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I'll start with some of the latest room challenges that I have entered I won't post the past challenges, I do have another Showcase that I have in the Lots area, here is the page link for the past challenges and MAXIS FAV'S and read only AU/NZ

These are the Quality Control competitions contest that are hosted by Cbear13 that I enter at the most of the time and One room, One week, One theme hosted by rosemow for a bit of fun without competing

This challenge was Special to build a Christmas House with Christmas lights well was supposed to but I went off track a bit and done it my way with lights and my very first to get a Maxis Fav on my own without beginning nominated and to top it off it got featured on the

My street is usually very quiet but when its Christmas time it gets a bit crazy and so many of our neighbours like to decorate Christmas lights on their house to enter the competition so this is my interpretation on decorating with lights I think I went a bit crazy as well :D
QC challenge no: 35
Original Lot used (lot name and town): Asphalt abodes in NewCrest
Gallery Link: Merry Christmas


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    I just got favourited by Maxis
    This one is one of my favorite on how I started to control experimenting with lights and I got Maxis Fav on it as well
    One very very expensive room that I put together the Aliens want nothing but the best in their spaceship so no cutting corners in this room I tried not to spend too much but the objects that I used to decorate is very expensive and I wouldn't been able to do this room as in the images one very expensive room :D
    QC Room challenge no: 60
    Gallery Link: Alien Space Science
    Your chosen object: Tactical Map

    Describe your theme: It's an Alien Spaceship Science Laboratory their mission is to travel around Granite falls Forest National Park to pinpoint the location on the Tactical Map to find uncommon and rare plants to experiment on and create potions and curing illnesses to take back to Sixam
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    Fun and games is where young guys hang out watching sports playing games or having a drink at the bar
    QC Room challenge no: 65
    Gallery Link: Fun And Games
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    Berries And Cream Cheesecake theme kitchen to be Inspire to create the best quality sweet dessert with a small walk in pantry and cupcake factory a mixture of spliced plants grafted fruits for baking
    QC Room challenge no: 96
    Gallery Link: Berries Cream Cheesecake
    Your chosen sweet dessert: Berries and cream cheesecake
    Notes about entry: Not much to add just problems with hashtags and I have garlic hanging above the arch way to keep vampires away while test playing they were annoying lol so garlic has nothing to do with baking I dont think it would go well with the cheesecake and one photo taken from my sim I have a mix variety of spliced plants grafted in a planter pot for baking the baking cook books are in the bookcase

    I have Spliced Plants that have been grafted for my sweet dessert kitchen theme room for baking and cooking
    Gallery Link: Spliced Plants
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    An African Lodge is a great getaway for young couples to enjoy the beautiful private patio where they can sit and enjoy the African views, Painting and Photos taken from my sim by me

    QC Room challenge no:70
    Gallery Link: African Safari Lodge
    I had some fun setting up a screenshot for my sim to paint and taking some photos that I have in the room
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    rosemow oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge on the Forums
    From Australia from the land down under a new toy workshop for Santa and the Elves to make new toys for Christmas for the kids worldwide
    Challenge 142
    Theme for the week: A Christmas toys workshop in Australia
    Gallery name of room: Downunder Workshop

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    Enjoy a relaxing summer bbq in the backyard with some friends in a relaxing atmosphere
    QC Room challenge no: 71
    Gallery Link: Sunny Aussie Barbie
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    Beautiful rooms! I have this last one and love it. Wonderful work Maria!
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    Thank you very much @HIstoricgal very much appreciate :)
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    rosemow oneroomoneweekonetheme room challenge on the Forums
    A Nursery For A New Baby Boy
    Challenge 144
    Theme for the week: a Nursery for a new little baby.
    Gallery name of room: Starry Night Nursery
    Origin id: chips46
    Pictures of the room:
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    This challenge is in the game gallery that I entered its hosted by Elocine54 and it's called Help:MyIglooMelted! Chall and there are Rule1 we were to download the lot on a 30x20 terrain, keep basement- Rule2: Build a 1 level house in the given igloo shape - Rule3: Wall height, interior wall design,patterns are up to our imagination - Rule4: Must be enough room for a family of 4- Rule5: noCC/no MOO this is why I took an interest not using Moo and learnt something from it it wasn't all that easy when you're used to using Moo and how you decorate and it can be done all I use is the Alt on the keyboard with your mouse at the same time when you place items around the place, The pictures are going to be quite a few of them I'll put half in the spoiler

