I could almost picture her with Vlad...not sure why.
    @PeculiarPlumbob Cindy and Tonya are so cute but I love Katia.
    @ItsJanier India is super pretty.

    This is Marina King my single mother, while she's the last person to commit to anything and was most surprised that instead of a cat she wanted a child. She was hit with a wave of baby fever, one donor later she was a happy singleton and a proud mother, her daughter Stacy is her world.

    And Carmen Rush, she's dull loves gray, black, and white just because they match, she cut her hair so she wouldn't have to deal with it the only thing she really likes is collecting things she doesn't need friends or to even clean up after herself. In fact sometimes she doesn't know why she likes to collect you have to get out of bed for that.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    Stacy is very cute! @RedDestiny92 :) It is very special that for Marina, she is her world <3
    Carmen does sound dull :( It is great the pose that you have taken of her for the photo, as it expresses her theme very well.
  • nineteen80simsnineteen80sims Posts: 28 Member
    Love this idea! I'm off to start my first one now!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    edited March 2018
    Love this idea! I'm off to start my first one now!

    I will look forward to seeing your sim! Happy creating! :)
  • nineteen80simsnineteen80sims Posts: 28 Member
    @ItsJanier your sims are amazing!
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,984 Member
    @rosemow even though I enjoyed making them I really liked Carmen not sure why it's funny which sims are enjoyable especially when purposely making them plain.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • ItsJanierItsJanier Posts: 883 Member
  • nineteen80simsnineteen80sims Posts: 28 Member

    This is my sim for 16. Colorful.

    She's called Rain Bow and wants to have the most beautiful garden there is! She's outgoing, loves the outdoors and is a bit of a goofball.

    You can find her on my gallery: nineteen80sims

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    Rain Bow is a very pretty sim! @nineteen80sims :) Her outfits look so very colourfully nice! The colour shades of the outfits look great! Her pink hair is a very nice touch. Her name suits the theme well!
  • nineteen80simsnineteen80sims Posts: 28 Member
    @rosemow thank you!! I tried to make sure she had most of the colours of the rainbow featured in every outfit without looking too wacky!
  • TheHarbinger_51TheHarbinger_51 Posts: 1,702 Member
    @PeculiarPlumbob Your rocker chick , Katia is such a sexy and attractive looking rebel <3
  • MondayMonday Posts: 358 Member

    All of the sims in here are great! Such a good thread idea. @ItsJanier Mandy Randall is spectacular.

    I'm going to lump post the first six on the list!

    1. Surfer: Bobbi Timmons
    (Cheerful, Self-Assured, Loves the Outdoors)

    Bobbi grew up by the ocean. With almost every day of every summer spent on the beach, she's lived a charmed life. She keeps her spirits high, knows she's the best with a board on the waves, but doesn't let it get to her head. She always has a kind word and an upbeat attitude that she's more than excited to share with anyone she meets.

    2. Snob: Celeste Harlow
    (Snob, Materialistic, Hates Children)

    Celeste lives alone. With a large house and an even larger bank account, she never found a reason to start a family. Happiness for her comes in a nice vintage of nectar and buying out another small business owner. Only the finest things for her pleasure, only the most expensive items for her home, and no feet of grubby grandchildren to track dirt across her antique Persian rugs.

    3. Gamer: Lara Powell
    (Geek, Creative, Cat-Lover)

    Lara loves video games. Lara loves them so much, she wants to make video games...and write fan fiction for them, and paint pictures inspired by them, and name her cats after her favorite characters. Video games fuel her creative side, and she has big plans to tell her own great stories one day in as many mediums as she can. And when she's finished for the day, she'll curl up with a good book and a cat in her lap.

    4. Scholar: Radha Gupta
    (Genius, Ambitious, Good)

    Radha spends the fall and spring at the front of a lecture hall, and the summers lost in the deep Selvadoradan Jungles. She's hoping her discoveries will make the world a better place by spreading the knowledge of forgotten cultures. Maybe one day she'll be hailed as the foremost scholar of Ancient Selvadorada, but now she's hard at work inspiring the minds of the youth and getting them excited about history.