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    Seen this, but wasn't sure about it. This is a wonderful job decorating it. Didn't think I could do it though.
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    I wasn't quite sure about it either there wasn't much to go by but I like the challenge not using Moo and the rest about the gloo I had no idea what we supposed to do with it so I just decorate the best I can. You can do this @HIstoricgal just do your best it doesn't matter all the other entries are different you still have time to do this.
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    Considering The Increase Of Mean Comments In The Community Game Gallery Elocine54 is hosting This Sim challenge in the game gallery that I've entered its called Be Kind Challenge and to write a few words with our Sim
    Each one of us can make a difference together we make changes we all can be kind and Respect one another it's what we teach our children so let's not lose it lets play this wonderful game together and stop the hate
    Gallery Link: Be Kind Challenge
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    I have downloaded the lot, but haven't done anything with it as of yet. What is hard is not doing something everyone else does. Love yours and the Gazebo one is great. Still thinking about it lol
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    It looks great @HIstoricgal challenges are great to do, if you like doing them I have some links on the top page if you like to check them out
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    I was invited to do this challenge in the game gallery that I entered its hosted by 123and4Sims it's called My Home Challenge and we were to build our very own home, with the exterior and interior of our home and the winner will receive the New Laundry Day Stuff pack I dont have the new pack I thought I enter just for the fun of it was hard I dont build very often but I had fun with this which I like doing and your getting the grand tour of my place in pictures thank you for visiting my place :)
    We build this place from scratch as the family grew with 4 children & a number of pets as I used to live on a sugarcane farm love my flowers with a vegetable garden some of my kids have moved out & I use one of their bedroom to do my sim work & we have a big bbq family gettogether under the pergola.
    Gallery Link: My Home Challenge
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    I was invited to do this challenge in the game gallery that I entered its hosted by coolshinyjade and the challenge was to create a sim gnome-self how would we look like if we were a gnome so I guess this was another fun challenge to enter here is my sim gnome-self and for some reason someone has thrown magic gnome dust at me I've turned into a gnome and love it it feels different being a gnome
    Gallery Link: GNOME SELF
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    Two Hearts Restaurant is a great place to propose for the one that you love has beautiful gardens live band dance floor bar wedding arch build in Oasis Springs at Dusty Turf Lot
    QC challenge no: 58
    Gallery Link: Two Hearts Restaurant
    Andrew and Margaret who has been dating for awhile plans to propose on Valentine in a Beautiful Romantic Restaurant will Margaret say yes?
    Gallery Link: Name: Be My Valentine
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    This challenge is in the game gallery that I entered its hosted by FruUtter and it's called Valentine's CardChallenge we download the lot enter as a room or a lot I done it as a room card for this Valentine's Card Challenge we can decorate it and do anything we like as long as it is romantic theme here is my Valentine's Card Challenge :)
    Gallery Link: here
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    Oooooh Maria It so pretty! Great job. It Is just beautiful
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    Thank you very much @HIstoricgal :) I've been entering these in the game gallery lately a bit of fun as well
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    This challenge is in the game gallery that I entered its hosted by Rosenkaeferchen and it's called Broken-Dream-Challenge we were given a room shell to furnish this room to resemble a broken dream without any windows she will put the best entries together into a castle when there's enough of them and it resemble scary, dark, cold, sadness, here is my Broken Dream Challenge Room
    The love of my life that never meant to be when mirrors shattered broken dreams there's nothing left of dreams before just shattered pieces that I've left behind
    Gallery Link: Broken Dream Challenge
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    Great job. it looks like it could be part of real a spooky movie.
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    Thank you very much @HIstoricgal I have a habit bring my builds to life lol :D
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    samsims wrote: »
    Your home is one of my favorites. I'm thankful that you joined my challenge. I have decided to tear down all the empty lots in my world's replacing them with the homes from the challenge. I decided to pick a family from each of entries Catalog to represent their homes. No worries I will not reupload or make any changes. To be honest I have download same others buildings because I really do like them and their unique and Amazing but never used them. Your Two Heart restaurant I will be download and using it for sure. Thanks for the tour.

    I didn't realize who you were @samsims your avatar gave it away and your comment and thank you for hosting the house challenge I really did enjoyed building it and wouldn't even thought of building our own house it was a good challenge to be part of and out of that I ended up building a restaurant for a challenge for Quality Control Contest our host is Cbear13 she's one of our judges on the forum thread if you want to check them out I have the links on the first top page and thank you for dropping by oh I was going to post on your wall in the game gallery but you have it disabled and I respect that I hope your ok if anything you're welcome to pm me what I was going to say thank you for all your support and comments and May God Bless You Too <3
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