    5. Rocker: Mae Woo
    (Music-Lover, Dance Machine, Hot-Headed)

    Mae Woo did what every youth longs to do at some point: rebel against her parents and move to San Myshuno to lead a rock band. Right now she's mostly playing the renovated warehouse scene, but maybe one day she'll be 'discovered' and become a Headliner at San Myshuno's Stadium. It's a dream, and for now she's pretty happy wailing into the microphone, dancing every free minute she gets, and kicking over trash cans without care because that's what real rebels do.

    6. Athlete: Marlene Hobbs
    (Active, Romantic, Foodie)

    Marlene has many talents. She's a mechanic by day, and a gym rat by night. Any chance she gets to impress with her biceps is a good day. The weekends, though, are a different story. Clean off the grease and the sweat, then add a blazer, and Marlene is ready to hit the clubs. She's a true romantic, and a date with Marlene means being wined and dined. She dreams of one day finding a chef of her very own who can handle all of the love she has to give.

    All of these sims are in one household on the gallery. Under the hashtag #womenoftheworld they're titled "Women of the World: 1-6" under the username VaguelyAloof.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    It is great that you have joined doing the challenge! @Monday :) It was very nice reading the creative background details stories that you have created for each of them! You have very creatively written about each of them, to reflect their theme! It will be enjoyable for Simmers to download your sims and see how the life stories that you have given to them will develop in their games. The traits that you have given to them suit them very well and go well together. Each of your sims are very nice! :)
  • ItsJanierItsJanier Posts: 883 Member
    Monday wrote: »

    All of the sims in here are great! Such a good thread idea. @ItsJanier Mandy Randall is spectacular.

    I'm glad to see that people like Mandy. I saw her in my game yesterday and she sure is a big character :lol:
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    1. beach girl ; cady moved to a beachside town to find inspiration for her merman romance novels.
    in her spare time she collects seashells. her traits are romantic, loves the outdoors, and athletic.
    origin id: kuhpflanzen ∘ tumblr

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    Cady is very pretty! @poltergeist :) Her hair is very nice. It is a nice touch that she collects seashells and it is great that living near the beach helps her as a merman romance novelist.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    @rosemow thanks! :blush:
    origin id: kuhpflanzen ∘ tumblr

  • Raven_CatRaven_Cat Posts: 73 Member
    Day 4- Distinguished Scholar and Day 5- Rocker Girl
    Gladys Roman was the first in her family to have a proper education, and she grasped learning firmly with her two hands. Though older now, she still seeks out answers to any and all questions she may have, something she has tried to pass down to her children and grandchildren. After a horrible accident, she finds herself raising two of her granddaughters: twins Kasey and Skylar. While Skylar takes after her grandmother in much of her mannerisms, Kasey is the rebel of the family and is often found mixing new songs in her room instead of studying- A "C" is a passing grade, thank you very much, gran!



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,763 Member
    Gladys is very nice scolar ! @Raven_Cat :) It was nice reading the background details of her. She is very caring to look after her grandchildren as a result of an accirdent to their parents, and it is special,thst she seeeks to pass on her scholarly wisdom to them. Skylarlooks very stylish in her suit, and Kasey is a great rocker girl sim! It is nice that she enjoys playng the guitar and making new music, I hope thst she maintains.her Study grade so that she passes. :)
  • MondayMonday Posts: 358 Member
    Thank you so much, @rosemow! :)

    @poltergeist She's adorable, I would very much like to read Cady's merman romance novels.
    @Raven_Cat Love the backstory as well as the sims themselves!
  • UniteSimsUniteSims Posts: 142 Member

    Haha I did one too. This one is 13:Enchanting Seductress

    She is almost 20, and has only had ten boyfriends this month, she's going for 9 next month.


    tell me how good it feels to be needed
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